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Applied Vacuum Technology [Waconia]
Category: Standard & Custom Vacuum Hardware
A leading manufacturer of standard and custom vacuum flanges, fittings, weldments,and chambers for low to ultra-high vacuum applications.

Apem Components Inc [Wakefield]
Category: Professional Switches & Membranes
Apem is one of the world's largest manufacturers of professional switches and switch panels. With subsidiaries, agents and distributors in numerous countries, Apem achieves 67 % of its turnover from export markets.

Apem designs, develops, manufactures and sells professional switch products to customers in such dynamic markets as electronics, telecommunications, automotive, instrumentation, medical electronics and the computer industry. The APEM group employs more than one thousand employees. The Company, listed on the secondary market of the Paris Stock Exchange, supplies more than 20.000 customers world-wide.

Analysis Tech [Wakefield]
Category: Semiconductor Thermal Analyzers
Analysis Tech Inc also known as Anatech, was founded in 1983 as a manufacturer of electronic reliability testing products for the electronic packaging industry.

Semiconductor Thermal Analyzers perform test measurements on packaged semiconductor devices including: component thermal resistance testing, component thermal impedance testing, and die attach testing as well as measuring parameters associated with thermal dissipation in electronic packages using the electrical method of junction temperature measurement. Component test services are available for semiconductor thermal characterization of customer devices at our factory test- laboratory. We also offer a complete line of accessories for semiconductor component thermal characterization on all types of devices from ICs to discrete power components. All products offered conform to applicable JEDEC and MIL Standards.

Atlanta Drive Systems Inc [Wall]
Category: Drive Systems
Excellent solutions in the field of mechanical engineering have a long tradition in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. Atlanta can look back upon more than 70 years of progress and innovation in the field of power transmission engineering. Since its founding in 1929, the company has undergone a continuous and steady upswing. Today the knowledge and experience of more than 200 employees working in the Atlanta factories in Bietighiem-Bissingen guarantee further development and progress.

Production Machines employing the most modern control systems and systematically updated software enable the consequent translation of engineering concepts into functional series products.

Airman Inc [Walled Lake]
Category: Pneumatic Solution
Airman, Inc. can provide a creative pneumatic solution foryour toughest control requirement. In addition to a comprehensive lineof cataloged specialty products, we can readily produce custom solutions including special components, integrated packages and special assemblies made to your specification.

We currently supply specialty valves, manifolds and integrated modulesto control volume, pressure and flow direction of compressed air andgas. We've provided our creative products for the automotive, medical,petrochemical, photographic, material handling, construction,metalworking and consumer tool industries among many others. If you have a requirement to reduce space, weight, cost, delivery or improvecontrol, performance, productivity and profitability, then call us. Acreative pneumatic solution is our specialty.

Amphenol Corporation [Wallingford]
Category: Interconnect Products
Amphenol is one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world. The Company designs, manufactures and markets electrical, electronic and fiber optic connectors, coaxial and flat-ribbon cable, and interconnect systems.

Amphenol-Fiber Optic Products [Wallingford]
Category: Optical Interconect Products
Amphenol-Fiber Optic Products is a premier manufacturer of optical interconnect products. Headquartered in Lisle, Illinois, the company is a division of Amphenol Corporation, a Fortune 500 company with over sixty years of experience in providing total interconnect solutions to customers throughout the world.

Amphenol-Tuchel Electronics [Wallingford]
Category: Electrical & Electronic Components
The increasing number of electrical and electronic components leads to an ever higher demand for electric power in the car, which exceeds the limits of conventional connector technologies. With Radsok(r) Amphenol offers a new generation of power contacts. The hyperbolic contact geometry offers many advantages, such as contact coverage of up to 65%, absorption of vibrations as well as a superior durability of the contact element. Amperage capacities above 300 A with a high number of mating cycles can be realized.

Acnodes Corporation [Walnut]
Category: Industrial Computers
Acnodes is a quality provider of industrial computers forcustomers in the industrial control, automation industries, andmilitary. Acnodes manufactures and delivers rack-mountable workstationsthat consist of flat panel displays, storage systems, CPU, servers andpower management systems that enhance and optimize user workperformance. Designed to accommodate a variety of deployed conditions,Acnodes computing products demonstrate remarkable long-term reliabilityin real world industrial applications. Acnodes is based in City ofIndustry, California.

Amtrade Products [Walnut]
Category: Computer Power Supply
Welcome to Amtrade Products, supplier of computer Power Supply, UPS, Cases, Server Cabinet (entry-level server, mini-server, mirror-server), Industrial Rackmount Cases, Network Rack, Rack Mount Accessories (keyboard drawer, monitor enclosure, sliding rails, hdd backplane . . ), External Storage Enclosures (hard drive, cd-rom, raid/scsi, usb/firewire, nas, scsi cable, terminator) and many other newest PC Accessories (cpu cooling fan, system cooler, system mounting kit . . ) to the OEM, VAR, and System Integrator market.

We, at Amtrade Products, stress Quality, Service, and Competitive Pricing. We also offer innovative product design, and timely delivery. We understand the needs of our customers, so you can be sure with our engineering capabilities.

ANT Computer [Walnut]
Category: Single Board Computers
ANT Computer Inc was established in 1980, specializing in the manufacturing of Single Board Computers & IPC. We challenge the future technology with the spirits of honesty, aggressiveness and reliability in this professionally advanced computer field. We dedicate ourselves to the manufacturing of high quality products aimed at top performance and reliable service. With many years of experience and technological knowledge, we've achieved competitiveness in the international markets including European giants such as Germany, Japan, and also the U.S. We also engage in non-pollution and power-saving research, a safer and more efficient industry and keeping the planet clean for generations to come.

AG Group Inc [Walnut Creek]
Category: Networking Products
Since 1990, WildPackets has been delivering real-timefault analysis solutions that enable the world’s leading organizationsto keep their networks running securely and reliably, day after day.>From the desktop to the datacenter, from wireless LANs to Gigabitbackbones, on local segments and across distributed networks,WildPackets products enable IT organizations to quickly find and fixproblems affecting mission-critical network services. WildPacketsproducts are sold in over 60 countries through a broad network ofchannel and strategic partners. More than 5,000 customers across allindustrial sectors use WildPackets products daily to troubleshootnetworks and maximize network uptime.

2E Syscom Inc [Waltham]
Category: Connectors
Connectors are in service in automobiles, trucks, shipsand trains. They are to be found in computers and telecom switching,as well as in industrial controllers and plant and manufacturingnetworks. In the transportation engineering and in medical technology,2E connectors also assure reliable electrical connections.

The knowledge and experience gained from the design and manufacture ofstandard connector families, such as DIN 41612, is the basis for thesuccessful development of the custom designed connectors in which 2Ehas been engaged since 1988.

Through innovative product development, combined with high regard forquality and reliability, 2E has distinguished itself above all as asafety conscious producer of connectors for the automobile industry.

The quality of an electrical connection is dependent on the most minute

Aqua Communications [Waltham]
Category: Remote Viewing Systems
Information technology has become an essential component of today's business environment. Communication that is clear, dynamic, and direct is essential to successful business.

At Aqua Communications, we provide information based products and services designed to increase your business productivity. Aqua Communications engineers and manufactures remote viewing systems.

Talented people providing superior communications products and services for your business success...

Automec Incorporated [Waltham]
Category: Auto Gauging
Automec is located in Waltham Massachusetts where it was founded in 1969. We specialize in the area of retrofitting either existing or newly purchased press brakes and shears with simple, reliable, and cost effective gauging systems.

All of our products are designed and manufactured exclusively in the USA.

We have emerged as an industry leader with over three decades of successful product development experience and an installed base of several thousand systems both in the USA as well as in more than 20 countries abroad.

Our computerized gauging systems can be installed on either press brakes or shears and profoundly increase the productivity of machinery they are attached to by dramatically reducing material handling during the manufacturing process. These systems are noted for their ease of programming, high reliability, and positioning accuracy.

Andantex USA [Wanamassa]
Category: Electromechanical Motion Control Products
Andantex USA Inc is located in Wanamassa NJ. Sales, Engineering, and technical support are all located here. The company provides unique gearboxes for use on industrial machinery. Services include application engineering for standard products, customized designs, manufacturing, assembly and after-market sales support and service for all products.

The Andantex product line consists of the widest variety of industrial Differentials in the world, as well as High-Precision Servo-Reducers, Right-Angle Drives, Mechanical Speed Control Drives, Linear Axis Drives, and Merobel Electromagnetic Particle Brake, Clutches and Torque Limiters. These products, combined with technical expertise, offer machine design engineers a wide variety of solutions to mechanical drive-train problems.

Alfa Aesar [Ward Hill]
Category: Laboratory Chemicals
Alfa Aesar is a leading international manufacturer,supplier and distributor of fine chemicals, metals, and materials. Ourproducts are used in a variety of industrial, academic and institutional research, development and production applications. Backed by the global manufacturing network of Johnson Matthey and other key partnerships, we offer customers the highest quality and purity in fine chemical products.

Advanced Carbide Tool Company [Warminster]
Category: Carbide Tool
Advanced Carbide Tool Company specializes in themanufacture and repair of carbide burs. By specializing, we have beenable to tailor our manufacturing and repair methods to best suit theneeds of our customers.

In addition to the standard line of carbide burs, Advanced Carbide ToolCompany manufacture's special carbide burs used in power generation andthe manufacture of power generation equipment and aircraft engines. Wehave developed special cuts for our burs that allows for bettermaterial removal on the harder super alloys.

Advanced Carbide works under a continuous improvement program thatallows us to use the most sophisticated and up to date machinery. Ourknowledge of the bur industry along with the state of the art equipmentallows us to manufacture the highest quality carbide burs available onthe market.

Apex Broaching Systems [Warren]
Category: Machining Products
We are highly experienced in analyzing the machining needs of your part and recommending the proper system.

We do the job. We have our own machining facility as well as in house design and assembly to ensure control over the entire manufacturing process.

We are continually focused on customer service, quality and on-time delivery.

Astrolab Inc [Warren]
Category: RF & Microwave Components
Since its inception in 1961 Astrolab Inc has been dedicated to providing the quality, reliability and innovation necessary to satisfy the industry's growing need for state-of-the-art RF/microwave components. A history of significant contributions to the military, space, commercial and other electronic industries is the result of this dedication.

Our thorough understanding of application requirements and the ability to design, manufacture and deliver quality products on time and on target have made Astrolab an acknowledged leader in the microwave industry. Astrolab considers its products precision components rather than mere connecting devices. It was precisely this alternative concept over the "insignificant device" that propelled Astrolab to the creation of new products including 90░ Sweep Connectors, Hermetic Connectors and Adaptors, Coaxial to Waveguide Adaptors, Phase Shifters, astro-cobra- flex Convoluted Semi-rigid Cables, Flat Response Delay Lines, Quick Disconnect Waveguide Clamps, High Temperature Dielectric Beads for 3.5mm and 7mm Connectors, ever-flex, the "Three Million Flex Cable" and the patented minibend(r), mini141(r) and microbend(tm) Cable Assemblies.

ATI Systems Inc [Warren]
Category: Electro-mechanical Products
ATI Systems is a registered small business and global supplier of standardized electro-mechanical products, turnkey assemblies, diagnostic and product test systems. As a total system integrator, our systems, products and services have been integrated installed, commissioned and maintained in a wide range of client and industry. With its dedication, diversity and experience, ATI Systems delivers the highest quality products, large and small systems, and specialized quality and product management equipment to your specified location.

Ajax Magnethermic Corporation [Warren]
Category: Induction Equipment
Ajax Tocco's promise is delivering high quality,technically advanced induction equipment to each customer on-time andthat works right the first time. Our worldwide network of sales andservice centers ensures that we are right where you need us to be, inone highly-efficient, customer-focused organization.

Our technical superiority is reflected in our highly skilled personnel,international reputation, modern facilities, technically advancedproducts, and a tradition of product innovation.

Through maintaining a continuing research program along with acommitment to expanding induction technology, Ajax Tocco is dedicated to bringing new ideas to the world's basic metals industries.

Ajax Tocco's advanced technology is dedicated to the specialized needsof our customers. Serving the needs of a changing world, Ajax Tocco has, since its founding, worked to teach the world how to put induction to work.

Anadigics [Warren]
Category: Integrated Circuits
Founded in 1985, Anadigics pioneered the high volume cost- effective manufacture of high performance gallium arsenide integrated circuits (GaAs ICs). Our corporate headquarters are in Warren, NJ with offices worldwide. Anadigics is a leading worldwide supplier for the communications market.

Anadigics combines research and development, innovative design and manufacturing expertise to deliver high performance RF ICs (radio frequency integrated circuits) for high frequency and broadband communications markets.

Advanced Machine Services LLC [Waterbury]
Category: Precision & High Speed Spindle
AMS services all industries utilizing precision and highspeed spindles including: aerospace, automotive, bearing manufacturing,ceramics, machine tool, medical, optical, filament winding, textiles and woodworking.

Allied Controls [Waterbury]
Category: Relays & Sockets
For well over 50 years, we at Allied Controls have focused our attention exclusively on engineering and manufacturing the finest, most reliable and most cost-competitive relays, timers, switches and related equipment. We've never permitted any compromise in quality because "better" is the only way we approach our jobs, and the only way we treat our customers.

The commitment at Allied Controls has led to an extensive standard product line. Years ago, it gave birth to a design - the widely popular "Cradle(r) " relay - that has become almost generic in industry.

Today, Allied Controls manufactures a full complement of relays and sockets for your applications. Whether your intended use is consumer electronics, rugged industrial equipment or MIL-Spec integrity, the following pages will likely define the exact component you need.

AMTI [Watertown]
Category: Specialty Instrumentation & Measurement Tools
AMTI has over 25 years of experience designing and manufacturing specialty instrumentation, machines and measurement tools for clinical and research medical and industrial applications. AMTI has received numerous grants and awards from the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Health to fund innovative research in various areas of medical and industrial measurement technology.

AMTI is internationally known as a leading manufacturer of joint motion simulation machines. Our hip simulator machines and knee simulator machines are placed in the laboratories of the majority of the worlds largest implant manufacturers.

Applied Motion Products Inc [Watsonville]
Category: Drives & Controls
Applied Motion Products, founded in 1978 specializes in high-precision, cost effective, motors and motion control products. We offer a full complement of step and BLDC motors, motion control electronics and gearheads to serve a diverse industrial and OEM customer base.

Applied's standard "off-the-shelf" products most often can provide the solution to your motor, motion control and gearing requirements. However, if your application is unusual and/or demanding we will engineer a design to optimize your product's performance. Many times this results in increasing our customer's productivity and product reliability while reducing costs.

We believe the key to a successful business relationship is our commitment to fully understanding the customer's product and the operating environment in which it must function. This is achieved by working closely with both the customer's engineering and manufacturing groups. In many cases we participate from initial concept to finished product providing needed motor and control expertise. Our engineering experience allows us to offer customers a valuable service in the design of their products and selection of a motion control solution.

A L Hansen Mfg Company [Waukegan]
Category: Commercial Vehicle & Industrial Hardware
A respected and important manufacturer of commercialvehicle and industrial hardware since 1920, A.L. Hansen Mfg. Co.continues today to supply products long recognized as the industrystandard for quality and dependability. Hansen rotary latches, cab locks and center controls are used extensively by leading manufacturers of step vans, van bodies and commercial industrial bodies. Major trailer manufacturers use a wide variety of Hansen hinges, bar locks, tie downs and grab handles. The wide selection of products are also used in electrical cabinets and outdoor enclosures.

Applied Spectrometry Associates Inc [Waukesha]
Category: Automatic Analysis Instruments
We specialize in the design and manufacture of instruments for the automatic analysis of liquid samples from one or more sample points in a process. We do not make instruments for laboratory analysis applications (although our instruments are sometimes located in a laboratory.) Why is this a strength? Because we are never tempted to repackage a laboratory instrument or to automate an analytical procedure that was originally designed for use in the laboratory, by experts. We design all of our instruments and every analytical procedure specifically for use in process applications, by personnel who are not professional chemists and have very little time to devote to instrument adjustment and calibration.

APW [Waukesha]
Category: Electronic Products
APW is a recognized leader in supporting original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in the design, manufacture and integration of electronic products on a global basis. APW is able to design and build a custom solution or a standard product as needed, serving customers in markets such as telecommunications, networking and data equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, medical, ATM, military, and industrial.

Artos Engineering [Waukesha]
Category: Automatic Wire Processing Machine
Artos Engineering developed the world's first automatic wire processing machine in 1926, and we've been leaders in the field ever since. Today, we are pioneering the application of computerized electronic control to servo-driven pneumatic/mechanical wire processing equipment.

Our sophisticated wire processing systems are solidly based on decades of experience. We manufacture and market a variety of highly productive, easy-to-use machines. Our quality and reliability are renowned ... and our prices are extremely competitive.

Aladco [Waukesha]
Category: Automation Products
In today's competitive manufacturing marketplace, design,innovation and proven performance are crucial. As a leaderin custom design and engineered products, Aladco« offersa family of patented Valves, Grip-Clamps™ and Roller-Cam Clamps™designed specifically to assist automation engineers.

American Cryogenics [Waukesha]
Category: Cryogenic Processor
ACI brings cryogenic processing to companies of all sizes and means. You'll find ACI processors throughout North and South America and reaching into Europe. Technology developed for the aerospace industry has allowed us to increase the overall quality of our units, while making them more affordable for you.

From our largest front loading unit to our smallest top loading units, you'll find each ACI cryogenic processor is fabricated from the same durable components. ACI was born in the brutal metal treating industry and so we build every unit solid enough to take the punishment that metal treating dishes out. For starters, we only work with twelve gauge hot rolled steel, car channel and angle iron reinforcement. Even the inner vessels are built out of twelve gauge 304 stainless steel, as are any components that are subject to corrosion. Rugged is a unit you can pile automotive engine blocks in, without denting. Accurate is a unit that passes a government survey for processing aerospace components. Trials like these are part of "business as usual" at ACI. Striving for excellence, each and every ACI processor is designed to be both rugged and accurate.

Allied Support Systems [Wayne]
Category: Electrical Products
Tyco Electrical, with industry leading brands and application-based thinking, supports everyone's role in electrical infrastructure design and development.

We are driven by our unique ability to benefit the people we serve by supporting their professional growth, business growth, and the growth of our industry.

Amalga Composites Inc [West Allis]
Category: Filaments
Founded in 1966, Amalga Composites Inc, Milwaukee Wisconsin, is a leader in the design, engineering and manufacturing of filament wound composite pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder tubing, pressure vessels, food grade tubing, booms and masts, tubular cores, rollers and shafts, electrical tubing and fuse components, torque shafts, magnetic coil forms, launch tubes and other engineered composite components built to specification. Doctoral-level engineering provides the design expertise to meet the toughest requirements and also to offer immediate technical customer support from prototype through production.

Amalga Composites is one of the country's largest independent filament winding operation. With an 80,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility, consisting of three 200 x 40-foot overhead crane bays, six separate production lines, three coating/painting areas and complete machining capabilities, the company provides high volume output for both domestic and international orders.

Almaz Optics [West Berlin]
Category: Optical Products
Almaz Optics Inc is a distributor for several leading Russian manufacturers of high quality optics and optical materials. We offer to our customers a rare opportunity of direct access to the best achievements of Russian Optical Science and Technology, combined with potentially significant savings. Available optical materials include fused silica, sapphire, quartz and many other optical, non-linear and scintillation crystals. All these materials are available in form of finished components (windows, lenses, prisms, wafers, substrates, etc.) and custom blanks/rods. Almaz Optics also supplies sapphire tubing, sapphire and silicon wafers for semiconductor industry.

Almaz Optics provides an exceptional grade of personal service, superior technical support and a commitment to total customer satisfaction. We feature prompt replies to Requests for Quotation (typically within 24 hours) and delivery schedules tailored to meet your needs.

American Cutting Edge Inc [West Carrollton]
Category: Cutting Tools
American Cutting Edge is a member of the Biehn Family Group of Companies, founded by Charles Biehn in 1965. We have grown from a small blade distributor into a multinational manufacturing and marketing company that serve many needs of the Industrial and OEM sector. While knives and blades remain the main staple of our business, we now provide many different products and services.

We realize that Service & Quality are paramount in today's business world, and we pride ourselves on giving this to each and every customer. We also add value to your business by providing cost effective products.

Advanced Electronics Inc [West Chicago]
Category: Printed Circuit Boards
Advanced Electronics, Inc. offers the finest in printedcircuit boards for telecommunications, military, commercial, automotiveand computer industries. We are an experienced Team of people in aspectof the Printed Circuit Board Industry, we have a proven track record inthe electronics industry.

At our new state-of-the-art facility in West Chicago, Illinois theunwavering commitment to providing our customers with superior qualityis being secured by highly experienced professionals designing andmanufacturing circuit boards from basic single and double-sided tomicrowave fine-line multilayer.

To achieve today's increasingly sophisticated quality demands, eachcircuit board manufactured at Advanced Electronics is subjected to aunique combination of the process analysis and compliance with IPC,Military, UL, Canadian, and ETL Standards.

The proof of our expertise and craftsmanship is in our outstandingproducts. When your product depends on your supplier, you need asupplier you can depend on. Our quality circuit boards help make yourproducts reliable, efficient, and economical.

With Advanced Electronics, you know you can count on the excellence andsuperiority of our products every time.

Ametek National Controls Corp [West Chicago]
Category: Electronic Controls
In 1967, National Controls Corporation began making time delay relays in Chicago, Illinois. Now, well into our fourth decade of manufacturing electronic controls, NCC is proud to be a division of Ametek Corporation, a global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electric motors. With over $1 billion in sales and 57 manufacturing plants worldwide, Ametek Corporation provides the infrastructure and support for future growth within NCC.

NCC's mission is to grow profitably by providing our customers with high quality, engineered electronic products that consistently meet their needs with services that exceed their expectations. As a result, we have expanded our original product line to focus on electronic controls for the commercial appliance market in the food service equipment industry. Looking to the future, we see great potential, not only in terms of our growth but in opportunities to serve our customers.

Ametek Panalarm [West Chicago]
Category: Power Instruments
Experience the Power of Ametek Power Instruments -- a family of businesses that serves the electric power generation and distribution industry with a growing array of advanced sensors, instruments and monitoring systems.

Ametek Power Instruments is a unit of Ametek Inc a global leader in advanced monitoring, testing, calibrating, and display instruments with annual sales of more than $1 billion.

Ametek Power Instruments is a worldwide force in the electric power generation and distribution industry with over 50 years of power industry experience.

Its turbine engine sensors and instruments are found on nearly every major turbine generator in the world. Its power and process monitoring equipment, power quality instruments, power transducer and meters, event and transient recorders, annunciators and alarm monitors are used worldwide. Many are ISO 9001 and 9002 certified.

Abbott Ball [West Hartford]
Category: Ball Bearings
Abbott Ball was founded in 1909 by George Edward Abbott tomanufacture steel balls. In the early years, a popular brand ofbicycles made in Hartford used most of the output. As our reputationfor quality products spread, the company grew quickly. In 1911, a newmanufacturing facility was built on the site of a pre-Revolutionary Warcommercial pottery. That site, after numerous expansions, is still ourcorporate home. Today, Abbott supplies stainless steel balls of alltypes, along with carbon steel and specialty balls, to OriginalEquipment Manufacturers around the world.

George Abbott was not only ambitious, but also innovative. Herecognized that steel balls, besides their many uses in bearings andother products, could also be used to clean and finish the surfaces ofmetal objects. The burnishingmedia that Abbott makes today are derivedfrom the initial idea.

Ownership of the company, which remained in the Abbott family fordecades, was eventually assumed by a management team committed tocontinuing the traditions and expanding the technical horizons ofAbbott Ball. We believe that our history of reliability and valuegives you the reasons to use Abbott Ball as your source for thefuture.

American Power Conversion [West Kingston]
Category: Power Protection Network
When APC began selling power protection equipment, networking was in its infancy. Most computer users were still transferring data on the 'sneaker net' using 512k floppy disks. As networking began to evolve, users began to use linked PCs to share files and print documents, which gradually increased the importance of the computers and equipment upon which these tasks were transacted. Still, the number of people protecting the hardware and data with UPSs was small.

Initially, the motivation for using APC's products was to protect the hardware itself. As more and more data was passed across networks, our customers began recognizing the importance and value of the data on their servers and PCs; they quickly began protecting this data as well. As the value of data grew exponentially, the importance of protecting the availability of the network reached critical mass. A growing number of customers cannot tolerate any downtime in their networks.

Astro-Med Inc [West Warwick]
Category: Color Label Printing Systems
Astro-Med Inc is a leading manufacturer of color label printing systems, Life Sciences Instrumentation, and specialty data acquisition systems for cross-industrial, inter-global applications. Founded in 1969 with a core technology in data recording, Astro-Med has grown by focusing its product development on emerging applications with a view to future market positioning.

Astro-Med is a growth-oriented Company that believes in vigorous new product development, in high-quality products, and in total customer satisfaction. Astro-Med's corporate vision statement commits it to enhancing shareholder value through the application of its technology for product and market development.

The corporation comprises three distinct product groups, as seen on our home page, related by a common technological ancestry and by the continuous interchange of skills and experience. These product families are known as QuickLabel Systems, Test and Measurement, and Grass- Telefactor.

Advanced Interconnections Corp [West Warwick]
Category: Interconnect Products
Advanced Interconnections Corp. is an ISO 9001 Certifieddesigner and manufacturer of innovative interconnect solutions withtechnologically advanced features for SMT and thru-hole applications. We specialize in IC Sockets and Adapters for BGA, PGA, CSP, PLCC, DIP, and SIP packages as well as IC Package Conversion and Test Emulator Adapters and a wide variety of Board to Board Connectors, Relay Sockets, Test Jacks and Terminals. Standard and custom designs are available, all featuring screw-machined terminals for superior quality and field-proven performance.

[West Windsor]
Category: Mechanical Seals
Manufacturing Mechanical Seals that applied in pump, air compressor and marine equipment. Produce both metric and millimeter seal, size 3/8" to 4", material: NBR,Viton, EPDM; Carbon, Impregnated Carbon, Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide; Stainless steel 304, 316. Own factories in Taiwan & Shanghai. Also handle casting iron couplers, oil seals, O-Ring, casting iron pump body,ball valve, isolation valve, pressure gauge and pump accessaries such as spring pin, air nozzle, motor mounting, brass tool set (hook & pick) and floating ball.

Atlantic Vision [Westborough]
Category: High Bandwidth Optical Equipments
Today, Leading Original Equipment Manufacturers specify Atlantic Vision Fiber Optic Assemblies and Cables.

Atlantic Vision is a major distributor of high performance fiber optic components including; Cable Assemblies, Connectors, Transceivers, Switches, Lasers, WDM's and Couplers and Ferrules. Atlantic Vision's reputation is built on aggressive pricing and backed by prompt and responsive service. We guarantee that all products meet or exceed industry standards and are Bellcore 326 approved. Our world wide customer base is made up of Distributors and OEM's.

Atlantic Vision offers innovative fiber optic components for applications in Metro/Access Optical Networks. We also provide WDM, DWDM, CWDM, Transmitters and Receivers, and Laser Diode Modules for next generation optical networks.

American Superconductor [Westborough]
Category: Super Conductor Wires & Power Electronic Converters
American Superconductor Corporation is a world leader in developing and manufacturing products using superconductor wires and power electronic converters for the electric power infrastructure. American Superconductor's products, and those sold by electrical equipment manufacturers that incorporate its products, can dramatically increase the bandwidth and reliability of power delivery grids, reduce manufacturing and operating costs, and conserve resources used to produce electric power. Founded in 1987, the company is headquartered in Westborough, Mass.

American Linear Manufacturers [Westbury]
Category: Precision Linear Motion Products
American Linear (ALM) - Domestic Precision Linear Motion Products Manufacturer. Manufactures Standard and Application Specific Crossed Roller Linear Bearings, Slides, Stages and Tables. Modern Fabrication Facility in Long Island, NY. "Industrial Grade" Series, Low Cost Series and Rotary Products Available.

360 Systems [Westlake Village]
Category: Audio & Video Solutions
360 Systems designs, manufactures and markets innovativeaudio and video solutions from its headquarters in Westlake Village,California. In 2004, 360 Systems celebrated its 33rd year serving thebroadcast industry.

APL Technologies [Westminster]
Category: High Speed & Standard Probe Cards
APL Technologies is established since 1996 in Westminster, California

APL Technologies is a high tech firm providing consulting on the design and manufacturing of high speed and standard probe cards for silicon and gallium arsenide wafers. We also specializes in PC Board layout design.

APL Technologies provides multi layer PC board layout design as well as the creation of circuit schematics.

AccuQuest [Westminster]
Category: Surveillance & Investigative Technology Systems
The AccuQuest Corporation (AQC) has provided thoCountry:USAnds of covert surveillance systems and training programs forrenowned law enforcement, military and industrial clients over almosttwo decades. We have earned the reputation of producing results for themost challenging surveillance, investigative and infrastructureprotection requirements encompassing a multitude of technologies. AQC’sbroad range of proprietary and cost effective solutions augmented byrelentless technical support are second to none. Our staff’s knowledgeand extensive real world experience assures that every system producesthe desired results while being versatile, interoperative and easy todeploy. AQC manufactures, integrates, imports and searches the world toprovide unique options for our clients.

Our exceptional, results-oriented designs are comprehensive and notavailable from any other source. AQC is committed to excellence becauseyour success is an obligation we take seriously!

AccuQuest Continues to make a difference by expanding its proven covertsurveillance technologies and developing exceptional total managementinfrastructure protection and physical security solutions.

Accomplishing your objectives begins with a thorough consultationduring which we identify appropriate technologies and training options.We look forward to analyzing your challenges and to the opportunity ofapplying our knowledge and technology for producing…”Results ThroughInnovationę.” This web site is intended to provide you with an overviewof our capabilities. Each technology solution is designed specificallyfor that customer. We integrate many technologies into our programs,therefore specific components may be available but not included withinthis web site. Please contact our office or regional staff for furtherinformation.

Automation USA [Westminster]
Category: Coating Thickness Measurement Gauges
Automation USA is a premier source including sales service of hand-held coating thickness gauges as well as other paint related physical test equipment in North and South America. Automation USA's success has been attributed to the ability to consistently deliver quality services and products to its customers. A total commitment to customer satisfaction is built into everything that we do including outstanding after-sale support.

Air Process Systems & Conveyors Co Inc [Westmont]
Category: Material Handling Systems
Air Process Systems & Conveyors Co., Inc.« (APSCO«) andits fine Principals specialize in creative engineering and maximum costeffectiveness to bring you the finest state-of-the-art bulk materialhandling systems. Whether your requirements are for a single componentor turnkey process, our sales engineers bring hundreds of years ofcombined experience to your project. Our expertise is in the area ofboth pneumatic and mechanical conveying with emphasis on particlereduction, sifting, compaction, mixing, packaging, process controls andpollution control systems.

American Couplings [Westmont]
Category: Hose Fittings, Pipe Fittings & Couplings
Established in 1929 and acquired in early 1999 by Dixon Valve & Coupling Co., Chestertown, MD, American Couplings Company (ACC) has established a deserved reputation as the industry standard for brass hose fittings, couplings and brass pipe fitting adapters. ACC's general offices and manufacturing are located in Westmont, IL with Warehouse service centers strategically located in major markets throughout the United States.

All Solutions [Weston]
Category: Programming Tools
All Solutions is a technical services firm that provides optimization solutions to complex problems. We use the most current algorithm updates with the latest programming tools to develop and implement optimization solutions with one purpose in mind.

Acumentrics Corporation [Westwood]
Category: Advanced Power & Energy Technologies
Acumentrics was founded in 1994 as a manufacturer ofcustom power products and has become an industry leader in ruggedizedAC and DC Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) for military andindustrial applications. The company’s development efforts have alsoexpanded to include other power conversion and power protectionproducts, including flywheel-based systems for critical power needmarkets.

The company is presently entering new markets with a breakthrough lineof clean, quiet distributed power generation and power quality systemsbased on Acumentrics’ proprietary solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC)technology. These fuel cells offer significant advantages overtraditional engine- and turbine-powered generators. There is nocompression/combustion, minimal ongoing maintenance, and negligiblelevels of pollutants. The company’s patented small-tube solid oxidefuel cell design offers efficiency and operational advantages overcompeting fuel cell and power solutions for commercial, industrial,residential and communications users.

Corporate administrative, research, development and engineeringheadquarters is in Westwood, Massachusetts. Acumentrics hasmanufacturing facilities in Westwood, Massachusetts and Windsor,Connecticut. The company serves its customers directly and throughdistributors and resellers.

A S Thomas Inc [Westwood]
Category: Antennas
Founded in 1955, by Dr Thomas, at the request of the United States Air Force, Department of Scientific Research. Designed and built the first tele metering and beacon antennas for re-entry vehicles withstanding the high temperatures of re-entry.

ADE Corporation [Westwood]
Category: Automated Metrology & Inspection Systems
ADE Corporation, headquartered in Westwood, MA, is aworldwide leader in automated metrology and inspection systems for thewafer manufacturing and computer disk drive industries. Founded in 1967by Robert C. Abbe, the company became public in October of 1995. Thecompany employs over 400 employees and has sales and services officesworldwide.

Aspen Systems Inc [Wheat Ridge]
Category: Computing Products
Aspen Systems is an established, privately-held, two time Inc. 500 (1998, 1988) corporation that designs, manufactures, and services high-performance technical computing products such as Beowulf clusters, enterprise servers and RAID storage systems. For over 20 years, our first class technical support and state-of-the-art products have allowed us to create and support the high-performance solutions our customers demand.

Aspen Systems specializes in a wide array of custom Linux, Unix and Windows computing solutions for the most demanding applications, with a focus on leading-edge supercomputing technology. Our expertise encompasses a variety of high-performance technical computing disciplines which serve the needs of advanced technical computing users and corporations. Aspen Systems' products and solutions are used to support the most demanding research and development applications in areas such as weather & ecosystem modeling, mathematics, physics, bio- tech, chemistry, financial modeling and geophysical research.

Advanced Research Instruments Corp [Wheat Ridge]
Category: Electronics
We are a manufacturer of electronics for use in scientificand industrial applications requiring high performance and reliability.Producing a wide range of products from preamplifiers for PMT's andelectron multipliers, to high voltage power supplies , counters andtimers, precision rate meters, and computer interfaces, our commitmentto quality and customer satisfaction is paramount to us.

ALIO Industries [Wheat Ridge]
Category: Precision Automation Equipment
ALIO Industries is dedicated to designing and buildingprecision automation equipment for nano precision applications in FiberOptics, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Micro Machining and SemiconductorIndustries. ALIO Industries proprietary (Patented 6,671,975 & 6,769,194) parallel kinematic three and six-axis robots will revolutionize fiber optics alignment and sub micron automation. Linear and rotary stages have been designed and built to complement the robot product and fill a market demand for high-resolution nano precision cost effective motion in atmospheric, clean rooms and vacuum chamber environments.

Anderson & Forrester [Wheatridge]
Category: Replacement Orifices & Gas-Fired Conversion
The gas industry has been served by Anderson & Forrester since 1928, supplying quality fittings, gauging drills, broaches, reamers, special tools and conversion fittings to simplify the serviceperson's task.

Anderson & Forrester is The One Source for top quality replacement orifices and conversion fittings for gas-fired appliances. Our symbol of quality and service is known throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Abbott Interfast [Wheeling]
Category: Fasteners
We’re a US company located in Wheeling, Illinois, a suburbof Chicago. We have customers throughout the Americas and around theworld, but primarily service North American manufacturers.

Our 55-year history of providing American industry low cost, qualityproducts and service is a record of which we are extremely proud.

Whether it’s contract or subassemblies manufactured in our wheelingfacility, plastic knobs produced in Chicago, or automatic screw machineproducts produced in our two in-house factories, each member of ourstaff is proud of the products we provide.

We supply cold headed specials and locknuts produced in our in-housefactories, along with bagged and specially packaged products. Wemaintain a complete line of standard fasteners located in our 5 acre,100,000 sq. ft. facility stocking billions of standard parts forimmediate shipment.

We offer the greatest value to American companies using our customizedinventory programs, whether J.I.T., Kanban, or a unique systemdeveloped to meet your company’s requirements.

Serving companies from the “Fortune 500” down to one person operations,we treat each customer as unique, with different requirements, whilestriving to provide, and over 99+% of the time, total customersatisfaction.

Many companies promise the best quality, service and low cost, but wehave delivered on those promises for 55 years.

As you review our website, each paragraph is our promise to keep you asatisfied customer. We prove it every order we ship.

To continue growing in a highly competitive market means you have toconsistently keep your word and save customers serious purchasingdollars. We have for 55 years and will continue to do so for at leastanother 55.

Astec Inc [White Hall]
Category: Special Machnies
Manufacturers & innovative designers of special machines viz., straight-thru-in-line wire drawing, in-line drawing comparison, bar shades & draw-straighten & cut-to-length, rod pull pointers, power de coiling, etc.

Alconox Inc [White Plains]
Category: Critical Cleaning Detergents
Alconox, Inc. manufactures a full line of critical cleaning detergents for a wide range of hard surface cleaning applications. Our detergents are sold through a network of leading distributors in the laboratory, health care, and industrial fields in the United States and over 40 countries worldwide.

ABB Control Inc [Wichita Falls]
Category: Low Voltage Products & Systems
ABB offers a wide variety of OEM and industrial controls,automation controls, electrical products and systems to meet yourelectrical and equipment requirements. Our mission is to be a leader insupplying high quality products and services that consistently meet theneeds and requirements of our customers.

With manufacturing and corporate offices in Wichita Falls, Texas, ABBLVP&S's primary product groups include:

Automation Controls Cable Management Systems Circuit Protective Devices Connection Products - Entrelec Brand Electronic Controls Industrial Controls Low Voltage Network Quality Capacitors Motor Protection Relays and Controls Safety Relays Timers, Flashers and Control Relays - SSAC Brand Voltage & Current Monitoring Relays

Air Technology [Willingboro]
Category: Indoor Air Quality Products
Air Technology is client dedicated, offering updated,timely, full service Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions. Client airquality concerns are mitigated using a unique combination ofprofessional indoor air quality assessment coupled with solutions. Offthe shelf or customized site specific air cleaning equipment isavailable to resolve IAQ issues. Our technical experts review clientrequirements and budgetary availability. The finest appropriate aircleaning systems are provided.

Building and facility managers, business owners, contractors,architects, and engineers have been working with Air Technology since1986 to resolve IAQ needs. Employee and personnel safety and health are key issues. Breathing safe air in the workplace is of utmostimportance.

We provide client customized solutions to control contaminants,pollutants and odors in your facility. Our market place is global. Welook forward to servicing your requirements.

A&N Corporation [Williston]
Category: Vacuum Components
A&N Corporation has been a manufacturer of high vacuum components since 1965. Founded by Norman Vaudreuil in Massachusetts, the business moved to Florida in 1976. David Vaudreuil, President, has been actively involved for 25 years, and the line continues with his sons, Daniel Vaudreuil, General Manager; Jeff Vaudreuil, Director of Sales and Marketing; and Glenn Vaudreuil, Corporate Efficiency.

A&N Corporation employs more than 100 workers, all dedicated towards the goal of producing excellent quality vacuum flanges, fittings, feedthroughs and valves. A&N Corporation has a network of independent sales agents and distributors throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

AMFM Inc [Willoughby]
Category: Braid Bands
AMFM Incorporated is ready to help you select the right size solid braid bands and suggested sizes for different hose types. Our staff can also assist you with questions about literature, pricing and instruction about the correct use of the AMFM Braid Band Sizing Gage.

Advanced Media Services [Wilmington]
Category: Mass Storage & Distribution
Advanced Media Services was founded in 1991 with a mission to provide value added mass storage and system integration services for select OEMs and VARs in the metropolitan Boston area.

As the CD-ROM emerged as the medium of choice for storing and distributing information and software, organizations required an efficient way to deliver CD-ROM based content over their networks. With a dedication to customer service, a strict manufacturing background and a working knowledge of network computing and mass storage, we emerged as a high quality manufacturer of CD networking solutions.

As data intensive applications and the Internet fueled an increasing demand for network storage, and network environments grew more complex, the cost of storage management became a major issue for most organizations. We responded to the need for a simpler, more efficient way to store and deliver data by creating the Dakota family of network attached storage appliances.

Air Compressor Equipment [Wilson]
Category: Air Compressor Products
ACE is a complete air compressor company specializing inservice, parts and equipment sales. We offer a complete line of partsfor all major brands and some parts for the home-use type units. We area complete store house for separators, air filters and oil filters forthe rotary screw compressor user. We stock most of the parts we offerand can fill most any order with either after market parts or withoriginal OEM parts. E-mail or fax your request and give us a chance tosupply your needs.

Ashworth Bros Inc [Winchester]
Category: Metal, Plastic & Hybrid Conveyor Belts
Ashworth is one of the top conveyor belt manufacturers in the world, because we build our business around your needs. Whether your application is food processing, industrial, transportation, or technology, Ashworth has a conveyor belting system to improve your yield - and help your business thrive.

American Power Design [Windham]
Category: Power Converters
American Power Design (APD) is a leading supplier of high voltage DC to DC converters. Our product offering is from 0.5 to 200 watts with outputs to 8000Vdc. All products are designed such that our customers can select the output voltage of their choice at no additional cost.

We offer a full range of solutions to your power requirements including fully customized assemblies.

APD has the expertise and technology that afford you the most cost effective solution to your needs. Our rapid turn-around time will assist in getting your product to market in minimum time.

Alum-a-lift Inc [Windston]
Category: Ergonomic Lifting Devices
Manufacturers of ergonomic lifting devices: Lift, lower, move, position and hold objects too heavy for the unaided human. Custom built to solve lifting problems to 2000 lbs (900 kg) and to 10 ft (3 m) high, with an unlimited range of end effecters.

American Lokring Corp [Winter Haven]
Category: Tube Connectors
Lokrings join aluminum, copper, and steel tubing of equal or dissimilar diameters. Lokring Tube Connection Technology represents a proven method of producing hermetically sealed metal-to-metal tube connections including aluminum to copper.

Lokring tube connectors are used in residential, commercial and automotive air-conditioning* and in refrigeration* industries.

Ace International/ACE Designers [Wixom]
Category: Machne Tool Designing
Ace Designers was set up in 1979 as a machine tooldesigning Service Company. The company began its foray intomanufacturing of machine tools in 1982 when it was commissioned to makea range of special purpose import substitution machine tools needed bythe I. C. Engine valve industry.

Argus & Associates Inc [Wixom]
Category: Engineering Services
Argus is the one company with several strong faces - Engineering Services, Robotic Services and Personnel Staffing. Our reputation in all fields is built on outstanding service at an affordable price. Argus services a broad range of industries including aerospace, automotive, transportation, consumer goods, and computers. Years of experience in each field, combined with a broad base of industry knowledge, creates the ability to meet your production deadlines and satisfy your personnel requirements. Argus Engineering Services applies the latest CAD, virtual simulation, process analysis, and programming software to provide cost-effective, process- enhancing service. Our dedicated staff of CAD operators; computer simulation engineers; robot engineers; and electrical and mechanical engineering experts work closely with clients to analyze manufacturing operations and arrive at process solutions. Argus Personnel Staffing Services help clients achieve success by eliminating the time and expense associated with hiring qualified employees. With Argus' contract and direct hire engineering, technical, and support personnel, our clients get the advantage of having highly skilled experts available when they need them. Our professionals are experienced in a broad range of industrial processes and services.

Acromag Inc [Wixom]
Category: Measurement & Control Systems
Acromag provides measurement and control solutions.Embedded I/O boards include VME, PCI, CompactPCI, Industry Pack, andPMC I/O modules. Process instruments include signal conditioners,transmitters, isolators, and alarms. Our fieldbus solutions supportEthernet, Profibus, Modbus, HART, and LonWorks I/O networks.

AFC-Holcroft [Wixom]
Category: Heat Treat Systems
AFC-HOLCROFT and its divisions-Atmosphere Furnace Company(AFC), Holcroft, Pacific Industrial Furnace Co. (PIFCO), Process MasterControls and Therm Alliance (TA)-realize that our success is a directresult of our customers' success. That is why we listen to them. Webecome a part of their team from initial concept through projectcompletion, so they get the exact system they need.

We start by having our engineers and designers meet with customers one-on-one covering everything from metallurgy, mechanical, and combustionrequirements, to civil, software, and electrical needs. Then we involveour highly trained technicians who are experts at welding, bricking,piping, wiring, and field installation. Every step of the way, we talk-and listen.

Almetals Company A Division Of Chain Industries Inc [Wixom]
Category: Speciality Metals
Almetals Company, a subsidiary of Chain Industries Inc is a world-class supplier of specialty metals for numerous industries such as automotive and consumer goods, as well as roll-formers and stampers.

We have partnered with the best metal producers worldwide to bring quality-engineered materials to our valued customers. Make one call and let Almetals take care of your sheet and coil requirements for Aluminum, BiMetal, Coated Steels, Clad Metals and Stainless Steels.

American Terminal Supply Co Inc [Wixom]
Category: Car Audio Systems
Cutting edge F3 technology provides unequalled precision, power and performance. American terminal supply is dedicated to providing top-quality car audio system installation products and accessories, including our Platinum F3 and Quiet Zone product lines.

AmberWave Systems Corporation [Woburn]
Category: Semiconductors
In recent years, the industry has recognized the increasing challenges associated with following Moore's Law. As a result, today's semiconductor manufacturers are looking for new methods to achieve performance improvements as a complement to traditional scaling techniques. AmberWave has the solution - Strained Silicon.

Strained silicon increases the mobility of charge carriers in semiconductor devices by "stretching" or "straining" the atomic structure of silicon. The technology can increase the operating speed and/or reduce the power consumption of a vast array of semiconductor- based products. In addition, device manufacturers do not need to invest in new fabrication or design infrastructure to realize the benefits of strained silicon since it is a natural extension of standard CMOS manufacturing. This ease in implementation enables device manufacturers to reach high volume production of advanced devices quickly and economically.

Advanced Measurements & Controls Inc [Woodinville]
Category: Controls & monitoring Equipments
Providing instrumentation for the Environment, Metrologyand the Industrial market place.

Our Environmental monitoring equipment is used in the collection andmonitoring of data associated with Meteorology, Hydrology, WaterQuality, Oceanography and Fisheries.Our Metrology equipment includes the worlds most popular calibrators for Temperature, Pressure, and Flow.

Advanced Laser of Woodland Park [Woodland Park]
Category: Advanced Laser Products
Located in Woodland Park, a small town in the beautifulRocky Mountains near Colorado Springs (an area sometimes referred to as"Silicon Peak"), Advanced Laser provides services to customers along the Colorado front range as well as national and international customers.

Founded in 1995 by Mark F. Fischer and Kenneth P. Grace, Advanced Laserwas created to provide customers with unsurpassed Laser MaterialsProcessing services. In 1997 the founders incorporated as Fischer GraceTechnologies, Inc. and are doing business as Advanced Laser of WoodlandPark.

A & A Magnetics Inc [Woodstock]
Category: Magnetic Separator Assemblies
A and A MAGNETICS has a long-standing reputation in themagnetic industry. In business for over 20 years, our highly trainedstaff manufactures a complete line of permanent magnetic assemblies,including head pulleys, magnetic sweepers, overhead and suspendedcross-belt separators, plate magnets, humps and drum in housings.

Our sales staff stands ready to assist you in determining your needs ata reasonable price. Our engineering staff can provide the technicalassistance in designing custom units to fit your specifications. Ourcustomer service and shipping staff ensure a smooth and timelydelivery. Our products supply both quality and custom touches to fityour needs.

ACS Industries Inc [Woonsocket]
Category: Knitted Copper Pot Cleaners
ACS Industries was founded in 1939 as a manufacturer onknitted copper pot cleaners. The original six knitting machines,updated, modernized and still in operation today, were the begining ofthe company's diversification. Today our scrubble division manufacturesa complete line of institutional and household scouring pad products.

Allegro MicroSystems Inc [Worcester]
Category: Advanced Mixed Signal Sensors
Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. provides innovative system-level solutions in the design and manufacture of advanced mixed-signalHall-effect sensor and analog power ICs serving high-growth applications worldwide within the Automotive Electronics, Office Automation, Industrial and Portable Electronics markets. We offer cutting-edge technology, a commitment to quality, and innovative solutions. Our design and manufacturing teams are ready to work diligently with you to support your needs.

Airtak [Worthington]
Category: Compressed Air System Products
We have 25 years experience as a manufacturer of compressed air system products for private label customers and for AIR/TAK distributors.

Air/Tak has continuously strived to prove as a top quality manufacturer. Products are designed with efficiency and durability as the highest priority. Changes in the market demands and specifications by customers are always considered for total satisfaction.

Air & Hydraulic Power Inc [Wyckoff]
Category: Air & Hydraulic Products
Air & Hydraulic Power, Inc has been manufacturing air andhydraulic products for OEM, distributors and end users for many years.We provide quality products at competitive prices and serve ourcustomers with prompt service. We strive to be the BEST at what we do.

Our standard product line includes small (up to 2" bore), light duty and heavy duty air and hydraulic cylinders, large (2" to 6" bore) highpressure air and hydraulic cylinders and our line of Mini-Space(r)Telescopic cylinders for air or hydraulic service. We manufacture piston type accumulators and hydraulic swivels. Our specialty is making one or one hundred cylinders to your exact requirements.

Aluma Graphics [Wylie]
Category: Identification Products
Aluma Graphics was formed in 1973 in Garland, Texas. Our primary function was to furnish award products to the trophy industry. Soon afterwards, we made a switch to original equipment manufactures as a customer base. Today, we service several hundred customers in a variety of industries with a wide range of identification products.

We are a leading edge manufacturer of functional identification products such as nameplates, decals, overlays, panels & much more. We can manufacture identification products out of a variety of materials, including polycarbonate, vinyl, polyester, paper, and aluminum. Aluma Graphics utilizes the latest manufacturing technologies available to make your identification products including several digital processes assuring you a superior quality product that is delivered quickly at a competitive price.

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