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Associated Components Technology [Garden Grove]
Category: Electronic Inductors
Associated Components Technology (ACT) is a leading-edgemanufacturer of electronic inductors, EMI suppressors, transformers,coils and chokes, all available in surface mount and thru-hole packagestyles.

We specialize in rapid deliveries of production-quantity components.Chances are good that we make precisely the device you are looking for— and we can supply it to your manufacturing line faster, with lesslead time, than other manufacturers can.

Allegro Industries [Garden Grove]
Category: Industrial Safety Systems
We at Allegro Industries proudly celebrate our 15thanniversary as the premiere supplier and manufacturer of safetyproducts. We have built our strong reputation over the years byintroducing quality products that are innovative in their design andengineering as well as by using the latest in new material technologies.

Advanced Micro Instruments [Huntington Beach]
Category: Oxygen Analyzers
AMI manufactures a complete line of both percent and trace (ppm) oxygen analyzers using innovative designs. We produce state-of- the-art, compact, yet rugged instruments that deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Our oxygen analyzers cover a measurement range of 0.05ppm through 100% oxygen in a gas stream and are available in portable and permanent mount versions.

Angelus Research [Garden Grove]
Category: Intelligent Machines & Robots
Manufacturers of Intelligent Machines and Robots. Intelligent controllers are offered as well. Product catagories include: Military Robots, Technology Education Robots, and Industrial Robotics.

ADC Engineering Technology Inc [Gardena]
Category: Tools & Sub-assembly
ADC has provided thousands of tooling solutionsto its customers since 1979. Our services support the complete spectrumof manufacturing planning and tooling needs, from prototype throughfull production projects. We accept design-build, design-only, andbuild-to-print orders for individual tools or complete subassembly.

Since our beginnings, we have led the way in the application of CAD/CAMtechnology to tooling solutions. Today, our tool engineers operate alarge number of CATIA, Unigraphics, Pro/Engineer and Autocad CAD/CAMsystems. We design tools from engineered designs defined by solidmodels to legacy specifications.

Our 220,000 sq. ft. facility features NC machining, metal forming,controlled environment welding and tool assembly capabilities. We alsooperate a soft tooling department. Experienced machinists, welders andtool builders use these resources to provide high quality tooling atcompetitive rates.

Anatech Electronics Inc [Garfield]
Category: RF & Microwave Filters and Assemblies
Since its founding in 1990, Anatech Electronics has responded to the many changes in the RF and Microwave marketplace. Our most recent products include diplexers, dual-band diplexers and bandpass filters for the wireless industry. Our Slimline product line consists of miniature filters, rugged, and built to meet stringent military or commercial specifications. Selected models can be taped and reeled.

Extensive experience, ongoing product development, unique design techniques, and our commitment to customer satisfaction, have made Anatech Electronics one of the leading manufacturer of RF and Microwave filters.

Anatech Electronics capabilities extend to technologies such as LC, Helical, Combline, Interdigital and Coaxial filters, which can be connectorized, PC mount or surface mount, in the 10KHz to 18GHz frequency range. Our quality programs comply with MIL-I-45208A and are modeled after ISO-9000 to ensure the highest quality in Anatech Electronics products.

Advanced Fluid Systems [Garland]
Category: Magnetic Fluid Technology
Advanced Fluid Systems (AFS), an ISO 9000 registeredcompany since 1997, is continuing its steady growth at its new facilityin London, UK, along with a new sales office in Dallas, Texas, anadministration and distribution centre in Phoenix, Arizona and a network of experienced agents and distributors. AFS now has worldwide coverage giving 24 hour access to quality information and sound advice.

Amorphous Materials Inc [Garland]
Category: IR Materials
Amorphous Materials Inc(AMI) has developed the technology and built the facility capable of compounding and casting 10,000 lbs. of glass per year. Help and support in the effort was obtained from the U.S. Army Night Vision Laboratory at Ft.Belvoir. Plates 8" in diameter weighing 20 lbs. are produced in high purity quartz containers fabricated at AMI. Each plate is purified by distillation in a computer controlled process. After passing the stringent Q.C. procedures, plates serve as a source for the required lens blanks or optical elements. Melt traceability is maintained. AMI uses this process to produce AMTIR-1, (As2S3 glass), and (As-Se-Te glass). AMI can produce optical quality gallium arsenide for IR applications using Horizontal Bridgman or Vertical Bridgman technique.

American CONEC Corporation [Garner]
Category: Connectors & Electronic Components
As a leading connector manufacturer Conec develops, produces and markets connectors worldwide to the electronic and communication industry. Conec is committed to contribute to progress in interconnect technology, and to satisfy and delight customers through innovation, quality manufacturing and superior service.

Conec provides global account management in a customer's home country and combines the information received for product and design and delivery of the end product to the customer's multiple manufacturing locations worldwide. Local sales and engineering support around the globe provides the customer knowledgeable assistance in their own language to fully communicate and to understand the needs of their business environment.

Conec designs and manufactures a wide variety of electronic connector products. Conec provides reliable and effective solutions to problems faced by electronic equipment manufacturers, contract manufacturers and cable assembly operations.

Accurate Bushing Co Inc [Garwood]
Category: Precision Needle Roller Bearings
Smith Bearing® is a registered trademark of AccurateBushing Company. With over 50 years experience in designing andmanufacturing precision needle roller bearings, we can handle yourrequirements for standard aerospace and industrial bearings, as well ascustom manufactured special bearings, assemblies, and bushings.

A B Carter Inc [Gastonia]
Category: Textile Mill Supplies & Lab Equipment
A. B. Carter is universally recognized as a qualitysupplier of spinning accessories and other products utilized throughoutthe Textile Industry. In addition, the company also serves otherindustries through the sale of precision machine parts, stampings, andlow carbon wire.

A. B. Carter began manufacturing and marketing its first product, theBoyce Weavers Knotter, shortly after the company was founded by ArthurBynum Carter in 1922. Mr. Carter's interest and expertise in theapplication of rings and travelers for producing quality spun yarns ledthe way for establishing the steel traveler business in 1937.

The Company has continued to grow over the years through acquisitions,and additional product-lines but most importantly through servicingcustomers' needs.

A.B. Carter markets a diverse line of products through severaldivisions with specialized industry knowledge. Each division maintainsthe necessary technical expertise in order to assist customers withapplication, operation and servicing issues. A. B. Carter's primarytextile products include travelers and rings, tapes and belts, bobbins,splicing systems, knotters, stroboscopes, end detectors and textilelaboratory equipment.

A. B. Carter products are sold worldwide through a network of salesagents with representatives in 44 countries. In addition, A. B. Carteroperates three sales and service subsidiaries located in Brazil, HongKong and Mexico.

Allied Tubular Rivet [Geneva]
Category: Rivets
At Allied, our first and foremost goal is to delight you, our customer! Our team of customer service professionals can assist you from the product design stage to the delivery of your product. Our production specialists and quality assurance groups perform as a cohesive unit to assure that the product you receive is to your expectations. After all, you would settle for nothing less.

Altech Environmental [Geneva]
Category: Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems
Altech Environment USA is the leading supplier of multi- component Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS). We have installed over 700 CEMS worldwide over the past 15 years.

Founded in 1989, Altech is committed to providing customized integrated monitoring systems to meet our customer's needs, and be in compliance with applicable regulations.

The Chicago headquarters is home for our Sales, Engineering, Production, Quality Control, Finance and Project Support Teams. The 7,500 sq. foot, state-of-the-art facility enables Altech to house an extensive spare parts inventory, and handle multiple projects simultaneously. In addition, our satellite offices, located throughout the U.S., allow rapid response for time-critical issues.

Acterna [Germantown]
Category: Communications Test & Management Solutions
Acterna's management philosophy puts improving customers'business performance at the heart of all we do. Our innovativedevelopments, strategic alliances with leading technology companies,and broad, integrated portfolio translate into network reliability andreal performance improvements.

Acterna is the world’s largest provider of communications testsolutions for telecommunications and cable network operators. A trustedcommunications test partner for more than eight decades, Acterna offersan unmatched portfolio of award-winning instruments, systems, softwareand services that help its customers reduce network costs whileimproving performance and reliability. Headquartered in Germantown,

Automated Wire Products [Germantown]
Category: Springs & Wire Forms
Automated Wire Products (AWP) was founded in 1996. Realizing the last thing needed in this country was another all purpose spring company knocking on doors, we spent the first year of our existence understanding the spring market. We defined areas of need where our expertise and experience could be best utilized in supporting our customers to their fullest expectations and beyond.

Our analysis brought us to the conclusion that the ground compression spring, specifically to the hydraulics/fluid power industries was one of the toughest, most critical springs on the market.

With over 50 years of coiling experience in our personnel, we responded to this opportunity by making a strategic decision to evolve into a ground compression spring specialist with a goal of being the finest spring supplier to the hydraulics industry.

A/D Electronics Inc [Gig Harbor]
Category: Electronic Parts & Components
A/D Electronics is a service-oriented company. We seek toprovide, a wide range of technical and mechanical electronic componentsof the highest quality.

A/D Electronics' goal is to make the customer's decision processsmoother, quicker and more affordable. With the highly competitivepricing of finished goods, A/D recognizes the need for its customers tobe price conscious in every aspect of a project. A/D can play a vitalrole in delivering reliable, cost effective components that will fitthe customers needs and budget.

Various situations can arise before, during and after delivery of apurchase order and A/D is structured to meet the customer's needs orconcerns at any time. Our company has excellent relationships with manyfactories worldwide and owns many of its own tooling capabilitiesthrough these factories. Sales and distribution is just one aspect ofA/D Electronics. We are also staffed with technicians in QualityControl and CAD drawing for fast turn around of customer's ideas andneeds.

A/D's financial processes are performed by a highly trained staff tohelp the customer structure the appropriate terms and delivery times.All possible options for shipping product can be easily met by A/D'sstate of the art shipping department.

Advanced Ventures In Technology Inc [Gladwin]
Category: Thermo Forming & Vacuum Forming Machinery
Advanced Ventures in Technology was founded in "95" and are celebrating our Seventh Year of machine building for the PlasticsIndustry.

We have over 60 years of Thermoforming machinery manufacturingexperience, and 25 years designing Thermoforming Machinery. This offersto our customers machinery that has been proven to perform to the bestability possible with the utmost reliability.

Armistead Technologies [Glen Arm]
Category: PCB Assembly
We have complete turnkey assembly capabilities for your project from providing just a bare bones PCB to providing a completely assembled and tested product individually packaged and ready for sale.

Central to our capabilities is our PCB assembly services. Whether you supply the parts or we do, our assemblers turn out a quality inspected product. We can handle the prototype assembly though medium run assembled projects (up to 10,000 boards per month).

Anamet Inc [Glen Ellyn]
Category: Materials Engineering & Laboratory Testing
Anamet Inc provides metallurgical failure analysis and laboratory testing (mechanical and inorganic chemical analysis) to a diverse base of private industry and government entities. Through the unique combination of materials and mechanical engineers, and in-house, fully equipped testing labs, Anamet is able to support all aspects of failure analysis to get to the root cause of mechanical, metallurgical or corrosion failures. Anamet offers material testing in accordance with industry standards such as ASTM, ASME and MIL, as well as customized tests to meet customer requirements.

Adhesives Research [Glen Rock]
Category: Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives
Adhesives Research, Inc. offers our customers a broad baseof experience and expertise in adhesive technology. We serve not justas a product developer and manufacturer, but as the partner ourcustomers require to help them solve their pressure-sensitive adhesive(PSA) challenges. For over 40 years, our technology has set us apartand established our leadership in the pressure-sensitive adhesiveindustry.

Antenex Inc [Glendale Heights]
Category: Antenna & Accesories
Antenex(r) Inc designs and manufactures antenna and accessory products to exacting electrical and mechanical specifications for critical applications in Defense, Public Safety, Transportation, Satellite, and Medical communications.

We offer a catalog of top quality mobile, portable and base antenna products which utilize our latest patented technologies, lean manufacturing techniques, custom automation and vertical integration. These products are widely used in wireless voice & data, security, military, asset tracking, two-way radio, public safety, and other mission critical applications. Many of our patented technologies offer solutions unavailable from other antenna manufacturers.

American Tech Manufacturing [Glenolden]
Category: IC Processing Equipment
Founded in the early 1970's, American Tech Manufacturing, Inc. (otherwise known as ATM) began producing IC processing equipment that not only performed with unsurpassed reliability, but also offered accuracy that far exceeded customary tolerances. And it is not mere coincidence that many of these machines are still serving their users today, long after other competitive IC processors have been replaced.

Today, ATM is a world leader in the field, and is still dedicated to engineering and manufacturing the most efficient and technically superior IC processing machinery available for both through hole and surface mount devices ranging from DIPs to SOICs.

Although over the years ATM has changed, our mission has not - we still offer equipment that does the job precisely, efficiently .... meeting and even exceeding the specifications of JEDEC, ANSI and military standards. With the recent merger of Trigon Adcotech into ATM, our product range has been extended to include test handlers, marker/dryer systems and test contactor sets.

Amstat Industries [Glenview]
Category: Static Control Devices
Amstat Industries Inc is a manufacture and distributor of various types of static control equipment including nuclear and electrical devices, brushes, tinsel and chemicals. Equipment includes in-line ionizers, ionizing air guns, fans, bars, airknives and nozzels, as well as static detection meters.

Applied Robotics Inc [Glenville]
Category: Tooling & Connectivity Solutions
Applied Robotics, a global supplier of end-of-arm tooling and connectivity solutions, serves a wide spectrum of industries ranging from automotive and aerospace to life sciences and food handling. Offering a customizable suite of products including tool changers, collision sensors, grippers and connection systems, Applied Robotics' wrist-down solutions increase speed, flexibility and efficiency for material handling, assembly, cutting, dispensing, machining and welding applications.

Asaca/Shibasoku Corp Of Amer [Golden]
Category: Mass Storage Products
ASACA/Shibasoku was one of the first companies to focus on meeting the information delivery demands of the broadcasting and mass storage industries. 1971, the year the company was founded, was the year that the 8-inch floppy diskette was invented, but ASACA was already anticipating the arrival of the Multimedia Age.

Through its pioneering efforts, ASACA has achieved a number of industry firsts and worldwide recognition for developing products that have revolutionized the video production and broadcasting industries as well as the mass storage industry;

In 1972, ASACA created a worldwide sensation when it unveiled the first compact version of the broadcast camera and VTR that could be slung over the shoulder. These products were followed by a compact and lightweight version of the video switcher used in broadcast stations that could be used outdoors. An immediate success, the switcher was adopted by the video production industry and broadcasting stations throughout the world.

In the '80s, ASACA developed a still image file system that was widely used in news and weather report images. With the still image file system, a photograph or text from a Still Image Pickup System could be incorporated into a computer where it could be manipulated into a still image graphical expression.

Affinity Bioregants Inc [Golden]
Category: Antibodies
University of Chicago MBA student James Stiehr founded ABR--Affinity BioReagents, Inc. in 1989 in Deerfield, IL. While working at the technology transfer office at the University of Chicago, he observed that a number of university researchers had created immunological reagents that were of interest and useful to their colleagues, but which were not commercialized by existing companies.

The opportunity to market these research reagents to the globalbiological research community was immense, and ABR-Affinity BioReagentswas born out of a need, an idea, and the desire to be innovative. Acompany that focused on marketing reagents rather than research wouldhave a cost advantage over larger competitors enabling that company toadd value to researchers the world over-without increasing the cost ofbasic research. With a world-class track record of growth andprofitability, ABR has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers andsuppliers of research reagents, antibodies and custom services to theglobal scientific community. Known the world over for quality productsand exceptional customer service, ABR has earned a reputation as the“Gold Standard” in an industry now filled with “copy-cat” competitorswith sub-par research products.

Active Manufacturing [Grand Haven]
Category: Single Part to Total Assemblies
Active Manufacturing was established in 1986 in GrandHaven, MI by its current president and owner Fred Hohman. The companystarted with two employees in a small rented garage, a few handpresses, a mill and a wire EDM machine.

Mr. Hohman realized there was a need for larger companies to have asource for their prototypes and short production runs. Active focusedto provide a fast, accurate, and cost effective alternative for thisneed.

Active began in the spring industry and quickly expanded into thefurniture, auto, aero, medical, and electronics areas across thecountry. In 1995, a second Active location was establiched in Tempe,Arizona to support the west coast business.

Over the years, Active has developed a talent base to tackle the mostsimple of parts to the most complicated turn-key project.

Applied Controls Equipment [Grand Island]
Category: Hydraulic & Pneumatic Components
Warehouse distributor and manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic components. Full line of components available. Capabilities include integrated circuit and system design, custom and standard power units AC & DC, delivery of quality components in a timely fashion.

Ametek Dixson Inc [Grand Junction]
Category: Precision Instruments, Controllers & Display Systems
The Dixson Division of Ametek Incorporated is a world leader in the design and manufacture of precision instrumentation, controllers, and display systems. ISO9000/QS9000 quality standards, Six Sigma manufacturing methodology, a professional sales and engineering team and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction combine to make Ametek Dixson an industry leader in the Class 7 & 8 heavy truck instrumentation marketplace. The Dixson Division employs over 300 people at two locations who produce and sell instrumentation and control products for vehicular displays, control panels, and food service industries world-wide.

The Dixson Division began as a privately held company in 1964 designing, manufacturing and selling automotive and heavy truck gauges. Annual sales exceeded $20 million by 1994 and Dixson was acquired by Ametek in 1995. Ametek, with several divisions throughout the world, manufactures a variety of precision instruments, electric motors, and other industrial products. Net sales exceeded $1 billion in 2000, 2001,and 2002.

Dixson's headquarters are in Grand Junction Colorado and include Sales, Engineering, and Manufacturing. Facilities in Reynosa Mexico provide additional manufacturing capability. An international network of distributors and representatives provides products and services throughout North and South America, Europe, and Asia. A stable, cooperative, experienced, and highly successful management team provides quick, positive responses and timely solutions in an ever-changing global economy.

Alpine Engineered Products Inc [Grand Prairie]
Category: Automated Equipment & Systems
Alpine Equipment is a world leader in computer controlled and automated equipment and systems for the wood truss, component and woodworking industries. As you explore this site, you can be assured you are seeing the best cutting and fabrication equipment available; designed, built and backed by a strong staff of professionals. Call us now to find out how we can help you find the right system to improve your production.

Ammeraal [Grand Rapids]
Category: Conveyor Belting
Ammeraal Beltech is well known and respected in the world of process and conveyor belting. In most industries and logistics services, products are transported and, in many instances, processed during transport. All products you see and touch have been in contact with belts during their lifecycle.

Air Win International Inc [Grande Prairie]
Category: Cieling Fans, Lighting & Accessories
Manufacturer and Distributor of Quality Ceiling Fans,Lighting and Accessories

Air Win Ceiling Fans Save Energy and Provide an Elegant Touch to Homeand Office Décor. Air Win Ceiling fans are an easy way to cut yourenergy costs. In the summer, a ceiling fan can cool a room or area byseveral degrees. You can also reverse the blades in winter and run thefan on slow speed to bring down warm air that collects near the ceiling. With many styles and finishes to choose from, Air Win Ceiling Fans can add a romantic touch, enhance a contemporary look or establish a sophisticated business feel, adding elegance to any room.

[Green Bay]
Category: Autmation, Machine Vision & Machine ControlCompany; Automation & Control Engineering Inc
Whatever your company manufactures, we can help youminimize machine downtime, increase production rates and verify productquality. If you need to produce faster, produce more or guarantee thequality of product shipped, we have the expertise and intelligence tohelp you upgrade your manufacturing operation.

All Power-Transmission Inc [Green Bay]
Category: Universal Joints
All Power Transmission Inc is a specialty manufacturer of universal joints for industrial, off highway and transportation applications. We can provide universal joints from 1 inch to upwards of 30 inches. We have the capability to custom design and manufacture specialized universal joints and shaft connections to your requirements. In addition to universal joints we can provide gear couplings, disc couplings and elastomeric couplings. All Power offers a repair and maintenance service for our universal joints and products and those supplied by other manufacturers.

Advanced Automation [Greenville]
Category: Automation Systems
Advanced Automation designs, manufactures and integratescustom automation systems and highly specialized machinery for process& product development and manufacturing applications. AdvancedAutomation has the ability to pull from a diverse and extensive libraryof automated technologies for assembly, packaging, metal processing andother one-of-a-kind applications.

A L Hyde Company [Grenloch]
Category: Extruders
A.L. HYDE Company was established in 1932, becoming one ofthe world's first processors of plastics. HYDE began processing plastics by utilizing compression molding technology. In the early 1940's, Hyde started injection molding and in the late 1950's Hyde began extruding many of the materials we provide today.

We process many different grades of engineering thermoplastics in rodand slab at our Grenloch, NJ manufacturing facility. In fact, today wespecialize in Specialty High performance materials such as Ultem, Radel, and Polysulfone, as well as proprietary products such as Hydex 4101 PBT Polyester, Hydlar ZF Kevlar reinforced nyon, and the Hydel family of anti-static and conductive plastics. We produce rod in diameters from 1/4" to 8", and slab in thicknesses from 1/32" to 4". We can also provide our Hyd-Cast cast nylon product line, including the proprietary high performance product Nylawear in rod, sheet, and tube in various sizes.

Air Drive [Gurnee]
Category: Air Flow Products
Founded in 1962, Air-Drive, Inc. specializes in themanufacture of metal fan blades for original equipment manufacturers inthe appliance, foodservice, HVAC, refrigerated vending, and portableheating industries along with many others.

Our constantly growing inventory of flexible tooling, enables us toaccommodate your special design requirements from our broad line ofproprietary products. Tooling charges and long lead times are avoided.All of our fan designs have extensive air flow performance experiencebehind them. You will find they deliver the correct amount of air, inthe right location, at the specified motor rpm and static pressure.

Air-Drive's new state-of-the-art production facility underscores itscommitment to cost effective manufacturing of high quality parts anddependable JIT delivery of production orders.

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