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actiOn feed systems [Machesney Park]
Category: Automation Equipments
After working in the trade with local companies in thepart feeding and automation trade, actiOn feed systems began operatingin 1998. At the time we were doing sub-contract work for overbookedshops in the local automation industry. As project after project washandled with success and the highest business ethics, opportunitiescontinued to open up for increased business activity.

Today we market directly to end users of automated equipment, largersystems integrators and machine builders. We pride ourselves onoffering as much or as little as the customer asks for, from a singlefeeder bowl to a complete turnkey system.

ACR Industries Inc [Macomb]
Category: Gear Systems
Manufacturer of Turbine Engine Gearboxes, HelicopterTransmissions, Actuators and Detail Systems Gearing for the Commercial& Defense Sectors of the Global Aerospace Industry.

Our capabilities include Program Management, Concurrent Engineering,Prototype and Production Manufacturing, Gear and Master Development,Flow-Pressure & Dynamic Load Testing Equipment Design & Fabrication,FAA Overhaul & Repair.

ACR Industries offers its customers Award Winning Performance and aHigh Level of Expertise and Customer Satisfaction.

American Heller / Heller Anchor Bore Company [Macomb]
Category: Deep Hole Drilling & Finishing Systems
American Heller, established in 1956, is the only United States member of the Boring and Trepanning Association. Members of this association share in a worldwide exchange of technical information to solve drilling problems.

Our sole purpose is the development, engineering and production of deep hole drilling and finishing systems.

Today American Heller's experience is being used in aerospace, aircraft, nuclear, military, power generation, off road equipment, oil field equipment, molds and dies, valves and machine shops. Continuous research and development work insures that our customers always receive state-of- the-art tooling for the most demanding applications.

AIM International Inc [Macon]
Category: Plastic Processes
AIM has been providing solutions to the plastic pipe andprofile industry since 1985. We represent a variety of innovativeplastic production technologies such as a large diameter pipe systemwith integrated electrofusion and an unique wood plastic wood compositetechnology.

AIM has expertise in plastic processes (extrusion, injection molding,rotomolding) and various plastics materials and additives (PE, PP, PVC,wood plastic compounds, etc).

Furthermore, AIM doesn’t merely provide equipment, we provide: businessplanning, market and product information, merger and acquisitionconsultation, product development strategy, industry contacts, andexpertise on worldwide patents and standards.

Allen Integrated Assemblies [Macungie]
Category: Manufacturing Turnkey Services
At Allen Integrated Assemblies, our first step begins withunderstanding. We know that it is imperative to thoroughly understandyour needs. Our field representatives are experts who will be directlyinvolved in the manufacturing of your product. They will recommend howto most effectively and efficiently design your circuit boards, fine-tuning their configurations to ensure top quality results.

Our corporate motto comes from an old Pennsylvania Dutch saying, GutieArbeit Kummt Sairsht, or Good Work Comes First, which expresses thebasic worker concept at Allen Integrated Assemblies. Allen keeps thebureaucratic structure to a minimum and concentrates on designing andmanufacturing the finest products.

Artesyn [Madison]
Category: Power Conversion Products
Artesyn Technologies is a leader in the design, manufacture and sale of advanced power conversion equipment and board-level computing solutions for infrastructure applications in telecommunication and data-communication systems. The company's products are sold to OEMs within four core market sectors in the communications industry - server & storage, wireless infrastructure, networking, and telecommunications. The company operates globally, with numerous design, manufacturing, sales and service facilities throughout Asia, Europe and North America.

Artesyn Technologies' business is organized into two operating segments: Power Group and Communication Products Group. The two groups share a strategic direction, a set of core business values and many of the same customers, but have separate operations.

Asahi / America Inc [Malden]
Category: Thermoplastics
Asahi/America Inc ("Asahi") is a diversified ISO9001 certified manufacturer and distributor of corrosion-resistant fluid flow products. These include a wide variety of thermoplastic valves, actuators, flow meters, tubing systems, and single and double containment piping systems. These products are used for the control, transmission, and containment of corrosive fluids and high-purity liquids, certain flammable gases, and compressed air.

Asahi helped pioneer the market for thermoplastic valves in the United States and Latin America, during a time when there was no viable alternative to metal for piping systems. Asahi began by distributing valves and piping products from a Japanese company known as Asahi Organic Chemical Company ("AOC"). Through increased distributor and end user education and experience, thermoplastics have grown steadily in acceptance. While Asahi still imports a number of products from AOC, the actuators, flow meters, and certain valves are currently manufactured at the 100,000 square foot headquarters in Malden, Massachusetts.

ABA-PGT Inc [Manchester]
Category: Plastic Gearing & Automatic Injection Molding
ABA-PGT comprises two divisions that work together tomeet your precision injection molding and mold making needs.

Our ABA division, established in 1944 and named for our founders,Anderson, Bertsche, and Anderson, designs and builds injection moldingdies for any production need, whether for use at our PGT division or atyour own injection molding operation.

We formed our injection molding division, Plastics Gearing Technology,in 1969 to add molding expertise to our portfolio. Adding "Gearing" toour name doesn't mean we have given up the mold-making talents forsmall precision parts that we had long before we saw our first gear.

Acu-Gage Systems [Manchester]
Category: Measuring Machines
Manufacturers of video based measuring equipments.

Advantage Plastic Products Inc [Manchester]
Category: Plastic Enclosures
We specialize in Standard plastic enclosures, CustomizedStandard plastic enclosures and Custom plastic enclosures.

Whether you need a Standard plastic enclosure to prototype your product for a critical deadline, a Customized Standard plastic enclosure to accommodate specific product requirements or a Custom plastic enclosure to create your own unique appearance, Advantage Plastic Products can work with you to achieve your objectives in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Abbott Workholding Products [Manhattan]
Category: Chuck Jaws
Abbott Workholding Products is a leading manufacturer ofchuck jaws, aluminum tooling columns and various workholding fixtures.Abbott maintains the largest inventory of chuck jaws in North America,providing same day shipment of in-stock items in steel, aluminum andcast iron. Our inventory also includes aluminum tooling columns(tombstones) in a variety of configurations, aluminum angle plates, jawboring rings, and various specialty workholding products. Our web sitefeatures our standard items, but special sizes and configurations areavailable. Please call us or e-mail us with your special requirementsand we'll gladly quote it.

ACS-Tech80 Inc [Maple Grove]
Category: Advanced Multi-Axis Motion Controllers
Since 1985 ACS-Tech80 has developed and manufacturedadvanced multi-axis motion controllers and integrated control modules(driver/s included). Our main focus has been OEMs producing high-endequipment with demanding motion control requirements. Our products arefound in the semiconductor manufacturing and testing, electronicassembly and testing, medical imaging and advanced digital printingindustries.

Our products are the result of close cooperation with our clients indeveloping their high-end applications, as we closely monitordeveloping market trends. We offer standard and custom-made solutionsthat directly answer your motion control requirements.ACS-Tech80’s manufacturing facility is ISO9001 certified. Every unit isthoroughly tested using the latest available techniques. Testingincludes connecting motors and drives, a demanding burn-in cycle, andfull functional testing.

Taking into consideration ACS-Tech80’s decades of experience, advancedsoftware and hardware capabilities and end-to-end user support, ourproducts clearly provide first-class cost-effective solutions thatyou’re looking for.

AEI North America Inc [Marcellus]
Category: Visual Inspection Instruments & Components
Providing Visual Inspection Instruments and Components that Optimize Quality, Function and Value. Let our experienced staff help you choose the best solution - with urgency of need, desired features and budget in mind.

Alternative Endoscope Instruments Inc [Marcellus]
Category: Endoscope Components & Replacement Parts
Alternative Endoscope Instruments has a global network of specialists that design, develop, and manufacture vision products and accessories for medical and industrial markets. We offer a consulting resource to access this network.

Arnold Engineering Co [Marengo]
Category: Magnetic Products
Arnold manufactures a wide range of both permanent and soft magnetic products and assemblies at 9 facilities in the United States, the United Kingdom and China. Annual sales are over $100 million. Arnold has over 4,000 customers in ten Market Segments. International sales represent about 40% of the total.

Arnold is investing in the growth of its businesses. For example, in 1997-1998 a 30,000 square foot expansion was constructed at the Plastiform Division in Norfolk, Nebraska. Shortly thereafter, a 45,000 square foot expansion was completed on the Flexmag Industries plant in Marietta, Ohio. Both businesses are in the relatively fast growing Bonded Magnet market segment.

AccuSentry [Marietta]
Category: Visual Inspection Systems
AccuSentry is a leader in the development of imageprocessing software and application specific inspection systems. TheSentry 9000, the core system for all AccuSentry on-line visualinspection applications, surpasses its competitors by capturingcleaner, true digital images allowing faster processing of the data,and thus better and more repeatable results. In addition, the Sentry9000 features a convenient, easy-to use operator interface withdetailed reporting capabilities, making the system and its informationa practical solution in today's marketplace.

Sentry 9000 on-line vision systems are currently installed in thefields of electronics, automotive, textile, absorbent disposables,medical, plastics and precision metals. AccuSentry's systems helpcustomers to maintain production standards, increase productivity,decrease product waste and improve customer satisfaction.

AMREP Inc [Marietta]
Category: Specialty Chemical Formulator
Amrep is a specialty chemical formulator and packager specializing in aerosols, liquids, and lubricants. Amrep is the manufacturer of MISTY(r), AMSOLV(r), MBL(r), NEXT DIMENSION(r), and PETRO(r) branded products. In addition, the organization provides turnkey private label and custom design products for a wide variety of resellers ranging from the largest retailers to specialty distributorships.

Amrep Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dawn Chemical, a privately held company. With history dating back to the 1960s, the organization has established itself as a growing, financially stable, enterprise with prominence in the markets serviced. Since 1990, most of the senior management has been in place providing consistent leadership in all aspects of the companies direction and operations.

Amrep is organized into two market focuses - Commercial and Consumer. Within each is a business group focused on a particular marketplace. Commercial is comprised of both an Industrial & Institutional Products Group and a Water Treatment Products Group. On the Consumer side, the Automotive Products Group and Consumer Products Group are combined to support this focus. A fifth business group provides value added logistics support and custom programs for special customer needs. The Logistics & Program Management Group is the newest business group.

Ansul Incorporated [Marinette]
Category: Fire Suppression Products
Ansul(r) is a premium brand of Tyco Fire & Security's fire suppression business unit. The full line of Ansul special hazard fire protection products includes fire extinguishers and hand line units; pre-engineered restaurant, vehicle, and industrial systems; sophisticated fire detection/suppression systems and a complete line of dry chemical, foam, and gaseous extinguishing agents.

Aseco [Marlboro]
Category: Integrated Automation
MCT is a leading supplier of integrated automation solutions for the global semiconductor test and assembly industry. MCT offers complete and comprehensive equipment automation solutions for the test, laser mark handling equipment, mark inspect, singulation, sort, and packaging for shipment portions of the back-end of the semiconductor manufacturing process that significantly improve our customers' productivity, yield and throughput. Our solutions include our series of integrated Smart Solutions, automated test handlers, factory automation software and equipment integration services.

Adcom [Marlboro]
Category: High-end Audio & Home Theatre Products
We are an award-winning manufacturer of innovative high-end audio and home theater products for both "stand-alone" and multi-zone custom installation applications including amplifiers,preamplifiers, tuner-preamplifiers, digital processors, CD players andAC surge suppressor/line conditioners.

Every Adcom component is designed not only to reproduce the highestquality sound, but also to deliver the greatest possible value. It isour engineers' passion for affordable perfection that has enabled ourcomponents to be judged the equivalent of others costing two, three,even five times as much.

Advanced Video Technologies Inc [Marlboro]
Category: Audio/Video Equipments
Our organization takes a proactive approach towardListening, Understanding, Partnering, Educating and informing customersof the elaborate equipment available on-site, which they can use tocommunicate more effectively with their audience. Our approach fosterscustomer satisfaction, repeat business and ultimately higher revenuesfor our hotel partners.

Marketing our products effectively through quality collateral, a uniquesales process and follow-up through our trace system will informcustomers, early on, before they have made arrangements with otheraudiovisual firms, that all of their needs can be met by us on-site.

Automatic Specialties Inc [Marlboro]
Category: Wire & Strip
Automatic Specialties Inc (ASI) is one of America's leading manufacturers of wire, strip and other metal products, including wire and strip forms, close-tolerance metal stampings and welded wire assemblies.

With over 30 years in the business, we would like to put our vast experience in product quality and customer satisfaction to work for you or your customers.

Amphenol Interconnect Products Corporation [Marlboro]
Category: Interconnect Assemblies
Amphenol Interconnect Products Corporation (AIPC) brings over 45 years of experience in development and manufacture of engineered interconnect assemblies. We have manufacturing facilities in five countries serving four continents directly.

We supply a wide range of product solutions to the entire spectrum of the computer systems markets from desktop to super computers. We offer superior value and strong logistics support to global wireless and telecommunications customers. Our technical solutions are also used in specialized products for advanced industrial and automotive applications.

We draw on the extensive worldwide resources of Amphenol to find solutions to our customers demanding requirements. Our engineers design innovative combinations of industry standard connectors and application specific shielding components to create assembly systems that set the standards for performance, reliability, and cost effectiveness. Our engineering, materials, and manufacturing organizations meet the high standards imposed by ISO 9001 as well as many customer specific quality systems. Our performance has earned us ship to stock and world class performance awards from many major OEMs.

Artel Video Systems Inc [Marlborough]
Category: Electronic Hardware
Newfound Technology Inc is a rapidly growing supplier of electronic hardware for the Telecommunications, Department of Defense, and Industrial markets. Our products include the Artel DigiLink and MegaWav systems for studio quality video-over-fiber transport, Datacube MaxVideo image processing systems, and Ariel-Griffin image processing boards. Additionally, our contract services support a wide variety of products from motor control to network management.

Through product line acquisitions and partnerships with technology developers, Newfound Technology supports established electronic hardware. Our team quickly and seamlessly integrates these products into our quality, manufacturing, engineering and service organizations. With a comprehensive manufacturing and support program - we ensure the continuous availability of reliable products, guarantee uninterrupted service, and deliver product enhancements.

American Metals Company [Mars 16046]
Category: Shim Products
Since 1984, American Metals Co Shim Products Division has been manufacturing and distributing high quality metal shims, including AMC Accu-size brand pre-cut stainless steel shims, brass, copper, aluminum, and nickel custom shims/shim stock for OEM and maintenance needs.

Our shims have been used to align machinery such as motors, pumps, fans, blowers, turbines, compressors, die stampers, punch presses, gear boxes and journal boxes in steel mills, chemical plants, paper mills, refineries, power plants, and HVAC facilities.

Anamet Electrical Inc [Mattoon]
Category: Flexible Liquid Tight Conduit
Anaconda Sealtite(r) has emerged as the broadest conduit brand in the world. From light industrial use to advanced nuclear applications, big business relies on Anaconda Sealtite(r) from ANAMET Electrical to get the job done.

Air Relief [Mayfield]
Category: Centrifugal Air Compressors
Air Relief, Inc. is the largest global non-OEM provider ofcentrifugal air compressor parts, repairs, overhauls and service.

In business since 1985, Air Relief maintains a commitment to provideworld-class customer service, superior service support, innovativesolutions, and quality replacement centrifugal parts.

Air Relief services and sells centrifugal compressor parts for CENTAC®, JOY®, ELLIOTT®, GD TURBO®, CLARK-ISOPAC®, ATLAS COPCO®, AND WORTHINGTON® centrifugal air compressors.

Applied Resources Inc [Maysville]
Category: Calibration Equipment
Applied Resources Inc manufactures and sells high-accuracy, hand-held calibration equipment for the process control industry.

Ace Wire Spring & Form Co Inc [Mckees Rocks]
Category: Springs & Wire Forms
Ace Wire Spring & Form Company, Inc. manufactures a widevariety of custom springs, precision springs and specialty springs andwire forms for a wide range of applications. For over 30 years ACE hasbeen the spring solution for every size business. Our web site isdesigned to be your spring and wire form resource center.

Alpha Components [Mechanicsburg]
Category: LC & Crystal Filters
Alpha Components was founded in 1973 in response to a demand for filters of high performance and reliable availability. Over the years, the company designed and manufactured filters for the most rigorous signal processing requirements.

Atlantic Scientific Corporation [Melbourne]
Category: Surge Protection Devices
Atlantic Scientific Corporation was founded in 1977 and is located in West Melbourne, Florida. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of MTL Instruments Group and are the surge protection division of the MTL Instruments Group.

Atlantic Scientific has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of surge protection devices for a wide range of applications. Our innovative patented technology has provided industry firsts in many areas. We developed the first five stage hybrid technology, the first modular snap-in and plug-in data protection, the first UL Certified Cat 5 compliant surge protectors, and the first customer configurable power protection platform designed with slide-in "mix and match" data protection modules for complete upgradable protection of all sensitive electronic equipment.

Our award winning customer service includes a team of surge protection application engineers with over 50 years experience providing creative, customized solutions which improve the performance of customers' complex electrical and electronic systems.

AuthenTec Inc [Melbourne]
Category: Semiconductor Products
AuthenTec Inc is a leading semiconductor company providing advanced biometric fingerprint sensors to the PC, wireless, PDA, access control and automotive markets. AuthenTec's FingerLoc and EntréPad product families utilize the Company's patented TruePrintTM technology, the first technology capable of imaging everyone under virtually any condition. TruePrint images below the surface layer of the skin to the live layer where the true print resides, thereby eliminating surface- level contamination issues. AuthenTec's products are the choice of leading industry hardware and software providers, ensuring compatibility across multiple platforms and applications. Based in Melbourne, Florida, AuthenTec has assembled a global network of partners, solution providers and customers including Texas Instruments, IBM, Delphi, Acer, Synaptics, Asus, Harris Corporation and SCM Microsystems.

AuthenTec supports the customer with a complete range of evaluation and development tools, extensive documentation, Help Desk, Product Application Engineering consultation and support, and even on-site Field Engineering if necessary.

American Gasket Technologies Inc [Melrose Park]
Category: Gaskets
American Gasket Technologies Inc (AGT) was established in the mid-1980's under the name of RichCor Gasket. It was a small two- person operation that began manufacturing in a small 3,000 ft. manufacturing facility on the North side of Chicago. Although the company enjoyed little financial success at the outset, it developed a strong reputation in the Chicagoland area as a premiere die cutting house.

After moving to a 36,000 ft building in Melrose Park, IL in the early 1980's, RichCor expanded their manufacturing capabilities to include slitting, laminating and rotary die cutting. With business continually growing in the early 1990's, RichCor changed its name to American Gasket Technologies. Around the same time, AGT added a Point of Purchase (POP) division that, for the most part, served the display strip and hang tab market. Since then, our POP division has expanded and become one of the largest POP display and fixture manufacturers in the world.

Anchor Bolt & Screw Company / Anchor Bolt Inc [Melrose Park]
Category: High Quality Fasteners
Anchor Bolt and Screw is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of high quality fasteners. For over 50 years, Anchor Bolt and Screw has been designing, manufacturing, and supplying you with all your fastener needs.

Andrea Electronics [Melville]
Category: Hardware & Software Microphone Technologies
Andrea Electronics is a leading developer of hardware and software microphone technologies which optimize the performance of voice user interfaces for automotive telematics systems and auto PCs, personal digital assistants, Internet appliances and Internet telephony, voice- enabled web browsing, desktop dictation and videoconferencing applications.

Andrea Electronics believes that it possesses both the technological and engineering capability to deliver truly innovative audio input solutions at a cost-competitive price, a capability that it believes serves to set the Company apart from its competition. Perhaps most important, Andrea Electronics possesses the unique ability to embed, scale or customize these unique microphone solutions for various environments and/or hardware platforms. In addition to its digital audio software, the Company also offers a complete line of Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and Noise Canceling (NC) PC headsets for voice applications in which a headset is desired, such as with wearable PCs and in call center environments.

Accom Inc/Abekas [Menlo Park]
Category: Digital Video Equipment
Accom is a world leader in digital video technology fortelevision broadcasting, computer video, production, and post-production. We are the manufacturer of products designed for use todayand into the next century.

Accom's products have changed the way professional video is produced,and are in use all over the world.

Our products have received numerous awards and citations from industryassociations, publications, and customers, including two Emmys andthree ITS Monitor awards for Engineering Excellence.

Accom's founders and its employees are comprised of the most tenuredand respected people in the television industry, many of theminstrumental in developing products that have set benchmarks forexcellence.

Accom is renowned for excellence in sales support and service, with alarge technical support staff and over 150 distributors in every cornerof the globe.

Accom, headquartered in Menlo Park, California, was established in1988, and has demonstrated considerable growth since that time. Accomis committed not only to excellence in manufacturing, but also to acreative work environment, competitive compensation, and a wide arrayof benefits. Accom is the manufacturer of a full line of products thattarget various areas of the professional video marketplace.

Airidus Inc [Menlo Park]
Category: Equipment for Electronic Industry
To meet complex manufacturing challenges, OEMs and EMSproviders around the world rely on OK International. Headquartered inSilicon Valley, California, OK International was founded in 1946 and has evolved to become a leading global supplier of solution-basedtechnologies. Today, OK International is a unique family of globalbrands that are leading providers of equipment for the electronics andgeneral manufacturing industries. Products are sold through wholly owned subsidiaries in the Americas, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Taiwan and China, as well as through a worldwide network of distributors.

The brands offer manufacturers the products they need to get the jobdone efficiently and on time.

Ancot Corporation [Menlo Park]
Category: Channel Analyzers
Ancot was founded in 1987 by our president, Jan Dedek, to provide SCSI test and development equipment to the microelectronics industry. By 1989, Ancot had gained its industry leading reputation by providing the most accurate and easy to use SCSI bus analysis tools then available. Since then, Ancot's products have evolved, keeping pace with the growth and changes of the SCSI bus protocol. In 1994, Ancot shipped the industry's first Fibre Channel analyzer, and continues development of both SCSI and Fibre Channel products. These solutions are in use at companies all around the world. Combining leading edge SCSI and Fibre Channel technologies, Ancot now offers the most complete line of analyzer and extender solutions in the industry.

ABS Pumps [Meriden]
Category: Pumps, Mixers, Aerators
ABS is one of the world's leading manufacturers of pumps,mixers and aerators. Our extensive worldwide sales and servicecompanies operate in Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia andAustralia.

Arizona Microtek Inc [Mesa]
Category: Integrated Circuits
Arizona Microtek manufactures high speed Integrated Circuits for the communication, frequency control, opto electronic, ATE and test instrumentation markets. Our products provide our customers with the best mix of quality and performance.

Arizona Microtek was founded in 1986. The initial ten years were spent in designing and manufacturing high speed mixed signal ASICs. While Arizona Microtek is still designing and manufacturing ASICs, our focus has moved to providing the market with a high quality, high performance standard product. Today, Arizona Microtek is designing and manufacturing high performance ECL, PECL, NECL products to meet our customers need to bring their leading edge products to market. Arizona Microtek provides customers with products that are form, fit and functional to select devices from ON Semiconductor and Micrel Semiconductor.

Arizona Microtek products and services are marketed through a network of manufacturer's representatives and distributors making them readily available to our customers. We serve customers worldwide and currently have customers in Europe, Asia, Israel and North America.

Astrotronics Inc [Mesa]
Category: Aerospace Machining
Astrotronics Inc will deliver reliable, quality parts and services to its customers, on time and at a competitive price. The company will promote an environment in which all personnel have the opportunity to offer ideas for continual process improvement with active top management support and customer interaction.

Auer Precision [Mesa]
Category: Electronics Contract Manufacturing
Auer Precision has maintained a long standing reputation for exceptional quality and execution on challenging projects. Our collaborative philosophy across all levels of customer interactions provides the basis for creativity, pragmatic design and custom product realization.

Auer provides precision components, complex assemblies, class A tooling and full contract manufacturing services. Customers benefit from highly responsive design, prototyping, product lifecycle management and easy access to all critical information.

AlphaTest Corporation [Mesa]
Category: Electrical Test Probes
AlphaTest Corporation in Mesa Arizona developed and manufactures the miniature test probes.

3M Touch Systems [Methuen]
Category: Touch Screen & Monitor
3M Touch Systems offers a comprehensive portfolio of touchscreen and touch monitor products. As a premier solutions provider tothe world's best known device manufacturers and systems integrators, 3Mproducts are supported by a world-class engineering organization andover 20 years of R&D and manufacturing expertise. When you combine ourproduction capabilities, quality standards, and global support, you'vefound a company you can count on almost anywhere in the world,today...and in the future.

Ace Electronics [Metuchen]
Category: Cable Products & Connectors
From our beginnings in 1976 as a small custom cableassembly shop, Ace Electronics has evolved into one of the Northeast'spremier custom cable manufacturers and premise products suppliers. Ourcustomer base has grown to include many fortune 500 companies, alongwith the small OEMs we began with. In addition to our customcapabilities, we are a full-line stocking distributor with 15,000square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space. We have thesolution for all your connectivity needs, from wire and connectors toracks and complete interconnect systems.

While we can supply any off-the-shelf connectivity product, ourspecialty has always been custom cabling. The engineering-based focusthat Ace was founded on has been the key to our success. Ourengineering staff has over 80 years of combined hands-on designexperience in wire and cable, with many innovations (and a major U.S.patent) to their credit.

Whether you need a one-of-a-kind custom cable or large productionquantities, we'll evaluate your end-use requirements and, with the helpof computer-aided design, quickly recommend the optimum solution toyour connectivity needs.

We believe quality must be built in from the beginning, which is whyall Ace-manufactured products begin with only the best components,fully inspected before entering production. Even in today's highlymechanized times, custom cable assemblies still involve a lot ofprecision handwork. Our production personnel and assemblers areaccomplished specialists, many have been with Ace for over ten years.

After assembly, every single cable is fully computer tested, using avariety of rigorous test procedures designed to ensure that ourproducts will perform as well in the field as they did on our testbench. Because of uncompromising attention to quality at every stage ,all Ace products are fully warranted against manufacturing defects andare guaranteed to perform to spec.

Armstrong Power [Miami]
Category: Electric Generators
Manufacturers of complete Standby and Prime Electric Generators. Used in numerous applications our electric generators have prove to be a dependable electric source. Powered by diesel, LPG and natural gas engines our Armstrong electric generators will help you generate your most efficient electric power.

We offer a convenient range of electric generators for your market and application. Knowing that different situations will require different combinations, Armstrong electric generators are equipped with various engines-generators and a complete line of optional equipment and switchgear.

Array Connector Corporation [Miami]
Category: Connectors
Array Connector Corporation designs and manufactures multi- pin rectangular and circular connectors with contact terminations in solder, crimp and printed circuit board versions. The products we currently carry can be viewed in the Products section of this site. Array designs connectors for signal, audio and power with pin densities to over 150, used in instrumentation, communication, navigation and other industries where reliable multiple connection cycles are required. Array also provides extensive "Design Services" for customers that draws upon the talents of both design engineering and manufacturing engineering to deliver better solutions in shorter timeframes. In addition Array manufactures buffet/galley connectors for use in commercial aircraft, various rack & panel connectors, application specific connectors for several major U.S. and foreign manufacturers and commercial versions of military specifications MIL-C-26482, MIL-C-26500 and MIL-C-5015.

Antenna World [Miami]
Category: Antennas
Antenna World is expanding the line-up again with several new items to serve the XM Satellite Radio Subscribers. In February we started making cables and cable assemblies. Soon we will have a new XM antenna for trucks and another for marine plus the hot selling magnetic pucks.

American Sunshine Technologies Inc [Miami]
Category: Computer Cases, Power Supply & Monitor
Sunshine founded in 1981, has facilities in China to manufacture computer cases, power supply, monitors & speakers. In the third quarter of 2004, Sunshine's new plant in Dongguan with 40,000 smts will be in full force to cope with the demand from customers.

Sunshine is a full line manufacturer, steel cutting, molding, stamping, coating, plastic injection & assmebly line. We do it all in-house to assure customer the best quality products.

Automation Components Inc [Middleton]
Category: Sensors & transmitters
Automation Components Inc (ACI) manufactures and provides sensors and transmitters for a variety of industries. Our products monitor temperature, relative humidity, pressure, current, air quality, specific gases, light level, and enthalpy. We also carry products like thermowells, interface devices, power supplies, and control relays to support our customer's needs.

Our products are compatible with controllers from many industries. Our products are used in Building Automation Systems, HVAC, refrigeration, government, pharmaceutical, and industrial markets around the world.

ACT/Techkor [Middletown]
Category: Sensors & Sensor Measurement Products
Techkor Instrumentation develops and produces sensors andsensor measurement products for industrial, military, and commercialapplications. Our products are designed and produced for direct sales,OEM, and brand label markets. Capabilities range from low noise analogdesign to full digital processing and software development. The companyhas been involved in industrial, military, and commercial products forover 20 years and has all of the necessary equipment for the design,manufacturing, and testing of high performance sensors and sensingsystems. We welcome your interest and look forward to helping you solveyour sensing needs.

Category: Power Supplies & Related ProductsCompany; Advanced Conversion Technology
Advanced Conversion Technology, also known as ACT, aPennsylvania corporation, was founded based on the expressed desire ofits seven founders to provide high quality “state-of-the-art” powersupplies to the military aerospace industry. Since 1981, six of theseindividuals have pursued this objective with a tenacity that hasresulted in ACT being recognized as a quality power supply house by alarge number of the major aerospace companies.

Much of ACT’s success stems from two basic traits that its customershave come to recognize. 1. A willingness to take on very challengingprojects, and to develop the technology necessary to accomplish them.2. An acute sense of responsiveness to the needs of its customers.While this company also embodies a number of other positive principles,these two traits alone serve to portray ACT’s primary attitude.

The majority of ACT’s output has focused on defense electronics, andits product mix is distributed over the entire spectrum of militaryvehicles - aircraft, ships, subs, tanks, and missiles. ACT's productsserve to convert a vehicle’s primary electrical energy source into thespecific DC voltages required by a number of systems such as radar,sonar, displays, navigational equipment, and communication devices.

Additionally, we are continuously exploring new market segments for ourproducts such as helmet displays, ionizations systems, and VICOR moduleassemblies, which lead into non-military applications. We also haveexpanded our product line by acquisition. In 2000, we acquired TechkorInstrumentation to add scientific and industrial products to ouroffering.

ACT management sincerely believes that the lessons we have learned andthe measures we have instituted to survive and grow, will beinstrumental to our continued success.

Atek Systems Inc [Milford]
Category: Electronic Assembly Products
Atek Systems represents manufacturers that provide systems and products for companies manufacturing electronic assemblies.

Airmar Technology Corp [Milford]
Category: Marine Ultrasonic Transducers
Airmar Technology Corporation is recognized worldwide asthe industry leader in marine ultrasonic transducers ans industrialsensors. Founded in 1982, the core business of piezoceramic transducers for depth and fishfinding has evolved into a product line on over 1,000 sensors for industrial and marine market.

Altec Lansing Technologies Inc [Milford]
Category: Computers & Home Entertainment Sound Systems
Altec Lansing is a leading manufacturer and marketer of high quality computer and home entertainment sound systems and a line of headsets, headphones, and microphones for personal digital media.

Alvord-Polk Tool Inc [Millersburg]
Category: Tools
At Alvord-Polk Tool, quality is built into our tools, not added on. The process begins with the purchase of high-quality United States-produced high-speed steel. Proven salt bath heat treating gives our reamers their strength and superior wear characteristics, and national aerospace standards are followed for geometric specifications.

Flute diameter, O.D. relief and charmer relief are all ground between carbide-lapped centers. This provides constant margin widths, concentricity between chamfer and OD and the capacity to resharpen between centers.

Since 1881, Alvord-Polk Tool has manufactured the highest-quality standard and special reamers in the industry. "Aircraft-Quality Reamers" is not just a saying-it's a commitment to you, our customers, to provide reamers which meet the industry's most critical inspection standards.

ASI Applied Systems Inc [Millersville]
Category: Automated Chemistry Systems
AutoChem is part of Mettler-Toledo International Inc a billion dollar, global corporation whose heritage can be traced back to 1945 when Erhard Mettler started his own precision engineering company close to Lake Zurich. Now a publicly-quoted corporation, Mettler-Toledo comprises a number of operating divisions which, together, provide a broad range of measurement solutions across a wide variety of sectors, including industrial, laboratory, process and retail.

The AutoChem Business Unit is dedicated to the chemical compound discovery and process development sector. It was formed as a result of the acquisition by Mettler-Toledo of ASI Applied Systems, Bohdan Automation, Berger and Lasentec, all based in the USA, plus Myriad in the UK and FlexiLab of France. The products manufactured by each of these highly-regarded companies complemented, not only one another, but also those developed by Mettler-Toledo's own Lab Division based in Switzerand.

Advanced Drilling Machinery [Millington]
Category: Self Feeding Drill Units
Manufacturers of self feeding drill units, drill heads,multiple spindle drilling heads, etc.

AutoDrill [Millington]
Category: Precision Self Feeding Drills
Manufacturer of Precision Self Feeding Drills, Multiple Spindle Heads, Self Contained Drills, Feed Controls, Automatic Feed Drills, Tapping Heads.

Adaptec Inc [Milpitas]
Category: Storage Components
Adaptec provides a complete suite of solutions thatsimplify storage deployments and allow organizations to easily upgradeto higher levels of capacity, data protection and performance to meettheir growing storage needs. Adaptec's broad range of interoperablechips, add-in cards and network storage arrays gives businesses aseamless migration path from internal to external storage. All theproducts use a common management tool to simplify storageadministration and reduce related costs.

Adaptec's storage leadership is rooted in its 20 years of bringingcomplex storage technology to mainstream businesses by making it easyand cost effective to use. The company pioneered SCSI (Small ComputerSystem Interface), a technology that enabled end users to easily andaffordably connect their PCs, Macs, servers and workstations to storagedevices and peripherals. Adaptec also reduced the cost and complexityof RAID to help drive the widespread deployment of the data protectiontechnology, simplify data management and reduce total storage ownershipcosts.

Today, Adaptec continues to simplify storage with a family ofinteroperable solutions that enables organizations to easily and cost-effectively scale storage across direct-attached and networkedenvironments and a broad range of technologies - including SCSI, SerialATA, Serial Attached SCSI, iSCSI and Fibre Channel.

A&D Engineering Inc/ A & D Weighing [Milpitas]
Category: Industrial Scales, Weighing Indicators & Controllers
A&D Weighing is a technology driven, market oriented,global manufacturer of measurement equipment.

Since our inception in 1977, A&D has grown into a multinationalcorporation with operations in the United States, Germany Japan,Australia, Korea and Great Britain with worldwide sales in excess of$200 million. We offer a full line of Electronic Balances, Digital Scales, Weighing Indicators and Controllers, Load Cells, Non Destructive Measurement Equipment.

American Probe & Technologies [Milpitas]
Category: Probing Accessories
American Probe & Technologies specializes in providing probing solutions for the semiconductor industry. With over twenty years of supplying products to the test and measurement industry. American Probe & Technologies is in the business of providing solutions to your requirements.

American Probe & Technologies is a leading manufacture of analytical probes and accessories for the semiconductor test and measurement industry. APT can provide support and custom products that meet or exceed your custom probing applications.

Astronautics Corporation Of America [Milwakee]
Category: Military & Commercial Electronics
Astronautics Corporation of America was estabilished in 1959 ans is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of military and commercial electronics for air, space, land and sea applications. Its products are used throughout the world in a wide range of military and commercial applicaitons for ground, sea and aerospace. More than 100,000 aircrafts use Astrnautics flight instruments, displays, computers and components.

ASI Technologies Inc [Milwaukee]
Category: Hig Performance Doors
ASI Technologies remains the leading worldwide innovator in custom door design and performance, responding to market demands and customer satisfaction. Our door systems are specifically designed for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, municipal, government and industrial markets. Offering the widest range of styles and sizes, ASI is known as the manufacturer of choice now and into the future.

Adaptive Micro Systems Inc [Milwaukee]
Category: Alpha LED Display Signs
For over two decades, Adaptive Micro Systems LLC hasdesigned, developed and manufactured exceptional, visually superior,business communications solutions worldwide.

We provide overall communication systems from the lobby to the loadingdock, from the foyer to the meeting room. No matter what your businessis, our background with standard and custom applications decreasesdowntime, increases efficiency and keeps your business in motion. Ourproduct offerings are wide-ranging and have been incorporated intoIndustrial Automation, Material Handling, Transportation, Theatre,Gaming/Lottery, Safety, General Employee Communications, Call Centersand Hotel/Hospitality to name a few.

Our displays are available in indoor and outdoor, standard and custommodels, dependent upon our customer need and applications. Single andmulti-line electronic signs in standard and custom configurations/sizes- ALPHA, BETAbrite, ALPHAEclipse and ALPHAVISION.

We've designed and developed our own ADAPTIVE Software Product Lineproviding the option of single display, to networked marqueecommunication - with the freedom of total control our customers expect.

Adjustable Fixture Co [Milwaukee]
Category: Machine Tool Lighting
Adjustable Fixture Co's medical and industrial tasklighting lines are truly "fixtures" today in America's businesslandscape. Few competitors can lay claim to AFC's unique mix ofinnovation and value. Fewer still can boast anything like its heritage.

Adjustable Fixture Co.'s vision of the future focuses on continuing toexplore new and better lighting solutions for institutional users andto design products that meet the needs of specialty users. The companyhas a special focus on reducing life cycle costs and developing moreefficient ergonomics, energy savings and safety features- designfactors like the placement of switches, tip-resistance, energy-efficient bulb systems, and more. In short, very special products tomeet very special needs, at prices that are more than competitive. Andnow, with the increasing elderly population in America, anotherimportant focus for AFC is its emphasis on the needs of residents inextended care facilities- ergonomics, ease of use, safety and economy.

Adjustable Fixture Co.'s long-term goal is one of never-endingimprovement, ever-better solutions & ever-greater value. In terms ofsophisticated research, design and marketing, Adjustable Fixture Co.has come a long way in almost a century. "Responding to specialtylighting for four generations," has yet to be improved upon.

Advanced Liquid Handling Inc [Milwaukee]
Category: Liquid Handling Equipment
ALH is a small, responsive and energetic company with over25 years experience designing and manufacturing liquid handlingequipment for laboratories

Our current products are examples of creative, precise, low-costsolutions to many of your sample handling needs.

ALH has developed a user friendly line of components for automatedsystems and fluid handling that has a unique and patented drivemechanism to ensure a backlash free connection between motor andsyringe. The same technology allows us to give our customers aninnovative linear drive and XYZ motion solutions.

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation [Milwaukee]
Category: Industrial Control & Automation Products
Rockwell Automation is a leading industrial automationcompany focused to be the most valued global provider of power, controland information solutions. With a focus on automation solutions thathelp customers meet productivity objectives, the company brings together leading brands in industrial automation, including Dodge® mechanical power transmission products, Reliance Electric™ motors and drives, Allen-Bradley® controls and engineered services and Rockwell Software® factory management software. Global technical and customer service is an integral part of Rockwell Automation, with nearly 5,600 distributors, system integrators and agents serving customers in 80 countries.

Ampco Pumps Company [Milwaukee]
Category: Quality Pumps
We are the leader in selling top quality pumps for commercial, industrial and marine uses. From metallurgy and corrosion resistance to demanding sealing requirements, customers have come to depend on Ampco Pumps for solutions to difficult pump applications. The Ampco Pumps sales staff and application engineers work closely with customers to select the pump that meets your specific requirements.

A O Smith Corporation [Milwaukee]
Category: Electric Motor
Manufacturers of electric motor & water heater.

Anderson Quality Spring Mfg Inc [Milwaukie]
Category: Formed Metal Products
AQS manufactures all types of formed metal products. We specialize in precision helical springs (compression, extension and torsion ) but also produce light metal stampings, linkage large rods and small wire forms.

AQS is ISO9002 certified and will provide you with quality manuals or other materials upon request. We intend to be QS9000 certified by August 2001.

AQS produces parts for a wide variety of industries, such as Automotive/trucking, aerospace, electronics, computer printers/peripherals, instruments, sporting goods and more.

AQS produces parts from a wide variety of material alloys. AQS will direct you to the most available materials and sources suitable for your products environment whether it is high temperature, corrosive environments or a combination of these or other factors.

Allenair [Mineola]
Category: Fluid Power Products
Established in 1947, Allenair is one of the oldest,privately-held Fluid Power Manufacturers in the U.S.A. Primary productlines are Cylinders both Pneumatic Cylinders / Air Cylinders, and low-pressure Hydraulic Cylinders, Rotary Index-Tables, includingavailability of unequal index option and a wide range of PneumaticValves.

Allen Avionics Inc [Mineola]
Category: Custom Passive Electronic Components
Allen Avionics, Inc. is a major U.S. manufacturer ofprecision LC filters and electro-magnetic delay lines for theelectronics industry. Video product engineers and OEM's have come torely on Allen Avionics as the single source for a complete line ofstandard and custom filters and delay lines. Our strong technicalsupport team is an important part of our service to customers.

Our products, which range from D.C. to 5GHz, are used in electronicequipment found in video studios to satellite communications systems,and everything in between. We are also able to serve you in the fastgrowing field of HDTV.

APG Cash Drawer [Minneapolis]
Category: Cash Drawers
APG(r) Cash Drawer is the retail industry's leading manufacturer of cash drawers and other POS related products. For over 25 years, APG has strived to provide world-class products to withstand the abuse of the toughest POS environments. No other cash drawer manufacturer can achieve the level of excellence APG guarantees. APG offers a wide range of cash drawers for applications found in Retail, Food, Hospitality and Concession. Our heavy-duty products offer all the features expected to maintain through the most abusive work environments.

7-Sigma Incorporated [Minneapolis]
Category: Precision Components
7-SIGMA manufactures precision components for the printerand copier industry, as well as other parts for the office productsmarkets. The company has undertaken a transition in the past year inorder to establish a leadership position in the office productsindustry as the premier manufacturer for fuser and pressure rollersused in printers and copiers Through the engineering of high-valueapplied polymer solutions, 7-SIGMA is able to offer a menu of releaseproperties on coated rollers and sleeved rollers. Our technologicaldepth enables us to solve almost any application requirement, and wecan reverse engineer parts when no documentation exists.

In addition to fuser and pressure rollers, 7-SIGMA manufactures avariety of other paper path products and electro-mechanical/electro-magnetic components as well. 7-SIGMA is staffed by chemical,mechanical, electrical and industrial engineers, class A mold makers,precision machinists, and a highly trained world class manufacturinggroup.

Ardel Engineering & Manufacturing [Minneapolis]
Category: Precision CNC Machining
Ardel Engineering is a full service, precision, CNC machining Company, specializing in CNC milling, CNC turning, honing, grinding and assembly. We offer complete assembly and engineering and manufacture your parts when you need them.

Customers who need prototypes or production parts will find that Ardel can do the entire process, meet quality requirements and deliver a superior product on time.

At Ardel Engineering we are customer exclusive. We have no product line of our own. We manufacture only your product according to your specifications. We bring you the most modern technology available in our industry to serve you faster and more cost effectively.

ADC [Minneapolis]
Category: Network Infrastructure
We help the world communicate, supplying networkequipment, software solutions, and integration services for broadband,multiservice networks that deliver data, video, and voicecommunications over telephone, cable television, Internet, broadcast,wireless, and enterprise networks. Our mission is to enablecommunications service providers worldwide to serve their residentialand business customers more efficiently. We achieve this with talentedand dedicated employees who are complemented with a diverse resource ofsuppliers.

Adhesive Systems Technology Corp [Minneapolis]
Category: Metering & Dispensing Systems
AST Corp., with 20 plus years of metering and dispensingexperience, is committed to supplying our customers a reliable, costeffective, highly efficient, mixing and dosing system. AST Corp. hasemerged as an industry leader in solving the dispensing and automationneeds of our customers through innovation and new product development.AST Corp.'s commitment to quality and performance extends to ourcustomer service, engineering, manufacturing and support personnel.

Adhesive Systems Technology Corporation's commitment to technicalexcellence is reflected in our manufacturing facility. We have expandedour manufacturing and developmental capabilities to benefit ourcustomers.

Ault Inc [Minneapolis]
Category: Power Conversion Products
Ault currently manufactures a line of external (outside of the OEM's product) power supplies, transformers and battery chargers. Ault created the market for these products in late 1970 to fulfill a developing OEM need to reduce the size of their products. The external power conversion niche is the fastest growing segment of the power supply market, fueled by the overall trend of size reduction and density in the worldwide electronics industry. Ault has positioned itself as the industry leader with a 12 percent market share which we are increasing by continuing to develop products and services that fulfill our customers' needs.

Ah-ha! Design Group Inc [Minneapolis]
Category: CNC Controls
We've applied modern power-electronics and personalcomputer technology to produce a cost-effective professional control.You still get a high-quality product, but the price is much lower than a traditional control.

Ah-ha! gives you more depth and sophistication than anyone else in thisprice range. Besides Fanuc G-code compatibility and 3D contouring, wealso give you excellent surface finish, a flexible setup, and powerfulPLC-type M-function control.

Airmo Inc [Minneapolis]
Category: Air Motor/Hydraulics
In the mid l940's. George A. Smida and Johnny Rodgers built a prototype pump, valve and tools for Rodgers Hydraulics. A few years later, this equipment was incorporated into the standard product line at Rodgers. George and his wife, Louscinda, purchased the pump, valve and tool product lines from Rodgers Hydraulics in 1959, while the remainder of Rodgers was sold to a firm located in California.

The new company, George Smida's Machine Shop, was moved into an 800square foot backyard shop. George's son, George R. Smida, began workingwith his father in the shop from the beginning. Together, they built aprofitable company that has expanded and grown for over 40 years.

Air Quality Engineering Inc [Minneapolis]
Category: Air Cleaners, Filtration Systems & Purifiers
Air Quality Engineering was organized as Smokemaster, 1973 emphasizing design, development and sales of air filtrationsystems for removal of tobacco smoke.

In 1974 we marked the beginning of our relationship with Honeywell whenwe agreed to produce commercial air cleaners for this majormanufacturer, an agreement that would last 10 years. Shortly thereafterwe also began offering industrial air filtration system design andproduction services to Honeywell.

In 1984 Honeywell's decision to manufacture their own commercial unitsprovided AQE with the opportunity to develop our own worldwidecommercial marketing organization. Simultaneously, we purchasedHoneywell's industrial air cleaning business and became an importantcompetitor in the air filtration system's market. At this time it wasclear that a new and more comprehensive name would better reflect ourbroader product range and we became Air Quality Engineering in 1984.

Our electronic air cleaners offer all modular solid-state components.All of our equipment is designed for low maintenance, energy efficiencyand optimal collection efficiency.

AlumiPlate [Minneapolis]
Category: Metal Finishing Equipment
AlumiPlate Inc is the exclusive world-wide supplier of metal finishing services, technology, chemicals and equipment specifically focused on the world-wide patented AlumiPlateSM process for the electrodeposition of aluminum on a commercial basis.

We help our customers to achieve lower life cycle costs for their products by enabling users to take advantage of the attractive surface properties of high purity aluminum (such as excellent corrosion resistance), while still benefiting from the physical properties of virtually any basis metal.

American Chemical Inc [Minneapolis]
Category: Adhesives & Sealants
American Chemical is a manufacture and distributor of adhesives and sealants located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with sales worldwide. We work with many types of adhesives and sealants such as hot melts, hot melt glue sticks, glue dots, glue guns and dispensers, water based adhesives, solvent based adhesives, cyanoacrylate or super glue, anaerobic or thread locking adhesives, epoxy adhesive and potting compounds, urethane adhesives, potting compounds, tooling and mold making materials, silicone, and multi color RTV including red high temperature and neutral cures. We can even provide you with citrus adhesive cleaners, mold releases, lubricants and degreasers-all in aerosol cans. Some of the things that make us stand out is our knowledge of Mil-Spec, & UL Materials, medical adhesives that are USP Class VI approved and FDA approved adhesives for direct or indirect food contact. We have the capabilities to custom formulate your adhesive needs, even if it is adding a tint, dye, optical indicator, or simply adjusting the viscosity. If you want it packaged in a 2 gram tube or a tote, just ask. When calling us, you are greeted by a live person, and we can have a technical person answer you inquiry within 24 hours.

Advantek Inc [Minnetonka]
Category: Packaging Products
Advantek, Inc., with facilities in North America , Asia and Europe , is an ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 certified company supporting the global production of the world's leading manufacturers. The products we produce play an important role in the assembly process of many products such as computers, mobile phones, medical components, smart appliances, automobiles and other consumer products.We offer a broad range of packaging products including embossed carriertapes, anti-static cover tapes, LOKREEL® shipping reels and staticshielding / moisture barrier bags. We accessorize the product line byproviding desiccants, humidity indicator cards and other packagingproducts.

Amprobe [Miramar]
Category: Test Products
Amprobe(tm) began life in Long Island, NY in the late 1940's under the name Pyramid Instrument Company. In 1960 the company name was formally changed to Amprobe Instrument Corporation. Amprobe(tm) continued to design, engineer, manufacture and distribute product from its Lynbrook, NY location until it was merged to form ATP and relocated to South Florida in late 1999.

Among the first products was the Clamp-on Inductive Ammeter, for which the company received its first patent in September 1950. Throughout the 50 plus years since, the Amprobe(tm) name has become synonymous with clamp- on meters, to the point where it is commonly used as a generic term for such. Nevertheless the brand has expanded its product offering to over 250 items and has become an established leader in quality test equipment for professionals in the electrical, maintenance, construction, and HVAC markets. Among the most innovative and recognized Amprobe(tm) products are the RS-3 rotary scale clamp-on, the DM-II Power Recorder, the "AT" and "CT" series of wire and current tracers, the Amptran and Deca-Tran current transformers and the Kwik-I-E non-contact voltage and current meter.

Anilam Electronics Inc [Miramar]
Category: CNC & DRO Systems
Anilam's pioneering history of innovation and leadership in the metalworking industry began in the late 1960's when the company became the first to offer an affordable digital readout package for knee-type milling machines. Anilam entered the field of numerical control in 1976 by introducing the MDI-200, its first control. It was one of the first that could be programmed directly at the machine tool. It was soon followed by our first conversational control (1979). In 1984, we were again among the first to introduce a control with a CRT, the Crusader M. Anilam introduced the first control with a PC-based hardware platform in early 1990. Today, ANILAM's hardware platforms are further enhanced by the PC/DSP dual processor concept.

ABD Technology [Mission Viejo]
Category: Noise Control & Acoustic Materials
ABD Technology provides quality, innovative noise controlmaterials and engineering solution directly to industrial, commercialand governmental institutions worldwide. We offer quality noise controlmaterials that are highly competitive in both cost and quality. OurEngineering staff is highly knowledgeable with over 40 years ofexperience in providing effective noise and vibration control solutionto a wide range of industrial and commercial products. Our sale staffis extremely professional and courteous. Abd Technology is committed todelivering quality, cost effective products and services to ourcustomers.

Accu-Gage [Missouri City]
Category: Soonar Liquid-Liquid Interface Measurement
Unlike any other transmitter, Liquid-Liquid interfacelevels are measured by the Accu-Gage® Sonar Level transmitter withoutrequiring measurable electrical property or density differences. Usingpatented sensor technology, sonar pulses are reflected off the physicalinterface boundary and surface level, allowing simultaneous interface,level – even the accumulation of solids on the bottom! – measurement.

Accu-Gage® is suitable for all types of process vessels and storagetanks - including floating roof, cone roof, bullets or spheres. Grademounting avoids roof access for maintenance or gauging on storagetanks.

Accu-Gage® can be installed in the top, bottom or sidewall withouthaving to take the vessel or tank out of service, thereby avoidingcostly down time.

Reliability is high and maintenance is minimal because there are nomoving parts.

Developed by CTI Manufacturing, Inc. over a twelve year period, theAccu-Gage® has proven successful in materials as diverse as asphalt,liquid sulfur, water, cooking oil, sulfuric acid, crude oil and butaneusing our Liquid Radar™ technology.

Accel Dakota Inc [Mohall]
Category: Thermoforming Custom Plastic Parts
Accel Dakota, Inc. located in Mohall North Dakotaspecializes in thermoforming custom plastic parts. We pride ourselvesin the production of quality products delivered on time, that meetrigid quality standards required by manufacturers today.

Our custom designed thermoforming equipment is ideal for both small andlarge production runs. Its processing flexibility and versatilityallows us to accommodate a wide variety of sizes and materials.

Argon Masking Corp [Monrovia]
Category: Masking Products
Argon Masking is the leading manufacture of high temperature masking products for paint operations. Product line includes but not limited to silicone caps and plugs, polyimide tape, green powder coat tape, and vinyl dip molded caps. 6 stocking locations across the U.S.

AeroVironment Inc [Monrovia]
Category: Acoustic Sensing Products
AeroVironment's Atmospheric Systems business develops,manufactures and sells a line of acoustic sensing products. Our flagship products are the acoustic remote sensing systems known as SODARs.

Applied Wireless Identifications [Monsey]
Category: RFID Components
AWID is a world-class RFID component and sub-system supplier to the RFID industry. We provide leading-edge products in Access/Security markets and in Asset/Logistic markets. AWID offers "best-in-class" access control reader, and the world's highest performance Multi-Protocol RFID readers for asset/logistic solutions.

Air Energy Systems [Montgomeryville]
Category: Cleanroom Laminar Flow Products
Our mission is to provide quality cleanroom facilities andlaminar flow equipment designed to exceed industry standards and toachieve complete customer satisfaction.

Our promise to our customer is that you will always come first. Yourproject requirements, your schedule, your budget drive our team. We want to meet and exceed your expectations for our performance.

Our goal is to build a relationship with our customer through successful projects, not to just “make a sale.” That is why the quality and safety of your cleanroom project are always our uppermost priorities.

AST Bearings [Montville]
Category: Ball Bearing, Bushing, Rod End
AST Bearings is a leading high quality ball bearing, bushing, rod end, and custom cost-efficient sub-assembly supplier. Supplying the world with high quality ball bearing products for nearly 40 years. AST maintains an extensive inventory containing superior products, complete technical laboratory services, custom re-lubrication services and an engineering department to assist with unique custom designs.

Automated Applications Inc [Moorpark]
Category: Automation Products
Created in 1988, AAI (Automated Applications Inc) has developed a leadership position as a worldwide supplier of automated manufacturing and test systems. A rigorous growth strategy and a commitment to excellence has made AAI a leading supplier of automation, application tooling and test equipment for interconnect, electronic and other high volume manufacturing applications. At AAI, quality is a priority at every level of the organization. Quality is built in throughout the production process, starting with the design of the system and continued during the entire production cycle.

American Predator Corporation [Morgan Hill]
Category: Industrial Motherboards
American Predator Corporation is a complete source of long- life controllers for embedded applications. Our product line also includes single board computers, industrial rackmount systems, peripherals and custom engineering services.

American Predator products are designed, developed and manufactured with true document and revision control. Each product carries a written five (5) to eight (8) year production life cycle guarantee. This longevity will reduce your production costs, and lower engineering, testing and certification costs.

American Predator has over 10 years of experience in developing on the Intel(r) processor platform. We are a member of the Intel(r) Communications Alliance and an ISO 9001:2000 certified company.

Apex Technologies Inc [Morrisville]
Category: Interconnect Devices
Apex Technologies is a small company with big ideas and big results. Beginning with a concept in 1995 for making 3D circuits directly onto molded plastic parts, and after several years of development, Apex now offers an exciting new capability for making 3D circuits or 3D molded plated substrates (3DMPSTM) a reality for high or low volume products.

3DMPSTM is accomplished using unique blends of sophisticated 3D CAD, electronic printed circuit board fabrication know-how, and a generous helping of high-tech custom devices and techniques to bring this capability literally "into the third dimension".

Alcam Inc [Mount Pleasant]
Category: Welding Products
Alcam Inc. is a fifteen year old company located in Mt.Pleasant, South Carolina. Its founder and owner has over 25 yearsexperience in the welding and repair field. During this time, we haveencountered some very interesting and unique repair situations that wehave acquired knowledge and experience from, and enjoy passing thisknowledge on to our valued customers.

Applied Physics Systems [Mountain View]
Category: Magnetic Field Measuring Instrument
We specialize in the design and manufacture of magnetometers, orientation sensors and steering tools, including custom designs.

Able Electronics Corporation [Mountain View]
Category: SMT Assembly
Able Electronics Corporation is an ISO 9001:2000certified, privately-held electronic manufacturing services (EMS)company serving OEMs in the test and measurement, medical instruments,telecommunications, computer peripherals, industrial controls andgenetic research industries.

In less than two years, the company has more than doubled productioncapacity and added several levels of core competencies into itsvertical integration strategy including in-house sheet metal and cableassembly. Able's services include mechanical, electronic and softwaredesign, printed circuit board development, prototyping services, newproduct introduction, material procurement and management, printercircuit board and higher level assembly, in-circuit and functionaltesting, final system box build, fulfillment and sustaining servicesand custom enclosures. This range of capability provides for theseamless transition of products from one service offering to another,reducing time-to-market and total cost.

Able provides a complete range of EMS solutions from engineeringdevelopment and prototyping to systems integration and test. Ableoffers medium-to-high volume, full turnkey manufacturing , test andlogistical services.

Advanced Integrated Technologies [Mountain View]
Category: Reflow Solder Tools
In its 23 years, Advanced Integrated Technologies hasbecome the largest manufacturer of Reflow Solder Tools, Hot Bars andResistance Welding Electrodes in the world. AIT supplies tools that fitall welding, soldering and wire bonding equipment. AIT also providescontract services of Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), MicroResistance welding and Reflow Soldering. Our EDM capabilities includecutting with wire down to 0.001"/(25.4 µ), cutting to tolerances of0.000080"/(2 µ) zero recast on surface finishes and full 5-axis CNC. AIT also provides full CNC RAM EDM capabilities, burning holes down to0.001"/(25 µ). AIT's Micro-Welding and Reflow Soldering services isallowing customers to concentrate in other areas and rely on A.I.T.'syears of proven micro-joining experience.

Aura Inc [Mountain View]
Category: Instrument Tube Fittings
Aura is a leading manufacturer of Instrument tube fittings, Instrument Needle Valves & Manifolds,Thermowells and mechanical housing/parts for temperature, flow , pressure sensors. Aura also delivers single point ( EPC/LSTK) turnkey solutions in the Process Control Instrumentation and Plant Automation domain.

Anza Technology Inc [Mountain View]
Category: Ultrasonic Bonders
Manufcturers of ultrasonic bonders, precision cameras, test equipment, etc.

Amphenol Industrial [Mt Clemens]
Category: Cable Assemblies
Amphenol Sine Systems is a division of Amphenol that specializes in Cable Assemblies. Our sales are in excess of $300 million. Amphenol is one of the largest cable assembly suppliers in the world.

We can offer you the best product solutions for molded and mechanical products. Our engineering and design staff is here to get your projects up and running.

All-Chemie Ltd [Mt Pleasant]
Category: Chemicals
All-Chemie Ltd. is a world-wide provider of Rare and Ultra-High purity chemicals & metals, stable isotopes and crystals. We are committed to providing products of the most exacting specificationsrequired by todays's cutting-edge production and R&D technologies.

Atlas Gaskets Inc [Muskego]
Category: Gaskets
Premiere manufacturer of gaskets, sealing products and other cut parts.

Automated Industrial Motion [Muskegon]
Category: Spring Coiling Equipment
Automated Industrial Motion (AIM) incorporated in 1984 to serve the precision spring making industry. Our first ventures involved upgrading mechanical equipment with electronic controls to improve productivity.

With the advent of reliable servo motion control in the late 1980's, a standard line of computerized spring coiling equipment was developed. Enhanced features were derived from relationships with experienced spring setup technicians. Eight standard High-Speed CNC Coiler models, covering a wire range of 0.0015" to 0.625", are currently available. Our state-of-the-art equipment offers the latest machine tool technologies including PC controls, Windows based software, industrial touch screen and cassette tooling.

AIM specializes in custom spring coiling and wire forming equipment for applications where standard machinery is not commercially available or for customers desiring competitive advantage. Services include process and product development, design, fabrication and integration with other manufacturing equipment. Turnkey systems are completely tooled, setup and programmed for customers needing to vertically integrate springs and wire forms into manufacturing operations.

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