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Air Logic [Racine]
Category: Pneumatic Components & Systems
The Air Logic Division of Fred Knapp Engraving Companydesigns and manufactures a comprehensive line of pneumatic and vacuumcontrol equipment, Air Logic has earned a reputation for productinnovation and development by designing special products to meetcustomer requirements. The Fred Knapp Engraving Company, Inc. was foundby Fred Knapp (See our related story.) in January, 1945 in the basementof his home. This home-based shop specialized in all types of steelmarking stamps, engraved signs and dials.

Fred Knapp's many years of experience and expertise as a craftsmanearned Knapp Engraving a strong reputation of excellence in quality.Today. family owned and operated, Fred Knapp Engraving's reputationcontinues to grow. Since the main structure was completed in 1955, seven additions have been made to meet the expanding needs and diversified growth.

In addition to specializing in machine engraving, the company isrecognized as an outstanding tool and die maker. Knapp Engraving hasbeen innovative in plastic injection molding with complete tool room and plastic injection molding facilities. Knapp engraving has producedthousands of different kinds of plastic precision parts which range from components for aircraft instruments to spray tips for aerosol cans. In 1975, Fred Knapp Engraving Company, Inc. purchased the Fluidic Division of Johnson Controls, which is now known as Air Logic. This innovative company is on the leading edge of quality and excellence in customer service with immediate delivery of its products, and providing its customers with the most flexible and productive systems on the market.

APW Motion Technologies [Radford]
Category: Brushless DC Motor
Aspen Motion Technolgies (APW Aspen Motion Group) located in Radford, VA is a manufacturer of high volume brushless DC motor and DSP intensive motion control products. By integrating the motor and control design with the OEM customer's products, Aspen is enhancing the features and competitiveness of the OEM's products in a wide variety of markets; medical, computer peripheral, appliance, transportation, instrumentation and automation. By taking a motor and DSP based control system approach, Aspen is bringing new and innovative features to our OEM customer's products-features that were unimaginable just a few years ago and which are now possible by fully integrating the DSP control with motor design.

Aspen specializes in custom designs of permanent magnet brushless DC motors. Customers turn to Aspen when they need low cost yet very sophisticated brushless motor and control solutions that can fully integrate with the customer's end product to significantly enhance its features. Aspen's goal is to put a computer (DSP-Digital Signal Processor) in every electric motor.

Adapticom [Raleigh]
Category: New Product Development, Wire & Cable Abatement

ADCO Global [Raleigh]
Category: Specialty Chemicals
ADCO Global, Inc. is a focused specialty chemical companythat has been formed to assemble specialized skills, applicationtechnologies, and talents that can better answer the growing need forhigh performance adhesives, sealants and tapes. The acquisition andorchestration of several segment leaders, focused principally inconstruction, transportation and industrial market applications, iscreating a globally networked company serving Fortune 500 as well asspecialized industrial customers.

Advantage Conveyor Inc [Raleigh]
Category: Conveying Systems
Advantage Conveyor Inc is a manufacturer of custom andmodular conveying equipment for packaging industry. We specialize instainless steel construction conveyors using plastic belting. We alsomanufacture custom fabric belt conveyors for the food processing,pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industry. Our design capabilities includesanitary, washdown, and USDA construction.

Austria Mikro Systems USA Inc [Raleigh]
Category: High Performance Analog Solutions
Austria Micro Systems is a global leader in the design and manufacture of high performance analog ICs. We develop and produce industry-leading customized and standard analog products, these include Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs), Application Specific Standard Products (ASSPs) and Standard Linear components.

Austria Micro Systems focuses on the areas of power management, sensors & sensor interfaces, portable audio and car access through its business units Communications, Industry & Medical, Automotive and Full Service Foundry. We combine more than 20 years of analog design capabilities and system know-how with our own state-of-the-art manufacturing and test facilities, offering the benefits of a vertically integrated full- service supplier.

Austria Micro Systems leverages its significant expertise in low power consumption and high accuracy to provide highly integrated best-in-class products for communications, industrial, medical technology and automotive markets worldwide. We bring our world-class capabilities to exciting products for power management, MP3 players, touch screens, MEMS microphones, diabetic blood glucose measurement, automotive safety systems such as ESP, solid state electricity meters, sensor interfaces and many other applications. Many of our customers are well-known brands and rely on Austria Micro Systems as their sole source supplier of choice.

ADVA Optical Networking Inc [Ramsey]
Category: Networking Solutions
ADVA began providing optical networking solutions toenterprises in 1995 and remains the leading supplier to this sector.However, by leveraging our unmatched technology and understanding ofenterprise customer needs, we have also firmly established a strongposition in the carrier space.

Today we have a broad range of established products and customers in the metro enterprise, access and core infrastructure segments. ADVA'sextensive experience is reflected in our commitments to carrier-classperformance and reliability, plug-and-play design, and guaranteedcompatibility with all leading manufacturers of network software,transport, switching and storage systems.

A best-of-breed product portfolio and proven market access strategy -based on well-established links with selected blue-chip partners acrossthe globe - have seen ADVA consistently outperform the competition.Quite simply, when it comes to metro optical networking, no company isbetter positioned to help you turn brave new visions into real-worldvalue.

Aero Tec Laboratories [Ramsey]
Category: Fuel Cells, Bladders, Bladder Tanks, etc.
Manufacturers of Bladder Type Fuel Cells, Air Cells, Flex-Tanks, Bellows, Expansion Bladders, Diaphragms, Liners, Pillow Tanks,Plastic Tanks, Rubber Tanks, Inflatables, Floats, Lift Bags, Pipe Plugs, Compensators, Expulsion Bladders, Stoppers, Fuel Tanks, Actuators, Accumulators, Bag Tanks, etc.

Aqueous Technologies Corporation [Rancho Cucamonga]
Category: Aqueous Cleaning Systems
Aqueous Technologies was formed in 1992 and has built a reputation as the leader in Aqueous Cleaning Systems within the electronic assembly industry.

Aqueous Technologies began designing and manufacturing batch-format aqueous-based de-fluxing systems. Today, Aqueous Technologies is a worldwide market leader in aqueous cleaning systems, ultrasonic stencil cleaning systems, ionic contamination testers and cleaning chemistries.

Air Showers and Pass Thrus Inc [Rancho Cucamonga]
Category: Air Showers & Pass Thrus
ASPT has been in the cleanroom equipment manufacturing business since 1980. ASPT designs and builds standard size Air Showers and Pass Thrus, as well as custom built models to fit your specific requirements. Our staff would be happy to assist you in design requirements and information. ASPT also has a nationwide network of Representatives that can assist you on a local level.

Ablestik [Rancho Dominguez]
Category: Die Attach Adhesives
Ablestik Laboratories, based in Rancho Dominguez,California, is the worldwide industry leader in die attach adhesives.Ablestik manufactures electrically and thermally conductive paste, filmand tape adhesives, and underfill encapsulants used in semiconductorand microelectronics assembly. Applications include semiconductorpackaging and optoelectronics assembly. Ablestik has sales and servicelocations in Cambridge, UK; Singapore; Yokohama, Japan; Seoul, Korea;Manila, Philippines; Taiwan; Shanghai, China; Bangkok, Thailand; andMalaysia.

Allied High Tech Products Inc [Rancho Dominguez]
Category: Precision Surface & Sample Preparation
For over two decades, Allied has been meeting the needs of concerns engaged in the microelectronics, materials science, materials manufacturing, aerospace, military, photonics, fiber optics, and research & development industries. We aggressively pursue the advancement of methods and procedures related to each of these industries and therefore promote close working relationships with several hundred of the world's leading research universities, laboratories and institutions.

The Allied commitment is simple and complete - we provide our customers the finest and most advanced equipment and consumables for surface and sample preparation, expert technical assistance and unequalled service, before and after purchase, Every day, Worldwide. Our measure of success has always been, and always will be, your complete satisfaction with Allied's products and services.

Advantage Memory [Rancho Santa Margarita]
Category: Memory Products
Founded in 1988, Advantage Memory Corporation is a leadingmanufacturer of memory upgrade products. Through quality engineering,Advantage Memory manufactures and designs virtually every memory upgrade available, including PC cards, for most PCs, workstations, notebooks and printers.

Advantage Memory provides the widest breadth of product available in the memory industry and will continue to develop products on the cutting edge of technology. Our highly skilled team of research, development, technical and sales/service professionals make Advantage Memory Corporation the company choice for businesses who recognize theimportance of placing client's needs first.

Alpha Stainless [Rancho Santa Margarita]
Category: Biopharm & Hygienic Equipments
AlphaBio Inc is a service and engineered product supplier to the biopharm and hygienic process industries. Having serviced this segment from its inception, we have developed a level of product and process expertise that is unmatched in the industry. Whether you are looking for innovative components or state of the art systems, Alpha can provide them. We supply cutting edge, high quality products to customers who appreciate the value of doing something right once and who value the input that an experienced group can bring. We constantly seek new ways to improve our equipment design. Our goal is to provide our customers with quick and accurate service on the often-specialized products they require.

American Cleanroom Systems [Rancho Santa Margarita]
Category: Clean Room Systems
Being a manufacturer we understand today's production schedule demands. This makes American Cleanroom Systems the right choice for your cleanroom needs. American has a complete factory warehouse with several lines of stock material to accommodate your project specifications. Our high purchasing volume and strong industrial background provides us universal access to material suppliers. These resources allow us to meet even the most unique material specifications while providing you the highest quality.

Our current production line offers complete in-house laminating, product fabrication and assembly, and an array of automated equipment. Handling all your cleanroom needs is our advantage-from wall, floor, ceiling, and air handling systems all to exact tolerances.

At American, its our focus to provide you with the best product, service, and delivery to suit your goal. Proper equipment, financial strength, and a sound management approach assures you a quality project that is completed on schedule and on budget. All from a single source- American Cleanroom Systems.

American Polarizers Inc [Reading]
Category: Polarized Prodcuts
Established in 1960, American Polarizers' (API) history of innovation in the field of optical technology has built the company into its present position as a major manufacturer of optical products, both polarized and nonpolarized. Developing new applications and addressing our customer's needs are our basic objectives.

API is known worldwide for products used in the aircraft, electronics, photographic, animated display, consumer and general scientific industries. Our products are recognized by the trade names Ecplise(r), Glare Bar(tm), Sun Bar(r) and Polarmotion(tm).

At API we take pride in providing the highest level of customer service, leading edge technical knowledge and stringent quality control. In addition to competitive prices, we offer many value added services such as inventorying custom products and just-in-time delivery.

Ansell Occupational Healthcare [Red Bank]
Category: Protective Gloves & Clothing
Ansell Healthcare is the world's largest manufacturer of protective gloves and clothing. Headquartered in Red Bank, New Jersey, Ansell is a world leader in the development, design, manufacture and marketing of protective gloves and clothing.

Ameritool Inc [Redding]
Category: Quality Lapidary Equipment
Ameritool offers Quality Lapidary Equipment, Machines to Saw, Grind, Polish and Finish Gemstones - plus all the Tools and Supplies at an Affordable Price. As a Family Owned and Operated Business, Excellence in Products, Service and Customer Satisfaction is our Goal.

Apex Inc [Redmond]
Category: Switching & Connectivity Products
Avocent (NASDAQ: AVCT) is the leading worldwide supplier of KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) switching and connectivity solutions that provide IT managers with access and control of multiple servers and network data center devices. Avocent was formed in 2000 from the merger of the world's two largest KVM manufacturers; Apex and Cybex Computer Products Corporation. Avocent KVM solutions are distributed by the world's largest server manufacturers and installed in Fortune 100 companies around the world.

KVM switching systems provide access and control of multiple racks of servers from a single console, as well as control from remote locations. These switches eliminate extra keyboards, monitors and mice and allow businesses to save critical space in their data centers.

Appian Graphics [Redmond]
Category: Monitor Hardware & Software
Since 1994, Appian Graphics has pioneered the development of multiple monitor hardware and software solutions. No, we don't make multiple monitors, rather, we specialize in multiple monitor graphics cards and software.

Using one of our graphics cards to power several monitors from one PC not only expands your desktop, but also greatly increases your level of productivity.

Today, more and more professionals have come to recognize the benefits of an expanded desktop. This, and the fact that we produce the fastest, most reliable and intuitive multiple monitor solution, is why major corporations and leading PC manufacturers like Dell, HP, Compaq and IBM have selected Appian cards. Once you get to know us, we're sure you will too.

Applied Microsystems Corp [Redmond]
Category: Business Intelligence Systems
Atex is a global software and solutions provider for the media industry. For over 30 years, we have specialized in the strategic development, deployment,and management of advertising, editorial, circulation, and business intelligence systems. Our value-added solutions help our customers to increase revenue, lower costs, improve process and personnel efficiencies, and enrich the customer experience.

Atex, which operates out of three primary regions; the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific, has sales, support and research and development offices in 15 locations around the world. Formed in July 2002 as a result of a merger between Atex Media Solutions and Media Command, AMC employs 435 employees who develop and support our end-to-end publishing business solutions. From New York to Hong Kong, London to Melbourne, some of the most prestigious newspapers, magazines, and online publishers manage their advertising, editorial, production, and distribution operations with Atex and services.

Under the leadership of John Hawkins, who was appointed Chief Executive on June 1, 2004, Atex will continue to expand its global presence in the newspaper and magazine industries by presenting our customer commitment, publishing solutions that create opportunities for success, and vision for the future.

ADIC [Redmond]
Category: Data Storage Systems
Advanced Digital Information Corporation (NASDAQ: ADIC) isa recognized leader in data storage for the open systems market withtechnical, product development, and support expertise in the areas ofpolicy-based data management, systems automation, connectivity, andstorage management software. By integrating these technologies, wedeliver Intelligent Storage™ solutions that operate efficiently,reliably, and flexibly within today's complex and evolving storageenvironments.

ADIC is the world’s largest supplier of automated tape systems usingthe drive technologies most often employed for backing up open system,client-server networks*. The Company’s data management software,storage networking appliances, and disk-to-tape data protectionsolutions provide IT managers innovative tools for storing, managingand protecting their most valuable digital assets in a variety of diskand tape environments. To meet ongoing technical and business needs,the ADIC Global Services team delivers support, professional servicesand educational expertise quickly and cost-effectively.

ADIC storage products are available through a worldwide sales force anda global network of resellers and OEMs, including Cray, Dell, EMC,Fujitsu-Siemens, HP, IBM and Sun.

Advanced Technology Video Inc [Redmond]
Category: Multiplexing Video Products
Advanced Technology Video Inc was founded in 1983. The company was originally formed as a technolgy company focused on designing and building industry leading multiplexing video products for the CCTV industry. It has been our strength over the years to be able to identify opportunities in product categories, especially in the area of video processing, and to be able to manufacture products that could compete with and surpass those currently offered in the market place.

>From the start, ATV(r) realized that the only way to compete in the industry was to deliver maximum value, innovative features, competitive pricing, highly reliable products and great customer service. This is why we have developed a reputation for the best Customer Service in the industry.

ATV(r) products are leading edge, constantly evolving and improving. We are recognized as a company that delivers many product features without compromising quality. With consistent hard work, we have become a leader in the CCTV Industry.

American Testing Corporation [Redmond]
Category: Material Movement & Registration Control Systems
Manufacturers of material movement & registration control systems.

Amepox Microelectronic Assembly Adhesives [Redondo Beach]
Category: Microelectronics
After a decade of supporting R&D efforts at large commercial enterprises and universities, we're forced to cease our microelectronic business activities. We proudly provided materials and technical expertise for companies to develop their prototypes; unfortunately few would use our materials for their production runs. When after successful prototyping these companies took the material specs to US based corporations for material orders we know it was because purchasing managers doubted our ability to fulfil multi-million dollar orders in a JIT environment. Additional problems occurred when companies outsourced manufacturing without including our materials in the manufacturing specs. We provided this prototyping assistance in good faith at exceptionally low cost in hopes of securing the material contracts once production began. In some cases we provided free materials for prototyping. While deployed to ONW/OEF/OIF it was decided that we would cease operation and will no longer supply materials to companies who do not commit in writing to production run material contracts. This change and subsequent reorganization required us to initially close our operation to all activity.

Ampex Corporation [Redwood City]
Category: Electronic Imaging Products
Ampex Data Systems has a long, proud history of innovation in the field of electronic imaging. Currently, Data Systems' high- capacity DST(r) storage systems are enabling broadcasters to migrate their existing videotape libraries to the distinct advantages of digital storage. DCRsi(tm) ruggedized recorders are the most advanced data gathering systems in the world today, and are used in many critical government applications. Data Systems is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ampex Corporation.

When Ampex Corporation was founded in 1944, audio recording technology was in its infancy. We were the driving force in the development of this revolutionary communication tool. As video was introduced to the world, Ampex was ready with the technologies that enabled the growth of this medium. We designed and marketed the first viable videotape recorder, the first slow motion color instant replay device, the first 3-D digital special effects system, the first composite digital video recorder, as well as the fastest, high capacity digital storage systems available. With thousands of patents to our credit, Ampex is internationally recognized for its innovative contributions to the advancement of audio/visual communication. Ampex was also a pioneer in the fields of digital video and compression technology during the early '90s - both defining factors in our current ability to send video out over the Internet.

Advance Tabco [Reno]
Category: Fabricated Commercial Foodservice & Institutional Equipment
Advance Tabco is the largest manufacturers of fabricatedcommerical foodservice & institutional equipment for industryprofessionals and the home.

Anritsu [Richardson]
Category: Test & Measurement Solutions
Anritsu Company is the North American subsidiary of Anritsu Corporation based in Atsugi, Japan. Anritsu has been recognized as a leading provider of communications solutions for more than 100 years. Anritsu has become a global leader in the telecommunications, optical and wireless industries by providing diverse product offerings ranging from test and measurement solutions to high-speed devices and components for use in R&D, production, and maintenance.

Equally diverse are the types of markets served by Anritsu. The corporation is comprised of strategic business divisions, including Information and Communications, Test and Measurement, Components and Devices, and Industrial Automation. Each business division has the autonomy to operate as individual units and the solidarity to use complementary technologies in product development. The result is a fast response to customer needs while maintaining focus on designing "Intelligent Solutions" for future standards. For example, Measurement Solutions, which is the largest of the divisions, is committed to developing test and measurement solutions for all existing and emerging wireless communications devices and networks, especially 2.5G and 3G formats. Anritsu provides solutions that cover the full range of testing everything from the components in handsets, to /installation of base stations, and deployment and maintenance of the wireless infrastructure. Anritsu Measurement Solutions also provides components and test instrumentation for the optical and digital communications markets.

Audubon Sales & Service [Richboro]
Category: Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt
Audubon is the leading conveyor belt manufacturer of wire mesh metal woven belts. Mfg for over a century our conveyor belts are used worldwide. Known in the industry as Furnace Belts, Baking Bands, Mesh Belts, Chain Belts, Lehr Belts, Metal Woven Belts, Wire Belts....

We manufacture tight mesh for flexibility and conveying small parts, special smooth surface belts for easy accurate transfer, and wire belts with large openings for easy flow of air or water and for simplified cleaning. Our conveyor belts are used to convey metal parts through copper and aluminum brazing furnaces, bronze and iron parts through sintering furnaces, textiles and chemicals through oven dryers as well as for a variety of washing, annealing, quenching and polishing operations. In the food processing industry our belts are used to clean dry, bake, cook, freeze, salt, can and much more.

ATS Products Inc [Richmond]
Category: Fiberglass Duct & Fiberglass Pipe
Our plan is to achieve this by offering a complete line of products and services that addressed all concerns and needs of its customers regarding corrosive-fume exhaust ducts. We will provide products and services always of the highest quality and reliability, in a timely manner and at a competitive price. We will design our products and services through a process whereby we will listen intently to our customers, both internal and external, understand their ideas and problems, and be flexible and act promptly in gearing out activities to meet their expectations and needs. Our literature, instructions and paperwork will be accurate and easy to understand. Our products will be clearly marked, properly protected and clean on arrival.

AMK Drives and Controls Inc [Richmond]
Category: Motion Control Products
AMK-Drives and Controls Inc in Richmond, Virginia, is the wholly owned subsidiary of ARNOLD MUELLER-KIRCHHEIM of Germany. AMK is specialized in Motion Control products in Germany since 1963 and in the United States since 1992.

Amot Controls [Richmond]
Category: Rotating Machinery Components
Amot has been a pioneering manufacturer of quality components for rotating machinery since 1948, when we invented the industrial thermostatic valve - which has since become the accepted standard.

Amot products are still breaking new ground in temperature and pressure sensing and control.

More recently, the experience and expertise of Amot engineering has been directed towards devising highly specialised control solutions across a wide variety of applications in industries from oil production to entertainment. It's something we've become very good at.

We continue to work closely alongside the technical teams of our customers to ensure the solutions we provide are completely relevant and in keeping with their own working practices.

Acme Model Engineering Co [Ridgefield]
Category: Battery Holders
Since 1938, Acme Model Engineering Co. has beenmanufacturing and supplying the finest quality aluminum and plasticbattery holders, clips, contacts and other battery related accessories.We have custom capabilities and our customers always get personalattention.

Agfa Corporation [Ridgefield Park]
Category: Photography Products
Agfa has made a major commitment to the U.S. marketplace to better meet the needs of our customers in the field of photography. This is demonstrated by important research, development and manufacturing facilities in New Jersey, Massachusetts, North Carolina and South Carolina. Our sales, marketing, administration, R&D, production and warehouse operations are designated as "ISO Certified," which is an international measure of adherence to and documentation of top quality standards.

Applied Image Group [Rochester]
Category: Photonic Imaging & Electro-Optic Components
Since 1978, the Applied Image Group(r) has been a key industrial provider of Photonic, Imaging & Electro-Optic components and systems to the Optical, Fiber Optic, Lighting, Digital, Medical, Communication, Scanning, Automotive, Imaging and Photonic markets.

Photonics is defined as the creation, use, manipulation, or measurement of light. Photonics can then be said to be the business of the Applied Image Group(r) i.e. the designing and manufacturing of precision components, and related systems, for use in photonic applications, under one common management and with a single vision.

Ashland Electric Products [Rochester]
Category: Performance Motors, Fans & Blowers
Ashland Electric Products Inc Rochester, NH was presented a Gold Award by Rear Admiral Stone for on time deliveries and perfect quality of its products procured by DSCR, Defense Supply Center Richmond, Virginia. The Gold Award covers the firm's perfect performance on military contracts spanning a two year period. Ashland designs and manufactures high performance/high reliability electric motors, fans and blowers at its facility in Rochester. Ashland's products are used in the Patriot Missile launch system, the Black Hawk helicopter and many other demanding military weapon systems.

Advance Circuit Technology Inc [Rochester]
Category: Contract Electronic Assembly
Advance Circuit Technology is a contract electronicmanufacturing company located in Rochester, New York. Advance CircuitTechnology offers electronic PCB assembly, thickfilm hybrid circuitdesign and manufacturing, final electronic assembly, and testing. Fromprototype to productuion, we offer turnkey solutions.

Advanced Illumination Inc [Rochester]
Category: Machine Vision & LED Illumination
Advanced illumination is a lighting solutions company,primarily serving the Machine Vision Industry. We manufacture a widearray of solid state, Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting products aswell as supporting drive and control electronics. In the early 1990s welegitimized the use of LEDs in the machine vision industry by developing the first truly capable and efficient, commercially available LED illuminators.

Since Ai’s inception in 1993, our mission has been to simplify andimprove the implementation of machine vision systems through the use ofour proprietary lighting technologies.

AD-Vance Magnetics [Rochester]
Category: Magnetic Shielding Products
AD-Vance Engineers have solved a variety of magneticshielding problems. In addition, substantial cuts in shielding costs are possible by using our existing tooling.

Altek Industries [Rochester]
Category: Calibrators
Altek Industries Corp was founded in 1979 as a manufacturer of single function handheld calibrators for the process control industries. Producing handheld calibrators for several variables encountered in the process control industries, Altek provides high- accuracy standards for calibrating devices used by the chemical, power production, food processing, pharmaceutical industries and many other types of processes around the world.

Atotech USA Inc [Rock Hill]
Category: Electroplating & Electronics
Atotech is one of the world's leading suppliers of processes, services and equipment for General Metal Finishing, Semiconductor and Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing. The installation of additional divisions like Microstructured Components, Electronics Materials and Wafer Technology plays an increasingly important part for the future growth of our company and our customers.

Our products comply with all specifications and standards defined by automotive, electrical and electronic component manufacturers. With 14 production plants (12 for chemistry, two for equipment) in Asia, Europe and the Americas we are never too far away to meet your demands.

Air Squared Inc [Rock Springs]
Category: Air Compressors
Air Squared, Inc. is a consulting firm specializing in aircompressors, specifically scroll compressors, pumps and expanders. AirSquared has developed proprietary technology which enables the scrollcompressor/vacuum pump to be economically manufactured in small tomedium sizes. The scroll is a rotary design and as such can be balancedfor vibration free, low noise operation. In some applications the scroll has resulted in 10-15 dBA lower sound. The scroll does not use inlet or discharge valves which increase durability and improves performance. I have enclosed information on the client page about Air Squared and some of Air Squared's recent consulting projects.

A-1 Wire Tech Inc [Rockford]
Category: High Nickel & Stainless Steel Alloys
A-1 Wire Tech, Inc. provides quality high nickel andstainless steel specialty products to customers all over the world. Ourwell trained staff have many years of experiences in the high nickeland specialty steel working industry.

Our first commitment is to our customers. We promise on-time delivery,superior quality, and excellent customer service. These are thestrengths that make us the industry leader in quality and service.

We have worked long and hard to establish a reputation for quality andsatisfaction in the wire industry. We are proud to have achieved ISO

Advanced Machine & Engineering Co [Rockford]
Category: Contract Manufacturing
Advanced Machine and Engineering has been providing high-quality contract machining services since 1966. We are specialists incost effective complex machining for low volume and single itemproduction. We can design, manufacture, assemble, and test your productto your specification.

American Autogard Corporation [Rockford]
Category: Power Transmission Products
Established in London in the 1930's, GIB Precision as it was originally known, is justifiably proud of its roots. Evolving aspirations and goals saw the company change name to Autogard, and move from manufacturing aircraft componentry through to advanced torque limiters, couplings and torque sensors.

Maintaining the quality for which we have become renowned, we continually strive to meet the growing demands of the ever-changing market for engineered power transmission product development.

Torque Limiters continue to be the backbone of our company. With our recent development of new and innovative products, Autogard has reinforced its position as market leader of Torque Limiters.

Antel International Inc [Rockford]
Category: Base Station Antennas
When Amphenol Antel was founded in 1979, our primary goal was to offer the most reliable, best performing antenna products in the industry. With our unique, rugged design carried over from our broadcast roots, we quickly accomplished that goal and proved to the industry that antenna performance and durability contribute significantly to the quality of wireless network performance.

Today, with numerous antenna innovations and patents, one of the most comprehensive lines of products in the industry, and a professional staff committed to the highest in customer satisfaction, we continue to prove that Amphenol Antel antennas are the choice for excellence in wireless performance.

Act Safe Inc [Rockville]
Category: Sensors, Detectors, Control Systems
Manufacturers of sensors, detectors & control systems.

Automated Precision Inc [Rockville]
Category: Advanced Metrology Products
Automated Precision is a world leader of advanced metrology solutions for industry. Founded by Dr Kam Lau in 1987, API has pioneered progressively higher standards of accuracy for coordinate measuring and machine tool operation. API products are installed and used by all of the world's leading automotive, aerospace, machine tool, and CMM manufacturers. API's experienced engineering team is unmatched in its ability to create advanced innovative products, which meet the needs of rapid evolving industrial technologies.

API is dedicated to providing solutions for precision measurement and sensing challenges encountered in a manufacturing environment. API provides these solutions - hardware, software, training and service - with a professional, customer-responsive approach, which is innovative, practical and cost effective. API is continuously engaged in research and development related to advanced sensor and error correction concepts. API is an active member of, and a key technology partner in several federal and industry sponsored programs for the advancement of various manufacturing scenarios. API is located in Rockville, Maryland within 15 minutes of the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Aprotek [Rogue River]
Category: Industrial Computer Peripheral
Manufacturer of board level computer products, specializing in industrial Modems.

Aprotek's mission is to design and manufacture world-class board level products for the OEM market that guarantee continual availability and upgrades.

Alert Technologies [Rolling Meadows]
Category: Tank Test Systems
lert Technologies manufactures the premier tank test system for underfill and ullage. Alert is the established source for tank testing equipment and supply. Established in 1989 our performance is proven over time and we bring to you experience in the industry. Our mission continues to be to provide the professional with the best tools to insure the success of your business. All Alert equipment has undergone rigorous third party certifications and meets EPA regulation standards. With Alert, you never have to worry about our competing with your testing service. Our full time focus is the development and manufacture of the best tank testing equipment and tools to supply you, the professional.

A & L Shielding [Rome]
Category: Radiation Shielding Materials
A&L Shielding Inc began operation in Rome, Georgia, in 1958. Products manufactured are used for radiation shielding in a variety of applications. Markets served include the United States, Central America and the Middle East.

Products include standard shielding items and custom designs. A&L Shielding designs and constructs its custom products in a wide variety of shielding shapes in both solid lead and in lead covered in steel or other rigid material. A&L manufactures and ships most of its standard products within 10 working days. This includes custom lead-lined wood doors, drywall, glass, and frames for both windows and doors.

Appalachian Electronic Instruments Inc [Ronceverte]
Category: Industrial Instrumentation
Appalachian Electronics Instruments, Inc. was formed in September 1954 by Mr. Creigh Nickell to produce industrial instrumentation - primarily a temperature controller. Since that time, Appalachian has expanded five times into it's current location in Fairlea, West Virginia. Appalachian's products have been found in commercial, mining, and textile applications. Each product represents Appalachian's commitment to high standards of workmanship and reliability and has resulted in product lifespans which are measured in decades rather than years. In addition to the hundred of Appalachian products, the company has provided its customers a variety of printed circuit boards, assembled and tested subassemblies, and complete private labeled units. Many company products have been in production, virtually unchanged, for over fifteen years and have enjoyed a reputation of durability, serviceability and reliability.

Apex Signal Corporation [Ronkonkoma]
Category: DSP-based Intelligent Boards & Instruments
North Atlantic Industries (NAI) designs and manufactures I/O (Input/Output) Boards, Power Supplies, and Motion Simulation and Measurement Instruments for the Defense and Aerospace Industries. We have established our reputation over the last 40 years as a provider of high quality COTS (Commercial Off-the-Shelf) and Custom products in Commercial, Extended Temperature, and Full-Military versions.

NAI is focused on delivering innovation, quality, and superior value for our customers. We do not force-fit a standard solution into a customer's application. We work closely with our customers to understand their requirements, and tailor our products as required to meet unique customer needs. Our solution may take the form of a standard product, a modified standard product, or full-custom product. Many of our products are still in the field and fully supported after 20-plus years.

Arkay Engravers Inc [Ronkonkoma]
Category: Keycaps for Computer Keyboards
Manufacturers of custom jeycaps for computer keyboards.

Aerodyne Controls [Ronkonkoma]
Category: Pneumatic & Solenoid Valves
As a manufacturer of quality engineered products since1958, Aerodyne designs quality into our products at every stage (fromconcept, to prototype, to final design). Aerodyne is currently certified to

Aines [Ronkonkoma]
Category: Cable Testers
Aines Manufacturing Corp. is located on Long Island in thestate of New York. We welcome visitors with advance reservations to tour our facility. Aines has been in business for over 35 years and believes in quality manufacturing and service. All products are designed and manufactured to exacting tolerances. Our customers cover the entire gambit of the telecommunications industry throughout the world.

Air Crafters [Ronkonkoma]
Category: Contamination Control Equipment & Furniture
Air Crafters Inc., and its sister company Lab Crafters,Inc. have established a reputation since 1978 for providing practicaland cost-effective solutions to applications requiring both clean andaseptic environments. Our combined product line runs the full spectrumof equipment, furniture and building materials required for theconstruction of the most demanding clean room, laboratory and asepticsuites.

American Safety Technologies [Roseland]
Category: Safety Coatings
Our Anti-Slip Coatings are famous for their incredible toughness and durability. AST coatings last over five times longer than sand-in-paint, or other broadcast systems, even when subjected to the most punishing environment.

Advance Transformer Co [Rosemont]
Category: Ballasts & Drivers for Fluorescent
The No.1 manufacturer of ballasts and drivers forfluorescent, HID, and LED lamps in North America, Advance Transformerhas been at the forefront of the lighting industry for over 60 years.Since the first Advance ballast was manufactured in 1945, Advance hasbuilt a reputation for excellence based on its broad line of reliableand high-quality products, extensive technical expertise, superiorcustomer service and logistics, long-standing industry partnerships, and demonstrated leadership and proactivity within the lighting andelectrical products industries. Supporting a wide variety of newconstruction, renovation, retrofit, and replacement applications,Advance ballasts and drivers have provided the benefits of reliability,versatility, energy efficiency, and long life in millions of lightinginstallations worldwide.A leader in its field, Advance has secured scores of basic patentsthrough the historic efforts of its global team of dedicated ballastengineers. In addition to offering a broad range of energy-efficientballast solutions, Advance has helped pioneer the lighting industry byintroducing such breakthrough innovations as its ROVR™ line of DALI-compatible ballasts, its revolutionary family of powerful and energy-efficient Electronic HID ballasts, and its extensive family of driversfor LED applications as well as such other exciting innovations as itsunique microprocessor-based design and thermal modeling process.

Allison Technology [Rosenberg]
Category: PC Based Test Equipment
Allison Technology Corporation manufactures and sells low cost pc based test equipment. Our products include the O-Scope family of digital storage oscilloscope modules and Serial, a protocol analyzer for asynchronous data stream capture. Rebuilt demonstration units are available at a special discount to students and education institutions.

Applimotion [Roseville]
Category: Custom Brushless DC Motors
At Applimotion, we offer several value based manufacturing alternatives. From our in house low volume motor assembly, to high volume off shore manufacturing facilities, to class 100 clean room assembly, we have a solution for you.

Our main facility contains engineering, light assembly and model shop capabilities. We produce low volume quantities of motors, motor assemblies, and rotary stages.

This facility also houses our laboratory with state of the art motor test equipment. We routinely evaluate motors for customers.

AM Research Inc [Roseville]
Category: Embedded Control Systems
AM Research is a full-service provider of both hardware and software for embedded control applications.

AMR Forth, Basic, and Assembler are released under the LGPL open source license to use freely without charge. All are available for both the Windows and Linux operating systems.

Ability Systems Corp [Roslyn]
Category: CNC Motion Control
Ability Systems software provides smooth, reliable andsupported solutions for PC Based CNC Control. As a low cost CNCController, it is an ideally applied to CNC milling machines, CNCegravers, CNC plasma cutters, CNC water jet, CNC grinders, CNCquilting, CNC foam cutting, Wire EDM, CNC laser marking and specializedequipment. As a general purpose motion controller, it is used inrobotics, glue dispensing, winders, motorized cylinders, pick andplace, parts handling, automatic test equipment, mechanical sequencers,optical positioners, camera focus and positioning, multimedia stagelighting, automated QC, laboratory testing devices and otherapplications where motion control must be smooth, accurate and easy toapply.

Aristo Grid Lamp Products Inc [Roslyn]
Category: Fluorescent, Neon, Cold & Hot Cathode Lamps
Aristo Grid Lamp Products is a long term designer and manufacturer of fluorescent, neon, cold and hot cathode lamps in 7mm to 15mm diameter tubing. Spectral responses range from 350nm to 720nm. We supply lamps only or complete assemblies, from prototypes to full production runs. We have served the Medical, Scientific, Industrial, Aerospace, Photographic, Graphic Arts and National Defense Markets Since 1939.

Antx Inc [Round Rock]
Category: Remote Monitoring Control Systems
Antx Inc based in Austin, TX, is a leading supplier of systems for remote asset monitoring, control, data logging and automatic alarm notification throughout the world. Our products are designed and manufactured to perform at the highest levels of reliability in the most demanding industrial and commercial markets.

Alliance Chemical Inc [RoundRock]
Category: Chemicals
Alliance Chemical is your provider for all types of chemicals. From lab chemicals & resins to semiconductor processing chemicals & solvents. Even if you can't pronounce it, we've got it! And no quantity is too large or too small!

Anachemia Chemicals [Rouses Point]
Category: Chemicals
Anachemia Chemicals continues to serve the chemical needs of science, industry and academia as it has since its founding in 1955.

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