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Ansonics Inc [Halfway]
Category: Ultrasonic Maintenance Tool
We are a small, closely-held corporation that has been building quality ultrasonic detectors since 1963. We have seen competitors come and go. We opened our doors in 1963 as Techsonics Inc. We were one of the first of the ultrasonic leak detection and malfunction location tool manufacturers. Our headquarters moved to Oregon in 1980 which required changing our name to Ansonics, Inc. We value our employees and organized our operation so the company can be located where the employees want to live; some in Oregon, some in New Mexico.

Amphenol Spectra-Strip [Hamden]
Category: Gigabit Copper Cable
Manufacturers of gigabit copper cable solutions for high bandwidth computer and telephony applications.

ASC International [Hamel]
Category: Solder Paste
ASC International helps electronics manufacturers worldwide improve their production yield and profits. Using our portfolio of optical-based solder paste measurement systems, Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) systems, process control tools and production equipment, we work closely with our customers to develop and implement yield improvement strategies that work... guaranteed. "

The circuit board assembly industry is becoming more competitive, while board configurations are becoming more complex and component sizes are decreasing. Investing in solder paste inspection will allow you to control you solder paste printing process more closely, thereby decreasing the amount of re-work, resulting in an increase in productivity and profitability.

American Rugged Enclosures [Hampstead]
Category: Packaging Solutions
Welcome to Areinc.Com providers of Cots and Custom turnkey packaging solutions. This site offers examples and specifications for a number of applications.

American Rugged Enclosures, Inc provides unparalleled support. Our flexibility is to adapt commercial and military designs to meet a variety of applications and environments. If you don't see your specific configurations, please call and receive our prompt, courteous, professional advice.

Athana International Inc [Harbor City]
Category: Magnetic Media Products
Athana International Inc: We supply a full range of Magnetic Media Products, Computer Accessories, Compact Disk, Rigid Disk (Disk Pack and Disk Cartridge) Products. Duplicators, Degaussers, Certifiers and Media Testing and Processing Equipment is also part of our offering. On the Service side we offer Duplication and Replication Service for Diskettes and Recordable Compact Disks, Media Services including data recovery, cleaning, erasing, degaussing, testing and destruction.

AMP / Tyco Electronics [Harrisburg]
Category: Electrical & Electronic Connectors & Interconnect Systems
Manufacturers of electrical & electronic connectors and interconnect systems.

Alpha Workholding Solutions [Hartland]
Category: Workholding Equipment
Alpha Workholding Solutions specializes in the design, manufacture and application sales of Permanent & Permanent-Electro Magnetic work holding equipment.

Based in Wisconsin with manufacturing in Wisconsin and North Carolina, the company occupies over 20,000 square feet of Office/Manufacturing space and boasts not only the best manufacturing facilities, but also the employment of the very best professionals within their respective fields.

Aetna Insulated Wire [Hartselle]
Category: Power & Control Cable
Supplying and manufacturing premium performance power andcontrol cable for over 70 years, AETNA Insulated Wire is committed toproviding a superb quality product at the best possible price.

Dedicated to our quality process, we manufacture products meeting orexceeding customer and industry specifications.

Allied Tube & Conduit [Harvey]
Category: Steel Tubing
Allied Tube & Conduit has been making high quality, galvanized steel tubing for over 40 years. During these years we have grown significantly, introduced many new products, improved our processes and helped our customers meet their demands time and time again.

API Electronics Inc [Hauppauge]
Category: Eectronic Components
API Electronics Group is a one-of-a-kind manufacturer of electronic components. API designs and manufactures power transistors, small signal transistors, tuning diodes, hybrid circuits, resistor/capacitor networks, diodes and other critical elements for advanced military, industrial, commercial, automotive and medical applications.

If the requirement is replacement parts for a critical, fixed-design system, parts with the same form, fit, and function as the out-of- production originals, API can provide them!

v If the need is for a component to fit an old footprint, while adding totally new capabilities, API will build it!

If an advanced integrated circuit, mounted in an older style package, or an older, functionally specific component, packaged for modern surface mounting is the need of the day, API can handle it!

Arc Systems Inc [Hauppauge]
Category: High Precision Motors & Drives
ARC Systems Inc was founded in 1967 to provide the aerospace industry with a dependable source for high-precision motors and A.C. components.

To meet the needs of this demanding market, ARC developed a unique team

Atlantic Ultraviolet [Hauppauge]
Category: Ultraviolet Water Purification Systems
Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation was established as a New York Corporation on November 22, 1963 to assume operation of a predecessor company following the death of its owner/operator. The business started in Long Island City as a manufacturer of germicidal ultraviolet fixtures and equipment utilizing germicidal ultraviolet lamps to destroy bacteria, mold and virus in air and on surfaces.

Albrecht Inc [Hauppauge]
Category: Precision Drill Chucks
The Josef Albrecht Bohrfutterfabrik GmbH & Co., located inWernau, Germany, has been a leading builder of precision drill chuckssince 1908. In 1932, the Classic Keyless Drill Chuck was developed andhas since become known as the most consistently accurate drill chuckmanufactured anywhere in the world.

Appli-tec Inc [Haverhill]
Category: Adhesive Applications
Appli-tec, founded in 1983, is the leading provider of adhesives, sealants and encapsulants to the computer, medical, military, electronics, aerospace and microelectronics industries worldwide.

Appli-tec both formulates and custom packages complete solutions to meet the demands of unique applications or environments. Custom formulations meet a wide range of criteria including electrical or thermal conductivity, strength and rheology. Finished products may include UV curable and multicomponent epoxies, polyurethanes, polysulfides and silicones in a variety of quantities and packages. appli-tec also provides full-service specialty packaging and will package adhesives from other sources designated by end users.

ABS-VABSCO Components [Hawthorne]
Category: Electronic Components
Since 1983 we have been active in the Electro-Electronicmarket by manufacturing tooling and stamping items for othermanufacturers that wanted to outsource.

The initial production activities was for the Brazilian lightingindustry (insertion pins) and until today we are active in thissegment.

ABS/VABSCO has been awarded with many quality awards and is highlyregarded in its industry. To maintain this position, ABS/VABSCO offersa large product line and to become more competitive has recentlyacquired a PCB mounting facility and plating facility.

From our Fort Lauderdale, Florida centralized location we take greatpride in providing service to our American customers. Since the springof 1993, when we opened our stocking facility here, our number ofAmerican customers has grown steadily as well as in Canada, Mexico andCentral America.

When you choose an ABS/VABSCO switch or connector, you can be assuredthat quality products, service and innovation stand behind you as theyhave since 1983. As we build upon this unsurpassed commitment toquality products, customer service, and support operations, ABS/VABSCOeagerly anticipates a major share of the growing, vibrant NorthAmerican electronics market.

ABS Vabsco Components is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilityand many of our components are UL approved.

Alstom [Hawthorne]
Category: Infrastructure Components
A world leading supplier of components, systems and services to the energy, transport, industrial and marine infrastructure markets.

Anvik Corporation [Hawthorne]
Category: Advanced Optical Systems
Anvik Corporation is an emerging growth company engaged in the design, development, and manufacturing of advanced optical systems and equipment for diverse microelectronics, optoelectronics, microsystems, and biotechnology applications. Systems currently offered include large-area lithography, via-generation, and materials-processing systems for high-throughput production of flat-panel displays, multilayer circuits, optoelectronic systems, printed circuit boards, microsystems, flexible circuits, and biomolecular arrays. The Company's mission is to become a leading commercial supplier of such machines.

Adastra Systems [Hayward]
Category: Global Embedded Computer
Kontron is one of the world's largest suppliers ofembedded computer technology to a diversified customer base in thecommunications, automation, mobile, medical, military, aerospace, testand measurement, and encryption security markets. Our vision is to helpleading OEMs, Systems Integrators and Application Providerssignificantly reduce their time-to-market to gain a competitive edge.

Our ability to service global customers in markets that move at lightspeed is strengthened through our business groups and facilities acrossAsia-Pacific, Canada, Europe, and the United States, as well as ouraffiliates and strategic investments in select companies.

Our portfolio of products includes industry-standard PCI, CompactPCI®,and VME board-level solutions, open platform communications servers,industrial-grade rackmount solutions, human-machine interface (HMI)systems, portable computers, embedded hardware, application-specifictechnology and custom-engineered solutions.

Advance Carbon Products Inc [Hayward]
Category: Carbon & Graphite Products
Advance Carbon Products, Inc. has been providing qualitycustomer service and carbon products since 1956. At Advance CarbonProducts, Inc., we strive to construct our processes to meet the needsof our customers. It is our policy to not only fulfill our customersneeds, but to exceed them.

We have complete machining facilities to supply you with the size andshape of anodes, bushings and seals, contacts, brush holders and carbonbrushes that you require.

Carbon Brush quantities are manufactured from one to 100,000 per order,on a made-to-order basis. We stock more than 50,000 brushes for thepopular brands of U.S. and some foreign equipment. Please take the timeto view some of our brush styles. In stock brushes can be shipped thesame day the order is received.

We can machine graphite heaters, anodes, boats, molds and crucibles,using computer programs that are done in house. Items of a simplerdesign are usually machined using conventional equipment.

Air Bearing Technology [Hayward]
Category: Precision Air Bearing Spindle Systems
AIR BEARING TECHNOLOGY, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of precision air bearing spindle systems, linear air slides, air supplies, controllers, pneumatic and manual disk chucks for magnetic and optical media.

Aaeon Electronics Inc [Hazlet]
Category: Embedded Computing Solutions
AAEON was established in 1992. AAEON developed and focusedon Single Board Computers. In 1994, AAEON set up Research & DesignDepartment. Also, the production lines were completely converted toCompact Boards, Half-Size CPU cards and Full-Size CPU cards. At thesame year, AAEON obtained ISO-9001 and aimed to be an OEM/ODMmanufacturer specialist.

The number of AAEON employees exceeded 100 in 1996, and Country: USA branchoffice was founded in New Jersey. Two years later, China branch andEurope sales offices were also established. AAEON's global network wasthus set up to service customers around the world.

The year of 1999 was a landmark for AAEON. High-speed SMT linesreplaced old SMT machines to increase the productivity. Also, AAEON,the first in Taiwan's IPC industry, went public and was listed on theOTC (Over The Counter). In the same year, AAEON Foundation wasestablished to support the efforts in technology education.

In 2000, AAEON acquired Astech Inc., a leading Panel PC manufacturer.With this merger, AAEON extended its product offering to IndustrialWorkstations, Panel PCs, Display Monitors and LCD PCs. In the sameyear, AAEON received the Innovation Research Award, which distinguishedAAEON as a strong engineering company with solid R & D capacities.

Armand Manufacturing [Henderson]
Category: Poly & Vinyl Specialty Products
Armand Manufacturing Inc was established in 1948, and for over 50 years has been making quality plastic bags and covers. Armand takes pride in making quality vinyl and polyethylene packaging, static control and specialty products that are custom designed to meet your specific requirements.

Air Control Inc [Henderson]
Category: Polypropylene CaseWork & Equipment
Air Control, Inc. is a leading manufacturer ofpolypropylene casework and equipment for laboratories. Our reputation as a designer and manufacturer of custom process stations for thesemiconductor and pharmaceutical industry is unmatched.

Our corporate, design, and manufacturing facilities are located inHenderson, North Carolina. Northeast USA sales offices are located inBeverly, Massachusetts just outside of Boston. Various Air Controlrepresentatives and dealer organizations are located around NorthAmerica and the world.

Aptagen Inc [Herndon]
Category: Biopharmaceuticals
Aptagen LLc based in York, Pennsylvania, is a growth-stage biotechnology company specializing in the development of nucleic-acid based biopharmaceuticals called aptabodies. Our aim is to secure grant funding for each proposed research project. The grant funding process may be in collaboration with researchers, investigators, and specialists from outside the company to garner external expertise in the field of study. The grant funding and peer-review process allows for an unbiased assessment of project feasibility and merit which, we believe, increases the chances of a successful project outcome. Patented and commercially viable products that may result from such projects will be out-licensed for manufacture and distribution.

APX Technologies [Hicksville]
Category: Power Sypply Products
APX and its staff have been extensively involved in transformers and packaged power since the inception of the external power supply concept, more than 20 years ago. We have a unique position in the marketplace as a global manufacturing company, with local engineering support. As such, we are recognized experts in producing specialized custom and standard products, in our facilities overseas. Through the years, we have been an innovative design and manufacturing company, providing recognized quality products to technology companies; a supplier of choice to many industry leaders.

APX is headquartered in New York and represented nationally, providing you with convenient easy access to product design, ongoing engineering support, customer service, and shipment control. There is also a national network of franchised distributors with quickly available standard products. Primary manufacturing is performed at two modern locations; APX Taiwan specializes in small and medium production runs and is capable of very rapid turn-around time. The China facility is structured for high production rates, and is extremely cost effective to insure you competitive benefits. Uniquely, we have in-house tool making and plastic injection molding for complete control and timeliness of custom product manufacturing.

Allstate Gasket & Packing Inc [Hicksville]
Category: Sealing Technology
Allstate Gasket is a leader in sealing technology, with on-staff experience totaling over 70 years in the gasket, packing and sealing business.

Featuring a complete range of materials to choose from, Allstate will provide the best service and advice - at the right price.

Whether you're looking for prototyping or production, we'll provide the start-to-finish product management you need - including special warehousing and delivery requirements.

Asahi Electronic Materials Inc [Hillsboro]
Category: Glass Materials
We're in the process of finding out, exploring futurepossibilities at the forefront of industry. Although relatively young as a US company, AGEM's roots run deep in the glass & ceramic industries. Our parent, Asahi Glass Company, is one of Japan's longtime leaders, and a leading supplier of glass & ceramic materials to countless industries around the globe.

For many years, AGEM has supplied North American and Europeanmanufacturers with high purity materials needed to create today'sproducts - as well as tomorrow's. We're a vital link betweenmanufacturers and their customers, serving many of the world's premiercompanies in the fields of Automotive, Biotechnology, andSemiconductors. Our Semiconductor customers are all tops in their fields from Optoelectronics, MEMS, and DRAM, to Flash memory, microprocessors, power, discrete, bipolar, ASIC, and more.

Alpha Multi Organoleptic Systems [Hillsborough]
Category: Electronic Nose & Tongue, Odor & Taste Control
Fast and objective instruments for monitoring quality / conformity and taste & odor features of your products Apparatus of quality control of raw materials, intermediates and finished products Food, Beverage, Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Chemical and Petrochemical.

Alcatel Vacuum Products [Hingham]
Category: Vacuum Technology
Alcatel Vacuum Products offers you Vacuum solutions forSemiconductor production, Analytical instruments, Research andIndustrial Applications that are designed to respond to your needs,today and tomorrow.

Altos [Hockessin]
Category: Advanced Performance Products
Our philosophy is to use entrepreneurial initiative to provide the advanced performance products at highly competitive prices to customers in North America. To date, we have primarily obtained our products from excellent companies around the world, included EKSMA and EKSPLA. We are highly responsive to the needs of leading edge researchers and others to require customized features. So if you do not see exactly what you want, please ask anyway. A search function is provided on our site to help you find the desired products.

Altos was founded in 1995, and has also been involved in the acquisition and licensing out of key technologies to assist both start-ups and welll established companies. For example, Altos has licensed rights to AdvR inc. for 16 KTP (Potassium Titanyl Phosphate) waveguide related patents.

Anderson Controls Inc [Hoffman Estates]
Category: Quality Control Solutions
Anderson Controls Inc provides Innovative Solutions to Quality Control concerns from Manufactures.

Committed to providing outstanding Customer Service, Installation, Products, and Product support to Manufactures. Customer dealing with Metal forming, Assembly, and other quality control concerns.

Advanced Battery Systems Inc [Holbrook]
Category: Batteries & Chargers
Advanced Battery Systems specializes in providing portablepower solutions. Custom battery pack assembly is our primary function,but we also distribute batteries for many battery manufacturers. Wewelcome inquiries from any size company and pride ourselves inproviding quality manufacturing with superior customer service.

We stock batteries from many manufacturers including Sanyo, Eveready,GoldPeak, Ultralife, BB Battery, Nexcell, and LG Chem. The batterychemistries we can build packs with are Nickel Cadmium (NiCd), NickelMetal Hydride (NiMH), Lithium (primary, lithium ion, and lithiumpolymer), Sealed Lead Acid, and Alkaline.

Some of the typical applications of our custom built batteries include:Aerospace, Robotics, GPS, Computers, Medical, Environmental, and DataAcquisition. For our standard product line, we have batteries andbattery packs available for digital cameras, camcorders, laptopcomputers, cordless telephones, cellular telephones, two-way radios,cordless power tools, and many other applications. For chargingsolutions, we stock a variety of personal chargers and can supplyindustrial gang chargers for commercial applications.

We've been providing our customers with batteries and battery chargingsolutions for over 22 years.

All Metal Designs Inc [Holland]
Category: Ergonomic Workstations
An extensive range of industrial workbenches and ergonomic workstations for manufacturing applications are available from All Metal Designs, Inc. (AMD). Our modular, adjustable workbenches and industrial workstations can be custom engineered to meet your particular requirements by using both standard and specialized components and accessories. AMD workstations are delivered mostly assembled - ready to position and use within minutes.

All Metal Design specializes in providing operator adjustable benches, tables, and stations that meet the challenges of furnishing your facility with the very best value in workstation ergonomic solutions.

Anderson Electronics Inc [Hollidaysburg]
Category: Custom Crystals & Crystal Oscillators
Anderson Electronics is your best source for all of your quartz crystals needs. Whether you require precision crystals, such as doubly rotated crystals (SC, IT, FC) or low phase noise units, or have a need for a more standard frequency control device, Anderson Electronics can reliably provide a quality crystal unit to meet your requirements. This, combined with our superior customer service and delivery capability, provides the source you need and should expect.

A manufacturer of quartz crystals for close to fifty years, Anderson Electronics has served a world-wide market in the telecommunications, frequency control, telemetry, medical, instrumentation, avionics, and communications industries from its headquarters located in Hollidaysburg, PA. Custom crystal needs are designed and manufactured at a competitive price. With the ability to cut and lap quartz on site, quick delivery is a standard part of the product.

Air Applitec Inc [Hollister]
Category: Filtering Systems & Components
Since 1976, Air Applitec Inc. has designed, manufacturedand installed horizontal & vertical flow HEPA/ULPA filtering systems and components, from OEM Designs to single work stations and entire clean rooms.

We control particulate matter, temperature, relative humidity and static pressure with emphasis on air balance and flow patterns, and critically dampening all rotating machinery to eliminate noise and vibration.

American Lewa Inc [Holliston]
Category: Metering pumps
American LEWA is a global supplier of metering pumps process diaphragm pumps and packaged systems. We strive for a close partnership with our customers in all activities related to our products. Your complete satisfaction begins with consultation before an order is even placed, and afterwards with our service and repair, spare parts supply, maintenance and training.

Apex Instruments [Holly Springs]
Category: Sampling Equipment
Welcome to Apex Instruments Inc your solution for source sampling equipment.We have been a world leader in the manufacture and development of emission measurement sampling equipment since 1988. We carry a full line of equipment and supplies for the measurement of particulate and gaseous pollutants from stationary sources.

Alan Gordon Enterprises Inc [Hollywood]
Category: Professional Motion Picture & Video Equipment
Alan Gordon Enterprises, Inc. is one of the most completeMotion Picture and Video Support Equipment, Rental and Sales facilitieslocated in the heart of Hollywood, California.

We have a large inventory of competitively priced, new and usedproduction and post production equipment to meet all your needs whilestill staying within your budget.

In addition, we manufacture a variety of proprietary products such asthe popular Academy award winning Mark V Director’s Viewfinder as wellas motion picture, photogrammetric, and stereo plotting instruments.

Atlas Copco Compressors [Holyoke]
Category: Electric & Pneumatic Tools
The Atlas Copco Group has more than 25 000 employees and manufactures products on 49 production sites in 16 countries on five continents. Atlas Copco companies develop and manufacture electric and pneumatic tools, compressed air equipment, construction and mining equipment, assembly systems, and offer related service and equipment rental. The products are sold and rented under different brands through a worldwide sales and service network reaching 150 countries, half of which are served by wholly or partly owned sales companies. Head office is in Stockholm, Sweden.

Adtech Inc [Honolulu]
Category: Communication Systems
At Spirent we work behind the scenes to help the worldcommunicate faster, better and more often. For decades, the world’sleading communications companies have used Spirent solutions to conductperformance analysis tests in labs on the latest technologies. As newcommunications services are introduced in the market, Spirent providesthe tools to offer service assurance and field test for improvingtroubleshooting and quality. We also help large companies andgovernments better secure and manage their networks.

From wireline to wireless to satellite, Spirent offers a completeportfolio of solutions.

ASI Technologies Inc [Horsham]
Category: Small Electric Vehicles
ASI's product developments include drive systems for wheelchairs, electric scooters, floor care machinery, X-ray tables, and door openers to name a few. These systems include motors, gearing, differentials, electromechanical brakes, and electrical harnessing. These products are configured as transaxles, parallel axis and right angle gear motors. We manufacture right angle systems using worm or Cylkro(r) gears.

Audio Technologies Inc [Horsham]
Category: Broadcast Audio/Studio Equipment
ATI has long been recognized as a manufacturer of high quality broadcast audio/studio equipment. In recent years, ATI has expanded its business base from exclusively broadcast to also include sound reinforcement and professional sound applications. ATI currently has over 70,000 pieces of equipment in use worldwide. Some of the recognized users are the United Nations Headquarters in NYC, Voice of America Worldwide, the Architect of the Capital (which services the United States Senate, House of Representatives, and the White House), federal and state agencies, IBM, AT&T, CBS, ABC, NBC and affiliates, cable companies such as HBO, CNN and ESPN, independent TV and Radio stations worldwide, production studios, theme parks and sports stadiums, Disney World, Universal Studios and Warner Communications, along with many others.

Ametek Drexelbrook Engineering [Horsham]
Category: Level Measurement Solutions
With nearly forty years of experience in level measurement, Drexelbrook is uniquely qualified to help with your application. If non- contact radar is the right answer, we can offer you the industry's first 2-wire FMCW technology. Then again, perhaps one of our guided micropulse (TDR) systems is a better choice. Or, the best answer could be an ultrasonic or RF measurement solution. Whatever the case, our complete product line lets us match the best technology to your application. Put the Drexelbrook advantage to work for you.

Accumulators Inc [Houston]
Category: Hydro-Pneumatic Accumalators & Components
Accumulators, Inc.®, the foremost designer andmanufacturer of Bladder Accumulators, AccuMight® DiaphragmAccumulators, Float Accumulators, Non-separator Accumulators, Transfer-Barrier Accumulators, Gas Bottles, Bladders, Components, Accessoriesand Installation Tools. 6 cu. In. to 40 gallon capacity. 3000 psi to6000 psi working pressure ratings. Oil Service, Water Service, ChemicalService, High and Low Temperature Service

Quality Products designed, manufactured and certified by the Major

Aqua-Dyne Inc [Houston]
Category: Waterjetting Systems
Aqua-Dyne is a leading manufacturer of high pressure and ultra high pressure water jetting systems and accessories. These units typically operate at 10,000 to 40,000 psi and are used in surface preparation (often as an environmentally friendly alternative to sandblasting or grinding); internal cleaning of pipes and heat exchangers, concrete removal (hydro demolition); and as a cutting alternative to saw blades and laser cutting machines for parts fabrication.

Located in Houston, Texas, Aqua-Dyne has been manufacturing water jetting equipment, systems and parts for over 30 years. Our blue elephant logo is known throughout the world as an identifier of long lasting, quality equipment.

Whether your needs are for industrial cleaning, surface preparation, material removal or cutting, Aqua-Dyne can provide you with solutions based upon sound engineering and quality products.

Adams Valves [Houston]
Category: Sealing Systems
For over 40 years ADAMS has stood in the forefront ofadvanced HIGH PERFORMANCE BUTTERFLY valve technology, the ADAMS name issynonymous with superior performance, quality and reliability.The company was formed in 1960 to market valves incorporating itspatented triple-eccentric inclined conical seat metal sealing system.This revolutionary improvement in valve technology has set newstandards for seal life, tightness and temperature range.

The advanced features of this sealing system allowed for rapiddevelopment of special designs to meet critical requirements inapplications as diverse as high temperature, cryogenics, watertransmission, hazardous gases, emergency shut-down and nuclear plantsafety systems. Today ADAMS covers the complete spectrum of rotary,isolation, control and check valve applications from the simplest tothe most advanced.

ADCO Technology Inc [Houston]
Category: Precision Ring & Plug Gages
ADCO TECHNOLOGY, located in Houston, Texas, was founded in1973 as a service organization providing quality manufacturing andrepair services for all types of industrial equipment. Ourcomprehensive manufacturing facility is staffed by skilled personneland technical management, bound together by the cohesive force ofdedication, to provide our customers with products and services ofoutstanding quality.

Quality inspections and a comprehensive control system that includesstandardized, written quality assurance procedures ensure that everyproject is completed according to strict standards of excellence.

However, quality is much more than procedure, testing, anddocumentation. True quality is a philosophy, shared by dedicatedemployees and involved management as a team, to provide the bestworkmanship and services to meet our customer's total requirements.

ADCO is a valuable supplier to a diverse group of industries thatinclude aerospace, refining, petrochemical, petroleum production,utilities, marine, mechanical contracting, pulp/paper, and others.

Advanced Weigh Technologies Inc [Houston]
Category: Scales & Weighing Systems
Throughout the years, Advanced Weigh has not only survivedthe turbulent swings in the economy, we have grown significantly andremain a consistent, stable and reliable source of scales and scalerelated products and services. Serving a diverse cross section ofbusiness including manufacturing, petrochemical, agriculture and anybusiness needing commercial legal for trade scales. Advanced Weigh isable to provide all facets of scale implementation including a thoroughand competent up-front evaluation of the application, carefulrecommendations of high value products and timely delivery, Turnkeyinstallation and operator instruction.

A highly trained, professional application sales team is ready to helpyou select the products which will provide a positive return on yourinvestment. While many applications and needs can be resolved over thephone, sometimes on-site visits to your plant or business can help uslearn about your needs and requirements.

Agar Corporation Inc [Houston]
Category: Measurement & Control Systems
Agar Corporation Inc., founded in 1980, has succeeded increating uniquely innovative hydrocarbon/water/gas measurement andcontrol systems for the up/down stream Oil industry, the Chemical, FoodProcessing and Pharmaceutical industries.

AGI Specialty Valves [Houston]
Category: Pump Protection Systems
AGI Specialty Valves has been providing cost effectivesolutions for pump protection systems since 1984. We offer completeSales, Service, Modification, Repair, Spare Parts, and TechnicalAssistance for Automatic Recirculation Valves from our Houston, Texaslocation. Our experienced Sales Engineers provide fast response andprofessional solutions for your Pump Protection requirements.

Air Liquide America Corporation [Houston]
Category: Industrial & Medical Gases
Air Liquide's U.S. operation is part of an internationalgroup specialized in industrial and medical gases and related services.

In 1902, our French parent company, Air Liquide, was the first todevelop a viable process for liquefaction of gases found in the air.That led to the creation of the industrial gas industry, which today isimproving the productivity and safety of most manufacturing processes,while helping to protect the environment.

We supply oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and many other gases and servicesto most industries (steel and oil refining, chemistry and glass,electronics and paper, metallurgy and food-processing, healthcare andaerospace). Our innovative solutions improve our customers’ industrialperformance while helping to protect the environment.

In a changing world where virtually every industry is in a process ofevolution, standard formulas are becoming increasingly useless. At AirLiquide, we are committed to providing value for our customers byfocusing our resources on their particular needs. By working closelywith customers in their facilities, our experienced professionals helpimprove their efficiency and raise product quality while enhancingsafety and environmental compliance. Our total commitment to providingcreative solutions points the way to our customers' success.

Alcom Industrial Systems [Houston]
Category: Industrial Computer Systems
Alcom Industrial Systems is a provider of industrialcomputer systems for industrial, medical, military, andtelecommunications OEM's.

American Block Manufacturing Company [Houston]
Category: Marine Equipment
Since 1979, American Block Manufacturing Company has been manufacturing high quality, cost-effective equipment for the oilfield and marine industries. Our standard product offering includes: Pressure Gauges, Wire Rope Sheaves up to 144" dia., Horizontal and Vertical Guide Sheaves, Wire Rope Fairleads accommodating 5" dia. wire rope, Chain Fairleads accommodating up to 5-1/2" dia. chains, Rock Bits up to 24", Hammer Unions rated to 15,000 psi, and custom manufactured products built to suit your specific needs.

American Packing and Gasket [Houston]
Category: Packing & Gaskets
Welcome to APG. Your "one-stop shopping" source for Gaskets, O-rings, Hydraulic Seals, Industrial Hose Couplings, Packing & Gasket Materials, Industrial Glass Products, Sheet Plastic, Adhesives & Sealants, and Fabrication Services for Custom Gaskets, Stripping, Vulcanizing, Industrial Glass and Die-cut Plastic Products.

As a Master Distributor of 6 major product lines, APG Company has earned the reputation of "America's Most Responsive Warehouse." From our central location in Houston, Texas, we daily meet the needs of resellers throughout North America. "Responsive" means large inventories with same or next day shipment of standard stock items. It means fabrication services with a similar commitment to quick turnaround times. And most of all, it means people. People with experience, expertise, and a dedication to customer service.

Amperor [Houston]
Category: Power Related Prodcuts
Amperor is one of the world's pre-eminent manufacturers of power related products. We specialize in providing our customers with cost effective, quality products that fully meet the demands of today's competitive marketplace. Amperor offers a full range of services, including design, product development, and inventory / logistical support.

In addition to our reputation for the design of custom power supply applications, Amperor has developed a standard line of desktop and adapter products. Working in close partnership with industry leaders, Amperor will continue to develop power products which provide customers with the shortest development to market time.

AMRI [Houston]
Category: Butterfly Valves, Actuators & Accessories
AMRI Inc manufactures butterfly valves, actuators, and accessories for many markets, including chemical, petrochemical, pulp & paper, water and semi-conductor. We specialize in the manufacture and sale of fully PFA Teflon(r) lined and elastomer lined butterfly valves, providing tight shut-off and zero stem leakage, for all types of process applications. AMRI is the KSB group subsidiary responsible for servicing valve customers throughout North America.

In addition, we also inventory, sell and service the valve products manufactured by the other KSB group companies. These other products include actuators, gear boxes, diaphragm valves, gate valves, globe valves and check valves.

AMRI Inc is located in Houston, Texas and services all of North America through independent distributors. Please contact us for more information about our products and services.

Amveco Magnetics [Houston]
Category: Torodial Power Products, Electrical & Power Transformers
Amveco's state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and global production capabilities have made the use of toroids more cost- effective across a broad spectrum of applications. For the past decade, toroids have routinely replaced laminated frame types in the most demanding industry applications. These include: medical, telecommunications, instrumentation and test equipment. In addition to lighting, signs, process control, office and computer peripherals, audio and broadcast, just to mention a few.

Antek Instruments Inc [Houston]
Category: Custom Gas Chromatographs
Antek Instruments, a Roper Industries, Inc. company, was founded in 1967 as a manufacturer's representative. Developing a pattern that would carry us into the new millennium, we began listening and responding to customer needs by designing and manufacturing custom gas chromatographs in 1968. In 1975 we developed a chemiluminescent detection method for the analysis of chemically bound nitrogen.

Accumet Engineering Corporation [Hudson]
Category: Ultra Precision Equipments
Since 1970, Accumet Engineering has provided a completeultra-precision service for grinding, lapping, polishing, diamondsawing, laser machining, sizing a wide variety of metals (ferrousand non-ferrous), carbide, ceramic, sapphire and other materialsfor industrial and scientific applications, includingtelecommunications, semiconductors, communications, test & measurement,micro-electronics, defense and security industries.

Accumet Engineering is dedicated to providing extremely tighttolerances and super fine finishes. We have developed several uniquecutting, lapping, and polishing techniques to achieve extremely tighttolerances with repeatability and consistency from piece to piece. Withour exact specifications and prompt delivery, we can meet or exceedyour requirements.

ADEK Industrial Computers [Hudson]
Category: Industrial Computers
ADEK manufacturers industrial computers and servers tocustomer specifications. Products include rack mount, panel mount, mid-& full towers. Also included are industrial computers with built-in LCDpanels with or without touch screen capability.We also offer a line of rack and panel mount monitors.

Anver Corporation [Hudson]
Category: Vacuum System Components offers you a Full Range of Vacuum System Components, from Suction Cups and Vacuum Cups, Air, Mechanical and Electric Vacuum Pumps and Vacuum Generators, Vacuum Gauges, and Ergonomic Vacuum Lifters, to complete Vacuum Lifting Systems. We are the leading American manufacturer of Vacuum Material Handling Equipment, Vacuum Lifters and Vacuum Robotic Components. We make our equipment, not to be confused with resellers on the web who do not design or build what they sell.

Automated Laser Corporation [Huntertown]
Category: Laser Products
Automated Laser Corporation provides standard and custom laser integrated solutions for a wide range of unique applications.

Our background includes automated process development for precision cutting, welding, marking, drilling and related turnkey systems for various types of industries. Systems include complete laser path motion control, standard or custom control software as well as options for material handling, inspection or secondary operations.

Automated Production Systems Inc [Huntingdon Valley]
Category: Lead Forming Equipment
Automated Production Systems Inc (APS) located in Huntingdon Valley, PA, was incorporated in 1982 as a manufacturer of lead-forming equipment. The founder was an engineer working in an electronics manufacturing environment where he saw lead forming equipment in operation. He decided that he could make that kind of equipment simpler, better and less expensive. Offering cost effective solutions for lower volume assemblers and invoking practical 'hands-on' advice to every sale became an early theme stressed in the way APS did business. Even today, thru-hole lead-forming equipment is still a significant portion of the business.

Ajax Electric Company [Huntingdon Valley]
Category: Salt Bath Furnaces
Ajax Electric Company was incorporated in 1931 as one offour divisions of the former Ajax Metal Company for the sole purpose ofmanufacturing electrically resistance heat equipment. The firstelectrode salt bath furnace was developed at Ajax Electric Company in1936 by William Adam Jr.

In 1956, Ajax Electric Company aquired independent ownership from itsparent firm. The company then consolidated from two locations in 1976 to its present single location in Huntingdon Valley, PA.

Today, Ajax Electric Company is privately owned by both active andretired employees.

3D Instruments Inc [Huntington Beach]
Category: Direct Drive Pressure Gauge
3D Instruments manufactures the original direct drivepressure gauge in test gauge and process gauge accuracies. See ourdigital pressure gauge products including the new digital test gauge,our versatile Star digital pressure calibrator, low pressure gauge,precision test pressure gauge, hand held pressure generator, portablepressure calibration test kit, pressure volume controller and filledsystem temperature gauge along with other products and accessories.

Sierra Precision has specialized in manufacturing OEM & SPECIALTYPRESSURE GAUGES in high volumes, to customer specification, and for avariety of applications since 1970.

ASEA Power Systems [Huntington Beach]
Category: power Conversion Equipment
ASEA Power Systems designs and manufactures power conversion equipment - phase, voltage, and frequency - for marine, military, and commercial applications.

ASEA Power Systems manufactures a comprehensive line of compact, light weight shore power converters and line voltage regulators that have been specifically designed for the motor and sail yacht industries.

A shore power converter should be an essential power distribution tool for every vessel ranging from 45 foot sportfishers to 300+ foot megayachts. This is especially true with the increased use of yacht transport services between the US and foreign ports.

Aerodyne Precision Machining [Huntington Beach]
Category: Precision Aerospace Parts
Aerodyne Precision Machining, Inc. was incorporated in the state of California in 1986 and is classified as a small business with twelve (12) employees. Our current manufacturing facility size is 20,000 square feet.

Aerodyne Precision Machining, Inc. is on the approved suppliers list for Parker Hannifin CSD-M (Irvine, CA) Parker Hannifin CSD-C (Ogden, UT), Lucas Western, Northrop, Eaton Aerospace, and Vacco Industries.

Aerodyne has completed jobs for Boeing, Airbus, Hughes Aircraft, LittonIndustries, Panavision, and McDonnel Douglas through subcontracts fromother job shops.

Aero Telemetry Corporation [Huntington Beach]
Category: Unmanned Air Vehicles
The Aero Telemetry Corporation specializes in the design,manufacture, integration, and deployment of airborne video/datatelemetry systems, high-reliability, ruggedized, airborne radio/datacommunications systems, and theater-deployed satellite communicationsystems for military and aerospace applications. We have acquiredextensive knowledge and experience with the electronic subsystemcomponents required to support UAV flight operations.

Our Aero Telemetry integrated video, voice, and data communicationsproducts are used to support a wide variety of applications. Currently,Aero Telemetry products are in use on university level research anddevelopment projects, in commercial aviation flight test programs, andin tactical, theatre-deployed air vehicle systems used forreconnaissance and low cost payload delivery missions by the U.S.Military.

AMF Electronics Inc [Huntington Beach]
Category: Sheet Metal Fabrications
Accurate Metal Fabricators Inc is a privately owned and operated precision sheet metal fabrication and paint facility with over 35 years of experience. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is the driving force behind the foundation of AMF. With over 600 employees AMF operates four manufacturing facilities, two in California and two in Nevada with a combined 235,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities. We have the capacity and flexibility to serve our customers production demands as well as our quick turn, prototyping capabilities, which is handled by our Metalurgency division. With state- of-the-art in house paint capabilities for liquid paint and powder coating, silk-screening as well as our own chrome facility, we are able to go above and beyond our customer's expectations.

American Technical Ceramics Corp [Huntington Station]
Category: RF & Microwave Components
ATC designs, develops, manufactures and markets Multilayer Capacitors, Single Layer Capacitors, Resistor Products, Inductors, Custom Thin Film Products and LTCC Products for RF, microwave and millimeter-wave applications. Our products are primarily focused on the wireless communications infrastructure, fiber optic, medical electronics, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, defense, aerospace, and satellite communications markets. For over thirty-five years we have been "The Engineer's Choice".

Customer interface is administered by our own personnel and independent sales representatives. American Technical Ceramics is headquartered in Huntington Station, New York and has an Advanced Technology Center in Jacksonville, Florida. This is the center of excellence for our traditional product lines and the development and manufacturing facilities for Thin Film and Resistor Products.

ADTRAN Inc [Huntsville]
Category: Telecom Solutions
ADTRAN has provided high-speed telecommunication solutionssince 1985. From digital transmission equipment to network routing andinternet security products, ADTRAN has consistently gained dominantleadership positions with world-class engineering, manufacturing,reliability and support. ADTRAN solutions maximize network performance,lower costs, and help companies achieve the best return on investment.ADTRAN is committed to achieving success for customers by offering"best-in-class" products with outstanding value. Let ADTRAN work foryou.

Automation Group Inc [Huntsville]
Category: SMT Assemblies
We operate a modern manufacturing facility located inHuntsville Alabama, just 2 miles from Cummings Research Park. Huntsville is a strategic location for the electronics assemblyindustry. SCI, Avex, Daimler Chrysler Electronics, Magnetek, Adtran,Sanmina, ACT and Nextek all call this area home. The explosive growth in the contract assembly market has ignited Huntsville!

Arrick Robotics [Hurst]
Category: Motor Control Systems
Arrick Robotics was founded by Roger Arrick in 1987 after the personal computer accessory market became dominated by the far east which stunted the growth of Arrick Computer Products - a maker of switch boxes and power control products since 1980.

The first product offered was the MD-2 motor control system which was a subsystem of a robot arm that was being developed. The MD-2 became popular with users of telescopes for computer controlled positioning then expanded into factory automation and research projects via the Personal Computing Tools catalog. Over the years positioning tables were added to broaden the product line.

In the mid-90's, Roger decided that there was a small market for mobile robots and the first Trilobot was designed. These were mainly sold to Universities for research projects. Later, Trilobot was given a complete update with improved sensors, a gripper, etc. Today, Trilobots are also used in High-School labs throughout the US, and have been seen on TV, in magazines, and on the front page of Scientific American's web site.

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