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AAA Products International [Dallas]
Category: Fluid Power Valves
AAA Products International is a full line manufacturer ofdirectional control valves (1/4" NPTF through 2" NPTF ports). Wespecialize in unique applications be it one or a thoCountry: USAnd valves. We have a reputation for offering valves for the toughest applications.Our product delivery is the best in the industry.

We also specialize in the manufacturing of hydraulic or electric drivedrilling, tapping and rod threading units for high production. Theseunits are compact, versatile and offer the widest range of power fortheir size in the industry.

We at AAA Products International, are committed to provide ourcustomers with superior products of premium quality. Along with a fullline of standard products, we offer over 200 special customer specificproducts to fit their unique applications. We promise unsurpassedcustomer service, exceptional delivery and competitive prices.

Arbor Metals [Dallas]
Category: Precision Metals
Arbor Metals is an international trader, processor and stocking metal service center for all grades and thicknesses of stainless steel and aluminum strip and coil. We also offer titanium and nickel alloys in sheet and coil products.

Bill Sultzbaugh, our president, and his management team have created a progressive company with the best processing and warehousing facilities, the most up-to-date precision equipment and a commitment to superior customer service.

We are knowledgeable industry professionals whose goal is to always meet and exceed our customers expectations.

ADI Electronics Inc [Dallas]
Category: D-Subminiature
ADI Electronics is an industry leader with over 14 yearsof success as a D-Subminiature manufacturer and engineering developmentpartner, holding significant expertise in the Aerospace and DefenseIndustry. We've become the supplier of choice among numerous aerospace,avionics, defense and industrial customers by offering the highestquality, cost competitive D-sub connector solutions with a full rangeof customized design, manufacturing, and testing services.

We deliver quality, in products and services that address the uniquerequirements of modern electronic systems. If its quality connectormanufacturing and design services you need, then ADI Electronics isyour solution.

Aura Systems Inc [Dallas]
Category: Power Induction System
The AuraGen is a maintenance-free power induction system developed by Aura Systems Inc that turns a vehicle into a mobile power generation system. The G5000 produces 5kW of power and the G8500, 8.5kW. Each generates clean 60 Hz AC power suitable for use with sensitive electronic equipment.

The AuraGen provides mobile power for utilities, municipalities, contractors, telecommunications, fire/police/rescue, farmers, recreation, service vehicle operators, or any users that need power on the job. In addition we offer a Manual Transfer switch which allows the AuraGen to power up your home or business during power outages. The system can be configured with either 120/240 VAC 20-amp circuit or a 120 VA 40-amp circuit. A remote power strip in either voltage configuration is also available for hard-to-reach places and rugged terrain. For added convenience and safety, a keyless remote start is also an available option.

Airflow Systems [Dallas]
Category: Cleaning Equipment
Airflow Systems, Inc.® manufactures air cleaning equipment for industrial and commercial facilities. Whether removing machine shop coolant and oil mist, welding smoke, grinding and sanding dust, solder smoke, paper dust, odors, or vehicle exhaust gases, we have a solution. Airflow Systems, Inc. produces air cleaning systems that protect workers, production time, and the work environment. Safeguard your manufacturing process by installing an Airflow Systems industrial clean air filtration solution.

Amber Industries Inc [Dallas]
Category: Industrial Transient Suppressors
Manufacturers of industrial transient suppressors.

Aesops [Dalton]
Category: Static Control Products
Aesops brings you a complete line of static controlproducts including work stations, ultra light and standard weightgarments, gloves, static shielding cart and product covers, mats, wriststraps, cords and field service kits. We specialize in customapplications.

American Cutting & Die Of Dalton Inc [Dalton]
Category: Cutting Dies
American Cutting & Die of Dalton, located in the "Carpet Capital of the World" has always been known throughout the textile industry as the leader in the manufacturing of cutting dies. In 1993, we began offering contract die-cutting to our customers. Many of our die customers were in need of an outside source to help convert their products during peak production levels or when they had press breakdowns. Today, a large percentage of our cutting business continues to come from customers for these same reasons. We have continued to expand our contract service offerings; adding heat-transfer, binding, serging, warehousing, fullfillment and more. We have also diversified our customer base in all these areas. Today, servicing the leather, rubber, automotive, chipboard, point-of-purchase, and many other industries. Our most recent endeavor is the offering of several textile Product Lines tailored to the decorative floor matting industry.

Accu-Noise Lab Inc [Danbury]
Category: Custom Device Manufacture
We are a custom device manufacturer, and all noiseproducts are available to you on a custom basis. Engineering andprototype charges are seldom applied, and delivery times are notautomatically extended for custom units.

Amphenol RF [Danbury]
Category: RF interconnect systems
Amphenol is the world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of RF interconnect systems for the automotive, broadband, instrumentation, internet, military/aerospace and wireless infrastructure markets. With the combination of our global footprint and experience extending over a half-century, Amphenol is your RF Global Solutions Provider for the 21st Century.

Advanced Sealing Technology [Danvers]
Category: Cartridge & Component Mechanical Seals
AST manufactures a complete line of cartridge and component mechanical seals for process pumps. The AST 70 single cartridge seal has become the standard for harsh applications. The AST 80 dual cartridge seal incorporates liquid shear pumping to remove heat from the seal faces, and can be operated with a pressurized barrier or non-pressurized buffer fluid system. All AST seals are field-rebuildable, giving pump users control over their schedule and budget.

Auburn Systems [Danvers]
Category: Triboelectric Filter Bag Leak Detector
Auburn introduced the first triboelectric filter bag leak detector for air pollution control applications more than twenty years ago, since then nearly thirty thousand Auburn units have been installed around the world. We are painfully aware that our reputation and competitive standing depends upon what we do today, not what we have done yesterday. Consequently, we have continually improved the original concept and the technology has evolved into the most advanced dust collector management and control system for today's increasingly complex dust collectors. The "Auburn Tribo.series" has materialized as the most reliable technology for dust collector monitoring and control available today.

Accusonics Inc [Darien]
Category: Ultrasonic Horns & Fixtures
Accusonics, Inc. sets itself apart by leading allindependent acoustic tooling manufacturers in quality and delivery ataffordable prices. We combine experience, knowledge, and applicationsexpertise in order to meet the unique requirements of each of ourcustomers.

Your parts and related applications are evaluated in our fully-equippedlaboratory where we conduct no-cost feasibility testing andtroubleshooting associated with assembly problems and joint designrecommendations. We evaluate your application from parts, prototypes,and CAD Files.

We manufacture Vibration Welding Tooling per your part files andmachine specifications. Extremely competitive and fast turnaroundtimes.

AGIE Ltd [Davidson]
Category: Electrical Discharge Machining System
We are a manufacturer of electrical discharge machiningsystems and are partners to the best EDM shops in the world -- with over 15,000 users on our customer list. Our installed base of 40,000 wire-cut and die-sinking EDM systems is testament to our success.

Agie is focused on helping our customers producing profitably. Machining special, rare or precious materials, producing small lots with perfect repeatability, manufacturing ambitious tools for pressing and bending, cutting small corner radii, expediting prototyping, producing burr-free parts from hardened blanks, and cutting small holes and blind pockets. These are some of the things you can do with Agie brand EDM. And only Agie offers effortless setup and remote monitoring for walk-away automation.

Alstom Automation Schilling Robotics [Davis]
Category: Robotics
Schilling Robotics LLc founded in 1985, designs and manufactures remotely operated equipment for underwater environments. The company produces the Quest, a line of electric and hydraulic work- class ROV systems, and the Remote Systems Engine, a set of modular building blocks for underwater propulsion, actuation, control, and communication. The company is also the world's leading supplier of telerobotic manipulator systems for the ROVs and cable trenching machines used in offshore oil, telecommunications, scientific, and military operations.

While Schilling Robotics specializes in products and projects for subsea industries, the company's products, including radiation-hardened manipulators, are also used for terrestrial applications in government and commercial energy markets.

AIDA - Dayton Technologies [Dayton]
Category: Metalforming Solutions
AIDA-America continues to build on the 85-year tradition of product quality, industry leadership and innovation established by our parent company AIDA Engineering Ltd.

AIDA worldwide boasts 1.8 million square feet of manufacturing space,1400 plus associates and a press manufacturing capacity exceeding 2000presses per year making AIDA, in units produced, one of the largestpress manufacturers in the world.

AIDA presses are used to manufacture a broad range of items includingautomobile components; appliance parts; electric and electroniccomponents; connectors and terminals and motor laminations.

With a reputation for providing innovative and reliable equipment aswell as complete solutions, AIDA is the press manufacturer preferred byleaders in every industry.

Airfloat/HSI Systems Inc [Decatur]
Category: Material Handling Equipment
Airfloat Systems manufactures standard & custom innovative material handling equipment and products utilizing advanced load movement methods and airfilm technology. With a growing need andacceptance of air bearing technology, Airfloat Systems has developed afull line of standard and custom engineered air bearing equippedproducts and a complete line of ergonomic material handling equipment.(Find out more about how air bearings work.) All products are designedand manufactured under a registered ISO 9001:2000 and in compliance with QS-9000 TE Supplement:1998 quality systems. Many of the air skids, air bearings, turntables and pneumatic lifts are available The Airfloat philosophy is to work together as ateam to effectively implement the best solution, on the best schedule,at the best price. This philosophy has made Airfloat the proven leaderin supplying innovative material handling solutions to a diverse rangeof industries such as automotive, aerospace, heavy construction, heavyelectrical, mobile home, pharmaceutical and food.

AIL Systems [Deer Park]
Category: Mission Critical Defence Systems
EDO Corporation provides military products and professional services to the United States and allied governments, and their prime defense contractors. EDO focuses on systems and subsystems that are integral to the success of long-term military platforms, such as the B-1B bomber, the F/A-22, the Joint Strike Fighter, and the Los Angeles and Virginia-class submarines. The company also has a number of commercial product lines.

Alarm Controls Corporation [Deer Park]
Category: Security Equipment
Manufacturers of quality security equipments.

Ameraflex Rubber & Gasket Co Inc [Deer Park]
Category: Sealing Requirements
Ameraflex Rubber and Gasket Co Inc was established in Houston, Texas in January 1966. The company has grown over the past years as a result of experience, and longevity of key people.

Ameraflex was established to service the Petro-Chemical, Refining, and select O.E.M. markets. In recent years our growth has allowed us to sell products to other gasket cutters and selected distributors.

Our company's history of successful experience in the petro-chemical market has been led by our ability to maintain a 24 hour, 7 days per week program. This specific industry can live with nothing less. Our production crews are on scheduled call-out duty and our sales department does not believe "We can't."

Air Dimensions [Deerfield Beach]
Category: High Precision Gaseous Sampling Pumps & Compressors
Air Dimensions Inc. founded in 1971 on the principal ofproviding our customers with the highest quality pumps in the industryalong with superior customer service. ADI's Dia-Vac® vacuum pumps have a proven track record of long life under the most adverse operatingconditions.

Today you will find our Dia-Vac® pumps within the utility, refinery,chemical processing, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, mining, medical,automotive, government, environmental and emission monitoring industries to name a few. Our customer range spans the globe from large fortune 500 companies to small start up OEM integrating firms.

ADI's gaseous sampling pumps are designed for long life and continuousoperation with minimal maintenance requirements. Our reputation forquality was established over the past 33 years through excellence inengineering, manufacturing as well as being extremely attentive to ourcustomers needs.

Accurate Gasket [Denver]
Category: Custom Cutting
Since 1965 specializing in Custom Cutting, Manufacturing &Production.

Advanced Belt Service & Supply [Denver]
Category: Conveyor Belts
Advanced Belt is a highly competitive, growing beltingsupply and fabrication business located in the Western United States:the Denver, Colorado greater metropolitan area. While we take pride inour service to local customers, we are equipped for and currently dobusiness both nationally and internationally. Our customers are locatedfrom Wisconsin and Minnesota to Arizona and New Mexico, Massachusetts,California, Montana, Georgia, New York and Tennessee. Internationally,currently, we do business with industries in Alberta, Canada, theUnited Kingdom and Mexico.

Anatech Ltd [Denver]
Category: Thin Film Deposition
Anatech's mission is to provide technical solutions for surface engineering challenges.

Anatech delivers high value added thin film deposition services, and equipment that cleans at a molecular level, modifies surfaces, etches and deposits thin films.

The company works to deliver consistent value to customers, employees and suppliers that meet or exceed their expectations.

Anatech was founded in 1981 and serves over 4,000 customers. Its thin film coating division is headquartered in North Carolina, and its equipment division is headquartered in California.

Allied-Locke Industries [Dixon]
Category: Chain & Sprockets
Allied Locke Industries was founded in 1965 as Allied Chains Inc by Robert L. Crowson. The initial manufactured product was steel detachable chain for the agricultural market. In 1978 Allied Chains purchased Locke Steel Chain Co of Huntington, Indiana and we became Allied Locke Industries. Locke Steel Chain Co had been a manufacturer of agricultural chains since 1897. With the Locke acquisition, Allied broadened its agricultural chain capabilities and became one of the major producers of agricultural chains in the United States.

In 1985 a sprocket manufacturer, Cullman Ind., Wheeling, Illinois discontinued operations. Allied Locke purchased some of the equipment and hired some of the employees from the defunct company. From this beginning, the sprocket division of Allied Locke has grown to compliment all of the chain sizes now offered by the company.

In 1988 Allied Locke purchased Chain Engineering Co., Canton, Connecticut, for 28 years an importer and marketer of precision roller chains. With the CEC acquisition, Allied Locke positioned itself as one of the major marketers in the United States of imported precision roller chain.

Allied Machine & Engineering Corp [Dover]
Category: Drilling & Cutting Tools
Allied Machine & Engineering Corp is the leading manufacturer of precision drilling systems, providing metal cutting solutions. We start with the finest quality metal cutting material available. Our T-A(r) Drilling System combines premium material, unique geometry and coatings to enable customers to achieve the highest level of drill performance. The two piece design provides the means to quickly change worn tools, and allows production to resume without any machine adjustment. Customer drill insert inventory is kept at a minimum by the ability to interchange within a holder series, a wide range of drill insert sizes, materials, and coatings. Combine this with Allied's state- of-the-art manufacturing facilities and superior engineering capabilities, and you have quite simply the best, most versatile replaceable tip drilling systems anywhere.

Arrow Gear Company [Downers Grove]
Category: Precision Gear
Early in Arrow's history, the company founders embraced a commitment to building the company into a leading force in the gear industry. This long standing tradition to growth remains today, and has resulted in the expansion of the original Downers Grove facility seven times to accommodate new equipment and technologies for gear manufacturing and production. Today, nearly all manufacturing operations performed on Arrow's products are performed in-house.

Arrow's ability to manufacture gearing products which are capable of meeting the most demanding customer requirements has created an extensive and diverse list of customers - supplying both aerospace and commercial applications.

Antron Compact Electronics [Dracut]
Category: Electronic Ballast
Finding an electronic ballast supplier is a majordecision. I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you a little moreabout who we are and why we want to meet and even exceed your ballastneeds.

At AC Electronics, electronic ballast is our business, our onlybusiness. AC Electronics is a Fort Worth, Texas company and has ISO-9002 certified manufacturing capabilities giving you Global qualityassurance in every ballast you buy.

We have been designing and manufacturing electronic ballast since 1996.Our mission is to bring our customers electronic ballasts for extremetemperature applications. This includes high heat to cold startingenvironments. With our cool operating technology we also have theability to make the most durable high wattage electronic ballast.

AC Electronics Electronic Ballasts have been installed in such placesas NASA Space Center, the new Cleveland Browns Football Stadium, TexasTech University, Tampa Bay Devilray Stadium and the City of Tulsa,Oklahoma School District.

Apprise Technolgies Inc [Duluth]
Category: Sensors
The core expertise of the Apprise team is optical physics and electronic manipulation of photonic signals to identify physical, chemical and biological properties.

Apprise product development of property specific optical sensors is extensive and proven. The Apprise R&D group has over 25 years of sophisticated opto-electronic sensor design experience and has authored over 50 patents and numerous scientific papers.

We identify and integrate opto-electronic sensor solutions with enhanced accuracy and stability at a low cost per unit for OEM finished products.

Automation Intelligence [Duluth]
Category: Motion Control & Servo System Products
Automation Intelligence is offering world-class Sanyo Denki motion control and servo system products. We have also formed a partnership with highly trained VARs (Value Added Resellers) to help you at the local level.

Airflotek [Duluth]
Category: Fan/Filter Modules
We are a premier marketer of Fan/Filter Modules, HEPA/ULPAfilters, Terminal Ducted Modules, Cleanroom Ceiling Systems, CleanroomLighting Fixtures, Softwall Cleanrooms, Air Showers, Pass-Through, HEPAFiltered Vacuums, Shoe Cleaners, Cleanroom Furniture, Laminar FlowEquipment and Cleanroom Construction.

Aries Engineering / HyperCyl [Dundee]
Category: hydra-Pneumatic Cylinders & Presses
Aries Engineering Co Inc is a diversified manufacturer of "hdra-pneumatic" cylinders & presses designed for use in a wide range of assembly and forming applications. After pioneering new technology in air/oil intensification in 1994, AEC has grown to offer a complete range of assembly and forming solutions for customers in the industrial automation, manufacturing, commercial and defense industries.

Angstrom Sciences [Duquesne]
Category: Profiled Magnets & Water-Cooling Technology
Angstrom Sciences Inc was founded in 1988 by its president, Mark Bernick, to supply advanced magnetrons and refined materials for the plasma vapor deposition of high quality thin films.

Thanks to the superior performance of our patented profiled magnets and water-cooling technology, market acceptance of our products has led to consistent growth.

The company is privately held, employs 25 highly skilled specialists, and is headquartered in a free-standing, 18,000-square-foot facility outside of Pittsburgh, PA, with representatives throughout the United States and distributors around the world.

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