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Allied Devices Corporation [Baldwin]
Category: Precision Mechanical Assemblies & Components
PIC Design, for 50 years the original source of precision mechanical components, has purchased the inventory, equipment and intellectual property of the bankrupt Allied Devices.

If you purchased products from Allied Devices, the chances are very good that PIC Design can supply these to you. If they aren't one of our standard catalog items, we have all the documentation needed to make Allied's standard or special parts. Just give us a chance.

American Computer & Digital Components Inc [Baldwin Park]
Category: Memory Products
American Computer and Digital Components (ACDC) has been aleading supplier of memory upgrades to the ever expanding computerindustry. It is our primary objective to offer an alternative sourcefor memory upgrades with optimal cost-effectiveness and maximumquality.

Inside our 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility in southernCalifornia, our team of skilled engineers is in a constant search forthe best solutions to the growing demand for memory upgrade options.ACDC has the ability to supply all types of memory upgrades, from "off-the-shelves" to custom design. By utilizing the best design equipmentand the latest semiconductor technologies available, our memoryupgrades meet and exceed the highest standards of the OEM memoryindustry.

In order to provide the best customer service and support, ACDC isstaffed with knACDC has already established an admirable position inthe forefront of memory technology through the attention to customerservice and engineering support, and it is our desire to remain aleader in the memory upgrade market. With an ever increasing productrange, state of the art engineering and manufacturing, efficient andrapid distribution, and customer oriented marketing, it is our goal tobe the BEST solution for memory upgrades worldwide. owledgeable SalesEngineers and Technical Support personnel.

Air Instruments And Measurements Inc [Baldwin Park]
Category: Gas Analyzers
Air Instruments & Measurements, LLC is a CaliforniaCorporation founded in Aug 1988. AIM designs, develops and manufacturesproprietary World-Class gas analyzers and complete systems forenvironmental monitoring [ambient air, vehicle exhaust and stack gasemissions]. With installations in over 35 countries.

AIM applies innovative technology for the development and manufacturingof situ, remote and extractive spectroscopic - based gas analyzers; andassembles and support complete systems. This equipment can be applied to a broad range of applications including environmental compliancemonitoring, process control, combustion optimization, open-path ambientair or vehicle exhaust monitoring, toxic gas monitoring and personalhealth analysis. All of AIM's instruments have been refined through 30+years of testing, practical field experience, state-of the-design, andover 4000 installations worldwide.

Applied Magnetics Laboratory Inc [Baltimore]
Category: Security & Data Destruction Equipment
We've been in business since1973. For many years our primary business was the design of special magnetic, mechanical, and electronic devices and instruments. We've worked on everything from driving artificial hearts to separating dirt from potatoes, to finding unexploded ordnance underwater and on land, to refining plutonium.

We've always done things that nobody else could do, or perhaps was willing to do.

An important segment of our business has Always been devoted to specialty security equipment. Since the late 1990's, our focus has gradually shifted entirely to the development, design and manufacture of high-security equipment.

We generally concentrate on the security of stored information. Usually this involves making sure that our customers have a way to destroy information in such a way that even the most determined adversary cannot possibly recover it.

Akron Electric Inc [Barberton]
Category: Explosion Proof Electrical Enclosures
AE manufactures a complete line of aluminium explosionproof enclosures.

American Micro Products Inc [Batavia]
Category: Precision Machining & Assembly
Since the beginning, superior quality and craftsmanship have been the basis of American Micro Products. Over the last forty five years, our company has evolved from a one man "job shop" to a full service manufacturer, providing industry with high precision machining and assembly. In 1998, a complete line of hermetically sealed electrical connectors was added to our product offering, giving our customers more "single source" opportunities.

We believe in strategic alliances with our customers, helping us to better understand their needs and how our combined resources can bring comparative advantages in meeting the goals of their customers. Successful partnerships growing together!

Air Kontrol Inc [Batesville]
Category: Pnematic Air Filters
Manufacturers of pneumatic air filters.

ARRA Inc [Bay Shore]
Category: Microwave Components
Designs & Manufactures worldclass microwave and RF products for commercial, military, scientific and educational applications.

Anchor Bronze & Metals [Bay Village]
Category: Brass & Bronze Ingot
At Concast, we can trace our roots back to 1891, when we began production of brass and bronze ingot in Pittsburgh, PA. Since 1960, Concast has been producing continuous cast products. Forty five years of history have led to today's high standard of excellence. Our experienced and knowledgeable team continually refines the process, always pushing toward even greater improvements.

In Mars, Pennsylvania, Concast has been producing copper alloys in bar and tube form since 1989. In 1995, the company acquired the Birmingham Ohio facility and expanded its product line to include Aluminum Bronze and Manganese Bronze. Concast is an industry leader as a single-source supplier, offering both Leaded Bronze and Aluminum Bronze products to our customers.

Airflyte Electronics Co [Bayonne]
Category: Precision Slip Ring Asssemblies
Airflyte is a leading manufacturer of precision slip ringassemblies for a wide variety of applications. Our technical staff ishighly skilled in every facet of slip ring design, test, andperformance. We are ready to help you select the best assembly for yourapplication. We have standard production units available for quickdelivery, as well as a vast library of slip ring designs for you tochoose from.Our many years of accumulated knowledge make it easy to respond tocustomer inquiries quickly and accurately. Flexibility has always been a key to Airflyte’s success-whether a standard part requires modification or a stringent delivery is required. Airflyte always meets its customer’s expectations and always stands behind the product it builds. Whether you seek a quantity of one or one thousand, our highly skilled and dedicated staff will promptly service your request and meet your exacting requirements.Airflyte is now an ISO 9001:2000 registered company working harder andsmarter to produce the best product in the industry.

Arlon - Silicone Technologies Division [Bear]
Category: Precision Calendered Silicone Products
Arlon, a division of Bairnco, (NYSE:BZ), has been a leader in silicone rubber and silicone adhesive technologies since 1954. Silicone rubber is a unique elastomer that delivers high performance electrical insulation in low temperature and high temperature environments. We focus on precision-calendered silicone rubber coated fabric sheets and specialty extruded silicone rubber tapes. Arlon offers the highest performance reinforced silicone solutions in a broad range of products from thermal insulation pads and molded heat shields for aircraft, aerospace, and automotive applications to substrates for flame retardant flexible heaters, ducting, and motor coil insulation.

Arcotronics America Inc [Beaverton]
Category: Capacitors
Manufacturers of capacitors viz., polyster capacitors, polypropylene capacitors, interference suppression capacitors, precision capacitors, surface mount capacitors, etc.

Astro Tool [Beaverton]
Category: Connector Assembly & Tools
We are continually updating and adding to our product lines to meet the demanding complexities of today's market. Our engineering department is outfitted with the latest in computer aided design systems. Our manufacturing facilities utilize state of the art computer numeric control machining centers that enable us to precisely produce more sophisticated tooling while holding ever tightening tolerances.

Audio Precision [Beaverton]
Category: Audio Test & Measurement
Manufacturers of test & measurement equipments.

Analogy Inc [Beaverton]
Category: Semiconductor Design Software
Synopsys Inc (Nasdaq:SNPS) is a world leader in semiconductor design software and develops software that companies use to design systems-on-chips (SoCs) and electronic systems. The company sells its products to semiconductor, computer, communications, consumer electronics, aerospace and other companies that develop electronic products.

Applied Science Laboratories [Bedford]
Category: Eye Tracking Technology
ASL has been the leader in eye tracking technology for over 30 years. ASL was the first company to develop a head mounted eye tracker, Eye/Head integration, parallax free optics, head position assisted remote optics and many other features that now have become industry standard. This innovative spirit continues today with the world's broadest and most comprehensive line of video based eye trackers.

Amptek Inc [Bedford]
Category: Nuclear Instrumentation
Amptek is a high technology company and a recognized world leader in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art nuclear instrumentation for the satellite, x-ray and gamma ray detection, laboratory, analytical, and portable instrumentation industries.

Amptek was founded in 1977 by Alan C. Huber and John A. Pantazis to fulfill the needs of space instrumentation for off-the-shelf, high performance, high reliability, small size and low power dissipation instruments and components. Shortly thereafter, Amptek hybrid preamplifiers became the standard for the space industry as they were used worldwide by instrument makers in both Earth satellites and deep space probes. Numerous plasma analyzers, electron and ion detectors, and radiation monitors have been developed by Amptek and flown in both military, research, and commercial spacecraft.

Allied International Corp [Bedford Hills]
Category: Acoustic Attenuation
Allied International Corporation, specializing in acoustic attenuation, has been serving customers in the United States, Europe, and the Far East for over 50 years.

The Acoustic Division offers a complete line of acoustic products and services to help our customers solve the most demanding noise problems.

Allied International specializes in solutions customized to our client's needs. We take a comprehensive approach to problem analysis and treatment. Although most solutions share common elements, we engineer our design and service to suit a customer's specific requirements.

Air & Vacuum Process Inc [Bellaire]
Category: Compressed Air, Gas & Liquid Contamination Solution
Manufacturers of Compressed Air, Gas & Liquid Contamination Solution.

Advanced Thin Film Technology [Belle Meade]
Category: Custom Coatings & Patterned Substrates
Advanced Thin Film Technologies has been supplying customcoatings and patterned substrates to customers involved with sensors,flat panel displays, Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS),microcircuits, biomedical devices, optical instruments, microwavecommunications, integrated circuits and microelectronics in general. Our commitment has been to work with our clients in meeting all their thin film coating and substrate patterning applications. To discuss your thin film coatings and lithography services requirement please contact us.

Attachmate Corporation [Bellevue]
Category: Enterprise Information Access & Management Software
For twenty years, Attachmate Corporation has been a leading supplier of enterprise information access and management software and services to major corporations and government agencies worldwide. Attachmate(r) customers represent some of the biggest names in business today; Fortune 500 and Global 2000 customers who expect the best. And that's what we deliver.

Customers that rely on Attachmate for mission-critical host access solutions span a wide range of global industries, including banking, finance, insurance, medical and healthcare, technology, automotive, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, commercial airlines and transportation, and government agencies.

Aiphone [Bellevue]
Category: Communication System
Aiphone has become the most respected and reliable brand of communication systems in the world. Aiphone Co. Limited in Nagoya,Japan exports to over 60 countries. Our North American marketing andsales distribution center near Seattle, Washington, was established in1970.

Aiphone products range from simple do-it-yourself door answering unitsto sophisticated video entry security systems, complex microprocessor-based commercial systems, and luxury condo/apartment security andcommunication systems. Our products are unrivaled in design simplicity,technical excellence and reliability. With over 25 standard systems,and additional manufacturing by special order, we can create a systemfor virtually any intercom application.

4th State Inc [Belmont]
Category: Plasma System
4th State can advise you on specific plasma issues,develop plasma processes to address your specific problem and developand install a full-scale plasma system tailored to your requirements.One of the many benefits of plasma is its reproducibility. At 4th Statewe can develop a process for your material which can be transferred toyour Plasma Science equipment.

If your company is not ready to purchase or rent equipment, but hasdiscovered the benefits of plasma, we would be happy to modify yourmaterials at 4th State on a contract basis.

Category: Measurement Microphones & mic SystemsCompany; ACO Pacific Inc
ACO Pacific, Inc. is an internationally knownmanufacturer and supplier of measurement microphones and mic systems,sound (noise) level alarms, calibrators, sound intensity probes,acoustical/emi isolators, and noise generators. Our headquarters arelocated in Belmont, California - the San Francisco Bay Area.

Additional manufacturing facilities and subcontractors are located inCalifornia and internationally.

Applied Specialties Inc [Beltsville]
Category: Coaxial Connectors & RF Components
Applied Specialties Inc (ASI) is a "value added" specialty electronic distributor, specializing in coaxial connectors and radio frequency components. Our value added group specializes in providing standard and custom coaxial cable assemblies and custom assemblies of RF and coaxial components. The knowledge and experience of our people together with the current practice of knowledge in this group helps us to provide experienced technical liaison and application information to our customers.

We maintain a sales office in Beltsville, MD, between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore just south of Columbia, MD. This location is convenient to many large customers, airports, UPS, and truck transportation terminals. Telephone "tie lines" for Baltimore, DC, and Northern Virginia provide almost all our mid-Atlantic customers with local telephone access to our office. A nationwide toll-free number (800) 950-8555 and Email; provides customers and sales representatives with easy telephone access.

ASI implements a philosophy that availability and appropriate pricing are a primary requirement in generating sales. Typical initial manufacturer's stock includes at least a "design in" quantity of all standard catalog items that can reasonably be expected to sell. We maintain an extensive inventory that is tailored to our customer's requirements. While annual inventory turns are an important consideration to avoid obsolescent or obsolete items in inventory, we use a combination of annual turns and individual item margin in sizing purchases and inventory. Items with generic application, identified usage, and longer factory lead times are stocked in quantities and ordered with purchase lead times so as to maintain an uninterrupted availability to the customer.

Antenna Research Associates Inc [Beltsville]
Category: Antennas
In 1963, Antenna Research Associates, Inc. (ARA) started as an engineering and product development company with an initial focus to develop extremely broadband and electrically small antennas for SIGINT and COMINT applications. Our focus in the field of electromagnetics and broadband antennas led to the development of individually calibrated antennas and test equipment for TEMPEST and EMC testing. From antennas, electromagnetics and EMC testing, the company expanded its role into RF subsystems for communication and ECM/ECCM applications.

Advanced Power Technology [Bend]
Category: Power Semiconductor
APT designs, manufactures, and markets worldwide, highpower, high voltage, high performance semiconductors for both switchingand RF applications. Our products are powering the next generation highpower systems for servers, computers, high capacity mass storageproducts, cellular base stations for telecommunications, and industrialapplications such as advanced medical imaging systems, lasers,semiconductor process equipment, and arc welders, as well as militaryand aerospace power systems. With the RF related acquisitions made in2002, APT has positioned itself as an emerging dominant supplier inbipolar RF power transistors for avionics, radar and non-cellularcommunications applications. The Company’s technologies and products are specifically focused at meeting the world’s increasing demand for more sophisticated forms of electrical power, more power overall, and more efficient utilization of electricity to conserve this valuable resource. APT customers are worldwide and include several of the top Fortune 500 OEM companies along with many well known industry leaders and innovators in the power conversion and motion control markets. APT takes pride in providing custom, value-added solutions frequently developed in close partnership with our customers to meet their specific power application requirements thereby arming them with a distinct competitive advantage.

AccuVac Technology [Benicia]
Category: Precision Machining
AccuVac Technology carries a complete line of high qualityConflat® style flanges at substantial OEM discounts. With 20 years ofexperience in precision machining of vacuum products, we hold some ofthe highest standards in product quality and customer satisfaction inthe Vacuum Industry.

We are well stocked in all sizes and can ship standard 304 SS Rotatableor Non-Rotatable Flanges the same day. Since our specialty is CFflanges, we can manufacture and ship most custom designed flangeswithin one week!

Aaron Process Equipment [Bensenville]
Category: Process Equipment
Over fifty years ago Aaron Process recognized the demandfor competitively priced new process equipment. Our new line ofprocessing equipment is designed and engineered for the most demandingapplications with unsurpassed quality and dependability.

Today, Aaron Process Equipment Company is recognized for designing andmanufacturing the most advanced line of quality mixing and blendingmachinery in the industry. Aaron Process Also maintains a largeinventory of spare parts providing our customers with immediatedelivery on needed replacement parts. Our in house shop capabilitiescan also rebuild or remanufacture your mixer or blender. Trade ins arealso welcome on your next purchase of a new mixer or blender.

Aaron Process offers a complete line of Sigma Blade Mixers, MixerExtruders, Plow Mixers, FDA approved Sanitary Ribbon Blenders,Planetary Mixers and a Laboratory style mixers. All our mixers areavailable in many sizes and available with standard design features andupgradeable options.

Aaron Process Equipment Company is backed by their commitment toservice and one of the longest warranties in the industry.

Ausco Products Inc [Benton Harbor]
Category: Heavy Duty Brakes
Ausco Products Inc is a high tech supplier of heavy duty, off highway brakes for original equipment and replacement applications.

Adax Inc [Berkeley]
Category: Communication Equipments
Adax was founded in Berkeley, California in 1982, to meetthe communication needs of the emerging open systems marketplace. Overthe past 20 years Adax has provided superior signaling solutions topremier telecoms companies across the globe. Adax Europe wasestablished in 1990 to meet the specific needs of the EMEAmarketplaces.

The Adax products are designed to meet the demanding signalingrequirements of today’s complex telecommunications environment. Theproducts and solutions from Adax are entirely future-proof due to thecommonality of API between Adax software products and customerapplications. Adax customers benefit from unparalleled flexibility viathe diverse and extensive product set and options available. Thecompletely scalable product set allows Adax to accommodate the smallestto largest requirement.

The Adax products can be used in many combinations to build Signaling ,VoIP and Media Gateways; SGSN, GGSN, RNC and MSC signaling solutionsfor GPRS and 3G networks; Billing and monitoring systems.

Aerotech World Trade Ltd [Bessemer]
Category: Airbourne Lidar Survey & Digital Imagery Solutions
Aerotec specializes in providing rapid and effectiveairborne lidar surveys and digital imagery solutions for government andprivate industries. Aerotec's services include topographic and pathwaymapping, utility route selection, volumetric determination, engineeringdata collection, infrastructure and asset inspection and documentation,and GIS population. Our goal is to provide a professional service thatwill assist our clients in a more timely and cost-effective completionof their projects.

Aerotec's lidar, digital imagery, and modeling expertise can be used ina variety of industries and for a wide range of applications.

AST Products [Billerica]
Category: Novel Surface Technologies & Coatings
AST Products Inc was founded in 1989 to develop novel surface technologies and coatings. Initially a research based organization, AST now offers a line of patented and proprietary coatings for the medical device and specialty materials industries. It also provides specially engineered plasma reactors and analysis equipment that facilitate the application of their advanced coatings. Housed in a 23,000 sf, ISO 9001;2000 registered, GMP compliant facility complete with Class 10,000 and Class 100,000 cleanrooms, advanced analytical and research labs, and a state of the art machine shop, AST can offer contract coating services to companies that require the highest degree of quality from its suppliers.

Applied Ultrasonics Inc [Birmingham]
Category: Ultrasonic Technology
Applied Ultrasonics has a technical team of over 20 engineers and scientists led by the renowned scientist in the field of Ultrasonic technologies, Dr Efim Statnikov. Dr Statnikov has over 40 years of experience in the field of ultrasonics and is the forefather of many ultrasonic based technologies. He is the author of over 35 patents and has published over 200 papers in this area.

Through this technical team Applied Ultrasonics has developed solutions for large heavy manufacturing industries including automotive, heavy truck, shipbuilding, bridge manufacturing and repair, and aerospace. These solutions include manual applications, semi-automated and fully automated integrated manufacturing and machining processes.

American Cast Iron Pipe Co [Birmingham]
Category: Ductile Iron Fittings
American Cast Iron Pipe Company (ACIPCO), founded inBirmingham, Alabama, in 1905, is a leading manufacturer of ductile ironpipe and fittings for the waterworks and power industries. ACIPCOemploys approximately 3,000 people nationwide.

ACIPCO manufactures ductile iron pipe in standard 20-foot lengthsranging from 4- through 64-inch diameters. The company’s product linealso features joints of various types designed for ease of installationand dependability in a variety of conditions. These joint types are:Fastite®, Flex-Ring®, Field Flex-Ring®, Lok-Ring®, Flex-Lok®, MT PushPipe™, GS Push Pipe®, Push-Bar™, Mechanical Joint, MJ Coupled Joint,Flanged, Grooved and Shouldered, Fast-Grip® Gasket, and Toruseal®Flanged Gasket. ACIPCO also furnishes standard and special linings andcoatings.

ACIPCO’s Birmingham headquarters is on a 2,100-acre site that measuresthree miles in length, with almost 60 acres of plant under roof. TheBirmingham facility is the world’s largest individual iron pipe castingplant. ACIPCO distributes its products throughout the United States aswell as in international markets.

Automation Technologies Industries [Birmingham]
Category: Logistics & Assembly Systems
Siemens Logistics and Assembly Systems, the leading name in material handling automation, postal automation and electronics assembly systems, has but one goal: to increase our customers' life cycle return. >From design and engineering to installation and maintenance support, we partner with customers to provide them with the innovations they need to succeed.

Using the knowledge base of our customers and 11,000 employees worldwide, we bring innovations from concept to reality with each project.

APA Optics Inc [Blaine]
Category: Fiber Optic Communications
APA Enterprises Inc manufactures and markets advanced products for the fiber optic communications, optoelectronics and laser industries, including Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer (DWDM), ultraviolet (UV) detectors, Nitride epitaxial layers and custom optics. Established in 1979, the company has focused on leading edge research in sophisticated optoelectronic and optical system areas.

Category: Doppler Weather & Radar Weather Data DisplaysCompany; Advanced Designs Corporation
Advanced Designs Corporation, the only authorized domesticCollins radar system provider, now over twenty years in the weatherradar and weather data display industry, continually adds features andoptions to enhance the capabilities of our products.

ADC is committed to having the finest radar and display productsavailable for Collins radars. We were first to develop a broadcastdisplay unit for Collins ground-based radars. ADC delivered the firstfully coherent Doppler radar for broadcast back in 1983.

ADC's in-house hardware/software development team keeps us on thecutting edge of new radar and display technologies. Whether you areconcerned with lightning, mean radial velocity, storm tracking,reflectivity and Doppler turbulence, and/or distributing data in real-time to any number of subscribers, ADC has a product that meets yourneeds. Our single computer PC-based systems are proven reliable anduser-friendly.

Collins and ADC work together to create systems that increase thecapabilities of the end-user, many of which are proprietary in natureand will be available only to our customer.

ADC can provide Doppler radar solutions for the offshore oil industry,the military, utility companies, governments, aerostats, the broadcastindustry, or any other application where monitoring severe weather isnecessary. Mobile configurations can also be provided.

August Technology Corp [Bloomington]
Category: Wafer Manufacturing
August Technology Corporation, headquartered in Bloomington, Minnesota, is a leading manufacturer of automated visual inspection solutions for the vast microelectronics industry. Founded in 1992, August Technology's systems are used by nearly every major microelectronics manufacturer in the world to improve product quality, manufacturing productivity, device yields and time-to-market - increasingly important considerations in the competitive and evolving microelectronics landscape.

Americable Inc [Bloomington]
Category: Cables & Networks
When it comes to network solutions, APA Cables & Networks terminates, manages and protects better than anybody in the marketplace. >From the APACN Fiber Distribution System, to the highest quality fiber and copper cable assemblies, APA Cables & Networks' products have been used by thousands of customers over the past 20 years.

Founded in 2003 with the acquisitions of Computer Systems Products (CSP) and Americable, Inc., APA Cables & Networks combines the passive optic technology expertise of its founding members and parent company, APA Enterprises, to offer its customers a personalized approach to their cable and network requirements. The company has become a documented leader in optical performance, harsh environment performance stability and port density.

By listening closely to the needs of its customers, APA Cables & Networks designs cable management solutions to the precise requirements of the application. The APACN Fiber Distribution System offers panel density from 12 to 288 ports as well as a suite of complementary products including WDMs, DWDMs and passive optical components. In addition, APA Cables & Networks provides a complete line of fiber and copper assemblies for controlled and outside plant environments.

Adaconn/Inserta [Blue Bell]
Category: Integrated Hydraulic Systems
Manufacturers of proprietary products for integratedhydraulic systems.

Automated Sonix [Boca Grande]
Category: Level Sensors
Having 20 years experience in ultrasonic level sensors, you can be assured that our products will perform according to the specifications and to your satisfaction.

Adcon Telemetry [Boca Raton]
Category: Wireless Solution
Adcon Telemetry is one of the leading suppliers of radiotelemetry solutions. Adcon - its name is derived from Advanced ControlSystems - is synonymous with universal and flexible wireless solutions.

Adcon's turnkey solutions are primarily used in water management (real-time availability of important data for early leak detection, systemmonitoring as well as monitoring of water quality and remote meterreading), agriculture (the system monitors important micro-climaticalparameters), irrigation management and golf course management as wellas environmental monitoring.

Many renowned companies all over the world are successfully workingwith Adcon's proven wireless monitoring technology since many years.

Aftabyte Networks [Boca Raton]
Category: Advanced Data Communication Products
Aftabyte Networks Corporation develops advanced datacommunications products to solve connectivity problems in the office,industrial complex, factory and the home.

We specialize in the use of plastic optical fiber (POF) cable andwireless products. POF offers many advantages and few or none of thedisadvantages (depending on application) compared to glass optical fiber cable. Where wireless communications solutions are appropriate, Aftabyte wireless products will allow the creation of cost effective local area networks.

Aftabyte Networks Corporation was founded by engineers with over 40years experience in designing and developing the right communicationsproducts.

Air Turbine Tools [Boca Raton]
Category: Precision Tools
Air Turbine Tools® revolutionary constant high speedprecision tools redefine performance standards for today's high speedHand Tools, Motors, and Spindles. From CNC, robotic and other mountedapplications, to hand finishing operations, the unique technologyemployed in the design and manufacture of these products delivers acleaner cutting action, faster production rates, and eliminates problems associated with traditional tools.

Air Turbine Tools® patented governor control system delivers constanthigh speed under variable load for increased accuracy and extendedcutting tool life. The peripheral speed, not power or pressure, does the work faster with an improved finished surface. Light and powerful air turbine tools® reduce vibration, fatigue and RSI / MSK injury. The oil free mechanism eliminates workplace pollution. In addition noise levels are greatly reduced to as low as 65dBa. Fewer moving parts and less friction in our governed turbine motor means fewer repairs too. Nomaintenance is required. There are no vanes or gears to wear out orlubricate.

AlbérCorp [Boca Raton]
Category: Battery Monitoring & Cell Testing Products
Alber offers a full line of battery monitors and testequipment, battery diagnostic systems, capacity test systems, resistance testers, hydrometers, load banks and micro-ohmmeters, plus seminars on battery maintenance and testing.

Applied Electronics Company [Boise]
Category: Industrial Control Systems
Applied Electronics Company was founded in 1990 by William Sellers.

Applied Electronics Company provides top - notch Industrial Radio Remote Controls and other types of Industrial Controls to meet your control needs.

With our commitment, experience, and expertise, Applied Electronics Company has established a successful business relationship with our customers.

AceCo Industrial Knives [Boise]
Category: Industrial Knives
Focusing only on knives, AceCo Industrial Knives candeliver exceptional savings, quality and design to your knife needs.AceCo has been manufacturing knives for over 25 years, so we have theexperience and research to create a knife to the customers'specifications or match an existing design.

Through the years AceCo has done extensive research in metallurgy andheat-treat processes. Concentrating on 400 series Stainless Steels,AceCo has set specific element parameters that have to be met to insurethat the fabrication of each knife is repeatable and will uphold thehighest quality. Stainless Steels are iron-based alloys that contain aminimum of 10.5% chromium. Chromium is the element that increasescorrosion resistance due to its oxidizing action on the surface of themetal. Other elements are added at specified parameters to createalloys with differing properties applicable for their specific utility.Carbon is added for the mechanical properties that decide hardness andstrength through heat treat.

The grinding machines at AceCo are custom made, concentrating onkeeping the grinding operation cool, avoiding burning the metal causingthe blade to lose its hardness and strength characteristics. Feedrates, flood cooling and abrasive size are all controlled to insure aproper grind.

Coupled with our grinding, AceCo also has CNC turning, milling and jetmachining capabilities. These machines are used for high precisionknife manufacturing and for various knife holders.

Atlantic Microwave Co [Bolton]
Category: Microwave Assemblies
Atlantic Microwave Corporation brings over 35 years of engineering and manufacturing excellence in meeting our customer's requirements for Antenna Subsystems, Positioners, High Power Microwave Components and Integrated Assemblies. Our diverse engineering and manufacturing expertise allows AMC to offer these products as individual components or packaged as part of subsystems for higher levels of integration.

ATS RheoSystems [Bordentown]
Category: Comprehensive Instrumentation
ATS RheoSystems is a comprehensive instrumentation and technical support company specializing in rheometer and viscometer design, research level rheometers and rheology, rheological consulting, viscometers and viscosity measurements, real-time light and thermal cure profiling, low and high pressure rheology measurements, dynamic shear rheometers (DSR) for asphalt testing according to AASHTO T315-04, dynamic mechanical thermal analysis (DMTA), and materials characterization instrumentation. We address the needs of the serious rheologist, and maximize the utility, uptime, and return on your instrumentation investment.

Aemc Instruments/cchauvin Arnoux Inc [Boston]
Category: Test & Measurement Instruments
AEMC® Instruments manufactures professional electricaltest and measurement instruments for the industrial, commercial andutility marketplace. Excellent customer support and expert technicalassistance are our top priority. Founded in 1893, our products arebacked by over 100 years of experience in test and measurementequipment, and encompass the latest international standards for qualityand safety.

AEMC® is the industry leader in current measurement probes, groundresistance testers and insulation resistance testers. Our full productline also includes clamp-on meters, ratiometers, power meters, harmonicpower meters, data loggers, lightmeters and numerous other electricaltest tools.

Sales and marketing are located in Foxborough, while production, product service and NIST calibration are located in Dover, NH. AEMC® products can be purchased through a worldwide network of distributors. We also offer custom products on an OEM basis.

Airlinx Communications [Boston]
Category: Network Integrator
AIRLINX Communications, Inc. is an international value-added wireless distributor and network integrator of high-capacitymicrowave and spread spectrum radio communications systems. AIRLINXsupplies a complete range of microwave and millimeterwave radios,multipoint broadband wireless local loop (WLL) systems, unlicensedspread spectrum radios (modems, bridges and WLAN hardware) and IR lasercommunications systems. We also offer our own high-frequencyFast/Gigabit Ethernet and SDH/SONET microwave and millimeterwave radiosystems. Providing complete turnkey wireless solutions using customengineered microwave subsystems and RF accessories is our corecompetency. AIRLINX wireless systems fulfill all corporate enterprise,carrier, utility, medical, education, government and military end-usernetwork connectivity applications. Our RF connectivity systems includeprivate microwave, network extension or WLAN bridging,telecommunications carrier backbone and last mile connectivity, radioand television broadcasting and secure next generation battlefield data, voice and video systems for the military.

Aculight Corporation [Bothell]
Category: Seminconductor Lasers
Aculight was founded in 1993 and is a leading innovator ofsolutions in solid-state lasers, nonlinear optical wavelengthconverters, pulsed fiber lasers, and semiconductor laser technologies.Our team has grown to over 45 people with half of the technical staffholding advanced degrees, including thirteen who hold PhD's. We haveover 20 issued or pending patents covering novel lasers, lasermanufacturing technologies and laser applications.Our engineering and scientific team is highly experienced in thedesign, development and manufacturing of custom laser and lasersystems. Capabilities include analytical design, feasibility andconcept evaluation experiments, engineering design, prototypedevelopment, and manufacturing of laser systems. Our staff experienceincludes over 250 cumulative years in laser engineering.

Aladdin Knowledge Systems Inc [Bothell]
Category: Digital Security
Aladdin is a leader in digital security, providingsolutions for software Digital Rights Management and Internet securitysince 1985.

Serving more than 30,000 customers worldwide, Aladdin products include:eToken™, providing cost-effective strong user authentication andpassword management solutions; the eSafe® line of integrated contentsecurity solutions, protecting networks against malicious, inappropriate and nonproductive Internet-borne content; and HASP®, a Digital Rights Management (DRM) suite of protection and licensing solutions featuring the No.1 one hardware-based system in the world.

Acoustiflo [Boulder]
Category: Axial Fan Air Movers
AcoustiFLO is an international company that designs andbuilds custom-engineered axial fan air movers for clean rooms andcommercial buildings. AcoustiFLO uses the latest techniques ofcomputational fluid dynamics and acoustical modeling to designefficient, compact, and quiet air movers.

Acroname [Boulder]
Category: Robotics
Acroname was founded in 1994 with the intention of makingrobotics easier. Whether a hobbyist, student, industrial designer orresearcher, we recognize that building a complete robot from scratch isnot an easy proposition.

Advanced Probing Systems Inc [Boulder]
Category: Solid Pins
Advanced Probing Systems, Inc. ("APS") is the global leader in the manufacture of solid pins used in wafer test, as medicalelectrodes, as spotting pin blanks in genome testing and in a variety of other applications.

APS combines electro-chemical machining, grinding, forming and platingto provide the optimal, most cost efficient pin for your application.Products range from cobra style pins formed from wires in diameters of.004" or less to pins of .200" ground for use in scientificapplications.

APS's mission to "strive for continuous improvements in process,materials, quality assurance procedures and management in order tocontinually improve the quality of its products" has guided APS'ssuccess during the last 14 years. APS's capabilities, in-process quality assurance procedures, materials and experience will provide you with quality parts and excellent customer service.

Alpine Research Optics [Boulder]
Category: Laser Products
Alpine Research Optics supplies high performance catalog and laser optics, and has developed a reputation for manufacturing excellence since 1991. We support a wide range of applications in the areas of Semiconductor, Research & Development, LASIK, Energy Research and Micro machining.

Analytical Spectral Devices [Boulder]
Category: Precision Instrumentation
In response to tough analytical requirements, harsh environmental conditions, and the need for higher performance, precision instrumentation, there emerged a tool enthusiastically embraced by experts worldwide... This is the story of a company started from a different perspective - that of two scientists with difficult and varied analytical problems in remote sensing who joined forces to develop a solution capable of meeting those challenges head on.

During the late 1980's, Drs. Alexander Goetz and Brian Curtiss started the process of developing a solution to the stringent requirements of their research - the need for a high performance, portable Vis/NIR reflectance spectrometer capable of performing in extreme and varied environments to measure a wide array of samples with ambient illumination. Among their many challenges were low light environments and unstable or difficult to reach surroundings. The measurements still required very high performance with low noise, miniscule stray light, high stability, fast scan time, and the ability to work in a wide range of outdoor temperatures. These demands ultimately led them to design and build their own instrument, a unique modular concept and design allowing for the ultimate in customization.

AdvR Inc [Bozeman]
Category: Photonic Technologies
AdvR, Inc. is devoted to the development andcommercialization of photonics technologies. The core area of expertiseof the company is in the fabrication of KTP waveguides for a widevariety of commercial applications.

AdvR strives to maintain a creative and friendly atmosphere for itsemployees with well-equipped facilities that include office space, large optics and chemistry laboratories, and an electronics/machine shop. Equipment at AdvR is regularly upgraded and new capabilities arefrequently added to both strengthen the company as well as to helpAdvR's employees advance their skills.

Advance Controls Inc [Bradenton]
Category: Motion Control Products
ADVANCE CONTROLS, Inc. is located in Bradenton, Florida,

Anko Products Inc [Bradenton]
Category: Peristalic Pumps
Anko Products Inc is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of contamination-proof peristaltic pumps (tubing pumps) and fractional horsepower gearmotors.

Amtech Solder Products Inc [Branford]
Category: Electronic Grade Solder Powders
Advanced Metals Technology Inc (AMT) is the world leader in manufacturing electronic grade solder powders. Our proprietary separation process allows us to produce perfectly sized, low oxide solder powders, while maintaining low manufacturing overhead. Our subsidiary, Amtech Inc is an ISO-9002 certified supplier of high quality solder pastes and fluxes to the electronics assembly market. Amtech also offers a range of companion products for the board assembly market including liquid fluxes, bar solder, core wire, and assorted wipes and cleaners.

Altinex Inc [Brea]
Category: Signal Management Solutions
Altinex Inc is a leading ISO-9001 certified manufacturer of signal management solutions for the audio/visual communications industry.

Signal management solutions are used to handle the routing of computer video, broadcast video, audio, and control signals in presentation systems.

The current product line includes a full array of designer solutions, interfaces, distribution amplifiers, switchers, matrix switchers, converters, special application products, cables, and accessories.

Arcade Metal Stamping [Bridgeport]
Category: Metal Stamping
From preliminary design to final inspection, every manufacturing function is expertly controlled in our efficient 66,000 square foot facility.

Our investment in technology assures you of the most competitive pricing. Our staff includes some of the metal stamping industry's most experienced toolmakers... saving you time and money.

We pride our delivery of superior quality metal stampings at competitive prices...even when meeting impossible schedules.

Alloy Engineering Company [Bridgeport]
Category: Thermowells
Dedicated to the principle of Service and High Quality, Alloy Engineering Company represents an unusual combination of Engineering and Manufacturing know-how. Not stopping at thermowell manufacture, but carrying on into complete familiarity with application and detailed knowledge of the instruments which use thermowells as a means of protection. Alloy has been manufacturing thermowells since 1958 and is still the largest thermowell specialist.

We take special pride in producing the finest thermowells made. Major contractors have approved our QC system and manual for government and nuclear service. Wells made of corrosion resisting materials are highly polished to assure maximum corrosion resistance. Our Quality Assurance program insures the highest quality product with a continuous commitment to employee training and education.

Alpha-Core Inc [Bridgeport]
Category: Electrical Products
Alpha-Core Inc based in Bridgeport, Connecticut is a manufacturer of Magnetic cores and other components and materials for the electronics and transformer industries. Since it was founded in 1982 Alpha-Core has developed a close relationship with a wide variety of manufacturing companies- from small winding job-shops to multi-national companies in the electrical fields.

In response to customer requests Alpha-Core has continued to broaden its product base and now offers an even wider variety of transformer related materials, parts and processes. Our program of peripheral products includes mounting hardware for transformers, and copper laminates for EMI and RF screening as well as electrical tape materials and specialty wire products.

Alpha Tec [Bridgeport]
Category: Connectors
Alfa Tec is a manufacturer of circular connector hardware for the electronics industry. We have been making connector parts and accessories for cylindrical connectors for over 22 years. To meet our customer needs and specifications, we design and build our own tools and dies. The shells and plugs are made from aluminum.

Allor Manufacturing Inc [Brighton]
Category: Chain & Rollers
Allor Mfg Inc specializes in the design and manufacture of Engineered Chain, Custom Rollers & Assemblies, special Bearing Assemblies, and other parts & fabrications to withstand some of the industries harshest environments. Our commitment to product quality, innovative designs, and manufacturing techniques enables Allor to provide new, rebuilt, or replacement parts and assemblies that match or exceed original equipment specifications. Allor is an industry leader with over 30 years experience, ISO 9001 certification, SPC quality controls, and a modern computerized facility with machinery sized to meet any challenge.

Alden Products Company [Brockton]
Category: Interconnect Products
The Alden Products Company is a manufacturer of highperformance connectors and cable assemblies for instrumentationapplications. Designed to perform in an environment outside the shelterof the electronic enclosure, these interconnects are exposed toenvironmental and mechanical stresses that internal components andwiring never see.

Alden Products was founded in 1929 by Milton Alden as a designer andmanufacturer of thermoset molded components for the communicationsindustry. Inspired by the belief that successful new products could only be produced by having complete control over the development process, Alden has acquired an impressive set of core competencies that are critical to meeting the needs of this demanding market segment.

Abalon Precision Mfg Corporation [Bronx]
Category: Sheet Metal Fabrication
We are manufacturers of tools & dies, stampings,assemblies, radio & television chassis, electronic parts,electronicwelding, spot welding, gas welding.

American Epoxy & Metal [Bronx]
Category: Epoxy & Metal
Since 1990 we have been servicing customers in the electrical, electronics, and scientific markets. We offer a wide assortment of custom-made thermoset plastic shapes and sizes for electronic and mechanical applications.

AJ Tuck Company [Brookfield]
Category: Ultra Precision Electroforming
For over 75 years, A.J. Tuck has been both a leader and apioneer in the design and manufacture of precision, close tolerancecustom electroformed components. Today, we are the country's oldest andmost established full service electroforming facility. Backed by ourcomplete engineering, machining and electroforming staff, and employingthe latest state-of-the-art applied machining and electroformingtechnologies. A.J. Tuck offers a single source for all yourelectroforming needs.

Category: Mechanical & Molded Cables
Ameral International Inc is your number one choice for innovations in cabling.

We are leaders in the industry offering quality-manufactured mechanical and molded cables and top branded products. We will customize cables to fit your specifications or find you what you are looking for from other top manufacturers like AMP, Tyco, Molex, JST, Brady, Assmann, Madison, and Cable Matic.

You can expect competitive pricing, engineering and technical support, plus superior customer service.

All Foils Inc [Brooklyn Hts]
Category: Aluminium Foil Converter
All Foils Inc was established in 1980, making us the most experienced foil converter and distributor in the country. Our facility has grown to over 100,000 square feet. It is our commitment to satisfy our global customers by providing the highest quality products and unsurpassed customer service.

Understanding customer needs and establishing long-term customer relationships has allowed us to become the leading metal service center for over 20 years.

True to our commitment, All Foils Inc provides unrivaled lead times in the industry, superior quality products and exemplary customer service to our clientele worldwide.

American Variseal [Broomfield]
Category: Industrial Sealing & Bearing Systems
Busak+Shamban, founded in the early 1950's, is a worldwide leading supplier of high-quality products and solutions for aerospace, automotive, and industrial sealing and bearing systems.

Busak+Shamban's core activities are focused on providing the best sealing and bearing solutions for the following areas - automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, stationary hydraulics, mobile hydraulics, pneumatics, fluid power engineering and electrical engineering, chemical industry, process engineering, the food + pharmaceutical industries, semiconductor/chip manufacturing, oil & gas equipment, sanitary and heating technology, as well as medical engineering.

Allied Moulded Products Inc [Bryan]
Category: Fibre Glass Products
Allied Moulded Products Inc manufacturer of the original fiberglass outlet box, was established in August 1958. President Paul Troder began by producing the first outlet boxes in his garage. Due to their ability to resist corrosion, the boxes were sold into the Wisconsin and Minnesota markets and were exceptionally suited for use in chicken coops, hog houses and cattle barns. Today, Allied Moulded products are sold through a network of sales agents to electrical distributors nationwide.

In an effort to diversify, Allied began developing its line of fiberglass enclosures in 1988. Noted for strength and rigidity, Allied Moulded fiberglass reinforced non-metallic electrical boxes and enclosures are favored by the industry and the company continues to experience tremendous growth. Since 1958, the demand for Allied Moulded products has led to several expansions of the manufacturing facility located in Bryan, Ohio. Along with the plant expansion, there have been many new employment opportunities created for the residents of the area.

Allied Moulded knows this tremendous growth has been the result of hard work by high caliber, productive people who produce a high quality product. "We sincerely value our employees and are committed to not only producing quality products, but providing our employees with a fun and safe working environment," says Mr Troder.

[Buena Park]
Category: Cooling ProductsCompany; ACK Technology
ACK Technology provides quality heat sinks, heat pipes,heat pumps, and other cooling products to OEMs worldwide. With over 30years experience, ACK has established an excellent reputation in thefield of thermal management.

This reputation is achieved by combining a strong R&D team, the totalquality control concept, and an integrated operation procedure.

ACK Technology is committed to 100% customer satisfaction. ACK providesnot only high quality and low cost products but also the InventoryStock program, J.I.T. deliveries, engineering support, and excellentcustomer service.

We are located at Orange County, Southern California, ~ 35 miles fromLAX - Los Angeles International airport.

Alloy Die Casting Co [Buena Park]
Category: Alloy Die Casting
Manufacturers of EMI shielding, injection molding, die casting, tooling, etc.

Amada America [Buena Park]
Category: Precision, Sheet MEtal Fabricating Equipment
Amada America Inc sells a full line of precision, sheet metal fabricating equipment including CNC turret punch presses, lasers, press brakes, shears, flexible manufacturing systems and software. The majority of our turret punch presses are manufactured in La Mirada, California, while punching cells are produced at our Covington, Georgia, facility.

Amada America has provided American industry with a steady stream of innovative, productivity enhancing sheet metal machines since its inception. We have accomplished this by carefully listening to you, our customers, and then engineering and building machine tools that solve your fabrication needs. Markets served include: Aerospace, Air Conditioning, Appliance, Buses, Computers, Electronics, Farm Equipment, Gaming Industry, Medical Equipment, Metal Office Equipment, Restaurant Equipment and Telecommunications.

This is why we place so much emphasis on our Technical Centers, which features permanent exhibits where our users interact and discuss manufacturing trends, new applications and cutting-edge technologies. In addition to demonstrations, seminars on leading-edge topics are presented by industry leaders. The many functions of the centers are illustrations of Amada America's commitment to the customer. Some 2,000 customers visit our facilities annually.

API Heat Transfer [Buffalo]
Category: Industrial Heat Exchangers
API Heat Transfer is one of the largest full service producers of industrial heat exchangers and heat transfer systems in North America. Operating from three manufacturing facilities in the United States and Europe, API has also earned a strong reputation for high quality thermal solutions throughout Western Europe and around the world.

Originally established in 1953 with the Basco brand of shell & tube heat exchangers, today API Heat Transfer employs over 600 people who provide sales, engineering, and manufacturing expertise to support our well known brands of heat exchangers that include Basco, Whitlock, Schmidt and Airtech. In some cases, these names have been providing industrial OEMs and End Users superior quality, cost effective heat exchangers for over 100 years.

Astronics Corporation [Buffalo]
Category: Lighting & Electronic Systems
Astronics is a leader in advanced, high-performance lighting and electronics systems for the global aerospace industry. We have evolved from a components supplier to a principal designer and manufacturer of external, cockpit and cabin lighting systems. We are unique in our ability to address the complete lighting needs of an aircraft for the three major aircraft markets: the military, commercial transport and business jet markets. Astronics provides its products to major aircraft manufacturers, avionics companies and operators around the world.

A L Design [Buffalo]
Category: Load Cells
We manufacture load cells, pressure transducers and digital indicators to give you the right information when forces and pressures are measured in your applications.

We make high accuracy load cells with ranges of as low as 1 or 2 gramcapacity and high ranges up to 2 or 5 million lbs., ( 1 to 2.5 millionKilograms) capacity. We offer high temperature options of 450 deg.F.(230. deg. Celsius).

AMS Industries [Buffalo]
Category: Chain Belt Tensioners
Manufacturers of Automatic Chain Belt Tensioners, Belt Guides, Guide Rails, Plastics, ETP Bushings.

Aucotec Inc [Buffalo Grove]
Category: Software Systems
Aucotec is one of the worlds largest independent software companies focused on developing software systems and complementary consultancy for planning and operating electrical engineering and process automation plants.

Apart from our Chicago office and head office in Hanover, Auctotec has a further development centre in Frankfurt and a subsidiary in Vienna. Our international success is based on our global network of longstanding sales partners whose competence offers our customers' worldwide support.

Atwater Electronics Company [Burbank]
Category: Interconnect Products
Atwater is both a manufacturer and a distributor of interconnect products, dedicated to meeting our customers requirements with on-time delivery of quality goods and services at competitive prices.

To this end we provide positive solutions to interconnect problems through knowledgeable sales engineers, in depth stock of standard product and inventory support for customers who use non-standard product.

Alprofil Inc [Burgess Hill]
Category: Aluminium Construction Systems
Aluminium Construction Systems specialist, Alprofil - Aluminium Profile - supply companies in the UK and Ireland. We use quality aluminium extrusions designed and manufactured in Switzerland by Alprofil AG for Lanco Assembly Systems AG. Alprofil's experience in aluminium construction of frames and frameworks for applications such as safety guarding, support structures, in industries covering Manufacturing and Electronics.

Ascension Technology Corporation [Burlington]
Category: Motion Tracking Devices
Ascension Technology Corporation makes magnetic, optical and inertial motion-tracking devices for 3D computer graphics interaction, animation and medical imaging. If you need to quickly and accurately track the motion of humans, handheld objects or even medical instruments, you've come to the right place. We have 14 unique tracking solutions available to meet varied requirements. Both 6DOF and 3DOF trackers are available to simultaneously determine the precise location of one or more sensors in 3D space.

Analogix [Burlington]
Category: Flash Chromatography instrumentation
Analogix Inc is a leading manufacturer of Flash Chromatography instrumentation, systems and consumable cartridges. In addition we manufacture parts and accessories that are compatible with both our products and our competitor's products. Our objective is to earn our business by helping customers achieve their compound purification goals more effectively.

Analogix's operations are headquartered in Burlington, WI - between Chicago and Milwaukee. Our facilities include extensive automation, including specially designed production machinery incorporating our proprietary Gradient-Free Compression(tm) technology. Analogix can fill from 0.5mg to over 5kg with best-in-class accuracy and reproducibility in mass and compaction.

Atrix International Inc [Burnsville]
Category: Industrial & Commercial Vacuum Cleaners
Atrix International Inc is a leading manufacturer of industrial and commercial vacuum cleaners for toner, developer, dust and soot. In addition, the company makes a complete line of HEPA and ULPA vacuums and filters. Atrix also manufactures remote metering, tracking and monitoring hardware for the copier and digital printer industry. In addition, the company offers a production and process monitoring system for the plastics injection and blow molding industry. They stock and distribute ESD products, wrist bands, coil cords, tools, tool kits, instrumentation and cleaning supplies for the copier, computer, medical and telecommunications industries.

Advanced Technology & Research Corp [Burtonsville]
Category: Engineering Products
ATR is a diversified engineering firm dedicated toproviding high quality products, engineering, integration, and technical support services to the public and private sector. We specialize in applying the latest technology and products to rapidly implement practical systems solutions.

In business since 1973, ATR has a solid and growing base of successfulGovernment and U.S. Postal Service contracting. We are now offering ourextensive experience and capabilities to satisfy the needs of commercial clients, especially in the cost-effective automation of their processes.

Applied Test Systems Inc [Butler]
Category: Materials Testing Equipment
Applied Test Systems, Inc (ATS) is a leading manufacturer of precise and efficient materials testing equipment. Since 1965, ATS machines and accessories have been and continue to be among the industry's best and are often the most affordable.

AGR International [Butler]
Category: Container Design Services
Agr International is a complete supplier to the glasscontainer industry - including container design services, consulting,in-house testing and evaluation, on-line and laboratory equipment,industry and equipment training, and full product support. From itsroots in container design and analysis to today’s advanced testing andinspection technologies, Agr has reigned as a leader in containerinspection, verification, and research for over 65 years. Agr continuesto help glass container manufacturers achieve better production qualityand efficiency.

Headquartered in Butler, Pennsylvania, USA, Agr provides worldwide sales and service of our on-line and laboratory inspection equipment. Agr maintains sales offices in Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Luxembourg,Mexico, Poland, and Spain as well as service offices in Germany, China,Italy, and Mexico.

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