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Applied Wireless LLc [Camarillo]
Category: Wireless Products
Applied Wireless manufactures 300, 400 and 900 MHz wireless modules for remote control, data, audio and video transmissions. Applied Wireless also manufactures turnkey products such as video transmitter links, RFID tags and keyfob transmitters. The range of these products is typically upwards of 500 to 1000 feet.

Arnold Magnetics Corp [Camarillo]
Category: Power Supplies & Converters
Manufacturers of High Reliability Single and Multiple Output Industrial and Military Power Supplies and Converters.

Advanced Connector Technology Inc [Camarillo]
Category: Electronics
A leading supplier of rubber keypads, membrane switches,keyboard assemblies, front panel assemblies, injection molded plasticparts, LCD elastomeric connectors and bezels, cellular, GPS andtransceiver antennas. Standard and custom products are available.

Advanced Digital [Camarillo]
Category: Motion Control Products
Designer and manufacturer of sophisticated DSP-based servodrives and amplifiers.

Our drives are designed to be truly simple to wire, set up and run.

Advanced Motion Controls [Camarillo]
Category: Servo Drives & Amplifiers
Advanced Motion Controls was founded in 1987 with the ideaof designing and manufacturing analog servo amplifiers and digitaldrives for brushless AC, brushless DC, brush type and linear and rotaryservomotors and actuators. We joined our industry’s technologicalleaders by making superior servo technology available across the widestrange of applications. From the beginning, we organized around theprinciple that people-to-people accessibility and expertise help ourcustomers bring great new products to market faster. Our customers areable to interact with a team that not only listens and understandssystem integration, but also responds with standard or customizedsolutions that offer exceptional value.

Advanced Photonix Inc [Camarillo]
Category: Silicon Photodiodes & Electro-optical Products
Advanced Photonix is the industry leader, developingstandard and custom silicon photodetectors and optoelectronic assemblies for many business markets.

With more than 20 years of experience, we have the knowledge, thecommitment, and the resources to understand your requirements andprovide appropriate solutions.

API remains committed to maintaining a leadership position in photonicdetection technology and continues R&D investment in advanced productdevelopment.

Active Control eXperts Inc [Cambridge]
Category: Structures & Aerodynamics
Midé was founded in 1990 by Dr. Marthinus van Schoor, aPh.D. graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He was committed toassembling a high-powered team of practical experts. Since then it hasgrown to a company of thirty professionals with a broad and impressivecollection of skills and expertise. The commitment remains to continuegrowing the company in the same tradition, as well as maintainingstrong ties both with MIT's School of Engineering and Sloan School ofManagement. This relationship enables Midé to remain abreast of thelatest technological and management advances and to pass that benefitdirectly on to the client.Midé is headquartered in close proximity to the nation's premier high-technology research and development areas of Cambridge and Boston,Massachusetts. Starboard Innovations, LLC, a Midé subsidiary, islocated in Trophy Club, Texas. Founded and staffed by several graduatesof MIT, Midé maintains its links with the school and region, therebyassuring our client state-of-the-art solutions to their engineeringproblems.

Category: Integrated Software
AspenTech is the leading supplier of integrated software and solutions that enable process manufacturers to automate and optimize their plants and extended supply chains while enabling eBusiness. With deep process knowledge, best-in-class technology, and strategic alliances with leading business and technology partners, AspenTech offers the industry's broadest family of scaleable solutions allowing our customers to be successful in the Internet economy.

Adaptive Optics Associates [Cambridge]
Category: Electro-Optic & Opto-Mechanical Products
Adaptive Optics Associates (AOA) designs, develops andmanufactures a wide variety of standard and custom electro-optic andopto-mechanical products. Since its inception, AOA has steadilyexpanded its engineering and manufacturing capabilities to provide itscustomers with the highest quality products, systems and services.

AOA has an extensive history of selling to government, scientific andindustrial customers including: NASA, DoD, FedEx®, PPG, Lockheed Martinand the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy.

We have provided solutions to our customers' most challengingrequirements. With over twenty years of experience as a systemsintegrator, AOA has the expertise and manufacturing capability to meetthe most demanding production schedules.

A&P Technology Inc [Campbell]
Category: Microprocessor Cooling Devices
A-Power Electric Co Ltd established in 1993, is a major manufacturer specializing in microprocessor cooling devices, brushless DC fans and brushless DC motors to service the growing demand of the PC industry. It has a manufacturing facility in Taiwan to serve leading Taiwan PC vendors with large quantity monthly shipments. It also has a US sales office in the heart of Silicon Valley to serve the United States' diversified market that includes computer, consumer and industrial applications.

A-Power has an engineering group to design and produce quality products with ISO 9001 certification. We hold many product patents in Taiwan, China, and USA. We would like to work with you to expand your business. We also accept OEM orders or ODM customized design product specifications.

A&P Technologies has teamed up with A-Power to market its superior products in the US market.

AnaCom Inc [Campbell]
Category: Satellite Outdoor RF Transceivers
AnaCom, a manufacturer of outdoor C-Band and Ku-Band Transceivers for VSAT and Satellite Communications, has addressed the Satellite Transceiver market based on the industry's increasing need for high performance Transceiver products that are extremely reliable and available at a low cost. The excellent reliability of the Transceiver product has become known throughout the industry, and has led to AnaCom's dramatic growth. AnaCom provides Transceiver products that are being sold worldwide to most satellite communications systems providers, integrators and end-users.

Antares Microsystems Inc [Campbell]
Category: Storage Area Networking & System Enhancement Hardware
Antares Microsystems is a leading manufacturer of Storage Area Networking and system enhancement hardware for high-end computers running Solaris, Linux, and Windows NT.

The company currently manufactures and supports over thirty different PCI-bus and SBus plug-in boards for Solaris, Linux, and Windows NT systems. Product lines including storage area network hardware, local & wide-area network interface cards, disk & tape controllers, graphics accelerators, sound cards and more are sold through a worldwide network of value-added resellers and distributors.

American Grounding Systems Inc [Canby]
Category: Ground Straps & Wires
American Grounding Systems, Inc. is an Oregon corporationand is a manufacturer of Ground Straps and Wires. We supply our products to the OEM, Industrial, Aviation/Aerospace and Military sectors. AGS has an online catalog for our most popular straps and provides custom design support .

Arcolectric Corporation [Canoga Park]
Category: Switches, Indicator & Fuseholders
Arcolectric specialises in the manufacture of appliance switches, indicator lights and fuseholders for every kind of product from computers to coffee machines and lighting to laser printers.

Accuflex Industrial Hose Ltd [Canton]
Category: Thermoplastic Hose
Manufacturers of quality thermoplastic hose & tubing tothe industry.

ATEQ Corp [Canton]
Category: Industrial Quality Control Products
We design and produce the most user friendly, fastest and most reliable instruments on the market, thus ensuring that our customers can focus on manufacturing higher quality products faster and cheaper.

Atlantic Nuclear Corp [Canton]
Category: Radiation Safety Supply
Manufacturers of radiation safety supplies.

1 Source Microscopes [Cardiff]
Category: Compound & Stereo Microscopes
1 Source Microscopes is located in Cardiff, California anddistributes the National Optical brand of microscopes. We are anaffiliated sales rep for Microscope World and specialize in retailsales to individuals, hobbyists, schools, and light industry.

The technical specialists at 1 Source are highly trained in the area ofmicroscopes, video imaging and optics and we welcome your microscopequestions. If we don't have what you need, please visit MicroscopeWorld or contact us for more information regarding your specializedrequirements.

Automation Systems Interconnect Inc [Carlisle]
Category: Interconnect, Interface & Sensing Products
Automation Systems Interconnect Inc (ASI) is a manufacturer and supplier of interconnect and interface products that have been designed for industrial control equipment and systems. Our goal is to provide our customers with innovative interconnect systems based on quality, technology and speed. Our management team has a combined experience of over 50 years in the design, manufacture, sales, marketing and service of connector and interface products. The suppliers that we have partnered with provide us with world class, innovative and high quality products that meet international standards.

ASI has the ability to supply individual components and devices as listed on our website, or to design and assemble complete interconnect and interface systems to meet the exact needs of a customers' application. Complete DIN rail terminal block assemblies, modified standard interface modules, kitted cable assemblies and modules, in addition to customer-specific custom interface modules, are just a few of the products and services that we can provide.

Astec [Carlsbad]
Category: Power Supplies
Astec Power is a worldwide and leading supplier of standard, modified standard, custom AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies from 1 watt to 18,000 watts. A wholly owned subsidiary of Emerson (EMR:NYSE), the firm is headquartered in San Diego, California and is dedicated to advanced research and development, followed by sophisticated manufacturing automation and in-process testing to deliver power system solutions. Astec Power has design and production operations on three continents to best serve its international customer base with quality products that are reliable, delivered on-time and competitively priced.

Asymtek [Carlsbad]
Category: Fluid Dispensing Equipment
Asymtek supplies award-winning automated fluid dispensing systems that are focused on advanced technology applications in a wide range of industries. These include semiconductor packaging, printed circuit board assembly, flat panel display assembly, electronic component assembly, medical/biotech product assembly, and other assembly processes. With over 20 years of experience, Asymtek is committed to providing innovative dispensing solutions and the best support to customers worldwide.

Allegrotek Inc [Carlsbad]
Category: Automation Systems
Allegrotek provides professional engineering services tobusinesses throughout southern California. From design and documentation to integration and manufacturing support, Allegrotek offers a full complement of services designed to meet the unique requirements of each client.

Allegrotek can integrate electro-mechanical components to provideproduct enhancements, add-on modules or complete turnkey systems. Ourintegration experience includes automation systems, motion and fluidcontrol, pneumatic processes and power management.

AmCells Company [Carlsbad]
Category: Load Cells & Scales
Acells Corp manufactures and supplies standard load cells for the industry. Custom designed load cells to fit unique customer needs are also a speciality of ACells. ACells' load cells have capacities ranging from fractions of a pound to in excess of several hundred of thousand pounds. Load cells are available in various materials including stainless steel, alloy steel and aluminium.

3i-Innovative Ideas Inc [Carnegie]
Category: Telecom Products
The name "innovative ideas, inc." or "3i" was created toprovide an ongoing reminder to the management, employees and customersof 3i of the basis in which the company was founded, and our continuinggoal to innovate new ideas to bring simple and cost-effectivetelecommunications solutions to market.

Our Mission is to develop, manufacture and market innovativetelecommunications products that provide simple and cost-effectivesolutions to otherwise complex problems.

Antunes Controls [Carol Stream]
Category: Electronic Controls
A J Antunes & Co is a prominent manufacturing company that distributes products all over the world. The company headquarters is located in Carol Stream, IL, a suburb of Chicago in the US. In business since 1955, the company is privately held and family run. A J Antunes & Co. divisions include; Antunes Foodservice Equipment which manufactures products for the foodservice industry including the Roundup(tm) brand of commercial countertop cooking equipment, Antunes Controls which manufactures OEM electronic controls and air and gas pressure switches, and the newest division; Antunes Filtration Technologies which manufactures filtration products that remove particulates, bacteria, and viruses from water.

Acme Industrial Company [Carpentersville]
Category: Precision No-Counterbore Drill Bushings & Keylocking
Acme Industrial Company has a proven track record ofproviding the highest quality products and service to manufacturersaround the world since 1914. No shoddy rocket powered roller skates,giant sling shots, or coyote crushing anvils here. We manufacturePrecision No-Counterbore Drill Bushings and Keylocking Threaded Insertsto the highest levels of workmanship. We have achieved ISO 9002: 1994compliance and have been registered by Entella, Inc. Quality SystemRegistration Division. Thank you for visiting our website. Our CustomerService Department is ready to assist you with any questions you mayhave.

This Acme Industrial Company web site includes information on ourstandard Drill Bushings in inch and metric sizes. Please contact acustomer service representative for information on our other products.

Astromec Inc [Carson City]
Category: Motion Controls
Astromec is a leading designer and manufacturer of a wide variety of custom fractional horsepower DC, PMDC and BLDC motors, and other motion control products. We design these motor products to solve the challenging problems you face. Got a great idea and need a great motor product but can't find one off-the-shelf? Use a custom designed product from Astromec to make your idea shine.

Ametherm Inc [Carson City]
Category: Current Limiters & Thermistors
Manufacturers of Inrush Current Limiters and NTC Thermistors, PTC Thermistors, Power Thermistors, Surge Limiters, Probe & Assemblies, Custom Products.

American Magnetics Corporation [Carterville]
Category: Transformers & Related Components
American Magnetics Corporation provides a balanced system of Engineering Talent, Production Proficiency and Quality Assurance. Established in 1946, we have proven our ability to provide a consistent quality product and deliver it on time.

American Magnetics can supply a large variety of transformers, inductors, coils, and other wound magnetic devices and has demonstrated this ability over many years of manufacturing.

Located in Southern Illinois, American Magnetics has access to all major forms of transportation, including overnight delivery to anywhere in the continental United States.

Automation Controls Inc [Casselberry]
Category: Sensors & Controllers
Autonics has been established in 1977 and become world class brand of manufacturing diversified controllers & sensors for factory automation. We have already been good reputation in Korea as leading company of factory automation field and have expanded world market based on that. There are 5 local branch offices in Korea and 4 international branch offices in USA, Japan, Indonesia, China. And we keep expanding our sales territories all of the world with our best quality and service.

Autonics has well developed organization and many experienced sales men to penetrate various markets in all over the world. Our total turnover has been massively increasing year by year and we keep trying to grow on and on. Especially International sales team is trying to give the best service to our valuable customers.

Airotronics [Cazenovia]
Category: Electronic Timers & Controls
For over 30 years, Airotronics has been designing andbuilding electronic timers and controls and supplying them to OEMs anddistributors. During that time we have earned an enviable reputation for quality and reliability, by consistently meeting or exceeding therequirements of our customers. We started with the 8 and 11 pin magnaland quick connect plug-in style timer. Then we expanded our range toinclude the 2" x 2" solid state cube. In 1986 we introduced ourinnovative CMOS relay output cube, still in a 2" x 2" format but capable of handling loads up to 20 amps or 1.5 HP without heat sinking. These units do all that can be done by a plug-in timer, but in less space and at lower cost. The most recent introduction is our microprocessor-based controllers which provide a high degree of sophistication for those who need to control multiple inputs and outputs.

Apache Hose and Belting Co Inc [Cedar Rapids]
Category: Hose & Belting Products
Apache Hose & Belting is widely recognized across the US for the variety and quality of our hose and belting, custom fabrications, industrial services and retail products. Our 5 centrally located service centers positioned throughout the Midwest give us ready access to the heartland and both coasts.

Apache specializes in the fabrication and distribution of conveyor belting and hose products for applications as diverse as agriculture, milling, construction, mining manufacturing and retail sales. Products include flat and custom configured conveyor belting, belt fasteners and conveyor accessories, custom die and waterjet cut rubber parts, and a wide selection of hose, couplings, and accessories.

Belt services include on-site splicing/vulcanizing, field installation and training of conveyor belts, and conveyor components replacement. Complete belt system audits give you detailed reports of system performance and needs. Hose Services included on-site testing with mobile hose test unit, repair and re-certification of hose assemblies, coupling of new hose assemblies and hose systems audits.

ADS Technologies Inc [Cerritos]
Category: Universal Serial Bus
ADS Technologies ( ) is a world leader inUniversal Serial Bus and IEEE-1394/FireWire solutions for the personalcomputer. Since the company's inception in 1992, the cornerstone of thecompany's success has been to introduce niche or high-end technologiesto the consumer marketplace with quality devices sold at a reasonablecost.

Over the years, ADS Technologies, Inc. has brought a wide range ofproducts to market including VGA-to-TV scan converters, video captureand TV Tuner cards, which enabled ADS Technologies to sustain steadygrowth and sales during the mid-1990's. This company experienceddramatic growth in the later part of the 1990's with the expansion intothe external bus industry, namely USB and IEEE-1394/FireWire.

Since the introducing of the USB Port for Desktops in 1998, ADSTechnologies has contributed to the successful adoption of the USBstandard among the 150 million legacy personal computer owners.Currently boasting seven complementary peripherals in its award-winningUSB product line, the USB Port for Desktops has become the world's bestselling USB PCI host card.

3S Phoenix Inc [Chandler]
Category: Semiconductor Equipment
Manufacturers of semiconductor equipments.

Amkor Technology Inc [Chandler]
Category: Semiconductor Assembly
When Amkor Technology was founded in 1968, many of the products that we take for granted today existed only in the mind's eye of visionaries.

Amkor helped make these visions a reality by pioneering the outsourcing of semiconductor assembly and test services. Today, Amkor is a strategic contract manufacturing resource for many of the world's leading semiconductor companies. We have developed unique expertise in high- volume manufacturing techniques and have diversified and expanded our operational scope by establishing production centers in strategic locations throughout Asia.

Andigilog Inc [Chandler]
Category: Mixed-Signal Semiconductor
Andigilog provides state-of-the-art, cost effective, analog and mixed-signal semiconductor solutions utilizing proven CMOS technology and manufacturing expertise. Andigilog offers the highest level of accuracy enabling new innovations as well as improved systems cost, quality and reliability in end customer applications such as cell phones, computers, industrial automation and other systems.

Acculogic [Chanhassen]
Category: Tools & Circuit Board Test Solutions
Acculogic designs, manufactures, and markets a broad rangeof systems and instruments for testing electronic devices, circuitboards and systems. We offer short turn-around time, high fault-coverage, and fast cycle-time solutions. Our services and products areused to validate designs, ensure integrity of prototypes, improveproduction processes and yields, and deliver defect-free finalproducts. We are in the business of "Test Engineering" and we help ourcustomers to reduce risks and increase profits.

Acculogic strives to provide innovative technologies that are requirednow and anticipated in the future. To ensure our customers maintain acompetitive advantage in their marketplace, Acculogic continues to makesignificant investment in new product development and value-addedservices.

The purchase of intellectual and marketing rights for VICTORY softwarefrom Teradyne Inc. and the purchase of intellectual property rights forthe Sprint 4510 Flying Probe from Shindenshi of Tokyo, Japan, in 2004has created new engines for the growth of our company. Presently ourproducts are enabling many of the most reputable OEM and contractelectronic manufacturers in North America, Europe and Asia, to testtheir low-volume, high mix products without confronting the accessproblems faced in using more traditional test techniques such as ICT.In addition, our products allow our customers to develop test programseasily and quickly and they can also benefit fully from cost reductionsoffered by fixtureless test techniques and methods.

Aplix [Charlotte]
Category: Hook & Loop Fastening System
Aplix is the Hook and Loop Fastening System Specialist providing engineered products that meet customer needs in the automotive, aircraft, transportation, hygiene, packaging and other selected industries.

For these customers, Aplix is Committed to providing the innovation, quality and service required for their long-term success. In doing so, Aplix Inc. will strive to continuously develop our employees and establish productive relationships with our suppliers.

Since its founding in 1958, Aplix has dedicated its resources exclusively to the manufacturing of Hook and Loop Fasteners.

Aplix is recognized by its customers as a High Quality, Service Oriented and Innovative Hook and Loop Fasteners manufacturer.

Aplix is focusing its efforts on selected target markets: Automotive, Aerospace, and seating applications in the Marine, Train and RV industries, Abrasives, Hygiene and Packaging.

AC Controls Inc [Charlotte]
Category: Process Control Systems
Since 1960, AC Controls has been providing SystemsIntegration Services, Combustion & Process Control Systems, anddistribution of Industrial Instrumentation, Controls, and Valves ofover 20 major manufacturers to the Process Industries in the Southeast.In addition, AC Controls owns and operates one of the largest ValveAutomation Centers in the region.

Our home office is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. AllAdministrative functions, including order processing and expediting,purchasing, and inventory control are computer-controlled from ourCharlotte office. Fully staffed sales offices and warehouses arelocated in Greenville, North Carolina, Charleston, South Carolina, andRichmond, Virginia. Each office is linked via dedicated communicationlines that provide real time computer operations and seamless telephonecommunication. An EDI system is also in place to facilitate quick andeasy order entry for your orders.

AGA Chemicals Inc [Charlotte]
Category: Glass Products
As a leader in the glass industry, we have been serving abroad range of glass needs in the world community. We have also beenproviding our other products - such as chemicals, electronic materials,components, and ceramics - as well as services related to theseproducts, to many industries.

In the midst of unprecedented changes in the way we live and dobusiness, driven primarily by globalization, social change andaccelerating technological innovation, the AGC Group will have to "LookBeyond" to its future and aggressively evolve to ensure our continuingrole as an enterprise that contributes to shaping the future. To thatend, we announce a commitment to a truly global enterprise that meetsthe challenges of an ever-changing business environment.

We will increasingly need to maximize the value we provide to ourcustomers and shareholders, demonstrating the creativity of our talented people, strengthening organizational capability through diversity and contributing to society and the community.

Alemite Corp [Charlotte]
Category: Lubrication Systems
Since 1919, Alemite has been supplying quality lubricationsystems and equipment to meet the needs of numerous industries. With acommitment to provide innovative products that meet the highest qualitystandards, Alemite has achieved an international reputation as a leaderin designing and manufacturing cost-effective lubrication and fluidhandling systems.

As one of the most established fluid handling suppliers in the world, we pride ourselves on having one of the most knowledgeable service andsupport departments in the industry. Our highly trained technicalrepresentatives are always prepared to answer your questions and ourinternational distributor network provides prompt and efficientdelivery.

American Circuits Incorporated [Charlotte]
Category: Printed Circuit Board
ACI has recently purchased an additional 14,500 sq.ft. facility to better serve our customers. This new facility offers us new fabrication capabilities not previously available in-house.

Adding these capabilities to our state of the art equipment and work force with an average experience in the industry of well over 10 years, allows us to be a turn-key PCB supplier.

We, at American Circuits, are here to fulfill all your printed circuit board needs. ACI has a "One Stop Shopping" philosophy to the manufacture of PCB's. This approach offers our customers a "Turn-Key" solution where we can take them from Design, to Manufacture, through Assembly (including wire harnesses and cases). ACI can also build just bare boards, or do just assembly or testing. Customers can choose to use just one service, several, or complete one stop shopping. This approach gives our customers the greatest possible flexibility.

American Roller Screw Inc [Charlotte]
Category: Roller Screws
American Roller Screw's mission is to make the Engineering Community of the North American Free Trade Association (comprised of Canada, Mexico and the U.S.A.) aware of the unique characteristics of Satellite Rollerscrews.

At this time, American Roller Screw is the exclusive representative and distributor for Rollvis S.A. in NAFTA countries, and will in the foreseeable future manufacture the whole range of rollerscrews in the U.S.A.

Acroloop Motion Control Systems Inc [Chaska]
Category: Motion Control Products
Acroloop has been aquired by Parker Hannifin Corporation.Manufacturers of motion control products.

ACE Technology Inc [Chatsworth]
Category: Wireless Information Technology
In the last part of the 20th Century, analogue systemsspurred the development of the information industry through theproliferation of mobile communications. In the new millennium, theadvancement of digital technology is leading the information revolutionin our everyday life. Free exchange of information is tearing downborders between nations and peoples, overcoming cultural barriers, andbringing about a new life style.

IMT-2000 and other wireless Internet standards are poised to make this“Cyber” living space a reality, and ACE Technology, as a manufacturerof antennas, RF components and RF devices, is committed to develop coretechnologies and realize high customer satisfaction.

Over the last 20 years ACE Technology has been diligently expanding itscore technologies to provide a Total Solution for RF components anddevices. With this commitment, ACE is ready to fulfill our customers’every need.

Air Electro Inc [Chatsworth]
Category: Electrical Connectors
Air Electro is recognized as a worldwide leader in thedistribution, assembly and manufacturing of electrical connectors,contacts and related accessories.

We serve the following industries: aerospace, avionics, defense, cableassembly manufacturing, connector manufacturers, data acquisition,electronic equipment, in-flight entertainment (IFE), telecommunicationsand transportation.

Established in 1952, Air Electro brings years of experience to theindustry. Air Electro has complete design and manufacturing capabilities for custom contacts and connectors, as well as printed circuit contacts and offers value-added installation. We have short-run manufacturing capabilities, Swiss precision screw machine facilities and tin dipping equipment.

AutoPatch [Cheney]
Category: Signal Routing Systems
At AutoPatch, we've been building high-performance signal routing systems for over 15 years and that focus provides us the perspective to do it better than anyone else. In fact, we pride ourselves on building the highest quality, ultimately flexible and extremely reliable matrix switchers available-period. And we stand behind every unit we sell with our exclusive AutoPatch Lifetime Warranty and a level of customer service that is unmatched in the industry today.

Air Systems International Inc [Chesapeake]
Category: Breathing Air & Ventilation Equipment
Air Systems International was founded in 1984 and is an ISO 9001-2000 manufacturer of breathing air and ventilation equipment . We have distribution of our product throughout the United States, Canada, and many other countries around the world. We manufacture a complete line of standard stock products, as well as provide a completeengineering and design team to handle your most complex airapplications.

American GFM [Chesapeake]
Category: Machine Tools
We are a manufacturer for a variety of machine tools such as Crankshaft Milling Machines, Ultrasonic Cutting Machines, Sheet Metal Routing Machines, Core Routing Machines, Forging Machines, Rolling Mills as well as Custom Machine Tools. In addition GFM provides its own Automatic Nesting System and a proprietary control, called the CNC6000.

Built 1979 and since expanded to cover 187,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing area, the American GFM facility in Chesapeake, Virginia is one of the finest, most modern machining facilities in the Southeast. American GFM's primary business is the manufacture of special machinery, machine tools and machine parts. The facilities and skilled work force which manufacture machine tool components to critical tolerances are available for subcontract work - from the preparation and/or production of integral parts, to the design, manufacture and assembly of special machinery.

Alpha Rapid Prototype Supply Inc [Chesterfield]
Category: Rapid Prototype Systems
Alpha provides the systems approach to your Rapid Prototype needs. We can supply all of your equipment, material, and accessory requirements at competitive prices with quick responsiveness.

Angelica [Chesterfield]
Category: Healthcare Products
It is the mission of Angelica to be value-driven and customer-focused, with the ultimate goal of providing superior long-term earnings for our shareholders. Healthcare is our primary industry target and our first responsibility is to the healthcare professionals who use our products and services.

At Angelica we are "In touch with healthcare value", where our Textile Services segment "Delivers linen management solutions everyday".

We believe in the establishment of a strong, effective and efficient supply chain where our associates work cooperatively with our vendors to provide quality products and services to our customers in a friendly, timely and satisfactory manner.

We will accomplish our mission with high integrity, honesty and sensitivity to all major stakeholders - associates, customers, shareholders, and the public.

Applied Analytics [Chestnut Hill]
Category: Process Analyzers
Applied Analytics Inc manufactures on-line process analyzers and sampling systems for a variety of production and environmental application for the Chemical, Petrochemical, Power Generation and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Applied Hydraulic Services Corporation [Chicago]
Category: Hydraulic Components & Accessories
We are a full line distributor of hydraulic components and accessories, specializing in the design, manufacturing, and repair of hydraulic systems. Proudly serving companies throughout the Midwest since 1980.

A B C Manufacturing & Foundry Co Inc [Chicago]
Category: Sheet Metal
ABC Manufacturing Limited is a manufacturing firmspecializing in sheet metal, welding, machining, and our new winebottle corker.

AquiTec Inc [Chicago]
Category: Supply Chain Software
AquiTec vision is to continue our 30-year proven track record of integrating people, processes and enabling technologies to provide innovative supply and demand chain solutions that address the key needs and challenges of the Retailer and Distributor. Our mission is to facilitate organizations committed to transforming their supply and demand chains in achieving higher levels of performance and value realization.

AquiTec is a leading global provider of demand- and supply-chain execution software for traditional and e-commerce distribution channels. Our solutions encapsulate the very best in latest technology and functionality with over 30 years of industry knowledge and expertise.

AquiTec is a privately owned company, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois with worldwide offices in Camberley, UK, Nottingham, UK, and Johannesburg, South Africa.

Atlas Electric Devices Company [Chicago]
Category: Weathering Testing Instruments
Atlas is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and its European headquarters in Linsengericht, Germany. Atlas has two design and manufacturing sites worldwide for the internationally accepted Weather-Ometer(r) and Xenotest line of test instruments; Chicago, Illinois and Linsengericht, Germany.

With the combined resources of Atlas Material Testing Technology LLc, Atlas Weathering Services Group and K.H. Steuernagel, our clients can have expert assistance in all areas related to natural and laboratory weathering and material testing solutions. As the Atlas Network of Weathering, we work together to provide our clients with a test program that will supply the data needed to make informed material performance decisions.

Aeroflash Signal [Chicago]
Category: Safety Warning Devices
Manufacturer of strobes and lighting systems fortransportation- safety flashers for school busses, strobe and warninglights for aircrafts, daytime running lights, power supplies, flashers.

A Finkl & Sons Co [Chicago]
Category: Forging Die Steels
Finkl & Sons Co. was founded in 1879 when German immigrantAnton Finkl developed a new kind of chisel to clean bricks frombuildings destroyed in the Great Chicago Fire. In 1902, A. Finkl & SonsCo. moved to its present location on Chicago's Near North Side.

Since the 1800s, Finkl has maintained a commitment to manufacture 100percent of its products in Chicago. These products are distributeddomestically and to more than 18 countries worldwide. Most people,however, will never come face-to-face with a Finkl product. Why? Because for the most part, we sell our products to other manufacturers -- plastic processors, die casting companies and closed-die forging plants -- who use Finkl steel in their manufacturing operations. Only when the ultimate in strength and durability is required, such as in large mining equipment, does Finkl steel become part of a finished product. Finkl is privately owned and has more than 425 employees. Finkl's combined domestic and international sales are in excess of $100 million per year. With more than 100 patents to its credit, Finkl's steel formulations and steelmaking technologies set worldwide standards. Finkl's facilities are on the leading edge of technology, using the most automated processes in the world. In recognition of Finkl's product quality, Finkl was the first integrated steel manufacturer in America to receive ISO 9000 certification.

A Fischer Tool & Machine Works [Chicago]
Category: Motion Control Products
A. Fischer Phase Drives has provided dependable MotionControl world-wide for over 40 years, delivering the quality and service our customers expect from the leader in phase drive technology.

A. Fischer Phase Drives offer a reliable, simple and precise unit thatsolves problems of phase adjustment, registration and timing quickly and efficiently. They also have the added inherent ability to be used as a speed reducer because of their standard 4:1 ratio.

Air-Mite Devices Inc [Chicago]
Category: Pneumatic Automation Components
Air-Mite Devices was founded by S. F. Streicker, John J.Oros and John Skidmore in 1950. In those early days the product lineincluded bench top air presses, control valves and a small series of air cylinders.

Today Air-Mite has expanded its line to include a variety of PneumaticAutomation Components. The current product line includes air arborpresses, four (4) separate series of air cylinders, various series ofair and hydraulic valves, several safety circuit components, and manyminiaturized accessories. Air-Mite offers a broad range of componentsfor use in production and assembly. Air-Mite components may be foundservicing industries such as Packaging, Textiles, Chemicals,Construction, Electronics, Woodworking and many others.

Air-Mite has developed a distribution network primarily focused in theUnited States with representation in Canada, Puerto Rico, Ireland andseveral Pacific rim countries.

Quality and speed of delivery remain the primary feature of all products manufactured by Air-Mite Devices. A very competitively priced line of products which can normally be shipped directly from stock. Air-Mite stands for Quality and Service.

All States [Chicago]
Category: Cable Ties
All States Plastic Manufacturing Co was incorporated in 1963, the outgrowth of a company that previously produced molds, tools, and dies. Our product line was injection molded nylon cable clamps.

American Grinding and Machine Company [Chicago]
Category: Surface Grinding Machines
Welcome to American Grinding & Machine Company, one of the largest flat grinding shops in the country. We have twenty-two large surface grinding machines at your service. Welding represents another one of our divisions. We manufacture a heavy-duty steel base or table called the "Brute" Base, which is available in six standard shapes, or it can be completely customized to your needs. We fabricate all types of weldments from small pieces up to 30 tons. We also have a division called Interstate Abrasives, which is a distributorship for abrasive products. Interstate Abrasives stocks and represents over seventy different manufacturers of grinding wheels, diamond wheels, tools, and related products.

Alco Spring Industries [Chicago Heights]
Category: Hot Wound Spring & Heat Treated Products
Alco Spring Industries has been meeting and satisfying thehot wound spring and heat treated product demands of the generalindustrial market, governmental agencies, the transit industry, therailroads and related industries since 1909. Other related products like wear plates, friction castings, restoring mechanisms, gibs, bolster pocket wear plates, follower blocks, yoke pins, center pins, vertical ring wear liners, and horizontal wear liners complete our product mix. ALCO's proud and rich heritage is seen in every one of the quality products that we sell. With its AAR M-1003 Certification ALCO is committed to keeping pace with the rigorous quality standards that are necessary in today’s marketplace.

AK II America [Chino]
Category: Switching Power Supplies
AK II, founded in 1988, is one of a well-known SwitchingPower Supplies and Adaptor's supplier in Taiwan. It's a team with highcapabilities, well experiences, ISO-9001 and T-mark/PSE approved. Weoffer a wide range of products for many difference applications, such as wireless, telecommunications, computer peripherals, networking andindustry equipments.

We carry high reputation and excellent credit from worldwide customers,such as AOPEN, AGERE, COMPAQ, DELL, DELTA, FUJITSU, IBM, LITEON, LUCENT, NEC, PHILIPS and SONY during the years. With our R&D capability and Q.C/Q.A system in the processing of production, the requests from the customer has been carried out with our satisfactory services. These are the characters of what our customers appreciates the most.

Now, AK II has two major manufacturing facilities that located in Taiwan and China. With a total manpower, direct and indirect, are over 400 people and total factory emplacement of 107850ft2 (10050m2 ).The max production capacity is 600K units per month.

American Bright Optoelectronics Corp [Chino]
Category: LED
With the same intensity that our products display to meet the demands of emerging applications seeking refreshing new brilliance and information, we align our intensity of commitment to serve our customers and to provide the highest quality product at a level not before experienced, a new level of excellence.

We distinguish ourselves from other LED manufacturers by focusing on solving difficult LED display problems using the combined total capabilities of our organization. We are committed to excellence of responsiveness and unique solutions. We have established a cadre of products ready for off-the-shelf delivery, while also offering an ability to quickly create custom product solutions to exact requirements, which has become recognized as one of American Bright's greatest assets.

Today's technological and market achievements in the field of visual display must be formed by a partnering relationship, which we encourage. By merging your ideas with our engineering capabilities and experience, we can create imaginative new product solutions to meet emerging applications. Our theme is to be "Your LED Solution and Perfect Supplier".

Active Industries [Chula Vista]
Category: Electrical Installation Products
Active Industries is a manufacturer and distributor ofelectrical insulation products used primarily by original equipmentmanufacturers and motor repair shops. Active markets products andservices world wide to original equipment manufacturers, repair andmaintenance and other service industries. Active operates manufacturingand distribution facilities throughout North America. The company hasserved the electrical/electronic market for over fifty years, is a ULrecognized fabricator and has achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification.

AmeriVacS LLc [Chula Vista]
Category: Vacuum Sealers
AmeriVacS is the leader in Table Top Vacuum Sealers. With several standard and custom made vacuum sealers available to meet your production line needs, backed up by more than 18 years of experience in the packaging field.

Our manufacturing plant is dedicated to the production of high quality, low maintenance equipment that will give you years of dependable service.

1800 Microscopes [Cincinnati]
Category: Microscopes
Our high quality high power biological/metallurgical andlow power stereo microscopes are ideal for dissecting, viewingcollections/inspection of coins, meteorites, tektites, minerals, stampsand jewelry, antique artifacts, fossils, electronic circuitry, insects,plant and animal specimens, miniatures, botanical and anatomicalstudies, hair transplant and dental clinics, forensic studies, moldidentification, tissue, blood, and cellular observation ...and host ofother applications only limited by the imagination.

We can also customize your microscope to suit your applications. Giveus a call, and we will develop the ideal microscope solution for you.

ARTX Ltd [Cincinnati]
Category: Vortex Tubes, Air Flow Amplifiers
Vortex Tubes, air flow amplifiers and some of our other products sound as if they're too good to be true. But after applying these products to all types of processes for over 15 years, our customers can tell you they're for real. If you're interested in solutions, that's what our products deliver, and that's what our catalog explains. If you're like us, though, and want to learn HOW a product like a Vortex Tube works, we'll be glad to send you free technical bulletins on the thermodynamic principles behind our products.

Aurand Manufacturing & Equipment Company [Cincinnati]
Category: Fine Relaible Tools
Aurand is the manufacturer of fine reliable tools, for surface preparation, scale and rust removal.

Aurand has manufactured exclusively in the USA since 1937.

Our fine quality tools can be used as a concrete grinders, scarifiers, paint chippers, needle scaler and paint remover.

Advantech-Industrial Automation [Cincinnati]
Category: ePlatform Services
Advantech, the leading ePlatform service provider, has been an innovator in the development and manufacturing of high-quality, high-performance ePlatform services in the industrial computing andautomation markets since 1983. For over twenty years, Advantech has been refining what is possible in the ePlatform services market, offering comprehensive system integration hardware, software, customer-driven service, global logistics support, and an industry leading front as well as back office e-business infrastructure. Advantech is helping system integrator partners add value to their solutions and services.

Anchor Flange Company [Cincinnati]
Category: Hydraulic Flange Fittings
Anchor Fluid Power manufactures a complete line of SAE hydraulic flange fittings that provide leak-free connections for hydraulic hose, pipe & tube assemblies. Our flanges meet or exceed requirements of ISO 6162 / SAE J518. This connection features the static face seal incorporated into the mounting surface of the flange fitting, using a 90 durometer o-ring as the joint seal. The flange fitting is held in place with four high- strength grade 8 bolts. Since the tightening torque requirements on the four mounting bolts are relatively low, assembly & disassembly is simple, requiring only the use of small wrenches. This is an added benefit when connections are made in tight, compact, difficult-to-reach spaces. This connection provides secure, safe sealing of hydraulic lines up to 6000 psi (code 62) continuous working pressure in even the most severe applications.

Apex Computer Technology [City Of Industry]
Category: PC Enclosures & Power Supplies
Apex specializes in PC enclosures and power supplies. Although it was established just a few years ago, Apex has emerged as a top tier supplier to the Build-Your-Own (BYO) white box market, shipping over 5 million units of enclosure and power supply worldwide in 2000. Selling under its brand name "Super Case", Apex provides high quality products at extremely competitive prices. Utilizing its superior mechanical engineering and tooling technology, Apex has been able to deliver products with quality, consistence and innovation. In addition to its impressive and deep off-the-shelf product line, Apex offers many different bezel and chassis designs to customers in different markets.

Archtek America Corp [City of Industry]
Category: Telecommunications Peripherals
Established in 1986, Archtek, soon become recognized as one of Taiwan's leading manufacturers of telecommunication peripherals. Archtek is a subsidiary of C-Com Corporation a ISO 9001 certified company, produces xDSL product since 1996. C-Com Corporation's products include TDM based HDSL, MDSL and SHDSL Modem and IP based ADSL/SHDSL DSLAM. Having alliances with leading technology partners and first tier customers is brought by parent company for the enhanced competitiveness.

Arena Maxtronic LLc [City of Industry]
Category: Raid Solutions
Arena-MaxTronic Inc founded in 1995, is a dedicated maker of top-of-the-line, user-friendly and cost-effective Raid solutions. Our team of seasoned professionals has wide-ranging know-how in the information-technology industry and over 10 years experience in manufacturing, sales, marketing, and distribution of disk-array technology. With a wide range of storage solutions for any computing platform and operating system, high quality technical support, as well as fast product deliveries, Arena-Maxtronic brings freedom of choice to all clients, from entry-level workgroup to enterprise-class RAID solutions. Our RAID systems integrate the leading edge hardware and firmware technology to deliver high performance and reliability for applications demanding performance, extreme fault tolerance, data availability, easy configuration, and management flexibility all in one Raid solution.

Allfast Fastening Systems Inc [City of Industry]
Category: Solid & Blind Rivets
Allfast is the leader in new ideas and technology for the Riveting industry. We are the leading manufacturer of solid and blind rivets and installation tooling for the aircraft world. Allfast is proud to be certified to ISO9001 - 2000 and AS 9100 Revision A by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance. Our continued commitment to SPC and Lean Manufacturing has earned us the Boeing President's Award for Supplier of the Year, Boeing Q100 Club for the 100 best suppliers in the world, Lockheed's Star Supplier Award and the Bombardier Certified Supplier Award, among many others.

I was very proud to be a member of the North American Boeing Supplier Council. Our implementation of min/max inventory programs has reduced inventories at major OEM's from 3 months to just-in-time. Allfast is the only company in the world that manufactures solid and blind rivets and automated installation tools in one facility.

Amptron International Inc [City of Industry]
Category: Computer System Boards
Amptron International Inc was established in 1986. It was formed with the vision to specialize in designing and manufacturing computer system boards with advanced and proven technologies. That vision has translated into over ten million quality boards sold in the past 17 years. Our success and expertise in microcomputer technology has further expanded our product line into high quality monitors, systems, and notebooks. Amptron operates from its 110,000 square foot headquarters in the City of Industry, California, with the support of its professional sales and technical staff. Our distribution, test and quality assurance facilities are centrally located within our headquarters to provide prompt service to our customers.

Amptron's excellent service and support structures are based on the enthusiasm to satisfy the needs of our customers. Amptron's guiding philosophy has always been "to provide the best service and the best products at the most competitive price." By consistently upholding our philosophy, Amptron has achieved industry recognition in product innovation as well as customer service. As evidence of our growth, Los Angeles Business Journal ranked Amptron International, Inc. number 24 among the 100 fastest growing companies in Southern California in 1997. Moreover, Amptron has been selected as one of the 85 Profiles in Excellence companies in the book City of Dreams - Los Angeles in 1998.

American Drill Bushing Co [City: Los Angeles]
Category: Hoist Rings, Tooling Components
Manufacturers of hoist rings, tooling components & bushings.

Assured Automation [Clark]
Category: Automated & Manual Valves
Assured Automation is a leading provider of automated valves and flow components for industrial process control applications. For over 20 years we have been providing state of the art automation to a diverse clientele ranging from small equipment manufacturers to the Fortune 500 Manufacturing, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Companies.

Our product line consists of a complete offering of standardized automated valve assemblies with a variety of commonly used accessory items. In addition, we offer complete valves where we supply special automated valve assemblies designed around your specified products or your particular applications. Full design capabilities are offered including AutoCAD, Solidworks or other commonly used design and drawing programs.

Assembly Technologies / American Beauty [Clawson]
Category: Soldering Tools & Equipment
Assembly Technologies International (ATI) is the exclusive manufacturer of American Beauty Soldering Equipment. American Beauty Soldering Tools have been satisfying customers in every field of work, for over 100 years. In the early 1900's a customer was so impressed with the soldering iron he had purchased that he declared the product to be "a true American Beauty". The name stuck and the unparalleled reliability of our line of soldering products has since withstood the test of time.

Our current family of employees is dedicated to upholding this fine tradition. A trained quality inspector examines each tool before it leaves the factory. A veteran product specialist is on hand to offer advice on specific applications. Each manufacturing associate is cross- trained on the assembly of every American Beauty product. Our customer service representatives work tirelessly to create and keep satisfied customers.

Applied Energy Technologies Inc [Clearwater]
Category: Ignition Systems
Manufacturers of high-energy ignition systems and fuel- injection controllers.

Advanced Protection Technologies Inc [Clearwater]
Category: Hard Wired TVSS Products
Advanced Protection Technologies, Inc. (APT) is a leadingmanufacturer of hard wired TVSS products located in central Florida,heart of lightning activity. Surge suppression is crucial to any powerquality and power protection system, including lightning protection andthree phase power systems. Surge protectors guard against transientovervoltages, sometimes called transients, spikes or surges, hence thename Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor or TVSS. Transients are known to damage sensitive electronic equipment in homes, schools, commercial,industrial and medical facilities, wastewater treatment plants,factories, etc. Transient overvoltages come from lightning and utilityoperations as well as internal actions such as motors cycling on andoff. Transients have always been with us, however modern microelectronic loads tend to be sensitive to them. The downtime, damage and destruction caused to critical or electronic loads cost billions of dollars a year.

APT’s specialty is hardwired TVSS that connects to electricaldistribution gear in single, two pole, and three phase power systems.Typically, a TVSS connects via a breaker and protects the entire loadfed from that panel. Most TVSS are comprised of Metal Oxide Varistors(MOVs) and capacitive EMI/RFI noise filters. UL 1449 is an importantsafety and performance standard.

Armature Coil Equipment Inc [Cleveland]
Category: Ovens, Coil Winders
ACE Equipment Company is your source for Burn Off Ovens (Heat Cleaning Ovens), Coil Winders, Curing Ovens and accessory equipment. Since 1919 ACE has offered high quality equipment to industry.

ARTomation [Cleveland]
Category: Digital Coating Devices
By developing sophisticated, highly intuitive and simple controls for path and process variables, we provide precision, automated solutions.

Today, Artomation systems are in action throughout the USA and internationally - from mid-size shops to Fortune 100 manufacturers - we can serve a wide variety of applications including powder, liquid, adhesives, and others.

ASG Division-Jergens Inc [Cleveland]
Category: Light Assembly
We're a leading supplier of products for light assembly. Our extensive product line includes torque-controlled electric screwdrivers, automation products, production aides, inspection & testing and other complimentary products for light assembly. With 20 years experience our in-house and field experts welcome the opportunity to solve all your assembly challenges!

Adalet [Cleveland]
Category: Hazardous & Non-hazardous Enclosures
Adalet offers an extensive line of explosion-proof andflameproof enclosures and fittings for hazardous and non-hazardousenvironment markets. Our engineered enclosure systems include explosionproof junction boxes, motor control enclosures, meter housings,instrument housings and increased safety enclosures. The Adalet productline also includes pilot devices, conduit and cable accessories, highvoltage cable couplers and other related electrical products forindustry.

These products made from cast and sheet aluminum, stainless steel andfiberglass are suitable for NEMA type 1 through NEMA type 13applications. These NEMA rated electrical enclosures carry extensivecertifications and approvals both domestic and international. UL, CSA,FM, CENELEC and ATEX approvals are among some that Adalet can offer.

Adams Manufacturing Company [Cleveland]
Category: Appliance & Equipments
GAMA, the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association, is anational trade association of manufacturers of residential, commercialand industrial appliances and equipment, components and relatedproducts. GAMA's scope includes oil-fired and electric equipment aswell as gas-fired equipment. GAMA’s members account for over 90% ofU.S. sales of gas and oil-fired space heating equipment and gas, oiland electric water heaters. GAMA also represents manufacturers ofequipment used in the production, transmission and distribution of fuelgases, and manufacturers of power generation equipment such as fuelcells and microturbines used to provide building services. GAMA’smembership reaches beyond the United States with members in Canada,Japan, Europe, Australia and South America.

GAMA headquarters is located in Arlington, Virginia, with easy accessto Congress and the federal agencies. GAMA Certification Services islocated in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey. GAMA now also has an office inBeijing, China.

Advanced Ceramics Corporation [Cleveland]
Category: Advanced Ceramic Powders
Advanced Ceramics Corporation is the world's leadingmanufacturer of hexagonal boron nitride (BN)powders and shapes,pyrolytic boron nitride (PBN), (thermal) pyrolytic graphite (PG), andspecialty coatings for graphite.

Our materials are found throughout the semiconductor industry startingwith our PBN crucibles which are used to grow compound semicondutorwafers and in MBE processes. Thermal PG is used in a macrocompositeheat spreader, TC1050, which has thermal conductivies in excess of 1600W/mK.

Hexagonal BN is used as an additive to enhance thermal conductivity andelectrical resistivity in all polymeric materials.

Alcon Industries Inc [Cleveland]
Category: Medical Products
The Alcon group's U.S. headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas,(about 30 miles west of Dallas) is our largest location with over 2,500employees. We continue to build our team for the future across theUnited States and worldwide.

We seek dedicated individuals who share our vision of diversifiedspecialization in the field of ophthalmology -- people who are committed to their careers as a means of securing a successful future for themselves while adding value to the world in which they live.

American Metal Treating Company [Cleveland]
Category: Induction Hardening
American Metal Treating is unique among heat treaters in that we specialize in just one method--precision induction hardening. Our combination of highly skilled workers and sophisticated equipment has made us a much sought after source for this type of heat treatment.

For parts such as gears, shafts and sprockets, there's no better way to protect those areas exposed to excessive wear.

Andeen-Hagerling Inc [Cleveland]
Category: Capacitance Bridges & Standards
Manufacturers of the world's most accurate capacitance bridges and standards.

Antenna Specialists / Allen Telecom [Cleveland]
Category: Antennas
Andrew Corporation is a global designer, manufacturer, and supplier of communications equipment, services, and systems. Andrew products and expertise are found in communications systems throughout the world, including wireless and distributed communications, land mobile radio, cellular and personal communications, broadcast, radar, and navigation.

Aloris Tool Technology Co Inc [Clifton]
Category: Precision Quick Change Tooling
Aloris Tool Technology has been the first name in Quick Change Tooling for over 50 years. The originator and world-leading manufacturer of super precision quick change tool posts and tool holders, Aloris is constantly developing new ideas to provide manufacturers with the best tools to do the job.

Aloris revolutionized the metal working industry when we introduced the first quick change tool post over 50 years ago. Since that time Aloris has been the standard of the industry, known worldwide for its integrity and lasting quality. These high standards apply not only to our traditional line of Aloris Quick change tooling, but also to our full line of accessories such as shank tooling, boring bars, spindle stops, and the newest addition to The Aloris Tool Post line-the Aloris Indexable Tool Post. All Aloris Quick Change Tooling is proudly made in the USA.

Aloris Tool Technology also carries an extensive line of cutting tools for use with both conventional and CNC applications. This includes cut- off and grooving blades, knurls, HSS and carbide threading tools, chip breakers, and a full line of carbide inserts to be used with Aloris Tooling. See our on-line catalog for details on all Aloris products.

Argo Transdata Corporation [Clinton]
Category: Contract Manufacturer Electronics
Argo Transdata Corporation is an ISO 9001:2000 Registered Contract Electronics Manufacturer Specializing in Surface Mount (SMT), Custom Hybrid Chip On Board (COB), and Through Hole Electronic Assemblies. We have the technology and capabilities to handle product designs incorporating Surface Mount, Through Hole and Chip-On-Board technologies. From BGA's and Flip Chips to Wiring and Box Builds, Argo Transdata has the know how and capability to do it all.

Admiral Broach Company [Clinton Township]
Category: Broaching Tool
Admiral Broach has had many milestones in its history.

In 1976 Pat Considine started Admiral Broach Company as a soleproprietorship.

By 1979 there were three (3) full-time employees and we were locatedin a 3,000 square foot building.

Admiral Broach was incorporated under the laws of the State of Michiganin 1983.

In 1985, Admiral broach moved to a brand new 7,200 square footfacility.

AGC Electronics Corp [Closter]
Category: Electronic Contract Manufacture
For over 35 years, AGC Electronics Corp has been a fullservice contract manufacturer of electronic and electromechanicalassemblies. It has been our distinct pleasure to do business with someof the most prestigious companies in our industry.

Advanced Input Devices [Coeur d’Alene]
Category: User Interface Devices
Advanced Input Systems operates within the InterfaceTechnologies Group of Esterline, manufacturing custom user interfacedevices and systems for original equipment manufacturers in industriesincluding medical, electronics, and defense. We provide end-to-endsolutions with complex product range and low cost of ownership forspecific customer applications. Advanced Input Systems has ademonstrated record of incorporating any user-input technology and anydisplay technology in over 2000 different input systems for more than1000 companies.

We are frequently involved in cooperative-development and customeroutsource initiatives. Working on projects as diverse as air trafficcontrol, medical ultrasound, submarine-based sonar systems, and navalsurface defense radar applications, position Advanced Input Systems tohelp identify, develop and support devices that customers need now, andyears from now. User-interface notable customers include Siemens,General Electric, Philips, Honeywell, Agilent, and Abbott Laboratories.

Aerospace Wire & Cable [College Point]
Category: High Temperature Wire & Cable
AEROSPACE is a privately owned manufacturer incorporated in the state of New York since 1986. High temperature and custom designed wire & cable is our specialty. We can design and manufacture your cables to precise specifications. Our manufacturing and engineering team has over 40 years of experience combined in cable design and production. We believe in tailoring your cables to fit your exact application.

AEROSPACE Wire & Cable provides specialty products to markets includingaerospace, communications, computers, automotive, steel & paper mills,petrochemical plants, public utilities, nuclear power plants, mining and defense. We have the proper cable insulators suitable for harshenvironments where resistance to chemicals, moisture and mechanicalabuse is essential. We use only the best materials S.A. (Teflon®)allowing for reduced diameters and ensuring superior electricals thatcan carry data faster and maintain the signal integrity better thanconventional or ordinary cables at high and low temperatures.

Arbin Instruments [College Station]
Category: Electronic Systems
Arbin designs and manufactures electronic systems for testing energy storage and energy conversion devices. We provide test systems for batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors, and others related; for use in the R&D or production of these energy source devices.

AccuMeasure Software Inc [Collins]
Category: Software Products
AccuMeasure products helps you develop electronic test andmeasurement routines in a fraction of the time it would take you towrite them manually.

Functional Test Manager (FTM) and the EZ-Transfer for RMB, give youunsurpassed features across a variety of platforms.

Array Microsystems Inc [Colorado Springs]
Category: Digital Video Solutions
Array Microsystems Inc was founded in 1990 by a team of proven digital signal processing (DSP) technologists and business executives. The investors in the company include major private industrialists, Samsung Electronics Company of Korea, and Needham & Company, an investment banking firm. Company headquarters and manufacturing operations are in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Our mission is to become the worldwide leading supplier of PC-based digital video solutions for videoconferencing and communication enhancement and acceleration; video encoding and editing; and remote video surveillance and monitoring.

Aeroflex Circuit Technology [Colorado Springs]
Category: Microelectronics, Test & Measurement Equipments
Aeroflex Incorporated is a multi-faceted high technologycompany that designs, develops, manufactures and markets a diverserange of microelectronic, and test and measurement products. Ourproducts are in worldwide use, supporting communication systems,networks and automatic test systems.

Aeroflex's highly respected achievements in enabling broadband andwireless communications are based on a broad range of patented andproprietary technologies. We balance the quest for new and excitinginnovation against the need to offer products that can be supported byhigh-rate manufacturing and are of the highest quality and reliability.We therefore aggressively pursue those technologies that not onlyprovide superior product performance, but also have reached a level ofmaturity that ensures efficient manufacturability and good value forour customers.

Much of Aeroflex's success in the semiconductor market is attributed toits space qualified and radiation hardened products used in satellitecommunications. Aeroflex's cost efficient process for producingsemiconductors capable of operating in the harsh environment of spacehas clearly demonstrated its merits and has a history of provenaccomplishments. In an industry that must use trustworthy processes andvendors, we believe that we are in the enviable position of havingbuilt an unimpeachable reputation for quality and reliability whilehaving the requisite heritage of space experience.

Aeroflex Incorporated, founded in 1937, is a public company with morethan 2600 employees world-wide. Our common stock is quoted on theNasdaq National Market under the symbol "ARXX" and is included in theS&P Small Cap 600 index.

ADInstruments [Colorado Springs]
Category: Data Acquisition Systems, Chart Recorder & Oscilloscope Software
PowerLab is a data acquisition and analysis system forlife science research and teaching. It is an integrated system ofhardware and software, comprising the PowerLab recording unit withChart and Scope software. PowerLab (formerly MacLab) systems aredeveloped and produced by ADInstruments, and have been for over 15years.

Aeroflex UTMC [Colorado Springs]
Category: IC & Circuit Card Assemblies
Aeroflex Colorado Springs is a supplier of integratedcircuits and circuit card assemblies for the aerospace, commercial,communication and industrial markets.

Air Academy Associates [Colorado Springs]
Category: Quality Management
Air Academy Associates is an innovative consulting company that specializes in Quality Management and Statistical Improvement..

Air Academy Associates is an innovative consulting company thatspecializes in Quality Management and Statistical Improvement...BACKGROUND ON AIR ACADEMY

Our state-of-the-art facilities include numerous training environments,exercise equipment (for "power breaks"), a cafeteria, and much more...

Applied Data Systems [Columbia]
Category: Embedded Systems
Applied Data Systems Inc ("ADS") designs and develops "application-ready" embedded systems that provide core functionalities, including wireless, mobile, networked, sophisticated graphics, and Internet-connectivity for OEM markets. ADS delivers integrated hardware and software platforms that are seamlessly incorporated into end products, providing its customers minimized risk, accelerated time-to- market, reduced development costs, and enhanced design architecture.

ADS' solutions include leading ARM/RISC technologies, including Intel StrongARM and next-generation XScale microprocessors, and RTOS/Windows CE and CE.NET/ Embedded Linux operating environments.

Allied Signal Inc [Columbia]
Category: Aerospace Products
Allied Signal Inc has merged into Honeywell. Honeywell is a diversified technology and manufacturing leader of aerospace products and services; control technologies for buildings, homes and industry; automotive products; power generation systems; specialty chemicals; fibers; plastics and advanced materials.

The company's quality products, integrated system solutions, and services make life safer, more comfortable, more secure, and more productive in every corner of our world. Honeywell products touch the lives of most people everyday, whether you're flying on a plane, driving a car, heating or cooling a home, furnishing an apartment, taking medication or playing a sport.

80/20 Inc [Columbia City]
Category: Aluminium Framing System
80/20 is the manufacturer of the Industrial Erector Setr,a T-Slotted aluminum framing system that can be used for anything andis the perfect choice over welded steel. With over 4000 parts and thebest customer service in the industry, 80/20 can help you solve anyframing problem.

Aron Alpha Division of Elmer's Products Inc [Columbus]
Category: Adhesive Products
Aron Alpha(r) is a division of Elmer's Products Inc of Columbus, Ohio and Toagosei Co., Ltd. of Japan specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of industrial cyanoacrylate adhesives.

Atlantic India Rubber Company [Columbus]
Category: Rubber Products
Atlantic India Rubber Company serves a wide range of OE manufacturing and MRO industries with an expansive line of "off the shelf" mechanical rubber and plastic shapes. Over 14,000 standard shapes are able to be handled without a tooling charge.

Atlantic India Rubber Company was founded in 1919 on the principal of providing our customers with 100% conformance to their engineering specifications and on-time delivery at a competitive price. At the turn of the century, the highest quality of rubber came directly from rubber trees in India. "Atlantic" was added because of the route taken by the ships importing the raw material. From 1919 and forward into the 21st century, Atlantic India stands for superior quality and service.

Ajax Industries [Columbus]
Category: Machine Tools
Ajax Industries is commited to serving our customers withthe highest integrity since 1953. We are not only a leading manufacturer of chuck jaws, but also can supply all of your tooling needs, as we are a proud distributor for over 700 manufacturers. You can rely on us for your workholding products, cutting tools, measuring equipment, abrasives, and saftey needs. Please call or e-mail for our 1200 page catalog and your free password to secure online ordering from our web store. Where you can access our inventory of over 190,000 products. We look forward to serving you with the highest quality chuck jaws at the lowest prices.

Alan Industries [Columbus]
Category: Attenuators
Alan Industries is located in Columbus, Indiana; a cityTime Magazine has described as “a bustling, vital community that liesbetween Indianapolis and Louisville.”

Columbus has a national treasury of dozens of buildings designed byworld-renowned architects and can boast that it has one of the finestschool systems in the country. Alan Industries became a part of thiscity’s mutual effort for excellence when it was established in 1971.

Quality has always been central to our manufacturing process with aQuality System approved to MIL-I-45208 in the 1970’s. Our current ISO9001 compliant Quality System was implemented in the mid 1990’s.

Typical applications for Alan Industries' products can be found incellular base stations and simulation testing, instrumentation,electronic warfare, radar and general lab usage. Most companies in theelectronics industry working with coaxial devices are potential Alancustomers.

Alpha 1 Induction Service Center [Columbus]
Category: Induction Heating Systems & Equipments
Alpha 1 Induction Service Center is a world leader in the manufacturing of induction equipment and services. We specialize in the design and manufacture of turnkey systems for forging, heat-treating, brazing, wire heating, etc. We also manufacture and service solid-state power supplies, as well as coils and transformers. We are a complete induction service center, with the ability to repair your existing equipment to original specifications or design and manufacture complete turnkey systems. Alpha 1 specializes in both standard machines and customized designs, always offering the highest level of dependability, compactness, and process repeatability and production quality.

American LED-gible Inc [Columbus]
Category: Electronic Displays
We manufacture Numeric & Alphanumeric LED Displays, Electronic LED Timers & Counters, Numeric LED Displays, Incandescent & LED Andon Systems, and Tone information systems as well as a variety of user input devices for them.

Aavid Thermalloy LLC [Concord]
Category: Thermal Management Systems
Aavid Thermalloy LLC, is the world's leading supplier ofthermal management productss, applications engineering and customersupport for problems associated with dissipation of potentiallydamaging heat in electronic and electrical components & systems.

Acro Associates Inc [Concord]
Category: Pinching Flexible Tubing
Since 1976, Acro Associates Inc., has specialized in asmall, but essential niche of the fluid control industry- pinch valves.While other manufacturers choose a broad approach, offering many typesof valves, connectors, tubing, and other fluid control accessories,Acro's main focus has remained on the engineering and manufacturing ofvalves designed to pinch flexible tubing. As a result, incorpated intoour pinch valves are features that our customers find valuable.

Need a quick turn-a-around? Acro will conform to your timeline, withon-time delivery being as critical a design requirement as proper form,fit, and function. With our in-house model shop and network ofqualified vendors, we can provide prototypes, pre-production, andproduction quantities according to your timetable.

With a well-developed product line, engineered solutions, expert staff,exacting quality, and on-time deliveries - Acro's dedication to meetingcustomers' needs is unsurpassed.

We invite you to contact Acro for more information about our productsand how they may integrate into your tube pinching applications.

Advanced Technology Environmental Control Systems LLC [Concord]
Category: Air Management Devices
ATECS LLc manufactures air management devices for cleanrooms and other controlled environments. Many ATECS devices have a patented orifice configuration ensuring linear air flow. The damper product line consists of: Floor, Wall and Ceiling Filter Dampers to ensure parallel flow in class 1 to 100 rooms. With them, accurate, repeatable and consistent air flow is fast and easy to regulate and maintain. ATECS' other products for controlled environments are: Specialty Louvers, Diffusers, Flex Duct Quick Connect Couplings, Exhaust Control Systems for aggressive air streams and custom engineered air stream devices. ATECS L.L.C. has been manufacturing controlled environment air management products for four years and the newest products were introduced in 1998.

Advanced Data Capture [Concord]
Category: Bar Code System
Advanced Data Capture Corporation (ADC), is aninternational solutions provider, OEM Representative and multi-facetedengineering company dedicated to servicing three core businesssegments.

Auto-ID Products and Services: ADC provides hardware, software andservice solutions from the top manufacturers in the automaticidentification and data collection industries. We have an experiencedengineering staff available to help those who require customapplications or software integration services.

American Galvano [Corona]
Category: Electroforms
With a widely varied customer base, providing electroforms and related electroforming services since 1994 to both governmental and commercial sectors, American Galvano is helping to define the state of the art of Electroforming. Here we use computer linked metallurgical samplers and electroforming power supplies not only to monitor the desired metal qualities of the electroform, but also to control those qualities.

At American Galvano we have created both sensitive and demanding electroformed components before, however, each new electroform usually presents some interesting deviations from the types of electroforms we have created previously. All successful electroformed components have one inherent basic requirement: Knowledge of the problems before they occur and not hunting for a fix after they do. American Galvano firmly believes in an open line of communication, even though most of our electroforming technology is proprietary - our customers may take an integral and active role in the planning and production of their electroformed component.

Alligator Technologies [Costa Mesa]
Category: Data Acquisition and Analysis
Alligator Technologies develops high-quality filters, amplifiers, and signal conditioners that increase the accuracy of results with data acquisition systems. By providing an off-the-shelf solution, these products free engineers and scientists to focus more on their specific tests, rather than on developing signal conditioning solutions. We achieve customer satisfaction by listening to our customers and implementing the features that a majority of customers want in an increasingly broad product line.

Amidon Associates Inc [Costa Mesa]
Category: Ferromagnetic Products
Since 1963, Amidon Inc has been supplying the HAM radio community with ferromagnetic products. The business has grown steadily over the years through supplying to amateur radio operators and various companies involved in the research and development of electronic products. Amidon, Inc. is committed to meeting customer requirements and increasing customer satisfaction through continual improvements of its products, services, and the quality management system.

Ancor Marine Grade Products [Cotati]
Category: Marine Grade ELectrical Wire
Ancor Marine is the oldest, largest and best known Marine Grade(tm) electrical wire company in North America. No one produces a better Marine Grade(tm) wire at any price. Our wire is the finest Marine Grade(tm) wire available. All our products meet national and international wire standards. Ancor's full line of UL approved Marine Grade(tm) wire meets Coast Guard Subchapter T, Lloyds, and ABYC standards. Other wire companies supply tinned, non-tinned and automotive grade wire to the marine industry, creating confusion in the minds of some customers as to what they are buying.

Automated Concepts Inc [Council Bluffs]
Category: Robotics System Integration
Automated Concepts Inc is a recognized industry leader in robotics system integration.

Through our people, technology and innovation Automated Concepts Inc meets each unique challenge by designing, manufacturing and programming complete turnkey robotic applications for a wide range of industries.

Ameritec Corporation [Covina]
Category: Communication Test Equipment
Ameritec Corporation has been designing and manufacturing communications test equipment since 1980. Ameritec test equipment is used by major communications equipment manufacturers, telephone companies, network and wireless service providers, and PTT's worldwide.

The company's headquarters and development and manufacturing facilities are located in Southern California with sales/service offices throughout the world. Ameritec is a privately held corporation, not owned by or affiliated with any switch manufacturers or service providers.

Access Floor Systems Inc [Covington]
Category: Raised Floor Specialists
Access Floor, Inc. is a privately held womanowned and operated company that has designed, installed, and maintainedraised floor systems since 1982.

For over 20 years, our goal has been the same: to make a differencethrough service. We have same day shipping on raised floors, componentsand accessories. Our goal is to deliver floors free of defects,competitively priced, and on time.

Our expertise in the field of raised flooring has led us to severalmilestones in the raised floor industry. Access Floor, the pioneer and world's leading manufacturer of products and systemsfor access floor maintenance. We developed industry standards tomaintain existing raised floor environments.Our products reflect innovative solutions to our customers needs,keeping cost-effectiveness in mind. And that's why customers worldwidelook to

Ashland Inc [Covington]
Category: Innovative Products for Transportation, Construction
Ashland is a transportation construction, chemical, and petroleum company providing innovative products, services and solutions. A Fortune 500 company, we have sales and operations throughout the United States and in more than 120 countries around the world. Our operations include four wholly owned divisions: Ashland Paving And Construction (APAC(r)), Ashland Distribution, Ashland Specialty Chemical and Valvoline. In addition, we own 38 percent of Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLc, the nation's fifth largest refiner and marketer of petroleum products. We've come a long way since we started in 1924 as a regional petroleum refiner. Despite our growth, and thanks to our vision, we have a strong sense of who we are, and an unyielding commitment to how we want to practice business.

Ameripack Inc [Cranbury]
Category: Rack-mount & Panel-mount Cases
Founded in 1989, Ameripack is a manufacturer/distributor of carrying, shipping, rack-mount, and panel-mount cases. Ameripack has a sales office located in New Jersey, and stocking warehouses across the United States. Ameripack services accounts worldwide in a diverse marketplace including the Military, Medical Diagnostics, Occupational Health & Safety, Oil and Gas Analytical Instrumentation, Avionics and Government Agencies.

At Ameripack we are committed to providing our customers with the best case that fits their needs - from roto molded to injection molded to vacuum molded to blow molded. We help our customers find the case that will work for their application. Our Injection molded and rotational molded cases are airtight, watertight, crushproof, dustproof and meet or exceed ATA and military specifications.

AIM (Solder & Flux) [Cranston]
Category: Solder Assembly Materials
AIM is a leading global manufacturer of solder assemblymaterials for the electronics industry. Our product line includes solder paste, liquid flux, bar, wire, preforms, adhesives, cleaners, chemicals, plating anodes and indium and gold alloys. We also offer a wide variety of lead-free solder alloys. AIM is ISO9001:2000 certified with manufacturing, distribution and support facilities located throughout the world.

Alga Plastics [Cranston]
Category: Packaging Products
At Alga Plastics our state-of-the art thermoformingequipment ensures highest quality and productivity.

Our continued investment in technology enables us to provide you withspeed, flexibility and satisfaction.

Alga Plastics is a provider of custom thermoformed packaging solutionsfor leading companies in the medical, healthcare, electronics, consumer& industrial markets worldwide.

Altran Corp [Crystal Lake]
Category: Magnetic Components
Altran Corp is located in Crystal Lake, Illinois, 50 miles northwest of Chicago. Our main offices and production facilities are conveniently accessible from both Chicago's O'Hare Airport, and Milwaukee's Mitchell Field. Driving time from either facility is about one hour.

As designers and manufacturers of quality magnetic components, we provide many facets of the electronics industry with an array of bobbin, toroidal and printed circuit-type transformers and inductors.

Altran's engineers and technicians develop the optimum design to always meet your requirements of performance, size and cost. Our objective is to give our customers exactly what they need...when they need it...and do so within budgetary limitations.

Acme Electric Electronics Division [Cuba]
Category: Telecommunications
For more than 50 years Acme has managed proprietaryprograms, from end to end, for major Fortune 500 companies in thetelecommunications, computer, medical diagnostics and industrialmarkets.

We have partnered with renowned OEM customers worldwide to developproducts for some of the most sophisticated technologies in thesemarkets.

Acme's unique combination of experience, capabilities and peopleprovide a strong foundation for the success of your program, today andin the future. Allow us to demonstrate how our proven fulfillmentcapabilities will work for you.

Acme Electric LiveWire Express [Cuba]
Category: Tools
A full-service, one-stop repair and refurbishment resourcecan be a logical and economical tool for companies that must deal witha myriad of electronic device suppliers. Today's needs go beyondtraditional repair facilities.

Allegany Technology [Cumberland]
Category: Structural Instrumentation
SI/Allegany is a division of SI TECHNOLOGIES. Fourindustry-leading product families are under one umbrella - AlleganyTechnology, Structural Instrumentation, Lodec, and Evergreen Weigh.

Allegany Technology is the inventor of Electronic Lift Truck ScaleTechnology and revolutionized the Electronic Crane Scale. StructuralInstrumentation is the world's first supplier of On-Board Truck Scales.Lodec developed Portable Axle Scales, tracing back to early work withNASA. Evergreen Weigh manufactures a variety of scales for variousmarkets. The most recognized of these products are the front-end loaderscale and scales for the aviation market.

Alpha Omega Instruments Corp [Cumberland]
Category: Oxygen Analyzers
The primary mission of Alpha Omega Instruments Corp is to satisfy its customers. With today's world economy, conducting business on a global basis offers many opportunities, as well as posing numerous challenges. As diversified as the markets are, there is one constant-the customers' desire to find effective and economical solutions to their measurement needs. Alpha Omega Instruments has the product breadth, as well as the depth of application experience, to make the right recommendations the first time around. We are proud of the Company's growth and attribute it to the Christian principles it was founded upon, and are in evidence within the Company today.

Alpha Omega Instruments Corp has two primary business groups. Its Electro-optics Group manufactures a broad product line of Thermoelectric Cooler Controllers used in conjunction with global positioning satellites, high-resolution spectrophotometers, laser characterization equipment, inertial guidance systems, medical diagnostic equipment, and OEMs. The other rapidly growing business segment within the Company is its Process Analyzer Group, which includes a product line of Trace and Percent Oxygen Analyzers, Transmitters, Ambient Air Oxygen Monitors, and Carbon Dioxide Analyzers.

AlphaSmart [Cupertino]
Category: Technology Solutions
AlphaSmart Inc delivers affordable technology solutions designed to reduce the cost and complexity of computing for customers worldwide. Within the education market, our solutions help students improve fundamental academic skills, teachers increase classroom productivity and administrators provide greater access to technology at a low total cost of ownership. In markets where mobility and information gathering are key, such as writers, journalists and research professionals, rugged, easy to use computing devices enable greater efficiency and mobility.

Although a lot has changed since two Apple engineers founded the company as Intelligent Peripheral Devices Inc (IPD) in 1992, AlphaSmart's design principles have remained steadfast: To deliver affordable, lightweight, rugged portable computing devices that are expandable, easy to use and manage, and provide exceptional battery life.

Acrosser Technology Co Ltd [Cypress]
Category: Industrial PC
ACROSSER designs and manufactures embedded system,hardware firewall, firewall network security, embedded PC, PC104 ,Single Board Computer, Industrial PC systems with support packages onWindows CE (WinCE.NET), XP Embedded (XPe), Linux and ROM-DOS. Ourproduct lines include the X86 platform from 386 to Pentium 4, utilizingCPUs such as the AMD Geode (GX1), VIA Eden, INTEL Ultra Low PowerCeleron , and Pentium M.

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