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Andor Technology Ltd [S Windsor]
Category: Scientific Imaging & Spectroscopy
Andor Technology is a leader in scientific imaging and spectroscopy. The company develops and manufactures products that support global customers. Using Andor products these customers can break new ground by performing experiments that were previously considered impossible. Independently conducted customer research confirms that Andor's low light solutions are considered world beating.

Established in 1989, Andor's Corporate Headquarters are in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Operating in a global market, Andor's US Headquarters opened in Connecticut in 1997, with regional sales offices in Atlanta, Boston, Northern California, San Diego, and St. Louis. The most recently established office, opened in August 2000, is Andor Japan, based in Tokyo, to handle the company's Asia / Pacific Operations.

Adjile Systems [Sacramento]
Category: Storage Devices
Adjile Systems is a leading manufacture, integrator, andreseller of mass storage and tape back up solutions for Unix, Linux,and Windows environments. Adjile offers SAN, NAS and direct attachedstorage products utilizing Fibre Channel, SCSI, ATA, and IPconnectivity. Solutions are designed to order and offered with acomprehensive line of service and support options tailored to customerneeds.

Founded in 1993 and located here in Sacramento, the staff of AdjileSystems has a combined total of 40+ years in the IT industryspecializing in mass storage and backup technology. This experienceprovides a thorough understanding of our customers’ needs and theproducts that will serve them correctly. This is the kind of experiencethat you do not get from an on-line auction or catalogue. When youcontact us, either by telephone or email, you are interacting with alive person. During this interaction you will immediately recognizethat we are committed to focus on what is right for you…our customer.

Audiolab Electronics Inc [Sacramento]
Category: Tape & Media Degaussers
Garner Products is the world's leading degaussing manufacturer. Garner's degaussers are used to erase (sanitize) data from magnetic media. Common media formats include DLT, DAT, AIT, 8mm, 3480, 3490, VHS, Beta SP, Beta SX and Hard Drives. Garner manufactures a wide range of sizes and styles to fit your degaussing needs - from economical table-top degaussers to our efficient conveyor style degaussers.

Aerojet [Sacramento]
Category: Missile & Space Propulsion
Aerojet, a GenCorp company, is a major aerospace/defensecontractor specializing in missile and space propulsion, and defense and armaments. Since the company was founded in 1942, it has led the way in the development of crucial technology and products that have kept America strong and furthered man's exploration of space.

Aarubco Rubber Company [Saddle Brook]
Category: Rubber Products
At Aarubco Rubber Company , we thoroughly analyze yourequipment design, process and operating conditions. Then we offer ourdesign and materials recommendations for creating high performancerubber parts. Years of rubber production expertise enable us to bring aqualified perspective and valuable input to your design or maintenanceteam. The result is the creation of properly fitting rubber coveringsand rubber parts that last longer and run smoother.

Accuprobe Inc [Salem]
Category: Probe Components
Accuprobe Inc., founded in 1976, develops, manufactures,and markets high performance probing and interface products for use inthe testing of integrated and hybrid circuits. This company'sproprietary products are used by manufacturers of semiconductors andhybrid circuits to electronically screen their products for defectsbefore they are incorporated into electronics systems. Such screeningis accomplished in conjunction with automated test equipment (ATE)which transmits electrical signals through interface circuitry to probecards which make the electrical/mechanical contact with each circuitunder test. The company's products are designed to provide moreefficient screening of the circuits thereby increasing yields tomanufacturers.

The company's products address both the semiconductor wafer sort or ICtest segment as well as the thick and thin film hybrid circuit, opticaland laser trim segments of the semiconductor device market. The companyoffers a wide selection of probe technologies including Probe Ring(Epoxy Ring), Metal and Ceramic Blades, Z adjustable and Blade Springprobes.

The company offers the service of probe card assembly and repairutilizing any of the above probe technologies. In addition, the companyalso designs and produces probe card assembly and maintenance equipmentwhich will allow customers to assemble their own card assemblies. Thecompany also offers the consumable materials for use with the assemblyand repair equipment.

Atwood & Morrill Co Inc [Salem]
Category: Valves & Controls
Welcome to Weir Valves & Controls Division, leaders in critical service and isolation applications and solutions for the power generation, oil and gas exploration and general industrial sectors.

Our global reputation is based upon our capability to deliver engineering solutions that add value to the customer's process. We offer a total package of products to meet end-to-end project requirements. Using our own analysis and configuration system, we will design and deliver the optimum valves and controls solution to protect the value of the production process.

Advcanced Polymers Inc [Salem]
Category: Polymer Products
Advanced Polymers' mission is to develop innovative polymer products and technologies to improve people's lives.

Allen Datagraph Inc [Salem]
Category: Precision Motion Control Systems
Allen Datagraph Systems, Inc was founded 1980. We designand manufacture precision motion control systems for the sign making,monument, graphic arts and industrial markets. All products aremanufactured at our company headquarters in Salem, New Hampshire, USA.Our Signmaking/Graphics group supplies the industry with the mostcomprehensive line of material cutters/plotters available. We offer 12high performance models, meeting all application and size requirements.Plus, our large format automated laser and sandblast systems are theindustry’s leading solution for imaging on hard surface materials.Additionally, Allen Datagraph manufactures chart recorders forLaboratory and OEM industrial applications. Our background in computercontrolled multi-axis mechanisms and instrumentation is the basis of our continuing development of innovative material processing and testequipment.

Andover [Salem]
Category: Optical Fibers & Optical Coatings
Andover Corporation is a recognized world leader in the manufacture of high-quality optical filters and coatings. We manufacture a broad array of standard and custom components including image-quality, narrowband, broadband, and space-qualified filters.

Arcon Welding LLc [Salisbury]
Category: Portable Arc Welders
Arcon Welding offers a series of Workhorse portable arc welders optimized to be the most rugged and reliable Stick Welders, TIG Welders, MIG welders, and Stud welders on the market.

Manufacturer of the best portable arc welders in the world.

Acqutek Corporation [Salt Lake City]
Category: Industrial Computer Systems
Manufacturers of industrial computer systems.

Affiliated Metals [Salt Lake City]
Category: Diversified Metals Processor
Affiliated Metals is a diversified metals processor anddistributor located in the Salt Lake City, Utah. Affiliated Metals is adivision of Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co. (NYSE:RS), one of the largestmetals service center companies in the United States.

This division specializes in serving the fabricators and manufacturersin the Intermountain area with an array of aluminum, stainless steel,brass, copper, aluminum bronze and specialty metals. The location hasbeen revamped to a state-of-the-art 80,000 square foot facility, whichmaintains various high tech processing equipment to exceed therequirements of this demanding customer segment.

Alpha Lab Inc [Salt Lake City]
Category: Gauss Meters & EMF Detectors
Manufacturers of Gauss Meter, Electrostatic Voltmeter, Air Ion Counter, RF and Electric Field Meter.

Anagraphica Incorporated [Salt Lake City]
Category: Screen Printing Products
Anagraphica is Utah's largest screen printing manufacturer. Custom products are made at our Salt Lake City plant by knowledgeable friendly people. Let is create a design or help you develop yours. Anagraphica's steel rule dies are made in-house to high quality tolerances. Numerous presses facilitate small to large sizes, and low to high quantity runs. Anything from simple decals, sophsticated overlays, control panel displays, complex membrane switches, force transducers or bend sensors can be created. When you need to enhance your product or company name, think.. Anagraphica, Absolutely!

American Precision Gear Company Inc [San Carlos]
Category: Gears
American Precision Gear Company Inc has been in the business of manufacturing gears since 1956. Our clients include manufacturers in the aerospace, military, biomedical and commercial industrial markets.

American Precision Gear Company understands the quality control requirements necessary in highly technical industries. Manufacturing to blueprint under our strict quality control parameters in our San Carlos California plant we strive to give each customer exactly what they require. We invite you to tour our facilities and consult with our engineers about your gear needs. Our QC Manual will be furnished upon request.

American Prototype Inc [San Carlos]
Category: High Speed Laser Cutting
We provide manufacturing solutions, using the latest manufacturing technology available.

Our new facility allows us the room to expand and provide new services. Coming in the fourth quarter of 2002 we will offer high speed laser cutting services. In addition to cutting services we will also offer engraving and marking services.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the latest advancements in manufacturing technology.

AP Labs [San Diego]
Category: Enclosures Contract Manufacturers
AP Labs has grown steadily since its' inception in 1984 to become a premier supplier of rugged enclosures, rugged and real-time systems, and contract manufacturing services. Here's a quick overview of how AP Labs got here!

AP Labs was founded in 1984 as a real-time systems consultancy by a group of experienced software and systems engineers coming out of a prime defense/aerospace contractor in Southern California.

In the early days, a key AP Labs expertise was in hand-tuning the software algorithm performance of large "Array Processor" computers for specific custom applications. The biggest example of this was the work done for the B2 project at Northrop, requiring the processing of down- linked telemetry data used in the characterization of the B2's modes of vibration during its' early flight testing ("flutter testing").

ACCES I/O Products Inc [San Diego]
Category: Process Monitoring & Control Products
If you are involved in process monitoring and control,test and measurement, or data acquisition, you know it is important tohave reliable equipment designed to provide accurate data, precisemeasurement, and exacting parameters. However, your equipment is onlyas good as the quality and reliability of its components. ACCES I/OProducts has been dedicated to Data Acquisition for fifteen years. Weoffer an extensive range of high quality and competitively pricedstandard and custom I/O cards. Our products are designed for use inPCI, PC/104, and ISA PC buses, as well as Distributed I/O. EncompassingAnalog I/O, Digital I/O, Serial Communications, Bus Expansion Kits, andWatchdog Timers, our cards are loaded with features that make them moreuseful under "real-world" conditions. In addition to our selection ofsolution-oriented products ACCES I/O is proud to offer fast deliverytime, outstanding customer service, and superb free technical support.

APTA Group Inc [San Diego]
Category: Advanced Packaging Solutions
APTA is a US based Advanced Electronic Packaging Company providing Quick turn and High Volume Microminiature Electronic Packaging (MEPSM) Services to customers worldwide. The Company serves the growing demand for circuitry having high I/O count, high performance, small form factor, and high thermal management requirements. In addition the company supplies a line of high performance memory modules for the US market through its Mosaic division, and for the European market through its UK based HMP subsidiary.

APTA's high performance MEPSM solutions are designed to support the next generation of systems and electronic modules in communications (Wireless, Broad band, Satellite based etc), automotive, portable electronics, medical electronics, military and industrial applications.

APTA's Objective is to provide the fastest delivery and highest quality solutions at competitive price points. Our highly integrated, San Diego Based, ISO 9002 Certified 40,000 sq. ft facility contains Class 10,000 cleanrooms and the equipment needed to quickly move our customer's designs from prototype to high volume. We work with customer-furnished materials or on a turnkey basis.

Aquadyne Computer Corp [San Diego]
Category: Process Control Systems
Aquadyne Computer Corporation, a California company, was formed in February 1992 for the purpose of developing, marketing and supporting the next generation of water quality monitoring, multi-media alarming, and process control systems. Over 30,000 man-hours of programming, engineering, product design, market research and pre-sales efforts have been invested in the product to date.

The company's products are sold through resellers and distributors throughout the world. In addition to the U.S. market, Aquadyne supports a network of distributors in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, and Australia.

Action Instruments Inc [San Diego]
Category: Industrial Measurement & Network Instrumentation
Eurotherm is one of the world’s best known suppliers ofControl and Measurement Instrumentation to Industrial and ProcessMarkets. We are part of Invensys plc, a leading global automation andcontrols company. Eurotherm’s instruments are sold under five product

Advanced Digital Logic [San Diego]
Category: Embedded Industrial Computer Solutions
Founded in 1994, Advanced Digital logic Inc. is theexclusive Distributor and Technical Support Center in North America forDigital Logic AG, who is a technology leader and manufacturer of highperforming, low power Single Board computers for embedded and standalone applications. ADL is headquartered in San Diego, California withmanufacturer representatives throughout the United States. We tailorour standard products to specific needs of individual customers and weare well known for our outstanding technical support.

Our mission is to support our customers in significantly decreasingtheir development to market time, effectively reduce their productioncosts and noticeably improve the quality of their products.

We accomplish this by delivering high quality standard and customproducts, and helping our customers in achieving their goals, thusbuilding partnerships, based on the satisfaction. We are committed toaccuracy, dependability, and honesty in our relationships with ourcustomers.

Automation Engineering [San Diego]
Category: Precisiom Measurement Systems
Precision Measurement Systems and Process Control for the Interconnect Industry.

AEI offers innovative tools to help you to monitor your production process and to help you make better products.

AEI provides a unique combination of technologies which improve your yields. From automatic in-line inspection to automated manual measurement, AEI's AIM, TOMM, and MARC each allow you to control your manufacturing in ways never before possible.

AEM Inc [San Diego]
Category: Electronic Components
AEM, Inc. (formerly American Electronic Materials, Inc.)was founded in 1986 and began its first commercial activity in 1988.Phenomenal growth since its inception has ranked AEM three times amongthe Inc. 500 listing of “America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies”.AEM’s outstanding achievements earned a Commendation Letter fromPresident Bill Clinton.

In 1995, AEM merged the key technical staff of Wallace TechnicalCeramics, Inc. into its organization. That same year, AEM acquired theMepcopal high-reliability thick-film fuse line from Philips/Copal. These mergers and acquisitions represented a logical combination of assets and technical abilities to achieve a full spectrum of SMT components.

Since 1995, AEM has successfully grown its current limiting micro-fuseproduction and holds a dominant position in the aerospace industry. In1996, AEM became the first US corporation to start mass production offerrite chip beads, power beads, and ferrite/ceramic inductors in itsSan Diego facility. AEM’s Multilayer Components Division is poised tobecome one of the top five global suppliers of SMT multilayer ceramicinductive components in the new millennium.

Autosplice Inc [San Diego]
Category: Interconnect Products
Autosplice was started in New York City in 1954 and in those early days the firm was named General Staple Company. In the years up to 1967 General Staple was a distributor (not a manufacturer) of industrial stapling machines. Our exciting growth path started in 1967 when a customer requested General Staple to build a machine that would splice two electrical wires together. This simple, innocent request would ultimately change the Company into a worldwide manufacturer of innovative interconnection machines and connectors selling to the electrical and electronic industries.

This project, to build a machine that would splice two electrical wires together, turned out to be much more difficult than was originally anticipated. Putting a crimp connection, or splice, around two wires fraught with problems. If the splice was crimped too tightly around the wires, it broke or fractured the wires. If the splice was crimped too loosely, the wires pulled apart, making for an incomplete connection. After a considerable amount of time, together with an enormous amount of experimenting and testing, the problem was solved.

The solution involves a machine that uses a special strip material. This strip material (which we call spliceband) is made with serrations (hills and valleys) along the length of the strip. An operator positions the wires to be spliced into the machine and then steps on an electric foot switch. The machine, in one operation, feeds a length of the serrated strip, cuts it, forms it and securely crimps it around the wires. In the center top of the splice, the tooling makes a wedge or a dimple which reliably holds the wires that are being crimped against the serrations of the spliceband. This development turned out to be a remarkably simple and effective solution to the problem. The result was an economical scrap-free system that virtually anyone could run with little or no training. Patents were applied for, the product was promoted, and a special division called Autosplice was set up to specifically handle sales for the electronic/electrical industries.

AKCP Inc [San Diego]
Category: Environmental & Security Monitoring Devices
AKCP, established in 1981 was the first company to providelow cost SNMP based environmental and security monitoring devices. Withthe largest installed base and the broadest product line, AKCP solutions are used worldwide to prevent disaster and secure infrastructure.

AKCP is the world leader in providing early warning of conditions thatthreaten the integrity of a company's data and assets.

Alliance Barcode Labels [San Diego]
Category: Aluminium Property Tags
Anodized aluminum property tags with durable sub-surface graphics. This is the ultimate asset tag. The barcode, the human- readable numbers, and your company name are photographically imaged, dyed, and sealed within the aluminum, not just printed on the surface.

Alliance asset tags resist abrasion, extreme heat, years of sunlight, chemicals and vandalism. Ultra-strong permanent 3M brand adhesives attach your tags with a bond that lasts forever. Alliance Asset Tags ship to you within 24 hours after ordering.

Alpha Sensors Inc [San Diego]
Category: Precision Thermal Measurement Systems
Alpha Technics is an industry leader in the design, development and production of precision thermal measurement solutions ranging from industrial NTC Thermistor Sensors to automated Test & Measurement Systems and Software.

The Alpha Technics Sensor Group is dedicated to the development, design and manufacture of high precision NTC (negative temperature coefficient) thermistor sensors, platinum RTD's, and custom probe assemblies used to effectively monitor, measure, and control temperature in various applications. Special emphasis is given to the ability to deliver precision devices with tolerances as tight as +/-0.05°C as a standard product and custom made devices, engineered to meet specific customer requirements, in low medium, or high volume quantities. Alpha's global presence and distribution network is supported by modern U.S. domestic and international manufacturing facilities capable of responding to customer requirements for a broad range of high quality temperature sensing solutions.

Alpha Technics Instrument Group specializes in delivering precision thermal measurement solutions ranging from hand held digital thermometer instruments, multiple channel Data Acquisition Systems, and custom design temperature probes all catered to meet a complex range of measurement applications requiring a high level of accuracy and precision. Alpha Technics instruments are compatible with the Smart Probe Technology-delivers complete probe interchangeability and eliminates need to re-program probes for new applications while maintaining high level of precision and accuracy.

Applied Micro Circuits Corporation [San Diego]
Category: Communication Infrastructure
AMCC delivers comprehensive system solutions spanning communications infrastructure and enterprise storage networking. We blend systems and software expertise with high-performance, high- bandwidth silicon integration providing OEMs with reduced development costs and faster time-to-market. For end users, our products improve manageability, reliability and reduce total cost of ownership.

Ameranth Technology Systems [San Diego]
Category: Wireless & Internet Based Solutions
Ameranth Inc is a leading provider of wireless and Internet based solutions for the hospitality, health care and financial markets. Its broad suite of innovative applications include Wireless POS, Table Management, Reservations Management, Mobile Concierge, Electronic Menus, Guest Surveys, Inventory Management, Health Care Services and Enrollment Assistance.

Ameranth has been awarded five "best product" awards in the Hospitality Market and has been mentioned in numerous prestigious publications such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Chicago Sun Times, USA Today, Business Week, TIME, CNN-fn, US News & World Report, and many more. Headquartered in San Diego, California, Ameranth's wireless systems software delivers advanced functionality to WiFi-enabled Pocket PCs and tablet PCs -moving activity from fixed computer terminals to where it belongs- by the customer's side.

Applied International Motion Inc [San Dimas]
Category: Motion Control Products
Started in 1987, Applied International Motion has quicklyevolved into a leader in motion control technology. Providing ourcustomers with quality service in a timely manner has made us unbeatable in customer satisfaction. Founder and C.E.O. Jack Thomas is a recognized name in the industry with a reputation of successfully applying available technologies to production demands.

Our team of engineers and customer service agents work together toprovide you with the most complete, courteous service possible.

AccuTech Photo Machining Inc [San Fernando]
Category: Metal Parts
For over a decade, AccuTech Photo Machining, Inc. has beenoffering photo machining design and production services to theaerospace, communications, dental, electronic, medical and stampingindustries.

AccuTech's management staff is dedicated to producing superior qualityproducts delivered to the customer within a specified time frame.Simply put, if we commit to a deadline, we’ll deliver, with productsmanufactured right the first time..

Our top management staff averages 20 years of etching and manufacturingexperience in the aerospace and defense industries. When you work withAccuTech, you will be working directly with upper management; you’reour client, and you deserve the best we have to offer.

We have structured AccuTech solely around the concept of customerservice, which begins from the moment you call and are connected withone of our management team. If you need a quote, we’re set up todeliver it to you, fast. Almost always you’ll have your quote the sameday you call, and often times you’ll have it before you hang up thephone. If you have special or unusual quality requirements, we canhandle them. If you have a tight deadline, we’ll meet it; that’s ourspecialty. Once we commit to a delivery date, you can rest easy. Wewill not fail.

We have an entire team in place to assist you with specialrequirements, to solve problems and give you a hand with designrequirements. With AccuTech, getting your job started could not beeasier. We can transform your blueprints into photo tools through ourcomputer department. We can accept your CAD data in any format, and weare set up to accept and utilize designs and data sent to us via e-mail. When we produce your job, we use only metal of the highestquality from approved sources.

Aleph International [San Fernando]
Category: Sensing Devices
Aleph International provides more than 30 years of leading-edge technology, and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to the electronics, automotive, office automation, and security industries. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Yokohama, Japan-based Nippon Aleph, a 75 year old world class corporation and with sales exceeding $220 million, world wide “Blue Chip” corporations rely on Aleph products for the highest quality and most competitive pricing. Aleph International continues to earn the highest reputation for zero defects, ISO 9001, ISO 9002, and ISO 9003 manufacturing quality, and an absolute commitment to deliver the most reliable products in the industry.

We have been manufacturing reed switches for over 30 years, and arepresently supplying some of the needs of every major reed relay, sensorand security manufacturer. Aleph has more than 30 different types ofreed switches that include general applications, high power, highvoltage, high insulation resistance, low thermal EMF and mercury wetted. Most are available in form "A" or form "C".

All American Products Co [San Fernando]
Category: Drill Bushing
All American Products Co. is the largest drill bushingmanufacturer and workholding solutions provider in the United States.

All American Products Co. also offers the nations largest inventory ofdrill bushings, toggle clamps and tooling components such as hoistrings, spring plungers, flat and spherical washers, bolts, screws, T-slot nuts, knobs, locating pins, eye bolts, handles, hand wheels, pads,fixture keys, workholding devices, full contact clamps, tooling plates,and pallets.

AutoMate Scientific Inc [San Francisco]
Category: Precision Biomedical Equipment
AutoMate Scientific designs, manufacturers and distributes precision biomedical equipment for neuroscience, biophysics and pharmaceutical research.

Scientists world-wide use our automated perfusion systems, valves, amplifiers, manipulators, software and accessories for electrophysiology, imaging, pharmacology and drug discovery.

Altro Floors [San Fransisco]
Category: Flooring & Walling Solutions
For over forty years, we have developed products for all walks of life. Altro manufactures floor, wall and ceiling products for commercial, institutional and industrial applications. We have led the way in slip resistance with Altro safety flooring.

Apacer Memory America [San Jose]
Category: Memory Modules
Apacer was founded in 1997. Just two years later, Dataquest ranked the company as the fourth-largest third-party manufacturer in the highly competitive global memory module market. To achieve this ranking, Apacer had to demonstrate an unrivaled commitment to quality and earn the trust and business of several of the world's most prestigious IT brands. Today, Apacer is much more than the memory solution pioneer of five years ago. Having gradually evolved its product line from a range of memory modules and flash cards and modules and expanded its worldwide presence, Apacer is now a global digital storage provider offering a complete range of digital imaging storage device.

0-In Design Automation [San Jose]
Category: Electronic Design Automation
Mentor Graphicsr is a technology leader in electronicdesign automation (EDA), providing software and hardware designsolutions that enable companies to develop better electronic productsfaster and more cost-effectively. The company offers innovativeproducts and solutions that help engineers overcome the designchallenges they face in the increasingly complex worlds of board andchip design. Mentor Graphics has the broadest industry portfolio ofbest-in-class products and is the only EDA company with an embeddedsoftware solution.

Applied Engineering [San Jose]
Category: Contract Manufacturing Electronics
Nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, Applied Engineering (AE) has been in business meeting the needs of our customers since 1978. AE provides the most complete set of Contract Manufacturing / Electronics Manufacturing Services (CM/EMS), from prototypes to high volume production capacity. AE differentiates itself by providing customers with advanced custom solutions tailored to meet their needs.

AE's highly skilled staff works closely with customers in developing solutions utilizing our vertically integrated engineering and manufacturing capabilities. We bring to every project innovation, experience, and the passion to provide a solution to meet the needs of our customers. Engineering, Ultra Precision CNC machining, Grinding, and a Turnkey Assembly (including Class 100 & 1000) capability ensures high quality solutions. AE's services enable customers to exceed their time- to-market goals, resulting in the fastest time to money in the industry.

Absolute Time Corporation [San Jose]
Category: Precision Time & Frequency Applications
Absolute Time produces a family of products that areoptimized for time and frequency applications using the GlobalPositioning System (GPS) signals. The products use advanced algorithmsto achieve extremely low jitter and stability.

Aptix [San Jose]
Category: Electronic Systems
Aptix provides solutions for designing and verifying complex electronic systems and SoC designs. Aptix develops, manufactures and markets software and hardware solutions that enable system and SoC designers to produce pre-silicon prototypes (PSP's) of their products using multiple FPGA devices. Aptix software products include programs for mapping SoC designs onto multi-FPGA PSP's, producing the bitstreams necessary to program the PSP's and managing the design information necessary for debugging the design once implemented as a PSP. All PSP target hardware targets are supported, including reconfigurable prototyping platforms and hardwired printed circuit boards. Aptix hardware products include the industry-leading reconfigurable prototyping platforms System Explorer(tm) and Software Integration Station(tm).

The Aptix product line reduces inherent design risks and prototyping costs, results in faster time-to-market and improves overall product quality for complex electronic systems. Systems designed using the Company's products include digital wireless cellular phones, wireless base stations, network routers, and graphics and multimedia devices. The Aptix strategy is to become the leading supplier of system verification solutions and to make the Company's products the de facto standard for verification of complex system-on-chip designs.

Acer America [San Jose]
Category: Computer Products
Acer ranks among the world's top ten branded PC vendors,designing and marketing easy, dependable IT solutions that empowerpeople to reach their goals and enhance their lives. In 2000, Acerspun-off its manufacturing operation to focus on globally marketing its

[San Jose]
Category: Evaporation MaterialsCompany; ACI Alloys
We specialize in physical vapor deposition materials forthe research community. We arc-cast an enormous variety of PVDmaterials in our own melters; we can also hot-press some non-metallics.We have a full machine shop and can make most foils and wires in ourmills. Because we specialize in the R&D market, we can quote the lowestprices and fastest deliveries for smaller orders. Our staff of highly-experienced metallurgists can make many materials other companies won'tbother with!

ACL-American Commerce [San Jose]
Category: Tractors & Trucks
Alternative Commercial Leasing Inc. is currently offeringpre-owned road tractors through a lease program which does not requirea large up-front deposit. In addition, a preferred purchase price isavailable at the end of the lease.

If you are or want to become an independent owner-operator but areunable to purchase or finance a vehicle, then this lease program may beyour answer. All applicants will be considered.

Asante Technologies Inc [San Jose]
Category: Networking Products
Asante Technologies Inc is committed to providing customer- driven, technically innovative networking solutions that are designed and priced to meet performance, value, and reliability requirements for small-medium businesses worldwide.

Asante's IntraCore and Friendly net product families offer companies a full breadth of products--from the edge to the core of their networks.

The story of Asante Technologies started in 1988 with a couple of men, brimming with ideas and technology that could change the world. Focused on a specific untapped service, Asante achieved success through its Ethernet networking solutions, with products such as switches, hubs, and adapter cards. Asante broke even after a mere 18 months and an outlay of only $1 million.

Acumen Technology [San Jose]
Category: Stenciling & Tooling
Since 1990, Acumen Technology has been a major supplier ofSMT stencils and materials to the PCB assembly industry. Acumen'sgrowth has escalated with the integration of new technologies in LaserCutting and the expansion of a global distribution system. With ourunsurpassed standard in laser stencils as well as tooling fixtures-itsno wonder we are your premier full-service vendor.

Asiliant Technologies [San Jose]
Category: Discrete Graphics Controllers
In 1998, Chips and Technologies was purchased by Intel for their leading flat panel controller technology. In January 2000, Asiliant licensed the rights from Intel Corporation to continue to manufacturer and sell the Chips and Technologies family of components.

Located in Silicon Valley, Asiliant Technologies was founded by a group of former Chips and Technologies employees having a combined 50+ years of experience with the Chips products, suppliers, distributors, and customers. We are offering the industry standard Flat Panel/CRT controller family that has become so popular in the embedded marketplace.

DI Systems Inc [San Jose]
Category: Color CRT Monitors
ADI Corporation is recognized as one of the topmanufacturers of color CRT monitors and LCD displays in the world. ADIproducts include the award winning microscan series color monitors andflat panel LCD displays for excellent graphics presentations, as wellas projectors and windows based terminal for businesses and multimediaapplications.

Atelic Systems Inc [San Jose]
Category: Semiconductor
Atelic Systems Inc is a semiconductor company that provides high quality, cost effective DSP and mixed signal IC solutions for the telecommunication and networking equipment manufacturers. The company is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and bases it's strength on its mixed signal design capability and the founders' extensive experience in DSP ICs and analog circuit designs, including algorithms and firmware development. Atelic Systems unique products are based on the company's proprietary DSP cores, analog front end ADC and DAC converters, and various DSP algorithms.

Atmel Corporation [San Jose]
Category: Advanced Semiconductors
Atmel Corporation is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of advanced semiconductors, with focus on microcontrollers, nonvolatile memory, logic, radio frequency (RF) components and sensors. These functions are marketed as standard products, application-specific standard products (ASSPs) or customer-specific products (ASICs) in order to provide a rapid and flexible response to the needs of Atmel's customers.

AudioCodes [San Jose]
Category: Voip Solutions
AudioCodes Ltd enables the new voice infrastructure by providing innovative, reliable and cost-effective Voice over Packet technology and Voice Network products to OEMs, network equipment providers and system integrators. AudioCodes provides its customers and partners with a diverse range of flexible, comprehensive media gateway, server and processing technologies, based on VoIPerfect(tm) - AudioCodes' underlying, best-of-breed, core media gateway architecture. The company is a market leader in voice compression technology and is a key originator of the ITU G.723.1 standard for the emerging Voice over IP market. AudioCodes voice network products feature media gateway and media server platforms, which function as core gateways or CPE voice gateways for packet-based applications in the wireline, wireless, broadband access, and enhanced voice services markets. AudioCodes enabling technology products include VoIP, CTI and call logging communication boards, VoIP media gateway processors and modules.

Advansys [San Jose]
Category: specializes in developing a broad line SAN, ASIC's,host adapters, and software products. The company markets its productsinternationally through the OEM's integrator, distribution, and retailchannels. Corporate headquarters are located in San Jose, CA.

Initio’s mission is to provide cost-effective solutions, throughengineering excellence, to meet high performance system requirementswhile exceeding customers’ quality, service and delivery goals. TheCompany’s strengths include a team of industry veterans with extensiveexperience in the design, engineering, manufacturing and sales of highperformance, high quality I/O solutions and innovative designtechniques. Initio’s products have rapidly gained a reputation for highperformance and reliability.

Airtronics Metal Products Inc [San Jose]
Category: Steel Metal Fabrication Design Production
Airtronics has been in the electronic metal fabricationbusiness since 1960. We have built a solid reputation for being honest,reliable and on time. Today, we occupy nearly 65,000 square feet, withstate-of-the-art computerized production equipment, JIT programs and aquality control system registered ISO 9001:2000. Your productionprojects are in safe hands at Airtronics!

As a full-service supplier, we can assist you with production projects,from pre-production through end-of-life. And we couldn't be easier towork with. Design engineering and technical skills, along with theability to speak your language allows us to understand your needs. Weknow that each customer's project is unique, so we're set up to beflexible -- we'll work within your requirements.

aJile Systems [San Jose]
Category: Java Technology Based Processors
aJile Systems was formed in July 1999 by a group oftechnologists from Rockwell Collins, Sun Microsystems, and CentaurTechnologies. The principals of aJile Systems share a common belief that the rapid proliferation of Java technology, the Internet, and recent advances in CMOS process technology are extending the Java paradigm beyond the desktop and server. By providing a family of low-power networked single-chip Java microprocessors and IP cores, which includes a real-time kernel, aJile's founders are helping to bring the Java revolution to a wide variety of handheld, mobile and consumerappliances.

While still at Rockwell Collins, aJile's principals led a teamresponsible for the development of the JEM1, the world's first directexecution Java microprocessor, which achieved its first silicon in July, 1997. JEM technology enables low-power embedded applications to be programmed entirely and directly in Java and at the same time to achieve the efficiency and performance of comparable conventional embedded processors programmed in C.

AKM Semiconductor Inc [San Jose]
Category: Mixed Signal Integrated Circuits
AKM Semiconductor, Inc. designs, manufactures, markets andsells CMOS mixed-signal integrated circuits, combining analog anddigital functions on a single chip or chip-set. These high-quality, low-power consumption products include application specific standardproducts (ASSP), application specific integrated circuits (ASIC) andcustom ICs for the telecommunications, multimedia, data acquisition andmass data storage industries.

Allayer Communications [San Jose]
Category: Integrated Semiconductor
Broadcom Corporation is a leading provider of highlyintegrated semiconductor solutions that enable broadband communicationsand networking of voice, video and data services. We design, develop and supply complete system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions incorporating digital, analog and radio frequency (RF) technologies, as well as related hardware and software system-level applications.

AllMotion [San Jose]
Category: Motors & Drives
Manufacturers of Fully Intelligent Miniature Stepper Motor and Servo Motor Controllers and Drivers.

Our EZStepper and EZServo Drives typically measure 1.6" Square, communicate via RS485 and have all Driver and Controller electronics on board to Control a 2Amp Brush Brushless or Stepper Motor. Upto 16 of these Driver/Controllers are Daisy Chainable via a 4 wire (2 comm, 2 power) EZBus.

Alps Electric (USA) Inc [San Jose]
Category: Electronic Components
Changes to the environment surrounding the electronics industry have been gaining in severity in recent years. Companies are racing to develop new technologies in order to strengthen their position in markets for next-generation products, and we see production reform and relocation occurring on a global scale. In keeping with the times, Alps Electric Co., Ltd. is focusing on the reforms required to bolster its own global presence as a comprehensive electronic components manufacturer.

Alps idealizes evolution, reflecting our strategy for continual development. Concurrence with economic and industrial developments alone will not allow us to create noteworthy products on an ongoing basis. Instead, we must evolve from within by developing dreams and doing whatever it takes to accomplish them. Such evolution is bound to spawn new technologies and products, creating even further business opportunities. Alps intends to nurture this kind of thinking among our employees worldwide, whose enthusiastic participation will enable us to meet the expectations of all stakeholders.

Alps is also united in its challenge to develop products based on its Human Media Interactive concept. Drawing together the vast expertise we have cultivated through our electronic devices business, Alps is seeking to further refine its array of unique technologies in engaging the three fields of nano-processing technology, communications technology and human-machine interfacing.

Altera Corporation [San Jose]
Category: System-On-a-Programmable-Chip
Altera Corporation is the world's pioneer of system-on-a- programmable-chip (SOPC) solutions. With annual revenues in CY 2003 of $827.2 million, Altera combines the reprogrammable logic technology originally invented in 1983 with software tools, intellectual property (IP), and design services to provide high-value programmable solutions to approximately 14,000 customers worldwide. Altera is headquartered in San Jose, California, and employs approximately 2,000 people in 14 countries.

Committed to helping customers achieve their business goals, Altera aggressively invests in research and development efforts despite global economic pressures. Altera's FPGAs are uniquely positioned to displace costly, high-risk solutions such as ASICs and ASSPs, and offer a viable, more flexible alternative to digital signal processors-delivering value to a much broader market than was previously addressed by programmable logic.

Altima Communications Inc [San Jose]
Category: Broadband Communication Solution
Integrated semiconductor solutions that enable broadband communications and networking of voice, video and data services. We design, develop and supply complete system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions incorporating digital, analog and radio frequency (RF) technologies, as well as related hardware and software system-level applications.

Our diverse product portfolio addresses every major broadband communications market and includes solutions for digital cable and satellite set-top boxes; high definition television (HDTV); cable and DSL modems and residential gateways; high-speed transmission and switching for local, metropolitan, wide area and storage networking; home and wireless networking; cellular and terrestrial wireless communications; Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) gateway and telephony systems; broadband network and security processors; and SystemI/O(tm) server solutions.

Amacom Technologies [San Jose]
Category: Storage Products
Amacom Technologies Ltd was formed in 1994 to address the growing market for high capacity, external storage products and since then has gained a reputation for producing innovative solutions that best meet the needs of the data user.

Amacom ground breaking products include the Flipdisk, the industry's first cable free device that did away with the need for external power; the Flip2disk, the world's first true disaster recovery system for desktops and notebooks; and the Ministor, the most secure USB flash memory device on the market. And people are paying attention. Our customer base is large and growing. Major companies like Microsoft, Oracle, British Telecom, Royal Bank of Scotland, Motorola and many others look to us to provide them with industry leading portable data solutions.

Amlogic Inc [San Jose]
Category: Highly Integrated System-on-a-Chip Solutions
Amlogic Inc headquartered in Santa Clara, California, is a leading supplier of highly integrated system-on-a-chip solutions in the fast growing multimedia and internet consumer markets.

Amlogic has set its course to deliver cost-effective systems building blocks that enable the design and deployment of a broad range of Internet Appliances including the Internet-ready DVD players, one-way and two-way cable set-top boxes, and convergence device for broad band multimedia communication.

Ampro Computers Inc [San Jose]
Category: Embedded Computing Solutions
For over 20 years, Ampro has supplied innovative modular embedded computing solutions to assist our customers to get to market and to profit faster. Partnering with embedded software suppliers and leading microprocessor companies, we define and implement standards- based embedded computing technology that accelerates product development and enhances productivity.

Ampro innovations include the PC/104 and PC/104-Plus stands; the EBX form factor LittleBoard for non-backplane, single-board computers, the PC/104 and PC/104 Plus CoreModule SBC, the ETX computers on modules and the low-cost EPIC SBC Series ReadyBoard products. All of our products enable manufacturers of a wide range of products to integrate stand- based-embedded computing solutions into their products all while minimizing product size and cutting time to revenue, design costs and development risks.

Ando Corporation [San Jose]
Category: Fiber Test Equipments
Ando Electric Co Ltd and Yokogawa Electric Corporation have merged, and the following product categories have been transferred from Ando to Yokogawa.

Optical fiber test equipment Optical measuring instruments Wireless communications equipment

AOpen America Inc [San Jose]
Category: PC Compnents & Peripherals
AOpen continues as the company of choice for PC components and peripherals in the distribution channel. We are an established market leader, from motherboards to monitors, to multimedia add-on cards, and more. We offer the most extensive PC product line in the industry. With AOpen products you are guaranteed the latest in technology development at competitive prices. And because AOpen controls design and manufacturing, from the drawing board to the finished product, the quality of that product is ensured.

AJM Inc [San Leandro]
Category: Shrink Packaging Systems
SHRINK BAGS & SHRINK WRAP are our specialty: Shrink Bags;CD Shrink Bags, DVD Shrink Bags, Shrink Wrap Packaging Systems, BagSealers, shrink wrap machines and Bar Sealers. CD Bags, VHS Bags, Soap,songwriters, Compact disks bags, candle wrap & candle Bags for candlemakers, poster bags, gift basket bags, shrink bags for gifts, CD bags,impulse sealers, perfume wrapping, DVD packaging, photo protection arejust some of the many industries we have service for over 22-years! Wewant to help you solve your packing needs inexpensively & correctly.

Alameda Applied Sciences Corporation [San Leandro]
Category: Sensor/software Products
Alameda Applied Sciences Corporation (AASC), a CaliforniaCorporation, was founded on March 31, 1994 to conduct cutting edgeresearch and development (R&D) for the Federal Government and PrivateSector customers, and to develop commercial products out of this R&Deffort. AASC is committed to delivering consistently excellent researchand to creating commercial products. AASC presently has 15 employees and operates out of a Head Office in San Leandro, CA and an office inEncinitas, CA. Our primary activity is Federally funded research anddevelopment, with limited product sales (diamond radiation detectors(DRD) and custom data analysis software (SIGNO)).

Alpha Innotech Corporation [San Leandro]
Category: Life Science Products
Alpha Innotech is a 12-year-old life science company providing integrated detection systems for genomic, proteomics and cell- based assays. Our goal is to bring an easy to use and cost effective "array of arrays" system to the broader research community. Our new "array of arrays" technology platform (few targets-many samples) is designed for high throughput in cell, protein and DNA arrays in micro plates and on other substrates. Flexibility of our platform will allow us to address multiple applications in the emerging functional genomic and systems biology marketplace.

Alltec Integrated Manufacturing Inc [San Luis Obispo]
Category: Precision Molding
With complete in-house capabilities for injection molding, mold fabrication, and final assembly you maintain control from prototype through volume production.

Your product development life cycle is backed with our Total Quality Control Program, and managed by highly trained individuals, fully equipped with precision tools and process procedures.

Accu-Seal Corporation [San Marcos]
Category: Precision Heat Sealing Equipment
Accu-Seal is a manufacturer of heat sealing machinery. Ourgoal is to provide you with dependable equipment for "Sealing In YourProduct Integrity".

At Accu-Seal we take pride in our personal customer service. When youcall us during business hours, you will speak to a real person not avoice mail system. We strive to follow up on your inquiries and serviceneeds as quickly as possible.

Our engineers and Customer service team is available to assist you inarranging for calibration of your machines or validation assistance.

Accu-Seal has maintained a standard of dependability and excellence forover 30 years. We continuously raise our standards through ongoingresearch and development as well as listening to suggestions from ourcustomers. Please challenge us with your most challenging packagingneeds.

All of our products are manufactured with pride in the U.S.A.Finally, if we cannot provide equipment to solve your sealing problemwe will direct you to someone who can.

Accu-Tech Laser Processing Inc [San Marcos]
Category: Precision Laser Machines
Accu-Tech Laser Processing, Inc. opened for business inJanuary 1977 in Beaverton, Oregon. Originally named Spec Industries,Inc., the company's original charter was to utilize carbon dioxide(CO2) laser technology to produce microcircuit substrates for thehybrid circuit industry. In the mid 1970's, laser technology was almostsolely a scientific endeavor with very limited industrial applications.However, the ability to drill, machine and scribe very hard ceramicplates was an application that we saw as a natural one for theembryonic laser technology. Our initial goal was to make quality holesin high purity alumina ceramic for $.05 per hole ("a nickel a hole" wasour initial advertising slogan) which we accomplished in early 1978.Since then, productivity improvements using multi-beam lasers coupledwith advanced laser circuitry modifications has enabled hole drillingprices to tumble up to 1/100th of our initial goal in many productionprograms.

Over twenty years (20) after our formation, Accu-Tech still uses ouradvanced CO2 laser expertise in many sectors of the electronics marketas well as in segments of the medical device, architectural, defenseand consumer industries. We also now have UV laser technology at ourdisposal for use in materials such as plastics and certain metals wheresmaller geometries are required. This MICROMACHINING capabilityprovides Accu-Tech with an exciting new tool to address the developingapplications in today's increasingly "smaller and denser" world.

Located in north San Diego county in a 13,000 square foot facilitysince 1979, Accu-Tech employs approximately 30 people. Many of theseemployees have been with our firm for more than a decade. As atestimony to our laser expertise, our technology has been used to startseveral direct competitors and systems integration firms.

Amistar Corporation [San Marcos]
Category: Electronic Products
Since Amistar's inception in 1971, the primary business has focused on the design and manufacture of industrial automation systems for electronic product manufacturers. That division is now known as AIA. In 1992 Amistar expanded its operations to offer contract electronic manufacturing services. The resulting business division, Amistar Manufacturing Services (AMS), provides manufacturing services for original equipment manufacturers, OEMs, in industries such as medical electronics, industrial controls, computer peripherals, telecommunications, and audio/video. AMS has since expanded the scope of its ISO Certified manufacturing services to include custom assembly builds, offering turnkey solutions as well as design engineering services. Production volumes range from prototype assemblies to thousands of units per month. Amistar also offers Contract Machining Services to companies who seek high-quality machined parts from a Mil-I- 45208A qualified facility.

Applicom International [San Rafael]
Category: Connectivity & Monitoring Products
Woodhead Software & Electronics formerly known in Europe as applicom international is today an international team dedicated to the monitoring and servicing of its growing number of customers. On behalf of Woodhead Software & Electronics, we thank our loyal customers and partners for their confidence in us throughout the years. With experience and confidence, we invite our customers to join us so that together we may face the technological challenges of the 21 st century.

The only open industrial communication concept for fieldbuses and industrial networks. Protocols available for Profibus, Ethernet, InterBus, CAN, DeviceNet, Serial and WorldFIP on PCI, ISA and PC/104 boards.

ABL Electronics [San Rafael]
Category: Power Protection Equipment
When APC began selling power protection equipment,networking was in its infancy. Most computer users were stilltransferring data on the 'sneaker net' using 512k floppy disks. Asnetworking began to evolve, users began to use linked PCs to sharefiles and print documents, which gradually increased the importance ofthe computers and equipment upon which these tasks were transacted.Still, the number of people protecting the hardware and data with UPSswas small.

Initially, the motivation for using APC's products was to protect thehardware itself. As more and more data was passed across networks, ourcustomers began recognizing the importance and value of the data ontheir servers and PCs; they quickly began protecting this data as well.As the value of data grew exponentially, the importance of protectingthe availability of the network reached critical mass. A growing numberof customers cannot tolerate any downtime in their networks.

In the last few years, the value of the data being created, transferredand stored has continued to multiply. Not only is the quantity of dataincreasing, but E-commerce applications are literally transferring,processing and storing money on the servers we protect. As a result,highly reliable solutions like our Power Array technology are beingadopted by industry-leading global enterprises to ensure E-commercedelivers on its promise.

In 1984, when we built our first UPS, I don't think anyone at APC couldhave imagined a better scenario for the Company than what we are seeingtoday. Data has become money, and it is flying around the globe,without bounds, at an incredible rate of speed. As a company we couldnot have hoped for a better business opportunity than one in whichnetwork downtime correlates to a loss of revenue.

Autodesk [San Rafael]
Category: AutoCAD Products
For 23 years, Autodesk has invested in people, software, and technology to help customers realize their ideas-to compete and win.

Autodesk first revolutionized the software industry with the AutoCAD(r) product, which introduced drafting on a PC. The widespread popularity of AutoCAD software forged our company's lifetime commitment to practical innovation that drives productivity and profitability. AutoCAD also paved the way for Autodesk technology leadership in industries such as building, infrastructure, manufacturing, media and entertainment, and wireless data.

Argonide [Sanford]
Category: Water Purification Equipments
Argonide was founded in 1994 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by Fred Tepper. Our mission is to develop and market new products based on nanotechnology. We have an international business perspective, with collaborative work in Italy, Japan, Singapore and in particular with Russian institutes active in nanotechnology.

Fred is a former Vice President for the Mine Safety Appliance Company (MSA) of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When he retired in 1996, he had almost 40 years with MSA, starting out as a chemist/materials scientist in respiratory filter development and water purification. In 1970 he was promoted to General Manager of the Catalyst Research Corp, where he led the team that developed the long life lithium pacemaker battery. He was promoted again to General Manager of the Instrument Division of MSA that included several additional profit centers including the Callery Chemical Company. While his responsibilities covered all the facets of a profit center (manufacturing, marketing, accounting), Fred was never far from the research lab.

Advanced Power & Controls LLc [Santa Ana]
Category: Power Conversion Equipment
Advanced Power & Controls, LLc(tm) manufactures and supplies Power Conversion Equipment meeting the needs of the planet. We provide low cost Industrial Computer Power Supplies, Frequency Converters, Programmable AC & DC Sources, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Power Conditioners, Hipot Testers and more...

We welcome you to our site, and thank you for choosing Advanced Power & Controls to provide the right solution to your power needs!

Accurate Circuit Engineering [Santa Ana]
Category: Printed Circuit Boards
Accurate Circuit Engineering has been creating PrintedCircuit Boards since 1965. Our specialty is Prototype Printed CircuitBoards.

We have been in the business of creating printed circuit boards (PCBs)since 1965. In 1983, ACE opened for business in our current locationin the heart of Orange County, California's Silicon Beach. We earn ourexcellent reputation every day as one of the market leaders, making thebest-quality PCB prototypes--quickly.

ACE is an ISO 9001-2000 certified manufacturer of high-quality PCBprototypes and low-volume production, for companies who demand thehighest quality in the quickest time possible.

ACE has developed an excellent reputation for consistent quality, on-time delivery and exceptional service. This reputation has earned ACE aloyal list of clients, including Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba, Sony,Rockwell, Raytheon, Allen Bradley, Hughes, Boeing, Sharp, Mitsubishi,SCI and Intel.

Our ongoing involvement in the prototype market helps us keep you onthe cutting edge of technology and provide you with keen insights intofuture innovations. We constantly upgrade our processes and equipment,and train our technicians in the latest innovations to ensure that youreceive the highest quality product in the quickest time possible.

In the competitive world of electronic components, the speed at which aproduct gets to market determines its viable life and profitability.When you absolutely must have reliable, quick-turn prototype servicefor PCBs or low-volume production, trust your project to the ACE,Accurate Circuit Engineering.

Arlon [Santa Ana]
Category: Graphic Film & Coated Products
Arlon has the right material for virtually every signage application. We can be your total sign materials provider, beginning with the cast flexible substrates, through to superior performing pressure sensitive vinyl films and protective coatings.

Arlon combines application engineering with strict manufacturing tolerances and high levels of customer service to deliver quality coated and laminated specialty papers, tapes, foams & films to engineers, designers and fabricators worldwide.

ADAPT Automation Inc [Santa Ana]
Category: Automation Equipments
ADAPT Automation Inc. is a full service facility withengineering, fabrication, welding, assembly, electrical andinstallation capabilities. We have been designing and buildingautomation equipment for all industries for over 29 years. Follow thelinks shown below for more information about the company and ourcapabilities.

Abbeon Cal Inc [Santa Barbara]
Category: Plastic Working Tools
We here at Abbeon Cal, still feel that way and have beenpracticing it since 1946. (Incidentally, for those who are a littleweak on geography, Black Springs was about a day's ride by buckboardfrom Mt. Ida, the Montgomery County capitol seat. At least that is howlong Mother said it took the doctor to get to their house in time forher birth).

There are always some people you just can't satisfy - no way, no how,no time. However, we here at the Abbeon company, take pride in ourbatting average. We make a positive effort to sell only the bestmerchandise at a fair price and with our 100% GUARANTEE OF ABSOLUTESATISFACTION. The folks who deal with us are protected in every way wecan think of. After all, it is only good business to have happycustomers.

8x8 Inc / Netergy Networks [Santa Clara]
Category: Telecomunication Products
8x8, Inc. and its subsidiaries develop and markettelecommunications products and technology for internet protocol (IP)telephony and video applications.

Applied Materials [Santa Clara]
Category: Semiconductor Fabrication
Applied Materials (Nasdaq: AMAT), the world's largest supplier of products and services to the global semiconductor industry, is one of the leading information infrastructure providers.

As a core information infrastructure company, Applied Materials innovates and commercializes the processing and manufacturing technology that helps semiconductor manufacturers produce the world's most advanced chips.

To support customers around the world, Applied Materials employs approximately 13,000 people in over 65 locations throughout China; Europe and Israel; India, Malaysia and Singapore; Japan; Korea; Taiwan; and the United States.

ASA Computers Inc [Santa Clara]
Category: Computing & Networking Products
Since 1989, ASA Computers Inc has been assisting individuals, companies, and organizations with their computing and networking requirements. Through various iterations of hardware and software flavors, we have been partnering with our clients in keeping their computing environment current in a cost-effective manner. Starting off as a simple system-integration Company, ASA Computers now provides full solutions including 'ISP packages', servers for '.com' Companies, computing environments for schools and research organizations, RAID and NAS set-ups, network installation, help-desk support, and much more.

Despite many changes in the field of computers, ASA Computers Inc has maintained its belief in the open architecture and multi-OS support. This has allowed us to offer a wide range of solutions based on various platforms like Intel x86, and Alpha. The open architecture allows us to configure systems using industry-standard components that help an easy/cost-effective upgrade path and lets us custom-configure systems exactly to our client's needs. There are many Operating Systems in existence today. ASA Computers has been following and keeping up with the *BSD, Linux, MS Windows, and Solaris Operating System environments since their very inception. We test for system compatibilities with the help of the various communities and do our own testing in our lab. [Santa Clara]
Category: Adapters
We specialize in providing custom solutions to yourinterconnect challenges.

Auctor Corporation [Santa Clara]
Category: Low Power Logic Controller Chips
Auctor Corporation is headquartered in Santa Clara California, with a subidiary in Taipei, Taiwan. The company evolved from ACC Microelectronics Corporation (ACC Micro), a leading manufacturer of Low Power Logic (LPL) controller chips.

As a leading manufacturer of Windows-based connectivity products for computer, communication and consumer applications, our experience in embedded and portable designs, and our innovative core technology enable us to become a major player in emerging explosive markets for embedded and portable applications. With headquarters in Santa Clara, California, the heart of Silicon Valley, the company positions itself well to provide the high performance and cost-effective products necessary to meet the needs of today's highly competitive global marketplace.

Advanced Radiation Corp [Santa Clara]
Category: Gas Discharge Lamps
Advanced Radiation Corporation is one of the leadingdesigners and manufacturers of custom, semi-custom, and production gasdischarge lamps. We manufacture high intensity mercury, xenon, mercury-xenon, krypton and xenon flashlamps. Because all necessary parts,assemblies and processing are produced in house. ARC can assure quickresponse for custom lamp development, as well as high volume productionof standard lamps.

Advantest America [Santa Clara]
Category: Electronic Measuring Equipment
For almost half a century, Advantest has been designinginnovative electronic measuring equipment and semiconductor test systems essential to the development and manufacture of advanced computer and telecommunications products.

As one of the world's leading suppliers, Advantest is dedicated tocreating state-of-the art systems to help our customers become moreproductive and profitable.

Advantest's mission is to support leading-edge technologies forsemiconductors and telecommunications - the technologies upon which ourrapidly evolving information society is based. By providing test andmeasurement tools for research and development and assurance of productquality, Advantest plays an essential role in transforming high-techinnovations into practical, commercial applications.

AeroTron Manufacturing Co [Santa Clara]
Category: Precision CNC Machining
We are a very diversified, quality oriented machine shop.We have the machine tools, CAD/CAM systems, inspection equipment andexperience to support both engineering and production.

Affymetrix Inc [Santa Clara]
Category: Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology
Affymetrix' GeneChip® technology was invented in the late1980's by a team of scientists lead by Stephen P.A. Fodor, Ph.D. Thetheory behind their work was revolutionary - a notion that semiconductor manufacturing techniques could be united with advances in combinatorial chemistry to build vast amounts of biological data on a small glass chip. This technology became the basis of a new company, Affymetrix, formed as a division of Affymax, N.V. in 1991. Affymetrix began operating independently in 1992.

Aitech Defense Systems Inc [Santa Clara]
Category: Rugged Computer Systems
Established in 1983, Aitech has a long and impressive track record delivering superior cost-performance, reliability, and time-to-market benefits to our customers.

In addition, Aitech specializes in customizing our COTS products to meet the specific requirements of Defense, Space and other customersworldwide.

Alcor Micro Inc [Santa Clara]
Category: Semiconductors
Alcor Micro Corp is a semiconductor company that designs,develops, and markets highly integrated peripheral semiconductors andsoftware support solutions for the personal computer peripheral andconsumer electronics markets worldwide.

The technology leader in USB controller ICs, Alcor Micro is a majorsupplier of single chip USB controllers with an embedded hub forkeyboards, monitors and standalone applications. In addition, thecompany has leveraged its expertise in USB technology to develop a USBto smart card reader IC that enables cost-efficient networking andInternet security solutions suitable for integration into notebooks,keyboards, and displays, as well as standalone reader applications.

Alcor Micro is distinguished by its ability to provide innovativesolutions for spec-driven products. Innovations like single chipsolutions for traditional multiple chip products and on-chip voltageregulators enable the company to provide cost-effective solutions forthe peripheral device needs of original equipment manufacturer (OEM)customers in worldwide PC and consumer markets.

Alliance Semiconductor [Santa Clara]
Category: High-Value Memory Products
Alliance Semiconductor Corporation is a leading, worldwide provider of high-value memory, mixed-signal and system solution products designed, developed and marketed for the communications, computing, consumer and industrial markets. Through these integrated business units, Alliance provides leading OEMs with synchronous and fast asynchronous SRAMs, super low-power and pseudo SRAMs, high-speed chip- to-chip interconnects based on HyperTransport(tm) technology, and mixed- signal products for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) management.

Alliance leverages its expertise in memory designs, mixed-signal technologies and system solutions to develop leading-edge products for next-generation systems. Strong joint venture relationships with top foundries allows Alliance to combine the best of fab-based and fabless manufacturing models to deliver high volume, high quality and reliable designs. Alliance ensures continued long-term capacity by utilizing the most advanced process technologies as a result of agreements with United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) and Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing in Singapore, as well as Tower Semiconductor in Israel.

Alpha Novatech [Santa Clara]
Category: Heat Sink
Since Alpha Company Ltd was founded in 1972, we have produced cold-forged parts in a wide range of fields, including electronics components and automobile parts. In the process, we have constantly striven to develop new concepts for original technology and techniques which have earned our high reputation.

In 1989, we began to apply our technology to heat sinks. Since then, we have developed high performance heat sinks previously thought impossible to make and at the same time developed MicroForging, a new technology surpassing any other forging techniques.

We believe that our products and technology can make a great contribution to many industries in this new age. Our customers include Cisco Systems, Cray, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, NEC, Silicon Graphics, SUN Microsystems and Toshiba. We also serve many domestic and overseas Electronics and Electronical Makers.

A-Max Wire & Cable Inc [Santa Clara]
Category: Electronic Manufacturing
We are an Electronic Manufacturing Service Company providing Businesses with Quality Conscious Solutions Specializing in the production of Custom Cable Harness Assemblies, Chassis and RF Coax Assemblies.

In addition to our Manufacturing services We Distribute Wire, Cable and Associated Products.

Amedia Microsystems Corporation [Santa Clara]
Category: Networks
In plain English, this means that every home, apartment, school, and business can receive their own secured 100Mbps connection over fiber for voice, data, and video services with guaranteed levels of quality. We believe that this is the most effective way for both well- established as well as for new network operators to offer today's services to their customers, and we are seeing an increasing consensus around this opinion.

American KSS Inc [Santa Clara]
Category: Frequency Control Devices
Kinseki was established in 1897 as a natural quartz jeweler in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. The word Kin-seki means Golden Stone. The company became Kinsekisha Laboratories in 1941 and started developing electronic components utilizing quartz. Our brand KSS was taken from KinSekiSha. In 1960, we developed the technology for mass production of pure, high- quality synthetic quartz. The name of the company was changed to Kinseki, Limited was established in 1980. The company became public in 1986 on the Tokyo Nikkei Stock Exchange.

Since our founding, the company has gained a world-wide reputation as a leader in diversified manufacturing with integrated processes that range from growth of synthetic quartz to the manufacturing of quartz incorporated frequency control products.

Advanced Microtechnology Inc [Santa Clara]
Category: Burn-in Test Systems
Advanced Microtechnology Inc (AMT) is a private company, founded in 1977. Our Corporate offices are located in Milpitas, California.

AMT manufacturers a wide range of burn-in test systems and support products under the Optimum series name. These products provide component test, environmental screening and process evaluation. Both standard and custom systems are available for production and engineering applications. All types of electronic components may be tested with Optimum product family.

AMT also designs and manufactures burn-in boards for the standard product line and any user burn-in system product. An associated product, the ATS1024 board test system is used to maintain test boards and is sold to our customers as a product extension to any burn-in system facility.

Amulet Technologies [Santa Clara]
Category: Graphic OS
As a privately held, fabless semiconductor company, Amulet invented the Graphic OS in Silicon. This core technology enables developers of Embedded Systems applications to easily enhance their brand by integrating a great looking and graphically robust graphic user interface (GUI). Amulet can bring a product from ordinary to extraordinary by allowing not just the engineers, but the also the marketing team, to design the GUI first-hand. Add value to your product and make it look worth more than your competitors!

Amulet enabled GUIs offload the burden of the GUI from the host embedded processor allowing designers to use less powerful and less expensive micros in new and existing product. Amulet provides a simpler, faster, more flexible method to program GUI's for embedded systems products.

Analog Microelectronics Inc [Santa Clara]
Category: Mixed Signal Power Management IC's
AME Inc is a public company (Stock 3188 listed in Taiwan GreTai Securities Market) specialized in the design, development and marketing of a full-line of innovative analog and mixed-signal power management integrated circuits. Our product design is concentrated on the integrated circuits for the high growth applications such like the personal and mobile computer, wireless communication, flat panel display and etc. Products in these markets include personal and notebook computers, PC peripherals, cellular phones, personal digital devices, and backlight controllers for LCD devices. The expertise of AME is to enable manufacturers to develop the high quality, reliable and cost- effective solutions to existing designs in the global market.

Animatics Corporation [Santa Clara]
Category: Integrated Motor Control
Animatics is the pioneer and recognized leader of integrated motion control. The SmartMotor(tm) is an integrated motor by Animatics. Designed by the industry leader, the Smart Motor is highly integrated control and is just one of the innovative motion control products by Animatics.

The SmartMotor is a complete, compact and user-friendly integrated control system that features a brushless DC servo motor, motion controller, encoder and amplifier.

American Hakko Products Inc [Santa Clarita]
Category: Soldering & Desoldering Tools
For 50 years Hakko has been producing superior quality soldering and desoldering tools, hot air rework stations, smoke and fume extraction systems, technical training classes, and a wide assortment of accessories and related equipment for the electronics, industrial and hobby industries. When people are asked why they use Hakko equipment, the answers are nearly always the same: "reliability", "best value", and "excellent service."

Applied Geomechanics Incorporated [Santa Cruz]
Category: Tiltmeter & Clinometer Case
Applied Geomechanics manufactures and distributes tiltmeters/inclinometers, tilt sensors, load cells, extensometers, data acquisition systems, and other high-quality instrumentation. We can also perform installation services, training, data acquisition and data reporting.

Ambios Technology Inc [Santa Cruz]
Category: Surface Measurement Products
Since the founding of Ambios Technology Inc in 1996, our principal goal has been to provide industrial and academic researchers with affordable, world-class surface analysis instrumentation. 2002 was a landmark year for Ambios Technology Inc. As a company, we made huge strides in establishing ourselves as a leading supplier of surface analysis and measurement instrumentation and proudly.

Accuride International Inc [Santa Fe Springs]
Category: Precision Slides
Accuride started as a small tool and die shop in 1962 inSouth Gate, California, producing top-quality slides for tape drivesand copy machines. Founder Fred Jordan entered a market eager for theincreasingly precise products and the company soon expanded to a 40,000square-foot facility in Santa Fe Springs, California.

In the late 1960s, Accuride developed ball bearing slides for metaloffice furniture. The company's design engineers then took on the woodfurniture market, developing features such as breathing tabs to absorbtolerances in wood products.

Accuride built its reputation on quality and ensures strict standardsare met by maintaining control over many manufacturing processes othersroutinely job-out. Progressive dies, roll forms, and plating lines arebuilt and maintained in house, as are other key tools and machinery.

Today, still privately held, Accuride has more than 1 million squarefeet of manufacturing space around the world and is the largest companyin the world dedicated to the innovative design and manufacturing ofball bearing slides. Accuride slides are designed into a wide range ofapplications from fine furniture and appliances to enclosures,automotive, and industrial equipment.

American Relays Inc [Santa Fe Springs]
Category: Reed Relay
American Relays Inc is a privately owned, independent Reed Relay manufacturing company, founded in 1978. At that time, management identified a portion of the Reed Relay market whose users have been neglected. That portion is the special requirements area; unusual pin spacing, special package dimensions, unique contact ratings, special coil resistance and voltages!

In today's world, the trend is toward standardization because that approach seems to be most expedient. What about the application with unique requirements? Do you select a Relay because it looks standard, even though it may not meet All of your requirements? American Relays Inc being an independent manufacturer, believes in being responsive to those applications with special design considerations and offers it's customers the best of both worlds.

American Relays Inc has combined a blend of the most modern equipment available with "State of the Art" knowledge to produce high quality Reed Relays with unquestionably the fastest delivery time in the industry. All of this helps us maintain very aggressive pricing. Added to this is a continuing R & D program and a staff of engineers geared to provide the correct relay for YOUR application. Since we make our own tooling in-house, our special designed relays are no more expensive than similar standard Reed Relays from other suppliers.

Air Monitor Corporation [Santa Rosa]
Category: Bulk Airflow Measurement Instrumentation
Air Monitor Corporation is a leader in providing bulkairflow measurement instrumentation and control systems in the Power,Process, and HVAC industries.

If we can be of further assistance in designing an airflow measurementand/or control system, simply fill out our contact request form and wewill provide you with the necessary information to fulfill your projectneeds.

AG Technologies [Schaumburg]
Category: Electronic Contract Manufacturer
AG Technologies is an international supplier of electroniccontract manufacturing services. We have the people, the technology, the resources and the facilities to ensure that we meet your expectations for every project. As your global partner, we aim to ensure your satisfaction with our products and your success as a company.

AG Technologies will build our customers low, medium, and high levelassemblies according to their specifications. We specialize in printedcircuit board assembly, cable and harness assembly, coil winding, andcomplete box build assembly. We also perform contract repair services.We will buy all the components, build and test your products, andwarehouse and ship to your schedules and/or forecasts to your warehouseor directly to your customers.

Accumetrics Associates Inc [Schenectady]
Category: Rotor Telemetry Technology
Accumetrics is an innovative global provider of solutionsto obtaining sensor data from rotating components. We provide highaccuracy/high integrity/ high speed digital telemetry solutions rangingfrom the measurement of individual signal inputs to more than 600sensor input applications. We work closely with customers to providetelemetry solutions for rotating equipment, improving their ability toaccurately retrieve and reproduce torque, temperature, vibration,voltage, current, and many other measurement parameters. Accumetricsproducts are used to retrieve data from race cars, steam turbines,windmills, motors, pumps, engine dynamometers, generators, aircraft,process industries, and more.

Accumetrics Associates was founded in 1991 with one objective: tomanufacture the world's best systems for getting data off rotatingequipment. Any time sensors are placed on rotating components, a

Amco Engineering Co [Schiller Park]
Category: Enclosures
To design engineers, system integrators, those on the leading edge of the data and electronics industries - to virtually everyone involved in the packaging of sophisticated electronic systems, the name AMCO means quality and reliability; the kind of performance you can count on day after day after day. AMCO has set the industry standard by responding to the evolving needs of its customers. For over 60 years, AMCO has crafted enclosures - designed and engineered a product to withstand the most exacting industry specifications. These products have been manufactured and delivered to successfully meet the urgent demands of our customers. America's best and broadest line of electronic system enclosures, from those meeting the most basic requirements to our Survivor 4 Seismic Series cabinets designed to protect your mission critical equipment against Zone 4 Seismic activity. Our 235,000 SQ ft. Manufacturing facility is nestled on 5 acres in Schiller Park, IL - and located just 5 minutes from Chicago's O'Hare airport.

American Plastics Technologies Inc [Schiller Park]
Category: Industrial Production Systems
Manufacturers of industrial production systems.

Anoma Electric Company Ltd [Scottsdale]
Category: Switching Power Supply
Anoma Corporation is a worldwide leading manufacturer of standard, modified standard, custom AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies. Headquartered in Taiwan, Anoma has design and production operations on three continents.

Ameritherm Inc [Scottsville]
Category: Induction Heating Products
We specialize in precision induction heating solutions. We won't send you an oversized power supply and hope it works by brute force. No two heating applications are exactly alike, and neither are our customers!

Our approach is first to listen to your unique needs and concerns. Then, we'll invite you to send samples of your parts to our Applications Lab for a No Charge evaluation and system recommendation. Benefit from the advice of experienced applications engineers who have worked with parts of virtually any size and shape. Let us show you the Ameritherm difference!

Arlington Industries [Scranton]
Category: Electrical Fittings
Arlington Industries Inc was founded in 1949, and in its early years served the electrical industry as a regional supplier of zinc die cast fittings. The company was acquired by its present owners in 1956. Since then Arlington has become a leading manufacturer of traditional metallic and non-metallic fittings and connectors-And an industry leader in the development of unique and innovative electrical and communications products.

Today, Arlington makes more individual zinc die cast line items than anyone else, and we're still the only independent electrical fittings manufacturer with injection molding capability for producing non- metallic fittings in-house.

We are also firmly committed to new product development. We monitor the industry closely to develop products that offer very specific, but innovative solutions to jobsite problems and situations. Our commitment is easily recognized by the more than 300 new or unique products we've introduced since1990.

All-Con World Systems [Seaford]
Category: Materials Handling Systems
We are a premier systems integrator and manufacturer ofautomated, integrated bulk materials handling systems. These systemsinclude major, minor and micro ingredient feeding, weighing andconveying of dry powdered and liquid ingredients, designed especiallyfor the chemical, plastic, food and packaging industries.

Actek Inc [Seattle]
Category: Motion Control Products
Our control products have been developed as solutions tothe real world problems that we have encountered in our hundreds ofsuccessful installations. The robustness of our controls, and theirease of use and installation, reflect our wealth of industrialexperience.

We are currently producing our 4th generation of control products. Witheach generation we have become more focused on solutions to multipleaxis motion control problems. With each generation we have spread ourproduct range to include more of a "complete package".

Our current range of offered products includes a variety of "off theshelf solutions" as well as the ability to custom tailor those productsto specific customer requirements.

Adhesa Plate Manufacturing [Seattle]
Category: Custom Labels & Graphic Overlays
Adhesa Plate Manufacturing produces custom labels, graphicoverlays and other uniquely fabricated adhesive backed and thin filmproducts. We are also offering offshore procurement of membraneswitches.

Most of our products are tested by both UL and CSA for durability andperformance. Many of our clients require our UL/CSA approval, AdhesaPlate IS a UL/CSA approved manufacturer of labels and graphic overlays.Those that do not need the certification of a UL/CSA label will stillbenefit - due to our built in standards required to meet the testing.More details about our capabilities are found in the "SOLUTIONS"segment.

Our clients are mostly manufactures in the electronic or industrialindustries. Our varieties of products are used on airplanes, medicaland testing instruments to winches. No Zebras or Zeppelins as far as weknow.

We do support other marking applications, such as asset and tamperproof labels. We also make some promotional labels like window decalsor bumper stickers. More details about our products can be found in the"SOLUTIONS" segment.

To monitor all this activity we utilize an ERP System that quotes jobs,processes and schedules orders.

This level of control helps us achieve one of the best and mostconsistent lead times in the industry, generally 2 - 4 weeks for newjobs and 2 - 3 weeks for repeat jobs. For membrane switches, we offerdelivery of 1st articles in three weeks. For production runs, there isalso a three weeks delivery.

Our new "digital manufacturing" which is designed for short run orprototypes jobs has lead-time of 1 - 2 weeks. Again, more details aboutour products and capabilities can be found in the "SOLUTIONS" segment.

Advanced Robotic Vehicles Inc [Seattle]
Category: Mobile Robotic Vehicle
Advanced Robotic Vehicles, Inc. (ARVI) was formed toinvent, develop, and deploy mobile robotic vehicles. The companyprovides customers with vehicles to inspect and treat large surfaceareas at significantly reduced cost and cycle time, with significantlyimproved accuracy and reliability.

ARVI's robots are the key component in a dramatically more efficientmeans of performing work on large structures. Traditionally, the onlyway to perform this work has been with individual laborers and handtools. This usually necessitates the employment of scaffolding soworkers can reach the required surfaces. The work is inherently slow.The hazards are often substantial. The quality of the work is oftenuneven.

AeroGo [Seattle]
Category: Air Caster/Air Bearing Products
AeroGo originally formed in 1967 to provide engineeringdesign and manufacturing for specialized assembling and tooling fixtures for the aerospace industry. Since then AeroGo has excelled in providing practical and efficient methods of rotation, alignment, transfer, location and movement of materials and products weighing between 500lbs/230kg and to well over 5,000 Tons. AeroGo’s professional team of experienced personnel supplies a wide range of standard or custom designed systems to meet assembly, tooling and material handling needs for large and heavy loads.

AeroGo’s success is based upon our continuing research, development andintegration of the latest technologies in moving and assembling heavyand cumbersome loads. This technology includes synchronized four-wheelindependent steering for heavy and large Transporters, proprietary wheel technology, Aero-Caster® technology and guidance systems and controls. Over the years AeroGo has become a problem-solving company that provides customers with solutions to their assembly and load moving problems using wheel Transporters, rails, Aero-Casters® or stationary manipulators.

Alaskan Copper & Brass Company [Seattle]
Category: Corrosion Resistant Alloy Products
Alaskan Copper & Brass Company and Alaskan Copper Works are the Nation's largest combination full service center and manufacturer of corrosion resistant alloy products. Alaskan combines the largest and most diverse inventory of corrosion resistant alloys in the Pacific Northwest with the very latest in material processing equipment and expertise. Our goal is to continue to be a true "service center" for our customers. We provide accurate, rapid quotation services and the ability to deliver material on time preprocessed, if necessary to our customer's exact specifications.

Ample Technology [Seattle]
Category: Battery Management Equipment
We provide the most effective battery management equipment in existence for owner operated systems in boats, motorcoaches, and remote sites. And we are the primary source of information you need to enjoy electricity unplugged from the public utility.

Arizona Vortex Tube Manufacturing Company [Sedona]
Category: Tube Products
Manufacturers of tube, cooling, compressed, air, nozzles, curtains, jets, pumps, etc.

Ametek US Gauge Division [Sellersville]
Category: Temperature Measurement Products
Ametek - U.S. Gauge is one of the world's leading suppliers of high quality, competitively priced pressure and temperature measurement products. Founded in 1904, USG's product offering includes bourdon tube and diaphragm capsule pressure gauges ranging in size from 1-1/2 inches to 6 inches; with brass, stainless steel, alloy steel or Monel internals. Other products include a complete line of diaphragm seals, a full range of bimetallic thermometers from 1 inch to 5 inches in diameter, and thermowells.

Atlas Copco Controls Inc [Sewickley]
Category: Air & Gas Compressors & Generators
Atlas Copco is a global industrial group headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The Group, which was founded already in 1873, employs today more thab 25 000 people and manufactures products in 16 countries on five continents.

Air-Vac Engineering [Seymour]
Category: Soldering & Desoldering Systems
Air-Vac is committed to producing the highest qualityselective soldering and desoldering systems designed with the capability and flexibility required to meet changing customer and industry requirements.

The ongoing technical service and process support that we provide to our customers is a major value-added component of our total productoffering.

Our ongoing program of product development and enhancement ensures thatAir-Vac will continue to provide innovative leadership for bothrework/selective soldering technology in the electronics industry andvacuum technology in the markets we serve.

We require the involvement and commitment of all company employeesworking as a team towards these common goals. Everyone is responsible to follow documented policies and procedures, and continually contribute to the improvement of everything we do.

Advance Control Technology Inc [Shakopee]
Category: Liquid Level Float Switches & Sensors
We have been producing state-of-the-art sensors since 1980and quickly earned a reputation for innovative solutions, high qualityproducts, and dedication to fast, dependable deliveries. A.C.T.dramatically expanded our product line to include switches, sensors,liquid level controls, transducers, and solid-state controls.

As a result of this growth, A.C.T. recently relocated to a new, state-of-the-art, 26,000 square-foot plant designed and equipped to provideyou with complete, one-stop, sensor and controls production. Ourdesign, manufacturing, marketing, and delivery services are allheadquartered in our new location in suburban Minneapolis, Minnesotawith close proximity to major international air and over-the-road trucktransportation.

Aaper Alcohol [Shelbyville]
Category: Alcohol Products
Since entering the market in 1979, AAPER has consistentlyprovided equal attention to both single case orders and largegovernment contracts. We provide synthetic and natural fermented 190and 200 Proof Alcohol. Over the years, AAPER has carved a niche in thealcohol marketplace providing tax free and tax paid ethyl alcohol,specially denatured alcohol and laboratory solvents.

AAPER supplies institutions, research facilities and industrialaccounts. Our customer needs range from regulatory information tocomplex requirements for special formulations. Thus our customers haveincreasingly depended on us for product quality, industry know how andpersonal service.

AAPER's corporate offices and manufacturing plant are located inShelbyville, Kentucky, just outside of Louisville.

American Technology Inc [Shelton]
Category: Ultrasonic Metal Welding
As AmTech continues to grow, we will continue to work and maintain our position as the World Leader in Ultrasonic Metal Welding.

American Technology Inc (AmTech) was founded in Milford, Connecticut in l978. Our vision, and our highest priority, is to continuously listen to our customers, understand their needs, and apply our technical strength to provide ultrasonic metal welding equipment that exceeds their expectations.

More than 25 worldwide patents have been issued to AmTech in our pursuit of technical excellence. Our commitment to continuous improvement has allowed AmTech to grow into a multinational company serving the needs of the worldwide industrial community.

Anton-Bauer [Shelton]
Category: Batteries
At Anton/Bauer, we know what every real professional knows, that every shot is a once in a lifetime opportunity, that real technology means features and benefits that make a shoot better and easier, that the best equipment is backed by real warranties, and that fast professional service & support are as important to a business as the product itself.

Antona Corporation [Sherman Oaks]
Category: Electronic Products
Antona designs and markets electronic products for the industrial control market. In addition to RS422/RS232 adapters, we stock a variety of prototyping and test adapters to accommodate wire-wrapping of surface mount devices. Antona also designs and manufactures ISA/PCI cards for the PC, and STD Bus compatible circuit boards for industrial control and monitoring.

Anorad Corporation [Shirley]
Category: Precision Motion Control Solutions
Rockwell Automation is a leading industrial automation company focused to be the most valued global provider of power, control and information solutions. With a focus on automation solutions that help customers meet productivity objectives, the company brings together leading brands in industrial automation, including Dodge(r) mechanical power transmission products, Reliance Electric(tm) motors and drives, Allen-Bradley(r) controls and engineered services and Rockwell Software(r) factory management software. Global technical and customer service is an integral part of Rockwell Automation, with nearly 5,600 distributors, system integrators and agents serving customers in 80 countries.

Our Complete Automation solutions include specialty products designed for industry-specific applications. Anorad precision motion products combine state-of-the-art positioning technologies and over 30 years of experience to deliver high performance and custom engineered precision motion solutions. Entek brand integrated condition monitoring equipment proactively identifies minute changes in machine condition to prevent problems before they become apparent. Propack Data brand products in conjunction with Rockwell Automation products provide one of the world's most extensive offerings of Enterprise Production Management (EPM) systems for the life sciences industry.

AJS Controls [Sidney]
Category: Contract Manufacturing Solutions
AJS Controls, Inc. offers their customers full ContractManufacturing Solutions on-time and of superior quality. These solutions are delivered by an outstanding team of employees whose core competency is in contract manufacturing.

AJS Controls, Inc. has a philosophy of providing each customer with acomplete outsourcing solution. Whether it is high performancemanufacturing of electromechanical assemblies, or interconnect systems,or a complete machine frame out of aluminum extrusion, we are ready tofill your need. We can turn your build to print or build tospecification, into a custom built assembly or a fully integratedsystem.

From prototype to full production, complimented by our engineeringservices, AJS Controls Inc. is the house for you.

Amphenol Aerospace [Sidney]
Category: Interconnect Products
Amphenol is one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world. The Company designs, manufactures and markets electrical, electronic and fiber optic connectors, coaxial and flat-ribbon cable, and interconnect systems.

Alan Wire Company [Sikeston]
Category: Building Wire Products
Alan Wire Company began nearly 30 years ago, selling barecopper wire to electrical distributors in the Midwest. Today, AlanWire's modern manufacturing facility, utilizing state of the artequipment and a well stocked warehouse, provides electrical distributors with a dependable source for a wide range of building wire products. Each order is completed with impeccable accuracy and speed, delivering customer orders complete and on time.

At Alan Wire Company everyone strives to get the job done right thefirst time. From the time your order is placed, until it is deliveredcomplete, our staff is doing everything possible for a smoothtransaction every time. This dependable, consistent service savesdistributors time and money.

[Silicon Valley]
Category: Frame Grabbers & Video Capture CardsCompanyL Able- PixelSmart
Manufactures of Video Frame Grabbers and Image processingboards. Both off the shelf and custom work. From low cost to highperformance. Free software SDK, free tech support. 15yrs in business.

Altek Corporation [Silver Spring]
Category: Precision Graphic Digitizers
Altek is the leading manufacturer and supplier of precision large format graphic digitizers and scanners. Since 1970, Altek has built a 30 year reputation for excellence in manufacturing the highest accuracy digitizer systems available.

Advanced Recognition Technologies [Simi Valley]
Category: Embedded Speech & Handwriting Interfaces
ScanSoft has completed its acquisition of ART, Advanced Recognition Technologies Inc. With SpeechWorks Solutions' leadership in providing innovative speech technology solutions and a strong global support structure, this is an extremely positive development for our partners and customers.

SpeechWorks Solutions remains committed to delivering the world's best speech and handwriting recognition products for handsets. ART's development and professional services staff are responsible for meeting this challenge as part of the SpeechWorks Solutions team. ART's core speech recognition engine, smARTspeak, will now be available under a new name, VoCon Mobile. Look to SpeechWorks Solutions from ScanSoft for exciting additional product announcements in the coming months.

Autec Power Systems [Simi Valley]
Category: Power Products
Our mission is to apply Autec's core technologies and expertise to develop, manufacture and distribute quality products and services worldwide that meet or exceed customers' needs in areas concerning the transformation of energy and information.

3Com / US Robotics [Skokie]
Category: Analog Modems
We've built our reputation for excellence by developingfast, dependable, easy-to-use analog modems that helped connect ageneration. Now we're helping you connect more-more quickly, moreconveniently, and more reliably. Check out our new products- Routers,wireless networking equipment, ethernet switches and cards -for more ofthe speed, convenience, and reliability you've come to expect from U.S.Robotics.

Alnor Instrument Company [Skokie]
Category: Test & Measurement Equipment
Alnor Instrument Co (originally called Illinois Testing Laboratories) started in 1919 in Chicago, Illinois as a repair and service center for precision instrumentation. The Alnor Pyrometer was the first instrument to be marketed. In 1920, manufacturing and sales rights were purchased for the Crit Point Instrument; in 1930, the Price Instrument and Pyrometer Company was acquired; in 1934, the manufacturing rights and patent for a line of instruments for detection of contraband material was purchased. These instruments, such as the Electronic Eye and Metal Detector, were used across the country in penal institutions.

American Vacuum Company [Skokie]
Category: Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Systems
Since 1910 American Vacuum Company has sold over 500,000 industrial vacuum cleaning systems. Our 90 years of building the industry's best vacuum systems is your assurance that American Vacuum will help you select, design and install the proper systems.

To solve any of your vacuum related problems, we offer a complete line of continuous duty vacuum systems, ranging from single operator to entire plant clean up. Portable and stationary, Electric and air operated.

We also offer a complete line of hose, tools & fittings to accommodate your vacuum cleaning needs.

AB Connector Ltd [Smithfield]
Category: Interconnection Technology
AB Connectors are recognised market leaders in the designand manufacture of connectors and interconnection systems for harshenvironments where high performance and reliability are mandatory. Fromthe principal site at Abercynon in Wales UK, dedicated assemblyfacilities in the Country: USA and China, together with a co-ordinatedglobal sales and distribution network, it is able to offer customers anunrivalled service.

With over 50 years as a pioneer of harsh environment connectors, ABConnectors a company within the TT Electronics plc, has throughcontinuous research, product development, extensive test facilities,manufacturing investment and industrial competence been able to exceedthe exacting requirements of the Transportation, Military, Industrialand Commercial markets.

The Company holds Quality Assurance approval to BS EN ISO 9001 andoffers a comprehensive standard product range, many of which arequalified to BS9000, CECC and IECQ. From its commitment to the Tractionindustry, qualifications to TDE77/R/42, RSE/STD/024 are held, alongwith the use of low toxicity materials that are fully type tested toBS6853 and NF F 16-101.

Working with state-of-art CAD/CAM facilities, rapid prototypetechniques and modern CNC equipment, coupled with our strong technicalexpertise we are able to use the main products as platforms to providecustom engineered solutions, thereby significantly reducing customerdevelopment time, costs and risks.

AB Connectors total commitment to providing customers with high levelsof service, cost effectiveness, quality and innovative solutions ininterconnection products make it the ideal first choice supply partner.

Andersen Instruments Inc [Smyrna]
Category: Analytical Instruments
Thermo is the world leader in analytical instruments. Our instrument solutions enable our customers to make the world a healthier, cleaner and safer place. Our Life and Laboratory Sciences business provides analytical instruments, scientific equipment, services, and software solutions for life science, drug discovery, clinical, environmental, and industrial laboratories. Our Measurement and Control business provides analytical instruments used in a variety of manufacturing processes and in-the-field applications including those associated with safety and homeland security. Based near Boston, Thermo has revenues of over $2 billion, and employs 10,000 people in 30 countries.

Albion Devices Inc [Solana Beach]
Category: Temperature Compensated Measurement Systems
Albion’s many temperature compensation systemapplications, installed since our inception in 1988, have dramaticallyreduced the adverse effects of temperature on precision dimensionalmeasurements (usually by as much as 95%), improved our customers'process capability, reduced costs of scrap and rework, generallyimproved quality and increased production process speeds.

Our instruments are in use world wide at auto plants, aerospacecompanies, bearing manufacturers, railroads, printers and theirsuppliers. We are recognized as being the leader in the field oftemperature compensation. Our approach is practical, proven and customer driven.

Archtech Electronics [Somerset]
Category: Connectivity Products
Serving the datacom industry since 1987, Archtech Electronics Corp. has maintained a reputation for high quality products, excellent service and customer satisfaction. Through our dedication to service, AEC has become a preferred OEM vendor for some of the most influential companies in the connectivity industry. We continue to take pride in satisfying our customers by offering the latest innovative solutions of quality integrated networking products, cable assemblies, wire harnesses and connectors. Because of our experience and commitment, we proudly can say that we will ship the same day on stock merchandise that are received by 4:30 PM EST... we feel that's the way a manufacturer that cares about their customer should treat them.

American Solenoid / Kraus & Naimer [Somerset]
Category: Electrical High-Power Devices
The first manufacturing location, located in the cellar of a house in Wattgasse 53, in the 16th district of Vienna, had become too small after only two years of production. The company moved to Schumanngasse 35, in the 18th district of Vienna, in the year 1909. The number of employees slowly increased and after a few years had reached 100; large enough to be recognized as a "medium-sized enterprise".

Actinix [Soquel]
Category: Lasers & Optical Tools
Actinix is a privately held technology company located inSanta Cruz, CA. Our emphasis is on the design and development of newlaser methods for generating vacuum ultraviolet light (wavelengths lessthan 200 nm) and the application of these new light sources to thevisualization and fabrication of extremely small structures. The high-resolution microscopy and metrology systems that Actinix has beendeveloping for semiconductor manufacturing are synergistic with anddirectly applicable to emerging nanotechnology applications.

Amplifier Research [Souderton]
Category: RF & Microwave Amplifiers
AR Worldwide rf amplifiers and microwave amplifiers have power and capabilities far beyond those of ordinary amplifiers. They deliver the ultimate in total performance power!

Whether you need high or low power, you'll find exactly what you're looking for - and all the power you pay for - here at AR.

Armil CFS Inc [South Holland]
Category: Furnaces Refractory Products
Providing custom designed high temperature furnaces for diverse applications in a wide range of industries. Supplying a full line of ceramic fiber products, firebrick, castables, mortars, custom cast shapes, high temperature gaskets.

Ability Engineering Technology Inc [South Holland]
Category: Fabricating & Assembling
Ability Engineering was established in 1947 to provide asingle machining fabricating and assembling source with quality andservice to our customers.

Throughout the years it has earned an unequaled reputation forversatility, dependability and cooperation. This is due entirely to the confidence that our customers placed in our ability to solve theirproblems

Ability Engineering Technology has assumed this responsibility and hasexpanded the scope of its expertise to include more ways to better serve you.

Aaliant Fluid Measurement Solutions [Spartanburg]
Category: Flow Measurement Solutions
The Aaliant and Niagara product families are bothmanufactured by Venture Measurement in Spartanburg, South Carolina.Venture Measurement is committed to providing our customers with theflow measurement solutions that are reliable and proven. Our flowmeasurement products are used throughout the agriculture, food,beverage, tobacco, mining, oil & gas production, paper, petrochemicalprocessing, plastics & rubber, pharmaceutical, and power generationindustries.

The Aaliant branded strain gage target meter was originally known asthe "Ramapo" meter. It was developed and sold by the Ramapo InstrumentCompany and later by the Hersey Measurement Company. There have beenmore than 20,000 "Ramapo" meters successfully applied in difficultapplications since 1954.

Venture Measurement has an extensive network of field salesrepresentatives and a staff of application engineers ready to provideequipment recommendations, application assistance, and trouble-shooting. Our ISO 9001 certified facility assures consistent quality-driven manufacturing and testing with a commitment to excellence.

Arbor Automation [Spring Arbor]
Category: Palletized Conveyor
Arbor's founders desired to build a palletized conveyor with a heavier duty design than currently available. As machine builders they worked with various automation suppliers and used this knowledge as a benchmark. Wipcon was the name chosen to represent Arbor's palletized automation system.

Wipcon debuted at IMTS Chicago. Shortly thereafter, Arbor integrated conveyors for Daimler Chrysler and Arbor became a major automated equipment supplier - recognized as a machine builders conveyor.

Since the change in ownership, Arbor has completed major conveyor projects for many customers. The largest being a seven conveyor line automation integration project for the Daimler Chrysler Indiana Transmission Plant. The project was installed during the summer of 2003. Other customers include: Borg Warner, Midway Products and Great Lakes Industry.

Advanced Telemetrics International [Spring Valley]
Category: Wireless Telemetry Measurement Systems
Since its founding in 1987, Advanced Telemetrics (ATi) hasbeen in the business of solving unique rotating sensor measurements. ATi specializes in rotating telemetry systems which are used to couple data from rotating shafts or machinery to a stationary recorder.

ATi products have been utilized successfully in powertrain testing inautomotive, aerospace, biomedical and a variety of other R&D relatedapplications.

Aurora Tactical Group [Springdale]
Category: Night Vision Equipment
Much like our name suggests, Aurora Tactical is on the dawn of providing the finest weapons and night vision equipment to the consumer without sacrificing an essential commitment to customer service. Since our company's inception, our objective has been to construct the best equipment and offer it at the lowest possible price.

Anacon Systems Inc [Springfield]
Category: Controllers
Anacon Systems Inc (Mt. View, CA) was founded in January 1997 and incorporated in July 1997. Anacon Systems is privately held.

Anacon controllers are manufactured in the USA, Far East, Mexico and Europe. We are CSA, ETL and TUV approved and meet UL 508C standards. Anacon Systems provides fully integrated board level solutions for the digital control of AC electric motors. The company offers several families of motor controls to OEM's in the areas of fan/blower, pumps, compressors, health care and other markets. The units are designed to provide flexible control characteristics allowing customers to configure their control for their application-specific purposes through firmware and/or hardware solutions.

Advance Lifts Inc [St Charles]
Category: Work Positioning & Material Handling
Our state-of-the-art, 120,000 square foot building housesall operations including sales, design, manufacturing and shipping.

For more than 25 years, companies have relied on Advance for the highest quality Work Positioners, Packaging Equipment, Recycling Equipment, Maintenance Equipment and Dock Equipment available for industrial applications of all kinds.

Advance Lifts is dedicated to providing its customers with the highestquality equipment, the fastest deliveries and the best value.

Atom Diecutting Manufacturers Supplies Co [St Louis]
Category: Hydraulic Die Cutting Presses
Atom has been manufacturing hydraulic die cutting presses in Vigevano, Italy for over fifty years. Currently, Atom controlls nearly 70% of the market share worldwide with over 100,000 units in prodcution. These range in production from small cutting presses to computerized controlled CNC cutting presses. In addition, Atom Presses offer a wide range of cutting powers to satisfy all types of converting applications. Atom's use of oil dynamic performace greatly reduces energy consumption. Unlike many companies that use other software and electronic componets from other manufacturers Atom offers its customers electronics, integrated nesting software and feeding systems all desinged and manufactured in one facility. Atom's vast clientel throughout the world include; Playtex, Garden State Tanning, Gucci, Dock Marten and Nike just to name a few.

Aegis Corporation [ST Louis]
Category: Radiation Shields & Laser Products
Founded in 1974 as D&M Associates, our management team hasled the way for providing technology based products, services andsolutions throughout the world.

Manufacturers of Radiation Shields & Laser Products.

Automation Service [St Louis]
Category: Process Controls
Since 1956, Automation Service has met the process control needs of many different industries around the globe. To provide the highest possible quality, we do not rebuild or refurbish any instrument. Instead, we completly remanufacture every component, then manufacture instruments from those components.

Our remanufactured instruments offer our customers a superior value for their investment.

Abbott Furnace Company [St Marys]
Category: Custom Industrial Furnaces
ABBOTT Furnace Company is a custom industrial furnacemanufacturer specializing in continuous belt industrial furnaces.ABBOTT industrial furnaces are used in a wide variety of applicationsincluding Powdered Metal, Heat Treating, Brazing, Annealing, Sintering,Thick Film Processing and Fuel Cells.

ABBOTT Furnace Company is located in St. Marys, PA, "The Powdered MetalCapital of the World." We employ a highly skilled workforce to producequality furnace and accessory parts. In support of our OE manufacturingactivities, Abbott Furnace Company also offers custom fabrication ofreplacement parts, a full line of spare parts, repair service for mostpower and temperature controllers and calibration services.

ABBOTT was initially established as a service company and it remains anintegral part of our culture. Our dedication to service has manifesteditself in the development of long-term business relationships with ourcustomers. Abbott Service is available not only for our furnaces butfor our competitors as well.

Advanced Thermal Products [St Marys]
Category: Temperature Sensing Probes & Assemblies
Advanced Thermal Products manufactures custom and standardtemperature sensing probes and assemblies as well as PTC and NTCthermistors. ATP supplies products to the HVAC, Appliance, Food Service, Pool & Spa, Medical and Electronics Industries from its St. Marys, PA facility.

Advanced Thermal Products was founded in 1985 based on the idea thatcustomer service would set us apart from our competitors. Our goal wasto be not just a good supplier but an extraordinary supplier. We decided that we could offer the most value to our customers by making high quality products at a fair price with 100% on-time delivery. It’s not a goal that is easy to achieve, but one that we strive to meet each and every day.

3M [St Paul]
Category: Diversified Technology
3M is a diversified technology company with a worldwidepresence in the following markets: consumer and office; display andgraphics; electro and communications; health care; industrial; safety,security and protection services; and transportation. 3M is a globalenterprise characterized by substantial intercompany cooperation inresearch, manufacturing and marketing of products.

Accu-Tronics Mfg Inc [St Paul]
Category: Electronic COntract Manufacturers
Accu-Tronics - Electronic Contract Manufacturers iscommitted to providing you the highest quality and service for a smoothintegration that simulates an extension of your own manufacturingoperation.

We specialize in Through-Hole and Mixed Technology utilizing our wavesoldering process that includes Water Soluble Flux with an In-LineAqueous Cleaning System. Our Flow Soldering process can solder PCB’s upto 16". We also provide custom PCB rework modifications to ourcustomer’s requirements. We offer a quick-turn delivery in 72 hourswith a standard lead-time of 3 weeks.

Customers rely on Accu-Tronics - Electronic Contract Manufacturers tohandle material procurement. We provide full turnkey by utilizing ourpurchasing as well as manufacturing to long-term suppliers.

Addco Inc [St Paul]
Category: Industrial Products
John A. Nicholson formed the Nicholson Company in 1953.Nicholson Company became the first air-cooled Deutz diesel enginedistributor in the United States.

In the '70s, the Nicholson Company began designing and building variouslevers, controls and cables, giving birth to ADDCO's IndustrialProducts Group.

The '80s found ADDCO looking for new applications for the Deutz engine.This led to using the Deutz engine to power the DOT-SIGN®, the firstflip disk, portable, changeable message sign. This prompted entry intothe traffic control industry. The Traffic Control Group was born.

In the '90s, ADDCO developed innovations such as the Energy Managersoftware for control of diesel engines, the Solar Tilt And Rotate(STAR), the Eclipse System for enhanced sign legibility, and The BRICK®modular message sign system. ADDCO also developed the first radio-linked portable traffic signal, the PTS-2000. The Smart Zone® wasintroduced; and the ERC (Electric Remote Control) was developed.

Archway Industrial Coatings [St Peters]
Category: Abrasion & Corrosion Resistant Coatings
Archway Industrial Coatings is a St. Louis based Epoxy and Urethane floor applicator. Servicing the surrounding area and the Midwest region, our specialty is specifying, estimating, and applying industrial flooring systems.

We have experience in projects ranging from 100 to 400,000 square feet, from various clients such as chemical processing, food processing, industrial, commercial, and aircraft hangers.

Archway Industrial Coatings has carefully positioned itself to provide much needed relief to the industrial, economical, and institutional world through its unique product lines. Taking advantage of advanced polymer science and application technology enables us to save our customers money, time, and frustration through permanent repair instead of replacement.

We offer a wide selection of abrasion and corrosion resistant coatings, as well as 1/4" overlayments for high impact and chemical resistance to solve even the most difficult problems.

Advanced Plasma Systems Inc [St Petersburg]
Category: Gas-Plasma Products
March Plasma Systems, located in Concord, CA and St.Petersburg, FL, is a world leader in gas plasma technology for micro-and opto-electronic packaging and PCB industries. The company designsand manufactures a complete line of plasma treatment systems, andmaintains an expert staff of scientists and engineers trained in plasmascience and in advanced packaging and PCB technology.

High reliability and high yield of advanced integrated circuits can bedifficult to achieve as package size decreases and use of advancedmaterials increases. Gas plasma treatment before die attach, wirebonding, encapsulation, and underfill increases bond strengths.

For PCB manufacturing, plasma technology can deliver higher uniformityand reproducibility than chemical or mechanical process. Plasmatreatment increases the surface energy of advanced materials, includingTeflon®, providing excellent lamination and wettability for platingthrough-holes. Plasma also removes resin smear created in the drillingprocess and removes carbon by-products from blind vias.

Atec Inc [Stafford]
Category: Parts, Assemblies & Systems
Atec engineers and custom manufactures a broad spectrum of parts, assemblies and systems. The company performs engineering and project services, manufactures electronics and information control systems - complementing precision to heavy mechanical machining and fabrication. Atec provides design, prototyping, repair, field service, construction management and build-to-print efforts.

Anderson Greenwood & Co [Stafford]
Category: Pressure & Safety Relief Valves
Anderson Greenwood and Crosby are the world's premier manufacturers of pressure relief valves, tank blanketing products and instrumentation valves and manifolds.

Anderson Greenwood began as an airplane manufacturer in 1947, when the first AG-14 plane was produced. The Korean War stopped airplane production, and Anderson Greenwood utilized its engineering capabilities in subcontracting work for various airframe companies. They eventually set aside a valve design group to develop new valve ideas.

In 1954, their research and inventiveness resulted in the development of the first soft-seated safety-relief valves and hand valves. By 1957, Anderson Greenwood had developed the first line of pilot operated valves, the Model 23. Since then, Anderson Greenwood has become the premier pilot-operated safety relief valve company in the world.

American Actuator Corporation [Stamford]
Category: Magnetic Gauges
American Actuator Corporation manufactures AAC Magnetic Gauges and AAC Electromagnetic Fingers for Press Brakes. AAC Magnetic Gauges offer Increased Safety, Accuracy and Productivity in press brake operations. They are flexible and can be used with all brands of press brakes and press brake gauging systems.

AAC Magnetic Gauges hold metal in press brakes so that the operator can take his hands away from the dangerous point of operation. As the part is formed, the electromagnets automatically shut off. Each contact point is also a "flip-finger" which moves away when pushed by a return flange. The "flip-fingers" can also be rotated for accurate micro- adjustment of the gauge dimension.

All Shore Industries [Staten Island]
Category: Electronic Parts & Assemblies
Many of the greatest American brands depend on All Shore to bring their products to life.

All Shore's clients run the gamut from Fortune 500 corporations to small entrepreneurs.

They depend on All Shore for everything from design through complete manufacturing, packing and shipping of anything from a simple consumer item to a complex industrial assembly.

Analab LLc [Sterling]
Category: Test Equipments
Analab is your one-stop source for CE and FCC product compliance needs. Analab is FCC Listed and NVLAP Accredited. Located Bridgeport, NJ near major transportation lines and local accommodations, we make the best use of your time and money with close consultation, prompt product evaluation and state-of-the-art testing. In addition to our accreditations, testing is performed by experienced EMC personnel.

Anderson Power Products [Sterling]
Category: Power Connectors
Anderson Power Products(r) (APP) is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of high power interconnects and accessories. Founded in 1877, APP manufactured products to support the Mining and Railway Industries. Today, as a result of innovative design and development, APP has evolved into a valued supplier for a wide variety of markets including Back-up Power, Telecom/Datacom, and the Material Handling Industries.

Anderson Power Products(r) maintains design, customer support, and manufacturing facilities in Sterling, MA, USA, Fermoy Ireland and China. An ISO 9001-2000 certified company, APP has established a reputation for high quality products, on-time deliveries, and excellent customer service. APP draws on over 120 years experience in designing and manufacturing versatile high power, hot-pluggable, interconnect products. As a result of modern manufacturing techniques and rigorous quality control measures, APP assures that our customers receive the quality products they deserve. In addition, APP has assembled a worldwide group of Sales Representatives and Distributors to help support our customers in their own locale.

A G Davis Gage [Sterling Heights]
Category: Precision Rotary Index Tables
SInce its beginning as a maker of flush pin gages nearly 50 years ago, A. G. Davis Gage / has become a world-class producer of acomplete line of gage components and custom gaging equipment as well asfully automatic gaging systems.

Design and build capabilities include PC-based programmable SPC andcontrol programs with A. G. Davis / AA Gage customized software.A. G. Davis / AA Gage is compliant to ISO 9001 quality standard.

American Polywater Corporation [Stillwater]
Category: Cable Pulling Lubes, Cleaners, etc
In 1973, Nelson Jonnes, a Minnesota research chemist with more than a dozen patents under his belt, threw together some slippery ingredients in his basement and began selling it as a SCUBA diving-suit lubricant. It was well received, but the potential income from that alone could not support his family of six.

With a quick change of marketing focus in 1974, the fledgling company began selling the same technology to the telcom and power utility markets in the form of a unique, water-based cable pulling lubricant. It revolutionized the industry, which until then had used mud, wax, and grease. Polywater(r) Cable Pulling Lubricants have been the leaders ever since.

Over the years, the Polywater(r) line expanded greatly. Today, in addition to its sixteen different formulations of pulling lubes for every type of wire and cable imaginable, the product line includes a broad range of cleaners and other specialty chemicals. These include cable cleaners, contact cleaners, general electrical cleaners, hot stick and boom truck cleaners, fiberglass wax and buffing kits, penetrating oils, cold galvanizing spray, alcohol wipes, cable removal aids, cable blowing lubricant, cable pulling software, training videos, MRO aerosols, pipe joint lubricant, pump packing installation lubricants, conduit coupling adhesives, conduit de-icers, directional drilling fluid additives, lubricant applicators, lubricant spreaders, lubricant pumps, cable handling gloves, duct sealants, sanding cloths, dry towelettes, winter- grade lubricants for cold weather applications, pressurized cable leak sealants, transformer leak sealants, sunscreen wipes, hand and tool cleaners, and a host of other unique chemicals and accessories.

Audio-Technica US Inc [Stow]
Category: Electro-Acoustic Products
Audio-Technica has been dedicated to advancing the art and technology of electro-acoustic design and manufacturing since 1962.

>From a beginning in state-of-the-art phono cartridges, A-T has expanded over the years into high-performance headphones, microphones, mixers and electronic products for home and professional use. In each new area the goal has been to create innovative, problem-solving products.

The results of these engineering and production efforts can be seen in the effective use of A-T products in a broad spectrum of applications.

Audio-Technica microphones, for example, are found in daily use in major broadcast and recording studios, and relied upon by top touring musicians. A-T mics are chosen for important installations and major events, such as the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate, the Super Bowl, World Cup Soccer and the Olympics.

Automated Packaging Systems Inc [Streetsboro]
Category: Autobag
Automated Packaging Systems is the only company that manufactures the original, genuine Autobag(r) pre-opened bags-on-a-roll.

We are larger than all of our pre-opened bags-on-a-roll competitors combined and have provided unmatched service to our customers since 1962. With over 25,000 machines in operation and nationwide field service, we are the only company that can truly provide a total systems approach for your needs.

With our in-house engineering and art departments, we can provide you with custom designed machinery and bag design. We also sell many standard "off the shelf" models of machines. We listen to determine what your needs are and work in concert with you to determine the best solution. Our three Ohio and one West Virginia manufacturing plants back up our promise to deliver complete customer satisfaction.

We also provide re-manufactured packaging machinery that arrives with a 90-day warranty on parts.

A B's Gloves and Abrasives [Sturgis]
Category: Gloves & Abrasives
Manufacturers of safety equipment, sanding equipment andsupplies, abrasives.

Analytical Sensors Inc [Sugar Land]
Category: Electromechanical Sensors
Founded in 1989, Analytical Sensors & Instruments Ltd provides innovative, high quality electrochemical sensors to users and OEM customers worldwide. The ASI team can provide you with unlimited designs for measurement in a wide variety of applications including; medical, environmental monitoring, process monitoring and control, education, recreational water purity monitoring and others.

Applied Optoelectronics Inc [Sugarland]
Category: Optoelectronic Products
Applied Optoelectronics Inc (AOI) develops and manufactures advanced semiconductor diode lasers. The company's lasers are used in the wireless, cable television (CATV), and telecommunications industries, as well as for spectroscopy systems.

AOI's lasers strike a balance between price and performance that is attractive to original equipment manufactures and their customers. AOI achieves this balance by developing innovative laser technologies. With its team of leading laser researchers, AOI has assembled a pool of talent to develop these technologies and has made significant progress already.

Aphex Systems Ltd [Sun Valley]
Category: Audio Products
Aphex is dedicated to the development of high-quality products for the professional audio, broadcast, fixed installation, touring-sound and home-recording markets. Through that dedication, Aphex has developed a number of industry-standard devices, such as the Compellor(r), Dominator(r), Expander/Gate(tm) and Expressor,(tm) plus the Model 1100 Two-Channel and Model 1788 Eight-Channel Ultra-Precision Remotely Controllable Microphone Pre-Amplifiers, and the Model 2020 Mk III Broadcast Audio Processor.

Each product contains one or more of the over 30 proprietary inventions (patented or patents pending). A key element of all the dynamics processing products is the firm's state-of-the-art Voltage Controlled Attenuator, the Aphex VCA 1001.

3Dlabs Inc [Sunnyvale]
Category: Graphic Solutions
3Dlabs is a leading innovator in professional visualprocessing. We supply a broad range of graphics accelerators toComputer Aided Design (CAD), Digital Content Creation (DCC), and visualsimulation professionals.

Our award-winning Wildcat graphics solutions are available in industry-leading OEM workstations, in the channel through an internationaldistributor/reseller network, and directly to end-users at 3Dlabs'online store.

For more information on our products, visit 3Dlabs is awholly owned subsidiary of Creative Technology Ltd.

3Dlabs' Embedded Graphics and IP Cores Division supplies high-performance graphics chips and flexible IP cores to bring advancedvisual processing to a wide range of platforms - from jet fighters tocell phones. 2D and 3D driver support for real-time environments andsupport for IP integration into SOC designs makes 3Dlabs the leadingembedded graphics supplier.

Applied Signal Technology Inc [Sunnyvale]
Category: Signal Processing Equipment
Applied Signal Technology designs, develops, and manufactures signal processing equipment to collect and process a wide range of telecommunications signals for reconnaissance, certain industrial applications, and defense communications systems.

Since its inception in January 1984, the company has focused its efforts on signal processing equipment, but also provides specialized collection equipment, as well as complete signal processing systems.

Advanced Research & Applications Corporation [Sunnyvale]
Category: Security Inspection Equipment
During the past few years the security companies of OSI Systems Inc have experienced rapid growth and gained worldwide recognition. Throughout this time the companies have functioned, for the most part, as separate entities with distinctive identities. In March of 2005 the consolidation and re-branding of the companies was announced and a new beginning was in place, which would bring together the strengths of all of our brands under one respected identity.

We are pleased to announce that the companies known as Rapiscan, Metor, Ancore and Aracor have joined to form Rapiscan Systems. This concentration of resources provides our customers with the most comprehensive selection of security inspection equipment in the industry. We offer a complete set of systems solutions, technologies and expertise to meet all requirements.

The company counts among its customers the most security-conscious governments in the world as well as the largest multi-national corporations including; United States, United Kingdom, Israel, China, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Federal Reserve Bank, Bank of America, De Beers, Starbucks, Intel, FedEx, DHL and numerous others.

Rapiscan Systems develops and manufactures its security products at four ISO-certified facilities. Through a commitment to continual innovation, Rapiscan has developed numerous industry firsts and continues to be on the forefront of tomorrow's technologies to meet our customer's requirements.

Rapiscan Systems Inc a wholly owned subsidiary of OSI Systems Inc is a leading supplier of high quality security inspection solutions utilizing X-ray and gamma-ray imaging, and advanced threat identification techniques such as neutron and diffraction analysis. The company's products are sold into four market segments; Baggage & Parcel Inspection, Cargo & Vehicle Inspection, Hold Baggage Screening and People Screening. The company has a global install base of over 60,000 systems. The Rapiscan Systems product line, marketed under the Rapiscan and Metor brand names, is manufactured at four locations and supported by a global support service network.

Actel [Sunnyvale]
Category: Programmable Logic Solutions
You can feel it from the moment you walk into Actel’s new157,000 square foot facility in Mountain View, CA. Not because thesurroundings are comfortable, conservative, and corporate. They are.The new building has more space, is more Country: USAble, and isprobably better located than their previous facility, but there’ssomething else happening here. It’s the people. They have a slightlydifferent feeling than at your typical Silicon Valley technology firm.They seem confident, energetic, and positive. They each have their ownpersonality and style instead of some homogenized corporate mannerism.They like each other. They like working here.Actel hasn’t blown the lid off the market with triple-digit growth. Ithasn’t been on the front cover of every industry publication. It hasn’tengaged in epic product and marketing battles with rival firms,although it does tenaciously defend its turf and aggressively push intonew markets… But Actel also hasn’t done some other things. It hasn’tlost money in 52 quarters, even through the toughest times of thesemiconductor slump. It hasn’t been acquired by a bigger competitor. Ithasn’t suffered massive, morale-destroying layoffs and redeployments.It hasn’t been plagued by Silicon Valley’s legendary high turnoverrates, short employee tenures, and the revolving door of technicalexpertise that smears the lines of distinction between technologycompanies.A positive, productive company culture like Actel’s doesn’t springspontaneously from the alignment of the stars or arise from someserendipitous coincidence. It originates from the top of theorganization. It takes someone with the vision to conceive such acorporate climate, the leadership to direct the team toward that goal,and the resources required to actually make it happen.

Artisan Components [Sunnyvale]
Category: Digital Products
ARM designs the technology that lies at the heart of advanced digital products, from wireless, networking and consumer entertainment solutions to imaging, automotive, security and storage devices. ARM's comprehensive product offering includes 16/32-bit RISC microprocessors, data engines, 3D processors, digital libraries, embedded memories, peripherals, software and development tools, as well as analog functions and high-speed connectivity products. Combined with the company's broad Partner community, they provide a total system solution that offers a fast, reliable path to market for leading electronics companies.

Actiontec [Sunnyvale]
Category: Electronics
Founded in 1993, Actiontec Electronics is dedicated toenriching consumers' lives with great connectivity solutions. Motivatedby the all-digital-lifestyle vision, Actiontec is focused on enablingbroadband service providers deliver more value to their subscribers.Actiontec solutions empower broadband service providers to not onlyenrich their current offering, but also deliver entirely newcommunication and entertainment experiences. Actiontec's currentproducts include a complete line of broadband connectivity devices aswell as a diverse set of broadband-powered solutions, including DSLmodems, wireless networking devices, home gateways, routers, VoIPdevices, and digital entertainment set-top-boxes.

Ashling Microsystems Inc [Sunnyvale]
Category: Embedded Software Development Tools
Ashling Microsystems Limited, founded in 1982, is a privately held international Embedded Software Development Tools company.

Through its close cooperation with leading Semiconductor vendors Ashling is now a world leader in the Embedded Software development tools market. Ashling's Semiconductor partners include ARC, ARM, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Infineon, MIPS, Freescale (Motorola), NEC, Oki, Philips and Toshiba.

Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc [Sunnyvale]
Category: Electronic Systems
As electronic system designers strive to create the nextgeneration of portable products, they face the ongoing challenge ofextending battery life, improving reliability, and reducing the sizeand weight of new designs.

AnalogicTech solves these challenges with total power managementsolutions based on innovative analog and mixed-signal integratedcircuits and a new generation of discrete-power MOSFETs. Playing acritical role in system design, these devices manage battery life,voltage regulation, power-saving load switching, and electronicprotection of computer input/output (I/O).

The company's engineering team possesses a unique combination ofexpertise in analog IC and device design, process technology,packaging, and power management applications. AnalogicTech deliversleading-edge products by using world-class outsourcing partnerships formanufacturing in place of conventional wafer foundries.

ATP Electronics [Sunnyvale]
Category: Memory Products
A qualified memory manufacturer for Intel, Sun Microsystems, Asus, Supermicro, Tyan, Abit, Apple, Biostar, Compaq DEC Alpha, DFI, Gigabyte, IWill, Micronics, MicroStar, Soyo, and Tekram.

Advanced Linear Devices Inc [Sunnyvale]
Category: Analog Semiconductors
We develop and manufacture precision CMOS analogintegrated circuits for OEMs of industrial controls, computers, medicalinstrumentation, automotive, and telecom.

Products offered include: ultra-low vos @ ultra low input bias rail-to-rail cmos operational amplifiers, ultra-low charge injection low voltage analog switches, precision cmos voltage comparators with high output current drivers, ultra low signal power EPAD voltage comparators, low drift cmos timers with high discharge output, precision matched pair small signal N-channel or P-channel mosfet arrays and EPAD® mosfet.

We also offer dual slope integrating analog processors, digitalvoltmeter chipsets, and a line of ±5 1/2 digit DVM (digital voltmeter)boards. Many products incorporate EPAD® (Electrically ProgrammableAnalog Devices) technology for in-circuit trimming of offset andthreshold voltages.

Advanced Microwave Inc [Sunnyvale]
Category: Mixers & Amplifiers
Advanced Microwave, Incorporated was established in 1995for the purpose of manufacturing commercial products such as mixers andamplifiers. As requirements arose, we expanded into military electroniccomponents and subsystems in 1998. In 1999, AMI introduced moreselections of amplifiers, mixers, and converter products.Advanced Microwave's facilities are located in Sunnyvale, CA, USA, inthe heart of the Silicon Valley - making it easier and faster to obtainraw material, and to monitor the quality of the parts. The facilitiesare about 7000 square feet (750 square meters), with a largemanufacturing clean room facility, built exclusively for AdvancedMicrowave, Inc.

Advin Systems Inc [Sunnyvale]
Category: Programming Instruments
We have been making programming instruments since 1986.We are now into our third generation of products, with each generationgiving the customer much better features and reliability at lower costs.

Over the years, we have seen many programmer manufacturersgone out of business. Making a programmer to program one device is easy. Making it able to program all devices from one semiconductor company is hard. Making it able to program all kinds of devices, of different technologies, from different semi houses, is a great challenge. That's why you see many programmer manufacturers who are here today but gone tomorrow.

Alliance Fiber Optic Products [Sunnyvale]
Category: Fiber Optic Products
At Alliance Fiber Optic Products Inc (AFOP), we're building the future of communications.

We design, manufacture and market a broad range of high performance fiber optic components and integrated modules for the optical network equipment market.

Our products enable emerging and leading communications equipment manufacturers to deliver optical networking systems to the rapidly growing long-haul, metropolitan and last-mile access segments of the communications network.

Our broad product line of passive optical components includes interconnect systems, couplers and splitters, thin film DWDM components and modules, fixed and variable optical attenuators and depolarizers.

Allied Telesyn International [Sunnyvale]
Category: Networking Products
Founded with the goal of producing reliable, standards- based networking products, Allied Telesyn bridges the gap left by other Ethernet networking manufacturers, whose solutions are limited in scope or cost-prohibitive.

Taking cues directly from our customers and leveraging our global manufacturing competencies, we've evolved a market-focused approach to system development. We concentrate on battle-tested, end-to-end solutions for vertical market applications-rather than the scattershot, company-focused approach many of our competitors use.

By focusing on end-to-end, purpose-built applications, and rigorously testing systems in our worldwide design and support centers, we create solutions for the access edge that are both customized and plug-and- play. This ideal combination helps our customers keep costs low, speed network deployment and maximize network uptime.

Our customer-driven approach-combined with a pragmatic, value-based pricing scheme and a superlative service organization-has made Allied Telesyn the ideal solution for cost-conscious IT professionals who want high-quality, feature-rich network solutions at a lower price.

Advanced Micro Devices [Sunnyvale]
Category: Microprocessors & Memory Devices
Founded in 1969 and based in Sunnyvale, California, AMD provides microprocessors, Flash memory devices, and silicon-based solutions for our customers in the communications and computer industries worldwide.

However, our focus goes beyond integrated circuits and transistors. AMD is committed to helping our customers - and their customers - take advantage of the phenomenal capacity of silicon to add value and help differentiate their offerings. To that end, AMD products are developed with customer needs always in mind and not for the sake of innovation alone. Stated more plainly, it means that AMD exists to provide real solutions for real customer problems that exist in the real world today.

American Precision Spring [Sunnyvale]
Category: Component Parts
American Precision Spring Corporation has provided customers worldwide with custom precision springs and metal parts since 1979. We manufacture component parts for a variety of industries, including aerospace, computing, electronic, instrument, and medical equipment. A successful, fast-growing company, we have recently doubled the size of our facility.

With management personnel in place who have gained extensive product knowledge through team experience, and a stable workforce with years of reliable and dedicated performance (our average employee has been with us for almost five years), American Precision Spring seeks to be your production partner for springs, wire forms, precision metal forms, four slide and punch press parts.

Align Optics Inc [Sunrise]
Category: Optical Components
Align Optics Inc was formed in June of 1997 by a group ofEngineers and Industry Professionals with the goal to provide highquality optical components at affordable prices for Laser, Telecom andother OEM Industries. Our company has consistently grown each year withtime and experience and is now well positioned to serve the PhotonicsIndustry in the new Millennium.

The Focus of all our efforts is better customer service which we alwaysstrive to achieve. We're committed to providing our customers with fast, courteous and personal attention on all Request For Quotes. In today's rapidly changing marketplace, we realize the importance of establishing solid customer vendor relationships as a key ingredient to the success of any business over a lengthy period of time. Keeping this principle in mind AOI was established in order to simplify the sometimes enormous task of selecting the right vendor for your products.

Altus Automation Systems [Sunrise]
Category: Industrial Automation Systems
Altus Automation Systems Corporation is the US subsidiary of Altus Sistemas de Informática, a leading supplier of industrial automation systems in the Brazilian market. Its products and services enable Altus to deliver high quality, flexible solutions in several industries.

Established in Brazil, Altus is the first company to apply his own technology on Industrial Automation and Processor Controler market. With its programmable controllers developed and manufactured in Brazil it has reach the top and its now a lider.

Founded in 1982, the company was the first to develop and manufact programmable controllers (PCs) and computer numerical controls (CNCs) in Latin America. Thus, it was the first company from the estate to earn the ISO 9001 certificate, in 1993, from an international group - the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

A2D2 Electronics [Superior]
Category: Moisture Measurement Sensor
A2D2 and Interstates Control Systems have teamed up tocreate a real time, inline moisture sensor for most flowable materials.The sensor uses a unique capacitance circuit to sense the moisturecontent. The data can be displayed or integrated into your plant-widecontrol system.

ABTech Inc [Swanzey]
Category: Precision Motion Systems
ABTech specializes in the design and manufacturing ofprecision motion systems, air bearing, mechanical bearing, and oilhydrostatic bearing rotary tables, linear slides, spindles, custommachines and special gaging.

3S Industries Company [Sylmar]
Category: Transformers & Inductors
In Today's competitive market, your purchasing source iscritical for the quality, service and price you offer to your customer.

3S Industries is a leading manufacturer for transformers & inductors inCalifornia. Our advanced manufacturing technology for the magneticcomponents has enabled us to supply the supreme quality product to ourvalued customers,

3S Industries takes pride in its skilled and experienced engineeringstaff who have been acknowledged as the "Top Engineers" in theindustry. We stay up-to-date in all the latest innovations andregulations for the product development.

ADEMCO Group [Syosset]
Category: Electronic Security Systems
Security & Custom Electronics includes ADEMCO security andfire controls, AlarmNet communication services, IntelliSense sensors,and FutureSmart structured wiring and home networking products

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