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Accusonic Technologies Inc [E Falmouth]
Category: Hydro-Acoustic Measurement Systems
Welcome to Accusonic Technologies, designers andmanufacturers of hydro-acoustic measurement systems providing superioraccuracy to customers throughout the world.

Our measurement systems can be found in hydroelectric plants, thermalpower plants, water and wastewater treatments facilities, seweragecollection systems and other types of water flow conveyance pipelinesand channels.

Accusonic products are renowned for their consistent, precise accuracyand durability in difficult operating environments. No matter what theapplication, we offer a full range of services for installation, systemintegration, operation and training in the field at customer sitesthroughout the world.

API Delevan / American Precision [East Aurora]
Category: Inductors, Chokes & Coils
Established in 1947, API Delevan is the largest and most experienced manufacturer of surface mount and thru-hole inductors, chokes, and coils in the United States. Our strategy and commitment is to work closely with our customers, invest heavily in R&D, continually introduce new reliable designs, manufacture to the highest automation levels obtainable, and provide exceptional customer service with speed and flexibility.

Located in East Aurora New York, API Delevan's ISO-9001 manufacturing facility produces all Thru-Hole, Application Specific Devices, and Hybrid Surface Mount Chip Inductors. API Delevan is committed to producing high quality and reliable components. API Delevan offers one of the industries quickest delivery cycle times for a manufacturer. From build to order or stock, you can be assured of excellence in both product and service.

Acme Electric Corporation [East Aurora]
Category: Electronic & Electric Power COnversion Products
Acme Electric Corporation stands at the forefront ofelectrical and electronic power conversion technology with advancedproducts for the most challenging of applications. Acme also offersestablished products that reflect many important accomplishments overthe eighty years of its history. Acme is organized into three operatingdivisions.

Acceleron Inc [East Granby]
Category: Electron Beam & Laser Technology
Acceleron specializes in electron beam and lasertechnology services, including welding, drilling, cutting, slotting,marking and engraving. We also offer one-stop shopping to includemachining, assembly, full fabrication, testing and any otherrequirements specific to your program. Acceleron's quality system isNadcap accredited to AC7004, the equivalent of AS9100.

Ansaldo Energy Inc [East Hanover]
Category: Steam Turbines, Generators & Gas Turbines
We are a global power generation player with an extensive offering of products and services.

With more than a hundred years of power generation experience and an installed capacity exceeding 153,000 MW in over 75 countries, our major strengths are our global scope, a full service organisation and a flexible approach to power projects.

Ansaldo Energia covers the entire power generation spectrum with a combination of plant engineering, manufacturing and service activities. We design, build and supply the full range of plant solutions on different types of packages: turnkey, engineered and individual components, that can be tailored to meet the specific clients requirements.

We offer a comprehensive range of lifecycle services addressed to building, supporting and protecting the power generation investments of customers and partners, from concept to decommissioning. Services cover all aspects of power plants, including planning, financing, engineering, construction, operation, maintenance, revamping and rehabilitation.

American Saw & Mfg Co [East Longmeadow]
Category: Band Saw & Hand Tools
American Saw & Mfg Company began in 1915 with ten employees making hacksaw blades under the trade name of Lenox. The company has grown tremendously since then, now employing over 600 people and marketing band saw blades, sawing fluids, hand tools and power tool accessories in over 70 countries around the world.

A Company with Pride

American Saw & Mfg Company began in 1915 with ten employees making hacksaw blades under the trade name of Lenox. The company has grown tremendously since then, now employing over 600 people and marketing band saw blades, sawing fluids, hand tools and power tool accessories in over 70 countries around the world.

Despite considerable changes over time, Lenox has remained constantly synonymous with quality.

The Lenox name comes from the wolves that once roamed the hills of Scotland. On the western shore of Loch Lomond, where the lowland pastures meet the sweeping hills of the highlands, the Earl of Lenox made his home. Also in the area, the wolf pack found shelter and food a plenty. The wolves were known to possess strength, power and the sharpest of teeth. It has been almost 200 years since the last wolf was seen in Scotland, but the legend of the Wolves of Lenox lives on. We have has adopted this image to portray those same characteristics for our products.

Our focus on quality began many years ago and continues to be a unifying force throughout every process in our organization. In 1995 this quality commitment was formally recognized when we achieved ISO 9001 certification. We are pleased to integrate this important phase in quality processing into our greater quality achievement strategy.

We strive to maximize quality in every step of our operation for the long-term benefit of our end users. We will continue to actively participate in the global marketplace, so that no matter where you are, you can depend on Lenox quality.

In January 2003, Lenox joined Newell Rubbermaid, a Fortune 500(r) company generating over $7 billion in global sales. Today our committment to quality and innovation is stronger than ever before, and we continue to build on our reputation for producing premium quality products that provide exceptional value for professionals.

4B Elevator Components Ltd [East Peoria]
Category: Material Handling Equipment
Founded in the U.S. in 1984, 4B Components, Ltd. has beenan industry leader in developing high quality, innovative, anddependable material handling components for the agricultural andindustrial sectors. From elevator buckets to forged conveyor chain andlevel monitors to hazard monitors, 4B is a company you can rely on forthe equipment you need.

4B offers a free design service for new bucket elevators and upgradesof existing elevators, and additionally provides a 24 hour a dayhotline for emergency service. 4B not only offers components whichrank among the best in the world, but we strive to provide ourcustomers value added services which will support the quality of theproduct. We feel that our additional services are just as important asour products themselves.

4B Components, Ltd. is a US subsidiary of Braime Elevator ComponentsLtd., which operates from a four acre site in Leeds, England where theyemploy 150 people. Braime was founded by two brothers in 1888 tomanufacture oilcans of its own brand. The company diversified intosubcontract deep drawn presswork and is a major supplier to a widerange of industries. Braime has specialized in the manufacture of deepdrawn pressings for over 100 years.

Arlyn Scales [East Rockaway]
Category: Weighing Products
Arlyn Scales is a leader in the design and development of technology for the weighing industry. Headquartered on Long Island, New York, our company has been manufacturing electronic weighing systems for more than twenty years.

You can expect a lot from Arlyn Scales. We pride ourselves on bringing our customers the latest technology, superior quality, and the utmost value. Our scales feature many extras that can only be found on competitive scales costing three to five times as much. And we ship factory direct, which eliminates any dealer mark ups.

Since Arlyn Scales designs and fabricates all of the sub-assemblies that make a scale, we can apply our expertise to nearly any situation requiring weighing. Our capabilities include load sensor design, microprocessor instrumentation, and computer software. We gladly invite OEM interest, and always make our expert design and production services available.

Anaren Microwave [East Syracuse]
Category: Microwave Components & Subassemblies
Founded in 1967 by Hugh A. Hair and Carl W. Gerst Jr. as a supplier of microwave components and subassemblies to Defense Electronics markets.

Today, a major innovator of standard products and custom solutions for Commercial Wireless, Space, and Defense Electronics markets.

Almo Manifold & Tool Co [East Tawas]
Category: Laminated Style Manifold
Almo believes in making manifolds an aesthetic experience. While the demands of the market may change, our capacity to design, engineer and build high quality products remains constant. We approach each design without limitation. Our thoughts lean to style, function, efficiency, shape, cost and appearance.

Boundless imagination, complimented by the solid technical expertise of over 65 years combined experience, characterizes Almo's design staff. Our engineers and technicians concern themselves with quality in

Applied Superabrasives Inc [East Windsor]
Category: Abrasive Tools
We manufacture engineered diamond & CBN electroplated single layered abrasive tools form wheels and standard electroplated single layered abrasive tools. We serve all companies with grinding needs with a good turn around time to boot.

AB Precision Grinding Co [Easton]
Category: Flat & Profile Grinding
Specialists in non-magnetic materials, ground plates andblanks supplied in low carbon, free-machining and alloy steels, as wellas stainless, aluminum, titanium and plastics.

Pre-machining equipment includes saw-cutting, duplex milling, plannermilling and press flattening.

Complete fixturing design and manufacturing in addition to machiningservices.

Category: Power SuppliesCompany; Acopian Technical Company
For more than 35 years Acopian has been shipping powermodules within three days after receipt of an order. Acopianmanufactures AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies including linear andswitching regulated power supplies, unregulated power supplies,Redundant Power Packages, power systems and high voltage powersupplies, in many different physical configurations.

Advanced Control Components Inc [Eatontown]
Category: RF & Microwave Components
Advanced Control Components, Inc. Eatontown, New Jersey,manufactures RF and Microwave components and subsystems. The focus ofour company is to manufacture microwave receiving components andmicrowave control components for military, commercial and industrialapplications. The founders as well as the staff have extensiveengineering backgrounds in semiconductor device development andmanufacturing process control.

Component operating frequencies had been up to 20 GHz, but capabilitiesnow extend beyond 40 GHz. Package configurations of products includeconnectorized versions and modules for both microstrip and surfacemount designs.

AOS Thermal Compounds [Eatontown]
Category: Non-Silicone & Silicone Thermal Greases
AOS Thermal Compounds offers the widest selection of non- silicone and silicone thermal greases available in the market. Since developing AOS Heat Sink Compound, the first Non-Silicone thermal grease, AOS has continued to expand its product line with advanced new formulas.

Automation Displays Inc [Eau Claire]
Category: Control Panels & Annunciators
Over the past three decades Automation Displays, Inc (ADI), has developed a deep commitment to their customers and their needs. ADI's mission is to design and build superior industrial, commercial & detention control panels and annunciators that meet the needs of the end user and interface seamlessly with the customer's automated systems and controllers. ADI is a registered UL7 Listed control panel manufacturer authorized to manufacture UL 864 and 508 control panels. As a custom control panel manufacturer Automation Displays, Inc seeks to provide graphic panel solutions for a variety of environments and industries. ADI's custom electronic components can effectively control indicators, manage switching devices, and communicate via RS232, RS422 and RS485 serial interfaces to the customer PLC, SCADA system, Building Automation System or other system. Full color graphics highlight what needs to be conveyed by the graphic control panel to the operator quickly and efficiently. ADI is always interested in new and unique challenges and opportunities. Recent opportunities range from manufacturing small watertight temperature control panel annunciators for operating rooms to building large scale mosaic tile displays for the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel.

Antenna Mast Systems [Eden]
Category: Antennas
Antenna Mast Inc (AMI) continues to lead the industry in the manufacture and design of portable multi-purpose mast systems. Our mast system is rooted in the commercial broadcast industry in North Carolina and Virginia, where in 1992 the initial prototypes of the MobileMast were developed to assist small radio and television broadcasting services that covered sports and news events. Since then, AMI has expanded its markets to include numerous users from the government, military, and commercial sectors, as well as individual users.

AMI recognizes and meets each customer's unique requirements. The company maintains an experienced team of engineers who work closely with each customer to assist in developing that customer's mast system solution. Our founder, Charles Stone, worked closely with US Special Forces units from 1997-1999 to develop a mast system that met the strict height, weight, and strength requirements of these units. His commitment to excellence during years of intense prototyping led him to develop the MobileMast as the "mast of choice" for these highly specialized units.

Ancor Communications Inc [Eden Prairie]
Category: Integrated Storage
QLogic Corporation (Nasdaq:QLGC) simplifies the process of networking storage for OEMs, resellers and system integrators. With the vision of a SAN in every business, QLogic produces the controller chips, host bus adapters (HBAs), fabric switches and management software that are the backbone of storage networks for most Global 2000 corporations. The company serves customers with solutions based on all storage network technologies including SCSI, Internet SCSI (iSCSI) and Fibre Channel.

AmerCable [El Dorado]
Category: Flexible Electrical Power & Control Cables
AmerCable, based in El Dorado, Arkansas, is a leading, world-class manufacturer of flexible electrical power and control cables for use in severe operating environments. Products are manufactured for specialized applications which include underground and surface mining, tunneling, shipboard and marine installations, offshore drilling rigs, transportation systems, automobile assembly robotics, and a variety of other specialized applications.

ALC Microwave [El Dorado Hills]
Category: Microwave Components
ALC Microwave Inc. is a manufacturer of microwavecomponents and subsystems. Located in El Dorado Hills California in a8,500 square foot facilities, ALC Microwave has invested heavily inautomated assembly and test equipment to support the demand for thehighest quality and on time delivery of RF Amplifiers, Detected LogVideo Amplifiers and other microwave components and subassemblies. While other manufacturers have scaled back and stopped supporting the high reliability military market, ALC prides itself in offering full mil-spec 883 screened components. ALC Microwave offers and supports environmental screening, such as temperature shock, temperature cycling, burn-in, vibration, hermetic laser welding, seam sealing and fine and gross leak capabilities to name a few. Whether your needs are military or commercial ALC is poised to meet your requirements.

Analytical Scientific Instruments [El Sobrante]
Category: Fluid Handling Components
ASI manufactures a broad range of instruments and components for High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). While some of our products may appear rather routine at first glance, ASI instruments and components incorporate technology which is totally unique in the industry. The approach to product development at ASI has always been to "build a better mouse trap" to solve some of the most vexing problems that chromatographers face. Our solutions include; ASI Self-priming Check Valves, HyperShear(tm) Static and Dynamic Mixers, and fluid resistor based QuickSplit(tm) Fixed and Adjustable Flow Splitters. Whatever the product, the final test is customer satisfaction, so we go to great lengths to insure all ASI products work as advertised.

Advanced Micro Lites Inc [Elburn]
Category: Lamps
Advanced Micro Lites, Inc. (AML) is located in the Keystone Industrial Park in Elburn, IL. We are a professionally owned and operated family business.

With more than 40 years of knowledge in the lamp industry, our staffstrides to provide you with personalized service, quality products andinformation, and timely deliveries. Along with our Elburn office we have Reps across the United States and in Canada to assist you with whatever your lamp needs may be.

All Control Enterprises [Elgin]
Category: Motion Control & Industrial Computers
With over 40 years of industrial control experience,knowledge and expertise, All Control provides innovative solutions forIndustrial Automation in a wide range of applications and markets. Ourcorporate office is in Elgin, Illinois with regional locations inRockford, Illinois and Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Both the Elgin and Pewaukee facility are equipped with training rooms and a staff of customer service and technical application personnel to meet your pre- and post-sales needs.

Represented in the field by a technical sales and engineering staff, weprovide sales, training and application support for the products we sell from our valued automation partners. Products constitute just a minor portion of an All Control sale. Behind every relay, sensor, control system, servomotor or drive we sell is the expertise of All Control’s high quality service and support personnel. Our staff strives to answers your questions, provide technical training classes and seminars to provide our customers with every competitive advantage. Most importantly, if something is wrong we are committed to making it right.

Amtec Precision Products Inc [Elgin]
Category: Precision Metals, Molded Plastics
The Amtec family of companies is your complete source for precision metals, molded plastics, and world-class assembly.

We pride ourselves on manufacturing and assembly processes, designed to maximize production efficiency while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Accumetric LLC [Elizabethtown]
Category: Adhesives, Sealants, Lubricants & Related Products
Accumetric, LLC manufactures, packages and marketsadhesives, sealants, lubricants and related products. The ISO 9002-certified company manufactures or purchases product in bulk from majordomestic and foreign suppliers and packages these various products intocartridges, tubes, saCountry: USAges, bottles, cans and other smallercontainers. The packaged products are private-labeled or soldnationally and internationally under the BOSS® label in-house to OEMsand through numerous wholesale distributors.

The company operates in five business segments: Accumetric-brandedproduct, marketed under the "BOSS®" brand name; the Dynatex® brandname; private labeling / custom packaging; contract packaging, themanufacturing of high performance silicone sealants, lubricants andlatex products specially formulated to meet the unique requirements ofthe markets served and Meter-Mix dispensing equipment.

Accumetric currently markets and distributes products in more than 70countries, with the major markets being the Middle East, Southeast Asiaand Central and South America. The company's modern packaging andmanufacturing plants are located in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Salesoffices are maintained in Atlanta, GA; Charlotte, NC; Phoenix, AZ;Columbus, OH; and Thailand. The facilities in Elizabethtown also serveas corporate headquarters, housing Accumetric's administrative,marketing and sales offices.

With the momentum Accumetric has built in the international markets,and with more than 3000 U.S. stocking distributors covering the marketsserved, Accumetric is well positioned for double-digit growth into the21st century.

Arbee Transparent Products Inc [Elk Grove Village]
Category: Plastic Bags
Manufcturers of plastic bags.

ACL Staticide [Elk Grove Village]
Category: Static Contrl & Office Cleaning Products
Our products help resolve costly problems associated withstatic and dust in the work environment. ACL static control andcomputer cleaning products will help save companies substantial dollarsby reducing static related losses, as well as costly service calls foroffice, manufacturing and electronic production equipment.

We offer a convenient on-line store for our Office product line and alist of distributors that carry ACL products world-wide. I hope thatyou find our site interesting and helpful. We are eager to share withyou the reasons for our successes and to provide a more interactivepresence between yourself and ACL Staticide.

We pride ourselves in quality and customer service. Please do nothesitate to contact us at anytime.

Alpha Gear Drives Inc [Elk Grove Village]
Category: Precision Planetary Gear Technology
The world leader in precision planetary gear technology. Inline, right angle, low profile and hollow shaft models. 20,000-hour life.

America Excel Inc [Elk Grove Village]
Category: Machine Tools
Excel Machine Tool Ltd is a Singapore based Machine Tool Company which designs, manufactures and markets metal cutting, waterjet and laser cutting CNC machine tools worldwide. Excel initially opened its doors for business in 1986, and today is one of the only Singapore homegrown machine tool manufacturers to achieve national and international recognition. With an initial capital investment of $150,000, Excel is now listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Stock Exchange at a market cap of almost $200 million.

Excel has 13 subsidiaries in 8 countries, strategically located to serve its customers needs, Singaaore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hungary, India, China, Europe and the USA, just to name a few. Its commitment to customer satisfaction and its continued investment in research and development has enabled Excel to advance as world class machine tool builder with very impressive results.

Through our subsidiary companies, Excel offers many types of services including major overhauling and retrofitting on all types of CNC equipment, factory automation and robotics. Excel received its first Award in 1988 presented by the Singapore Government, and now Excel had received over 16 Major Awards both local and internationally.

Americor Electronics Ltd [Elk Grove Village]
Category: Electronic Connectors
Manufacturers of power cords, adapters, power inlets, EMI/RFI components, starter capacitors, AC/DC plug-in transformers, wall adapters, switching power supplies, terminal blocks, transformers, resistors, relays, piezo electric buzzers & speakers, solenoids, film capacitors, wire harnesses, etc.

Amitron Corp [Elk Grove Village]
Category: Printed Circuit Boards
Amitron Corporation maximizes facility assets by running 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days a year. We are as competitive as it gets domestically and continually win against offshore suppliers.

At Amitron, quick turn printed circuit boards are a key segment of our business, so we have to excel! Amitron utilizes sophisticated computer systems and software coupled with bar code terminals enabling us to efficiently transition your job through engineering into production fast, while providing you with the dependable delivery you expect!

Ansimag Incorporated [Elk Grove Village]
Category: Centrifugal Pumps
Ansimag produces magnetically driven non-metallic centrifugal pumps. Exceptionally innovative, the Ansimag Pump Family features a remarkably simple design.

All wetted parts are non-metallic to handle a wide range of corrosives and solvents up to 250°F (121°C) without corrosion. An innovative rear casing generates no eddy currents thus eliminating heat generation and energy costs.

AE Techron Inc [Elkhart]
Category: Electronic Products
AE Techron, was founded as Audio Electronics Inc., inAugust of 1992, by former Techron employees.

Its purpose has been to create custom, high quality, low volume,electronic products for research, the military and industry.

Out of this work has come a line of standardized power amplifierproducts and an inventory of electronic building blocks that helps us to provide quick to market custom electronic solutions for our customers.

American Electronics Components [Elkhart]
Category: Electrical & Electronic Components
American Electronic Components designs and manufactures a broad range of specialized electrical and electronic components, including highly engineered custom sensors, high-performance industrial relays and switches, as well as other electromechanical products. For over 65 years, AEC has served automotive and industrial (under the Durakool Brand) companies, developing a strong tradition of technical innovation, agility, rapid response and high reliability.

AEC has earned a reputation as a designer and manufacturer of highly reliable electronic sensing solutions. In addition to our industrial switch and relay business, we have developed a wide array of speed and position sensors primarily for automotive, heavy truck and off-highway applications. Our extensive experience with harsh environmental packaging concepts, creative engineering and high-quality products has positioned us to support your most challenging applications.

American High Voltage [Elko]
Category: High Voltage Power Supplies
The history of high voltage power conversion in the United States has very interesting geographical factors which allow one to trace a company's direct lineage. Directly after W.W. II, primarily due to the proximity of MIT Radiation Laboratory and related RADAR work, most of the high voltage technology in America was based on the East Coast. Here, companies like General Electric, Grumman Aerospace, and Fairchild developed sources for high voltage military equipment.

By the 1970's, many power supply companies had begun to take advantage of the vast market created by computer manufacturers which required low output voltages, usually in the range of 5, +/-12V. Many of these companies sought to expand into the area of high voltage power conversion, only to find that the rules that govern design and production are not the same as for low voltage products. High voltage designs invariably require attention to dielectric mechanisms.

Arnco Corporation [Elyria]
Category: Cable Installation Systems
Manufacturers of cable installation systems.

Apm Hexseal [Englewood]
Category: Elastomeric Rubber Dynamic Seals
Apm Hexseal specializes in the design and manufacture of molded elastomeric rubber dynamic seals for environmental protection of electrical controls for industrial, marine, consumer, and military applications. Most products, including self-sealing fasteners, are UL and CSA-recognized and/or QPL-listed. Millions have been sold worldwide either direct or through stocking distributors. And, our Custom Molding Department serves those requirements that go beyond our standard product sealing solutions.

Acme Gear Co Inc [Englewood]
Category: Custom Gears
Acme Gear Company was founded in 1929, specializing incustom gears for the aeronautical industry. Our supervisors averagemore than 20 years experience making custom gears. Over the years, Acmegears have been successfully used in the PT boat engines during WorldWar II and in the NASA moon buggy. Our expertise in regular carbonsteels to high tech materials is supplied to industrial markets forprinting machinery, industrial air conditioners, excavators (mining),farming equipment, gear boxes and pumps, marine, military and aerospaceapplications.

Artus Corporation [Englewood]
Category: Shims
Artus Corporation is a leading manufacturer of shims, shim stock, and slitter tooling, and a pioneer in the use of color coding for instantly accurate identification of shim thicknesses in plastic and aluminum. Artus shims and shim stock are also available in brass, steel, and stainless steel.

Allied Motion Technologies Inc [Englewood]
Category: Motion Controls
Allied Motion Technologies Inc is a U.S. public company focused exclusively on serving the motion control market. Allied Motion is listed on the NASDAQ Stock Market; symbol: AMOT.

Allied Motion designs and manufactures motor and servo motion products primarily for the Commercial Motor, Industrial Motion Control, and Aerospace and Defense markets.

Allied Motion is growing both internally and through acquisition, and intends to be a leading worldwide supplier of technically advanced motion control products to selected market segments.

Autoclave Engineers [Erie]
Category: Quick Disconnect Couplings
Opening it's doors in 1935 with an idea for a better Beer Rod Coupling, Snap-tite today is a global organization manufacturing quick disconnect couplings, hydraulic and solenoid valves, lay-flat hose and high-pressure valves, vessels, reactors and fittings in seven different USA manufacturing plants and one in the Republic of Ireland.

>From fluid power components that take us into space, to fire hose products that save our forests and communities, and also to valves, fittings and research equipment that safely harness ultra-high pressures, our strength is providing expert solutions matched to the needs of each customer... highly consistent quality in exactly the right product, delivered on time, at the right price.

Alliance Plastics [Erie]
Category: Plastic Caps & Plugs
Manufacturers of plastic caps, plugs, pipe/flange protectors, cable ties, high temp masking, netting, etc.

Advanced Recording Technologies Inc [Escondido]
Category: Tool & Die Maker
Arthur Devine, a professional tool and die maker branchedout on his own in 1969 to start Magnetic Arts Corp. It wasn't longbefore his reputation in precision grinding and innovations in magnetichead manufacturing landed several exclusive orders for glass bondedcores for recording heads used in tape and hard drives. In the yearsthat followed he developed a plethora of processes for grinding,slicing, polishing and glass bonding essential to volume production ofthese cores.

Applied Scientific Instrumentation [Eugene]
Category: Microscope Stage Automation
Applied Scientific Instrumentation Inc (ASI) is a company committed to the advancement of science. Our engineers and technicians have years of experience in aiding researchers with their technical needs, and our product line of devices for microscope automation and imaging represents the best technology available. Established in 1990, our product line has evolved out of an interactive process between our engineers and dedicated researchers throughout the world. These products have been thoroughly tested and evaluated in numerous labs worldwide to insure the integrity of your research. We are constantly striving to improve our products as well as identify and develop new ones to meet the current and future demands of research. We value your input to this process and would like to hear about any special requirements or technical problems that we could help solve.

In addition to the products that we have developed and manufacture, we also distribute a number of quality products from other manufacturers and work closely with a number of software and microscope manufactures to meet our customers needs. We take great pride in customer satisfaction and support and offer complete system solutions as well as a wide variety of individual components. Our goal is to provide the best possible hardware, systems and support that we can, and we work with the finest companies in this field to accomplish this.

ACS Hydraulics [Eugene]
Category: Advanced Hydraulic Technology
Founded in 1976, ACS Hydraulics has enjoyed the reputationof being a leader in advanced hydraulic technology. Since ourinception, our repair department has set us apart from other hydraulicrepair companies. In order to maintain the accuracy of a hydraulicsystem, test procedures and overhaul procedures must be extensive,exact and done with the utmost regard as to costs and client needs. Ourprecision work is known throughout the industry. Competitors justcannot compete with ACS expertise.

ACS believes in service, value, quality, answers and solutions to yourhydraulic repair needs. We guarantee you the lowest repair prices, 2-3day normal turnaround time, authentic factory parts, same or betterthan the original manufacturers warranty on parts and workmanship, andquality and reliability that meets or exceeds new manufacturersexpectations.

Atlas Cylinders [Eugene]
Category: Cylinders
Headquartered in Des Plaines, Illinois, Atlas Cylinders has been one of the largest suppliers of high-quality, dependable cylinders to the industry for more than 40 years. Originally known as Sawyer Machine Works, the company grew and evolved by supplying pneumatic cylinders for the Pacific Northwest's thriving timber industry. Our first line of cylinders, under the trade name of Atlas, was developed and manufactured in 1953. And we've been growing ever since.

We have developed a system of manufacturing that is flexible and quickly adaptable to customer needs, but which also maintains the speed and efficiency associated with standard "assembly line" operations. Our eight Cylinder Division plants are strategically located throughout North America to provide personalized product and customer service on local basis.

Much of our business is focused on the manufacture of custom cylinders, so we place a greater emphasis on engineering than most of our competitors. Moreover, our engineers are equipped with the most advanced CAD and CAE and FEA software tools for drawing, imaging, graphics, and stress analysis. These advanced production tools allow our engineers to deal directly with your engineers, making sure each custom cylinder meets your needs and specifications precisely.

Advanced Relay Corporation [Eugene]
Category: Data Communication Devices
Advanced Relay is a specialist in data communications.First to introduce an X.25 toolkit for the PC in 1984, the popularPC.25TM, Advanced Relay continues to develop new products and tools tosatisfy the data transport needs of our customers. Advanced Relay'stools are used in current communications technology or when integratingold technologies to new networks. Our products support multipleoperating systems and hardware platforms. They are targeted to a widerange of developers and integrators who use them to collect anddistribute data throughout their networks.

Amber Science Inc [Eugene]
Category: Conductivity Instrument Manufacturers
Manufacturing Conductivity Instruments for Research and Industry since 1976.

Amber Science offers a range of portable and bench top instruments for measuring the conductivity, resistivity, salinity, temperature, and total dissolved solids of aqueous solutions. Our instruments are sold direct as well as through certain scientific catalogs and distributors. We offer technical support, service and repair for all of our products.

Acrowood Corporation [Everett]
Category: Diamond Roll Fines & Thickness Screens
Acrowood Produces the Solution. Some of your industry'sproblems are easily solved by Acrowood's innovative methods andmachinery. Time-tested Chippers, one-of-a-kind Crackers, patentedDiamondRoll™ Fines and Thickness Screens, Sand Separation Screens,Flake Screens, Veneer Chippers, and more. Acrowood has a fullcomplement of machinery, the engineers to re-create them to meet yourneeds, and the innovation to package them in a way that gets the jobdone.

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