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Amada Cutting Technologies Inc [La Mirada]
Category: Machine Tools
Amada Cutting Technologies Inc (ACT), established in 1987, is located in La Mirada, CA, about 25 miles south of Los Angeles. Additional manufacturing and distribution facilities are located in Japan, China and Austria.

ACT is part of the Amada Group, the world's largest machine tool manufacturer, founded in 1946. ACT sells and distributes band saw machines, bi-metal band saw blades and parts to manufacturing facilities, steel service centers, forges and foundries, machine shops and other metal-related industries throughout North America.

American Opto Plus Led Corp [La Puente]
Category: LED Components
American Opto Plus Led Corporation was established to address customers' requirements and quality concerns in the optoelectronic marketplace. Focusing on the customer's demand for higher quality and faster delivery at competitive pricing.

Our factories are certified ISO9002, ISO9000 in Malaysia, China and Taiwan, using a 90% automated production line within a 100% clean room environment. Insuring the highest quality standards in the industry. American Opto Plus LED Corporation offers the US customers a wide selection of LED Lamps in most standard packages including but not limited to Axial Leads, IR Emitters, Photo Transistors, SMT, and designer products at very competitive pricing.

American Opto Plus offers in-house engineering and over $700,000.00 of on hand inventory for off the shelf delivery of most items including White, Green and Blue. We stock the new TS (transparent substrate) technology, AlInGaP material, and ultra bright LED chips in numerous encapsulations.

Askey Computer Corporation [La Verne]
Category: Broadband & Wireless Products
Askey Computer Corporation was established in Taipei, Taiwan in 1989. The company is now engaged in the design, marketing, manufacturing, distribution and after sales services of broadband and wireless products for ODM/OEM customers worldwide.

With fast business growth and continuous progress in new product development, Askey has become the world's leading manufacturer of cable modems, ADSL modems, wireless LAN products, analog modems and combo cards for computers, telecommunications, networking and other communication industries.

Acme Tech [Lafayette]
Category: Probe Needle
A probe needle manufacturer, who's on the leading edge ofprobe technology in the world

A manufacturer whose exclusive products are probe needles used in probecards and other semiconductor applications

Incomparable in technical ability and expertise. It can service any ofyour probe needle needs and requirements

Capable of adapting itself to meet the challenges of rapidtechnological changes in the wafer testing industry

Currently the sole manufacturer of Palladium needles with isolineartaper.

Distinguished in the probe needle industry by its quality products,competitive prices and satisfactory service

Ash Industries [Lafayette]
Category: Precision Injection Molding & Tooling
Our Ash Industries team, founded in 1991, has carefully invested our talents and focused on our customers to become a leader in the rapid mold making and thermoplastic injection molding industry. We have developed processes to replace less reliable prototype injection molds with competitively priced hardened molds. Our engineering knowledge, patience, technical expertise, and desire to please clients has led to consistent innovation. Ash Industries offers a new perspective on a project, part, assembly, or product line in order to expedite production while carefully controlling costs.

At Ash Industries our list of projects spans a wide variety from medical surgical devices to structural components for laser light shows. All of the project engineers we work with have one thing in common, they are seeking solutions to production questions. Customers also benefit from Ash's implementation of JIT and TOC programs to limit inventories for production runs of ten million assemblies to a thousand custom parts.

Agricultural Data Systems [Laguna Niguel]
Category: Data Management Products
Agricultural Data Systems is a company that develops unique products and solves problems for the grower using computerized systems with proven performance in tracking produce and harvesting labor. Agricultural Data Systems offers easy and efficient ways to collect and manage data. We are an innovative and creative company specializing in solutions to data management problems.

Agricultural Data Systems offers you cost-effective ways to saveprecious time and money. At ADS we offer high quality products,personalized service, technical expertise and fast response to yourconcerns and questions. We stand behind the quality of our customdesigned systems.

Acrotech Inc [Lake City]
Category: Urethane Products
Acrotech, Inc. is a leading manufacture of standard andcustom molded K-Prene® urethane products. We specialize in low tomedium volumes (as few as one part) with fast turn around times. Wewill work with the customer to get them what they want, when they wantit. We believe the CUSTOMER IS NUMBER ONE.

Our industrial product line includes polyurethane sheets, rods, bars,tubes, bumpers, etc. in 6 different durometers, color coded for yourconvenience. These items are stock for same day delivery. See theproduct index for a complete listing and online ordering.

Our custom molding services include the manufacturing of metal insertsand the ability to perform secondary machining.

Acrotech has long been considered a leader in the art of using urethanefor metal forming. We offer many stocked products relating to thisindustry, such as punch strippers, springs, and non-marring press braketooling. We also have the experience to help you with your applicationsrequiring special tooling.

The woodworking industry is another area where Acrotech has significantproduct and knowledge to offer. Stocked K-Prene® products include avariety of drive and feed wheels. Our list of replacement parts andthose we can strip and recover continues to grow. Please contact ourapplications department if you have questions or do not find what youneed!

Associated Research Inc [Lake Forest]
Category: Hipot Testers
From our humble beginnings back in 1936, as a repair company servicing panel meters and instruments, Associated Research soon became a manufacturer, when founder James Inman designed the Vibrotest. The Vibrotest was the first battery operated insulation resistance tester ever created and became standard issue on all U.S. Navy ships during WWII. This was the first of what would become many firsts for AR.

With the increase of electrical products during the post-war economic boom, AR was again on the leading edge, this time with a Hipot Tester. Hipot testing indeed became the company's forte.

Over the years AR has continued to innovate and develop more advanced product lines in the Electrical Safety Compliance industry from basic entry-level manual Hipot and Ground Bond testers to fully-automated multi-function systems designed to meet the requirements of such agencies as UL, TÜV, CSA, IEC, VDE, BSI and the European Norms. These electrical safety compliance testing instruments will perform AC Hipot, DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance, Ground Bond, Line Leakage and Functional Run testing. Also available are accessory items such as switching matrices, probes and automation interfaces including IEEE-488 (GPIB), RS-232 or a printer controller.

Adiva Technology Inc [Lake Forest]
Category: Resonators, Crystall Oscillators & Inductors
Adiva Technology Inc is a manufacturer of high qualityresonators, crystal oscillators and inductors for a wide range ofindustries and applications. Our mission is to provide you with first-rate customer service, high quality products and superior support atcompetitive prices.

Allegria Software Inc [Lake Forest]
Category: Document Managemnet Tools
Allegria Software, now a subsidiary of netGuru, Inc.provides innovative web-based collaborative and document managementtools for engineering and manufacturing companies, including a fullrange of enterprise-wide solutions that can stand firmly on their own or can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of any existingdocument/data management system.

AIC Technologies Inc [Lake Mary]
Category: Production Equipment
AIC Technologies has built a reputation for providingquality production equipment, globally, to fortune 500 OEM/CEM and local manufacturing companies in the electronics industry. As a market leader of electronic production equipment, AIC Technologies provides it's customers with a wide range of equipment, for use in proto-typing/low volume and high volume PCB assembly, from manual SMT assembly to high volume depaneling routers and laser markers.

Arrow Pneumatics [Lake Zurich]
Category: Compressed Air Products
Arrow Pneumatics offers a complete line of air preparation products such as filters, lubricators, and regulators.

Advanced Flow Technology Company [Lakeland]
Category: Flow Measurement Instrumentation
Advanced Flow Technology Company is a manufacturer anddistributor of flow measurement products. AFTCO also provides supportservices, such as calibration and consulting, to users of flowmeasurement instrumentation. AFTCO is privately owned and employs a team of experts in the design, manufacturing, and application of flowmeters. AFTCO is a fast growing company located in Lakeland, Florida. AFTCO has initiated the certification process for the design and manufacturing of process control equipment under International Quality Standard 9001.

Apple Belting [Lancaster]
Category: Industrial Belting Products
Apple Belting was founded in Lancaster County - The Heart or Pennsylvania Dutch country - in 1990. The Business was started with just two employees and a lot of determination.

Manufacturers, Fabricators and Distributors of Industrial Belting Products.

Automatic Timing And Controls [Lancaster]
Category: Process Instruments & Controls
Manufacturers of industrial instrumentation, Automatic Timing and Controls.

Air System Products Inc [Lancaster]
Category: Condensate Drains & Oil/Water Separator
Air System Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer ofcondensate drains and oil/water separators for the air and gascompressor market. In our 20 years of existence, ASP Industries hasdeveloped a number of unique products. As a manufacturer, we are able to advise, service, and custom engineer many variations of our standardproducts.

Airtek [Lancaster]
Category: Compressed Air Drying Equipments
Airtek's corporate mission is to manufacture the highestquality, most reliable and best performing compressed air dryingequipment in the industry. Our focus is on complete customersatisfaction including after-sale support. Our award winning andinnovative designs offer quality-engineered solutions for the mostdemanding industrial requirements.

With our state-of-the-art 130,000 sq ft. manufacturing facility,dedicated work force, patented designs, and focus on customer needs,Airtek will deliver Premium Products for Industry

Airtek has been bringing you premium air treatment systems since 1969.Our complete line of cycling and non-cycling refrigerated dryers,regenerative desiccant dryers, filters and drains are all engineered tominimize your installation, operation and maintenance costs. Ourproducts will always provide you with the cleanest and dryest compressed air for all your processes.

AJ's Power Source Inc [Land O'Lakes]
Category: Power Supplies
The company was founded in 1987 as an exclusiverespresentative for power supplies in the Southeast. Because individualpower supply companies often fill only niche markets, we visualized andbecame one of the first representatives to specialize in power only -respresenting up to 25 selected power supply companies from around theworld. As time progressed, our customer base began to require more andmore value added services. We began by building rack mounted powerassemblies utilizing the many sources of power supplies that we alreadyhad. We became the first certified ATT and Astec VARs for the new highdensity DC/DC converters. We rapidly became a nationwide company doingbusiness with several Fortune 500 companies. In 1996, we spun off themanufacturers rep business by forming Current Solutions, Inc., thusallowing us to concentrate fully on value added manufacturing at AJ'sPower Source. At this time, we are focusing on hot swap redundantsystems for VME and CPCI products using switching power supplies fromIntegrated Power and Meanwell, and high density DC/DC Converters fromAstec, Lambda, Lucent, Victor, RO Associates, and Power Cube.

American Sensor Technologies Inc [Landing]
Category: Pressure Tranducers, Sensors & Gauges
The mission of American Sensor Technologies Inc is to be "your sensor business partner...". As such, AST responds to the needs of sensor customers with the most advanced and superior MEMS-based sensor products available.

Some of the world's most highly respected industrial, Fortune 500 corporations have tested and now use AST products in a wide range of critical and harsh environments. The scope of their typical product testing included safety at high burst pressures, overall reliability, output repeatability and minimal linearity error over temperature.

Common applications of AST's sensor products are in industrial OEM, hydraulic systems, fuel cells, medical gases, HVAC/R, refrigeration, oil & gas exploration and off-road vehicles. Now available with the combination of exotic metals and AST's exclusive, proprietary Krystal Bond(tm) Technology, the specialized needs of key niche markets can be supported. Many of AST's products offer UL's listing as intrinsically safe and certified for explosion-proof required environments. [Largo]
Category: Network Products's American Best Value Network Pyramid, is famous in the industry for its three points of value: Amer Best Practices(tm), Amer Best Technology(tm), Amer Best Prices(tm). Our pyramid of value goes beyond just selling the latest technology network products at the best prices. Best practices means Amer Lifetime(tm) - a lifetime warranty on most products - and knowledge support: what we call Amer Know-How(tm). In this website you will not only find our brand name network technology at best prices - available for online purchase through our convenient Amer Shop(tm) - you'll find an extensive, and growing, knowledge base.

Ametric / American Metric Corp [Laurens]
Category: Power Transmission Products
The cornerstone of our ability to be your International Power Transmission partner is having the products you need when you need them. We are proud to offer more than 250,000 quality power transmission items from one of the most extensive inventories in the business. Moreover, we have inventory programs such as Just in Time Delivery, blanket agreements and contract pricing to meet your unique inventory needs. As your world class power transmission partner, we can tailor a cost effective inventory program that will ensure availability of the products you need.

Admotec Inc [Lebanon]
Category: Precision Magnetic Encoders
ADMOTEC develops and produces precision magnetic encodersand solid rotor resolvers that provide high performance for thedemanding conditions of aerospace, automotive, nuclear, heavy mill dutyand general industrial applications. Admotec is dedicated to applyingleading edge technologies and manufacturing techniques to theproduction of cost-effective, high performance solutions for measuringlinear and rotary position, speed and angle. With offices in Lebanon,New Hampshire, Country: USA, and Zürich, Switzerland, Admotec is well-positioned to meet the motion and position sensing needs of originalequipment manufacturers around the world.

American Ultraviolet Co [Lebanon]
Category: UV Applications
Founded in 1960, American Ultraviolet Company is one of the most experienced manufacturers of UV applications in the United States. Respected worldwide for its extensive expertise, the company manufactures ultraviolet systems for a wide variety of industries and applications. It is headquartered in Lebanon, Indiana, and has offices in Bernardsville, New Jersey; Beaufort, South Carolina; Torrance, California; and Romeoville, Illinois.

ATC-Diversified Electronics [Leesburg]
Category: Automatic Timing & Controls
Manufacturers of automatic timers & controls.

Aerocomm [Lenexa]
Category: Wireless Communication
Since 1990, AeroComm has been the global leader inproviding short-range data communications to original equipmentmanufacturers. The core technology behind our products is a unique andproprietary FHSS design that enables OEMs to buy, rather than make,robust RF capability.

AeroComm has played a major role in the short-range RF industry for over a decade with consistent advances in both performance and price. Our team made waves in 1994 by gaining FCC approval for the first 2.4GHz spread spectrum transceivers. Soon after, we introduced ourgroundbreaking $200 digital sequence commercial module.

Advanced Fibermolding Inc [Leroy]
Category: Fibre Glass Composite Parts
A family owned and operated Michigan corporation that offers production runs of fiberglass composite parts.

A L Lee Corporation [Lester]
Category: Underground Mining Equipment
Manufacturers of underground mining equipments.

AutoGuide Products LLC [Lexington]
Category: Automatic Guided Vehicles
Automatic guided vehicles (AGV's) are becoming morepopular as reliability, service, and support for this product continueto improve while, at the same time, prices are going down. Since thefoundation of the AutoGuide program in 1987, Clark Material HandlingCompany (CMHC) contributed significantly to the AGV industry byautomating standard production trucks with off-the-shelf electronics

Altek Inc [Liberty Lake]
Category: Precision Molds & Production Machining
Altek is a full service manufacturer providing engineering and product realization services to high tech industries such as medical, communications, aerospace, instrumentation and fitness. Focused on integrated product realization solutions, Altek's depth in services include full value added operations, collaborative project management and engineering design, precision machining, supply chain management, tooling, plastic injection molding, electromechanical assembly, custom finishing and quality assurance. Production facilities are located at our corporate headquarters in Liberty Lake, Washington and in Portland, Oregon.

AB Tools [Lincoln]
Category: Rotary Cutting Tools
Manufacturers of High Performance Rotary Cutting Toolssince 1977.

Addax Inc [Lincoln]
Category: Advanced Composite Materials
Addax was incorporated in 1985 by a collaboration ofDefense and Aerospace professionals who recognized that advancedcomposite materials could economically replace metals in manyindustrial applications. Advanced composite materials were originallydeveloped for the aircraft and aerospace industries where weightreduction and high strength was paramount...regardless of the cost.Since our inception Addax has applied this technology to commercialindustry, and has successfully led the effort to provide advancedcomposite products at economical prices. Our primary mission is to makemetal products obsolete where weight, fatigue, vibration and corrosionlimit performance. Today, Addax has successfully designed, manufacturedand supplied a long list of products using ingenious adaptations ofproven composite technology that extend the boundaries of mechanicalproperties which have historically been limited by metals. Ultimately,Addax has made the impossible...possible.

In 1986 Addax pioneered the introduction of the first advancedcomposite spacer coupling system used for cooling towers, pumps,compressors and fans. These coupling systems essentially put theindustry on its ear, and put Addax on the map. To date, Addax hassupplied over 25,000 coupling units to customers around the world. Ourcustomer list reads like the "Who's Who" of Refineries, Power Plants,and Public Utilities.

Andon Electronics [Lincoln]
Category: IC Sockets, Interconnects
Andon is your connection to greater value - a leading manufacturer of IC sockets, interconnects and loose terminal products for the computer, telecommunications, medical and military markets.

ATF [Lincolnwood]
Category: Precision Compnents
ATF has steadily enhanced its manufacturing capabilities, building a reputation for innovative products, superior quality, highly capable processes and best in-class customer service.

Today, ATF is a leader in the design and manufacture of tight-tolerance metal components, assemblies and engineered fasteners.

Advanced Orientation Systems Inc [Linden]
Category: Eletrolytic Tilt Sensors
Advanced Orientation Systems, Inc. (AOSI) was founded inJanuary of 1995 with a goal of developing and producing the nextgeneration of tilt sensors. AOSI quickly became an integral part of theangle measurement industry.

AOSI’s base line of Dual Axis tilt sensors are manufactured from arecently developed advanced Polymer. Inert to most chemicals andmechanically stable, this new material made it possible to manufacturedual axis miniature tilt sensors in the tens of thousands without anysignificant unit to unit structural deviation. These highly consistentsensors quickly became the logical, reliable and low cost replacement to brittle old style glass components. They found recognition in numerous medical, military, automotive and other high reliability applications.

Advanced Orientation Systems design and manufacture electrolytic tiltsensors.

APT Instruments [Litchfield]
Category: Instrumentation Products
APT Instruments is a young company that is a division of Advanced Product Technology LLc. The group is focused on offering innovative instruments to a wide range of markets.

The principals of the company have over 40 years combined experience with instrumentation in the laboratory, process manufacturing, defense and automotive market places. The corporate goal is to design, manufacture and distribute flexible instruments that offer unique solutions to our customers' problems. These will include hand held, bench top and NEMA packages.

Alsco Industrial Products Inc [Lithia Springs]
Category: Industrial Plastics
Alsco Industrial Products Inc is a leader in the industrial plastics market. We have one of the largest inventories of corrosion resistant products. We offer over 20 years of thermoplastic and non- metallic experience. Our goals are to provide superior products at a competitive price, to offer practical solutions for the flow, control, and measurement of liquids in the industrial market and to be a company that is trustworthy and ethical in all aspects of business.

Atlantic Rubber Company Inc [Littleton]
Category: Precision Rubber & Plastic Products
Atlantic Rubber Company is your full service source for high-quality precision rubber and plastic products. Serving the industrial, military, pharmaceutical and commercial markets, we offer expertise in application design, advanced manufacturing procedures and outstanding quality control. We are proudly ISO 9001 certified.

Advanced Power Solutions [Livermore]
Category: Power Supply Products
APS is a leading-edge global company that specializes in Power Supply Design and Manufacturing. Come in and explore our Web Site. Our extensive product line makes APS a one stop shop for your power supply needs. Most of our products can be customized to meet specific requirements for OEMs.

Adept Technology Inc [Livermore]
Category: Industrial Robots & Controllers
Since 1983, Adept Technology has continued to lead majorperformance and ease-of-integration advances in SCARA industrialrobots.

Together with a world-class customer service and support organization,Adept Technology delivers maximum performance, reliability and value tomanufacturers around the globe. With over 20,000 robots installedworldwide, find out why manufacturers choose Adept Technology.

ATS Eco-Snow Systems Inc [Livermore]
Category: Precision Surface Process Equipment
Eco-Snow Systems, provides CO2 precision surface process equipment for a broad range of cleaning applications in the semiconductor, compound semiconductor, photomask, flat panel display (FPD), fiber optics, and disk drive industries. As a leading innovator of dry CO2 technology, Eco-Snow Systems, sets the standard for quality dry process cleaning solutions. The company holds over 20 U.S. patents and has R&D clean room facilities to conduct process qualification and testing for customer application development.

Alpec Team Inc [Livermore]
Category: Laser Products
Alpec-Team Inc was formed in August of 1991 with the goal to develop innovative Laser Pointers for the growing Presentation and Gift market. In October 1994, we moved into our own 10,000 sq. ft. building where we have the most extensive design and development department in our industry. Today, Alpec is the world's leading design and manufacturer of Laser Pointer, Laser Sights, and Laser Modules for the industrial and consumer market. Based on our advanced technology we have also developed a new generation of Laser Sights and other products for the Sporting Goods and Police Markets. Our goal is to build a team with you, our valued customer, to develop new and innovative quality products for our market. We invite you to take a closer look at Alpec- Team Inc.; a company committed to uncompromising Quality and Service and determined to earn your trust. Thank you for your continued support.

Advanced Monolithic Systems Inc [Livermore]
Category: Integrated Circuits
Advanced Monolithic Systems Inc "AMS" is the quality designer and manufacturer of integrated circuits for computers, computer peripherals, telecommunication and power supply industries.

AMS carries a full line of quality products consisting of: voltage references, power management & temperature control integrated circuits.

AMS has a global network of professional sales representatives in key worldwide electronics markets to insure responsive support, assistance and product delivery for our customers.

Americord [Logan]
Category: Power Cords & Custom Cord Assemblies
We are a manufacture of power cords and Custom Cord Assemblies. We offer stock and also a 2 week lead time on all products.

AirPro [Lombard]
Category: Interchangeable Cylinders
AIRPRO NFPA inter- changeable cylinders are made in the USA of high-strength, corrosion-resistant aluminum. Airpros cylinders are reliable, lightweight, flexible and economically priced. Two NFPA models 200A-2 (200 PSI) and 250A-1 (250 PSI), are available in 1.5" - 6" bores.

Angle Linear [Lomita]
Category: RF Products & Peripherals
We manufacture linear Radio Frequency (RF) products and peripherals for communications. We specialize in preamplifiers, receiver front end filtering and receiver multi-couplers for virtually any communications application. Our speciality is high dynamic range, low noise figure receiver front ends to help you solve your communications problems.

We manufacture primarily for use below 2.5 GHz and offer from component level to complete receiver front end packages. We have been doing so for over twenty five years now and have supplied R&D and production

Alamo Metal Supply [Long Beach]
Category: Bearings & Bearing Materials
Alamo Metal Supply is a full service metal distributor. We are specialized in the field of bearings and bearing materials. We offer many different metals including but not limited to Copper, Brass,Bronze, Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloys, Titanium, and Steel Pump Shaftmaterial. We also can search our vast data base of suppliers for hard to find materials. Please use our web site as a information site we have great links for information on different materials, and services.

Applied Technologies Inc [Longmont]
Category: Meteorological Instruments
Our weather instruments are designed for atmospheric research. A list of meteorological instruments and meteorological systems include; Sonic Anemometers, Infrared Hygrometers, Infrared Carbon Dioxide Analyzers, Flux Measurement Systems, Relaxed Eddy Accumulators, Boundary Layer Radars, Wind Profiling Radars, Acoustic Wind Profiling Sodars, Boundary Layer Scintillometers, Surface Layer Scintillometers, Temperature Profiling RASS, Optical Energy Balance Measurement Systems, and Data Packers and Cluster Controllers for data acquisition and data collection from the weather instruments.

Adaptive Systems [Longmont]
Category: Modular Embedded Computers
Adaptive Systems, Inc. modular embedded computers offerthe design engineer maximum flexibility for hand-held, portable andembedded X86 computer based products. These modules are off-the-shelfcomponents that support the customers' fast time-to-market goals.

Analog Modules Inc [Longwood]
Category: Analog Electronic Products
AMI designs and manufactures a wide range of analog electronic products for the laser and electro-optics industries. These products serve applications in medical, military, scientific, and industrial markets.

Accel Thermal [Los Angeles]
Category: Heatsink
Accel Thermal is a wholesale heatsink manufactureroffering heatsink design, aluminum heatsinks, custom heatsinks, clipheat sinks, aluminum extrusion profiles, CPU cooling fans, heatsinkfans, thermal management, electronic cooling, thermal interface andphase change materials. Accel Thermal is a leading wholesalemanufacturing heat sink company with the ability to customize anddesign your heat sink orders to meet your specifications. If youalready have a design solution, all we require are drawings to getstarted. We can accept all common engineering formats, includingAutoCad and Solidworks. We have the resources and flexibility toproduce prototypes, small orders and high volume productionrequirements.

Audio Processing Technology [Los Angeles]
Category: Audio Compression Products
Audio Processing Technology, the audio compression specialist, supplies its world renowned apt-X(tm) algorithms in a variety of formats to leading audio manufacturers and users worldwide.

APT is regarded as an industry leader and is at the forefront of its field having developed the highly acclaimed 16 bit Standard apt-X(tm) and the 16, 20 and 24 bit Enhanced apt-X(tm). This patented technology is recognized throughout the industry as providing the highest quality audio and, as a result has achieved international penetration in the worlds of broadcasting and professional audio applications.

Adams-Maxwell Winding systems [Los Angeles]
Category: Winding Equipments
For over 40 years, Adams-Maxwell Winding systems has builtan industry reputation for quality products and a "customer orientedattitude" that is dedicated to serving all the needs of our customers.Our reputation for quality products is the result of many years ofexperience, a professional engineering staff, and highly skilledtechnicians and manufacturing personnel all working together to producethe most reliable products on the market.

The Adams-Maxwell Winding Systems winding equipment has come from yearsof development and fine tuning to bring you the best in technology andreliability at affordable pricing.

Alesis Semiconductor [Los Angeles]
Category: Wavefront Semiconductor
Alesis Semiconductor is a division of Alesis Corporationbased in Los Angeles California. Alesis has been, since its conceptionin 1984, a cutting edge influence in the music technology industry. Ourengineers have always sought to do it smarter, and do it for less, formusicians and audio technicians all over the world.

One of our most unique functions of our engineering division is ASICdevelopment. Alesis remains one of the only companies to develop theirown Application Specific Integrated Circuits. These custom designedchips fit an entire printed circuit board's worth of components into asingle package the size of a guitar pick. Custom ASIC design allows usto develop our own processors (instead of working with off the shelfgeneric parts), and makes our products more stable and compact. ASICtechnology also helps to make Alesis equipment the most affordablemusical components available.

American Elements [Los Angeles]
Category: Materials Science
American Elements is the world leader in commercializing developments in materials science. Decades of expertise in engineered materials, including ultra high purity refining (99.9999%) and nanotechnology (Mono Atomic Elements) scales allows us to meet the needs of a wide variety of industry groups, including energy, aerospace, automotive, optics, and pharma/cosmetics. We supply over 3,000 elemental metal, metallic compound, ceramic and crystalline catalog items and numerous customer proprietary formulations from our manufacturing facilities in the United States and China and distribution centers in the U.S., Europe and Brazil. Our U.S. operations are fully staffed and equipped to cost-effectively manufacture the advanced elements in virtually every purity and physical morphology that nature and current technology commercially allow, including the entire rare earth series, ultra high purity forms of most metals, complex single phase doped structures using either co-precipitation or calcination/re- crystallization processes, macro, meso and nanoscale powders with highly specific particle distributions, shapes and surface areas and custom grown single and polycrystalline crystal of the III-V and II-VI compounds with special orientations, purities and dopants.

American L B Science & Technology Group Company Ltd [Los Angeles]
Category: Plastic Bags
American L B Group Co is a group of the leading manufacturers of plastic bag, plastic pallet and clothing. We are a leading supplier of power generator in Asia. We export US made generator to Asia.

American L B Group was founded in Los Angeles in 1993 on the principles of price competitiveness, highest quality and the best customer service.

We are totally committed to the customer. Providing excellence in services, products, and logistics puts us above our competitors.

American Stainless Pumps [Los Angeles]
Category: Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pumps
ASP manufactures all stainless steel centrifugal pumps for the commercial/OEM marketplace. Our pumps are American made, and designed to provide years of high efficiency service, in tough applications.

AAF International [Louisville]
Category: Air Filtration Products
Welcome to AAF International, one of the world's largestmanufacturers of air filtration products and systems. Founded in 1921as the American Air Filter Company, AAF offers a wide range of airfilters, dust collectors, and other air pollution control equipment toimprove air quality. The need for clean air is universal and unlimited.Virtually all human activities require clean air to survive. For over80 years, AAF has been improving the quality of air for your home, yourcompany, the White House and even for the Apollo landings on the moon.

With sales offices worldwide and operations on three continents, AAFpioneered many of the original air filtration technologies. Today,AmericanAirFilterr and AAFr brands are recognized as the most trustedbrands in clean air.

AAF International is a division of AAF-McQuay Inc., a globalmanufacturer of commercial air filtration and air conditioningequipment. Please click on AAF-McQuay to learn more about ourcorporate structure. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.Product quality cannot and will not be compromised.

Airguard [Louisville]
Category: Industrial Air Filters
Founded in 1964, Airguard has grown to be one of theworld's foremost manufacturers of air filtration products for thecommercial, industrial and institutional markets. The basic premise onwhich the company was founded is to provide replacement filters for alltypes of HVAC systems. Whatever type of air filtration equipment isinstalled in your facilities, Airguard can provide a direct replacementor recommend alternatives for improved indoor air quality, lower costand longer service life.

Airguard offers products in every category of air filters fromdisposable panel filters and pleated filters to high efficiency extended surface filters and HEPA filters. A wide variety of filters for specialized applications is also available, including paint over spray collection, lint and ink mist collection, turbo machinery air intake filters, gas phase adsorption and dust collection.

No other air filter manufacturer has a broader line of products to meetthe needs of an ever growing market.

In addition to providing direct replacements for existing products,Airguard is continually developing innovative new products that lead the industry in design and performance.

American Sigma [Loveland]
Category: Flow & Rain Quality Instruments
Sigma was started in 1980 with the goal to become the leader in the design and manufacture of innovative flow monitoring instruments. Since then, Sigma has reached that goal, and added communication products and data acquisition software to its list of achievements.

Sigma spent its first years in the towns of Middleport and Medina, New York, where the small town environment helped to nurture the customer focus that is such an important element of Sigma's company culture. Now in Loveland, Colorado, Sigma has joined Hach Company to broaden their product lines and reinforce the values of reliability and customer dedication in every aspect of business.

Advanced Automation Systems [Loves Park]
Category: Vibratory Parts Handling Equipment
With over 40 years experience in engineering, designing,research & development, and building vibratory parts handling equipmentwe're ready to meet your automation needs.

At Advanced Automation Systems we know how important it is for you, ourvalued customer, to have a well designed, efficient, and trouble free,quality system that you can depend on for years to come.

Our engineers will work with you to create your project. The plans willbe designed to meet your particular needs and specifications. Fromdesign to planning and management, we are committed to accurate,prompt, courteous and professional service.

We Repair all other manufacturers equipment, call or e-mail us, you'llbe pleased with our quality, prices and of course our prompt service.In the age of faster production it makes sense to have your equipmentoperating at it's peak.

American Turbine Pump Company [Lubbock]
Category: Pump Systems & Components
The story of American Turbine begins in 1936 when a family business was founded to install pumps in the West Texas plains. Three generations of pump experience later, the founders of American Turbine began looking for a way to make existing pumps more efficient. It soon became apparent, however, that the only way of doing this effectively would be for this company to manufacture the pumps themselves.

Thus in July of 1975, American Turbine Pump Company Inc was founded in Lubbock, Texas, combining decades of experience in the pump industry. The original American Turbine product lines were designed for a market that demanded top quality, dependability, and efficiency. Those standards still hold true today. American Turbine has expanded its growing production lines to accommodate municipal water supply, industrial, agricultural, waste water, booster systems, hydrocarbon transfer, mine dewatering, offshore platforms, HVAC, cooling towers, turf irrigation, pulp and paper mills, water amusement parks, snow making, fish hatcheries, and barge unloading markets.

Applied Bolting Technology Products Inc [Ludlow]
Category: Direct Tension Indicators
Applied Bolting Technology manufactures direct tension indicating (DTI) washers. These washers are used to get bolts installed to the correct Tension, regardless of the bolt's torque resistance. Sizes are made to suit bolts from 1/2" to 1 1/2" and M16 to M36 diameter in several strength grades.

Acme Electric Power Distribution Products Division [Lumberton]
Category: Power Conditioning Equipment
For over eighty five years Acme Electric has beenmanufacturing Power Conditioning Equipment for use in industrial,commercial and OEM applications. Built on a reputation for superiorservice, quality and technical expertise in the transformer market,Acme is regarded as a true industry leader.

Acme Electric is a full line manufacturer of low voltage (600V andbelow) dry type distribution transformers using both copper andaluminum conductor, offering an array of products between 0.250-1000KVA. Headquartered in Lumberton, North Carolina, Acme Electric has over170,000 square ft. of manufacturing in two plants; a 130,000 square ft.facility in Lumberton and a 45,000 square ft. facility in MonterreyMexico.

Acme's product offering covers the full spectrum of applications, fromcommercial general power distribution and high harmonic conditions tospecific industrial motor drive/factory automation systems, to lowvoltage landscape lighting applications. All Acme products aredesigned, constructed and rated in to meet or exceed the standardsestablished by UL, CSA CE, NEMA, ANSI and IEEE.

American Hofmann Corporation [Lynchburg]
Category: Industrial Balancing Machines
Hofmann was founded in the early 1930s with the anticipation that balancing would play a crucial role in manufacturing industries. The Hofmann brothers, specializing in the design and manufacturing of dynamic balancing machines, developed the first automatic balancing machine to operate with resonance. As their successes in balancing multiplied, the company expanded their factory and subsequently their business.

Accushim Inc [Lyons]
Category: Stainless steel
Accushim, Inc., located in Lyons, a suburb of Chicago, wasfounded in 1984. We manufacture and distribute the Accushim line ofpre-cut slotted stainless steel shims used for shaft alignment (sevensizes, fifteen thicknesses), as well as the complete line of REACTbrand shaft alignment equipment, the V180 LASER shaft alignment system,Belt Hog LASER pulley alignment tool, the "Side Align" Horizontal MoveTool and the SAT Shaft/Coupling alignment trainer.

We carry shim stock in 6" and 12" wide rolls in stainless steel, mildsteel and brass. Accushim, Inc. has one of the largest inventories ofpre-cut shims in the Nation. Most orders are filled/shipped the sameday. In addition, we have the capabilities to work with you on customshims in stainless steel, brass and mild steel.

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