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Accurate Screw Machine [Fairfield]
Category: Electronic Hardware Fasteners
ASM is a manufacturer of electronic hardware and fastenersspecializing in JIT delivery of the following product categories:bushings, captive screws, captive screw assemblies, handles, ferrules,locking fasteners, nuts, retainers, screws, self-locking devices,spacers, springs, standoffs, adapters, studs, security screws &washers.

Applied Resources Corporation [Fairfield]
Category: Switching, Controls, Test Systems
Applied Resources is a designer and manufacturer of custom, high reliability switching, controls, test systems and electronic assemblies. In addition, ARC also specializes in providing contract manufacturing and precision NC/CNC machining services to industry.

Being a service orientated company, our customers often times come to us seeking unique solutions to their manufacturing and componentry needs. This is where we put our 25 plus years of experience to work in providing those solutions in the timely, economic and reliable manner Applied Resources has become known for.

ARC maintains comprehensive facilities providing the necessary engineering, testing and manufacturing support critical to ensuring successful programs.

American Productivity Group LLc [Fairfield]
Category: Robotics
APG corporate headquarters and Cartesian robot manufacturering plant is located in Fairfield, NJ, U.S.A.

We are specialists in Robotic Applications for over twenty years and factory automation for twenty-five years.

We are Samsung's largest robotic distributor. We have factory trained engineers and service technicians.

Automation Devices Inc [Fairview]
Category: Vibratory Feeder Systems
Automation Devices designs, engineers and manufactures Vibratory Feeders and Part Feeding Components. Our customers rely on the expertise of our engineers and the durability of our equipment to integrate quality and dependability with production lines.

ADI's production capabilities encompass the development and tooling of vibratory feeder bowls to the production and testing of complete vibratory feeding systems including hoppers, part escapements and sound enclosures.

Our engineers are always eager to provide quick and accurate quotations on any feeder system. Quotes can be developed off of part drawings, however, quote accuracy is enhanced when the request is accompanied by a sample of the part.

American Dryer Corporation [Fall River]
Category: Commercial Laundry Dryers
We devote our business totally to provide you with dryersthat perform better than any other. The result os this single-mindedpursuit is well recognized. The ADC symbol is the hallmark trusted bylaundries worldwide for total quality-the kind of quality that hashelped estabilished American Dryer Corporation as the world's solemanufacturers of commercial laundry dryers.

All Components Inc [Farmers Branch]
Category: Computer Memory & Processor
AllComponents has been providing a comprehensive line ofquality computer memory and processor solutions to the industry since1984. Offering value-added, wholesale distribution options focused onmeeting customers' supply-chain management, automated testing, and"just-in-time" inventory needs.

Strategically located in Addison, Texas, just minutes from DFWInternational Airport, AllComponents' operates 50,000 sq. feet of Sales, Technical, and ESD, environmentally controlled Testing, Materials Handling and Shipping operations, all specifically designed for the efficient, real-time integration of quality product and the quality people who support it.

AFCO [Farmindale]
Category: Advanced Enclosure Technology
AFCO Systems is a global leader in the design andmanufacture of advanced enclosure technology for mission-critical datacenter environments. Our patented Kool-IT™ Advanced Equipment Cabinethas the world’s largest installed base of thermostatically controlled,air cooled, heat load balancing enclosures and is now specified as adata center standard by many prestigious financial institutionsworldwide.

Our solution-based products are developed in conjunction with Fortune500 companies seeking the most comprehensive solution to their currentand future needs. The Max-IT™, our newest scalable, high densityenclosure combines Kool-IT technology with high density cable and powermanagement. Max-IT now moves cable and power "outside the box" to giveyou a more flexible solution for your data center. When equipped withoptional Kool-SCAN™ our enclosures can be remotely monitored andadjusted for power status, thermal set points and other criticalenvironmental conditions.

Acculex Inc [Farmingdale]
Category: Scalable Voltage/Current DPV & DPL Meters
Manufacturer of the Accumeters Product Line of DigitalPanel Meters, LCD & LED Displays, Counters, Timers, Hourmeters,Ratemeters, Process Meters and LCD Modules and Graphic Displays.

Atomergic Chemetals Corporation [Farmingdale]
Category: Intensive High Tech Materials
Atomergic Chemetals Corporation is an American enterprise that utilizes its own production facilities and works with specialists from all over the world. We deal with the manufacture of intensive high tech materials and possess the ability to produce and investigate many materials, from starting materials to finished products, at various stages of development. Our greatest strength is the ability to recruit and exchange highly qualified and experienced researchers and de signers from our various affiliates.

Atomergic Chemetals Corp is able to pursue an almost endless range of investigations on the composition and structure of materials and epitaxial structures using the latest techniques; including macro- and microanalysis, as well as studies of physical properties (photoluminescence and cathodo-luminescence, DLTS) and crystal structure defects (TEM, SEM, diffraction methods).

Alpha Communications [Farmingdale]
Category: Intercom Systems & Related Products
Alpha Communications(r) is a family business. It was founded in 1983 by our company president, Mark S. Goldberg, an industry veteran, with over 35 years experience in intercom systems and related products, and his wife Madelyn. Mr. Goldberg has authored several articles on intercom security systems, for some of the leading national trade publications in the industry, and regularly gives lectures and seminars relating to intercom systems, nurse-call systems, and video-intercom systems.

American Aerospace Controls Inc [Farmingdale]
Category: Electrical System Measurement & Controls
In 1965 Robert M Gitlin established AAC, created the company's products, and set the high standards that still guide the firm today. From the beginning the focus was on electrical system measurement and control solutions.

Early products designed for application specific requirements established a reputation for compact rugged designs featuring low power and weight. Experience gained help develop new technologies and evolved the company's "Customer Focused" strategy. Today the company provides AC & DC current, voltage, power & frequency transducers for industrial, laboratory, rail transit, defense and space applications.

American Laubscher Corporation [Farmingdale]
Category: Precision Miniature & Micro-sized Components
ALCprecision is a globally respected supplier of precision miniature and micro-sized components and assemblies. With a heritage for innovation and quality that began in 1846 in the Swiss watch industries with the latest technology, technical assistance, and responsive logistic support. Today, our manufacturing bases are worldwide with locations in Europe, North America, and the Far east servicing demanding customers all around the world in industries such as medical, computer, automotive, instrumentation, telecommunications. and customer products.

ALCprecision was founded in 1950 with the primary objective of supporting the growing precision turning requirements of diverse U.S. markets. Over the years, we grew to offer complimentary high precision miniature part technologies, too.

Most of the components supplied by ALCprecision provide a critical function in our customers' products. We provide "crash stops" for computer hard drives, valve stems in automotive emergency shut-off valves, and equally critical function components for medical/pharmaceutical diagnostics and research.

Apex Machine Tool Company Inc [Farmington]
Category: Precision Machining
Apex Machine Tool Company Inc located in the Farmington Industrial Park, Farmington, CT, was founded in 1944. Today we occupy a modern 44,000 square foot, climate-controlled facility. Fully staffed to meet your needs, Apex is acknowledged as one of the finest and largest design and manufacturing shops in the United States. We specialize in design and/or manufacture of highly sophisticated fixtures, precision gages, close tolerance plastic injection molds, precision component molds for composite parts and specialized machinery.

A unique combination of the industry's most skilled toolmakers and machinists and leading edge technology has enabled Apex to provide exacting quality to customers who require tolerances to +/- .0001 in.. Consequently, we supply a diverse clientele with the most complex and most accurately manufactured prototype and production tools, molds, component parts, composite tooling, and gages available today.

Ace Controls Inc [Farmington]
Category: Velocity Control Devices
Manufacturers of velocity damping, velocity controldevices, hydraulic damper-economical, double acting. Use on rotaryactuators, rodless cylinders, slides and conveyors.

Associated Spring [Farmington]
Category: Precision Springs
Associated Spring is the largest manufacturer of precision springs in North America and one of the largest in the world. Associated Spring produces virtually every type of precision spring, from battery contacts and inductors for electronics and instruments to large heavy-duty springs for machinery.

Nearly all of Associated Spring's products, which are manufactured in plants on four continents, are highly engineered custom solutions, with order sizes from just a few units to several million. These products involve metal of many types and are purchased primarily by durable goods manufacturers in industries such as transportation, telecommunications, electronics, home appliances and farm equipment.

Associated Spring also manufactures nitrogen gas cylinders and manifold systems used to precisely control stamping presses in metal forming industries. Associated Spring participates in NASCO, a joint venture with NHK Spring Co., Ltd. of Japan, a leading manufacturer of springs.

Analog Technologies Inc [Farmington Hills]
Category: Digital Electronic Hardware Modules
Founded in 1997, Analog Technologies Inc (ATI), specializes in R&D and production of analog and digital electronic hardware modules, sub-systems, and systems. Components include: TEC (Thermo-Electric Cooler) controllers, heater controllers, diode laser drivers, LED drivers, and photodetector amplifiers. Sub-systems include: laser/TEC controllers and laser/heater controllers. Systems include laser diode burn-in solutions. ATI also creates computer and embedded software programs for detection and analysis of optical and electronic signals. Our ability to deliver innovative, quick, on time and low cost results has led to several significant projects as well as many smaller ones. ATI has years of experience in design and development of special analog electronic circuits and systems. We typically provide our customers with prototypes, Alpha sets, Beta sets and final products. Numerous patents have been filed and granted based on our novel designs in electronics, mechanics and optics.

Advanced Assembly Group [Farmington Hills]
Category: Torque Measuring Systems
The company pioneered torque measuring systems to monitorproduction lines and control the installation of threaded fasteners inautomotive assembly applications. Today we provide complete assemblyand test solutions to the world's automotive and non-automotiveindustrial markets.

Autocon Technologies [Farmington Hills]
Category: CNC Controls & Machine Tools
More than just a statement! We back it with 52 years of experience building the Bendix(r) and Autocon(r) Delta Series CNC control used on America's machine tools. DynaPath is now using that knowledge to produce a Full Line of CNC Controlled machines all powered by the DynaPath Delta 2000 series control.

One model is the DynaPath VMC-820. A compact VMC with a big appetite for steel and Aluminum. The DynaPath production series 820 Vertical Machining Center is the answer for shops requiring a small footprint at a competitive price, without sacrificing rigidity of metal removing flexibility. 32" x 18" x 20" travel with a massive cast frame, headstock, box ways, and a 15 HP spindle that delivers up to 8,000 RPM giving you the flexibility of cutting both steel and aluminum.

ANCA Inc [Farmington Hills]
Category: Computer Numerical Controls
ANCA was founded in 1974 by Pat McCluskey and Pat Boland in Melbourne, Australia, where the company still has its headquarters. Although the two engineers had different backgrounds - one academic and one technical and trade - their skills and experience were complementary and they were like-minded in their drive to produce world class Computer Numerical Controls.

In the early 1980s ANCA expanded by applying its high level engineering and mathematical skills used in programming, to develop complete machine tools. The company developed sophisticated CNC tool grinding machines by combining leading edge technology with operating simplicity.

The decision to extend its operations launched the company into a major growth phase which involved the construction of a sophisticated machine tool factory and the employment of highly skilled and specialised staff. Continued growth has been matched by investment in factory equipment, research and development and a sales support infrastructure.

AA Gage Inc [Ferndale]
Category: Precision Rotary Index Tables & Gages
Since its beginning as a maker of flush pin gages nearly50 years ago, A. G. Davis Gage / has become a world-class producer of acomplete line of gage components and custom gaging equipment as well asfully automatic gaging systems.

Design and build capabilities include PC-based programmable SPC andcontrol programs with A. G. Davis / AA Gage customized software.

A. G. Davis / AA Gage is compliant to ISO 9001 quality standard.

Teamed for the challenges of the 21st Century, we will continue toserve the precision rotary index table needs and the dimensional gagingneeds of automotive, bearing, consumer product, defense, earth movingand other industries where integrity in measurement is essential.

Atlantis Optical Laboratories Inc [Fitchburg]
Category: Optical Products
Atlantis Optical Laboratories is an innovative and dynamic manufacturer of quality optical products.

Our personnel bring to the industry nearly fifty years of optical expertise. From laser quality optics, lenses, mirrors, aspherics, plano surfaces, in a large variety of materials - UV to IR. Whatever your requirement, Atlantis Optical Laboratories can meet your specifications.

Altech Corp [Flemington]
Category: Electronic & Control Components
Altech Corporation is a Supplier and Distributor of Electronic and Control Components. Our product line includes Terminal Blocks, Fuses, Circuit Breakers, Disconnect Switches, Inductive Proximity Sensors, Industrial Enclosures, DIN Enclosures, Interface Modules, Foot Switches, Liquid Tight Strain Reliefs, Safety Relays, European Fuses, PIN & Sleeve Devices and Wire Ducts.

Analytical Instrument Systems Inc [Flemington]
Category: Analytical Instrumentation
Analytical Instrument Systems Inc is a custom supplier of analytical instrumentation. Our mission is to offer high quality, compact, portable analytical instrumentation at an affordable price.

Ark-Plas Products [Flippin]
Category: Plastic Fittings & Tubing
Ark-Plas Products,(r) Inc is a leading manufacturer of top quality plastic fittings and tubing. Each product is realized using the latest technology in design and manufacturing, with an emphasis on Quality.

We strive for complete Customer Satisfaction with a knowledgeable Customer Service Department, skilled Production Technicians and a mindful Shipping & Receiving Staff.

As an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, Ark-Plas Products,(r) Inc. employs standards and procedures for assuring customers that the products they receive are of the highest quality and superior in performance.

Automatic Switch Company [Florham Park]
Category: Power & Fluid Control
ASCO(r) offers a broad range of industry leading products for Electrical Power Control, Fluid Control and Fluid Power applications. With its headquarters located in Florham Park, New Jersey, U.S.A., products are manufactured in a number of countries and marketed through a network of direct sales offices, technically oriented representatives, and distributors throughout the world.

As the world leader in emergency and standby power transfer solutions, ASCO keeps your power on. ASCO, Automatic Transfer Switches and Power Systems safeguard data and telecommunications networks, industrial process and critical installations from health care facilities to financial transaction centers.

Asco Valves / ASCO Pneumatic Controls [Florham Park]
Category: Emerson Industrial Automation
Asco is the worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of quality solenoid valves. Asco products are designed to control the flow of air, gas, water, oil, steam. Our heritage of innovation has resulted in an extensive line of Asco products that range from two position on/off valves to entire flow control solutions designed to meet requirements of thousands of customers.

Atlantic Precision Spring Inc [Forestville]
Category: Fourslide Products
Atlantic Precision Spring Inc is a manufacturer of fourslide products, stampings, springs, wire-forms, and subassemblies. APS services the Appliance, Automotive, Medical, Hardware, Electronics, and many other industries with quality components for a wide variety of applications.

Advanced Energy Industries [Fort Collins]
Category: Data Control & Process
Advanced Energy (AE) offers a comprehensive suite offocused technologies critical to high-technology manufacturing processes worldwide. AE's suite of products is critical to the production of semiconductors, flat panel displays, data storage products, compact discs, digital video discs, architectural glass, and other advanced product applications. Leveraging its diverse product portfolio, AE offers solutions that maximize process impact, improve productivity, and lower cost of ownership for its customers. This portfolio includes solutions in power, flow and thermal management, plasma and ion beam sources, and integrated process monitoring and control for original equipment manufacturers and end-users around the world.

AE operates in regional centers in North America, Asia, and Europe andoffers global sales and support through direct offices, representatives, and distributors. Founded in 1981, AE is publicly held and traded on NASDAQ as AEIS. AE continues to enter new markets through strategic acquisitions and partnerships, as well as to internally develop proprietary, process-focused technologies-all key elements that further strengthen the company's position in process-critical, scalable, highly-patented technologies.

Accutron Technologies Inc [Fort Mill]
Category: Processing Equipment & Controls
Accutron's products are controlled by state of the arttechnology, designed and manufactured in-house. Our vibratory feedersare unique in their ability to accurately feed and meter a broad rangeof bulk solids to as little as a 5 gram batch depending on thematerial. No moving parts mean the equipment is extremely safe, andeasy to clean. In many instances different materials can be handledsimply by changing only a feed tray. Our quality products cannot beequaled and are priced competitively within the market. Our goal is toprovide the best technology, service, and quality available in theindustry.

Advanced Machine & Tool [Fort Wayne]
Category: Tooling & Machines
It is these two things - quality and independence - thatled Fred Burke, a young engineer of Swiss descent and working at General Electric, to start his own company. When Mr. Burke founded Advanced Machine & Tool in 1970, he had the desire to make better toolings and machines than what were currently available.

Occupying the front half of the Churubusco Hatchery building inChurubusco, Indiana, AMT started the business with two employees whowere equipped with only a single surface grinder, one Bridgeport mill, a drill press and a 13-inch lathe. A tradition of quality was born. From that modest beginning with only a handful of skilled toolmakers, AMT has become a world leader as a manufacturer of stator production machines.

Aumann North America Inc [Fort Wayne]
Category: Coil Winding & Motor Winding Systems
Aumann, founded in 1936, is a German machine manufacturer of Coil & Motor Winding Systems for wire sizes 4 - 56 AWG (0.01 - 5 mm), as well as Wire Enameling Equipment.

Our headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Espelkamp, Germany with branch offices worldwide. Our main office servicing the North American markets, established in 1981, is based in Fort Wayne, Indiana-USA.

We are a customer-oriented organization with over 60 years of experience. From stand-alone winding machines with 1 - 20 spindles, to fully automatic modular production systems, Aumann stands for precision work, characterized by innovative designs.

Alconex Specialty Products Inc [Fort Wayne]
Category: Copper & Aluminium Magnet Wire & Extrusions
Based in Fort Wayne, IN, Alconex is the largest U.S.manufacturer of copper and aluminum magnet wire and extrusions using the continuous extrusion process.

Continuous extrusion is a state of the art manufacturing process thatallows us to go from copper or aluminum rod to a finished product injust one step.

Alliance Winding Equipment [Fort Wayne]
Category: Electric Motor Generator
Alliance Winding Equipment is the World's leader in supplying manufacturing equipment for the international electric motor and generator industry. From individual, stand-alone machines to complete automated assembly systems, Alliance can supply a solution for any stator/rotor application.

Ampac International [Fort Wayne]
Category: Magnet Wire Testers
Ampac International Inc was established in 1994. Since then, Ampac has become a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of magnet wire testers. All of them meeting the NEMA, JIS, and IEC standards. Our design engineers have a total of over 30 years experience in designing and manufacturing magnet wire test equipment. This experience has led to the introductions of innovative designs.

Ampac is committed to providing quality test equipments and services to the magnet wire industry and the industry future growth and advancement.

Applied Systems Engineering Inc [Fort Worth]
Category: Microwave Amplifiers & Transmitters
Applied Systems Engineering Inc is a high technology small business engaged in the development and production of Microwave Amplifiers and Transmitters of various types. Our amplifiers feature excellent phase stability, pulse fidelity and low spurious signal levels.

We welcome custom designs and upgrades to satisfy particular requirements.

Alectron [Fort Worth]
Category: Electronic Cables, Connectors & Assemblies
Alectron specializes in FACTORY DIRECT manufacturing oflower-volume and complex electronic cables, connectors, and assemblies.We accept short-run orders with quick turntime for quotes andprototypes. Products are manufactured to your specifications rather than forcing you to adapt your requirements to existing products.

American Seal & Packing [Fountain Valley]
Category: Seals
Manufacturers of mechanical seals, mechanical seal repairs, Grafoil (r) flexible graphite, gaskets, o-rings, Viton (r), pump and valve packing, molded rubber, extruded rubber, v-packing, non-asbestos sheet gasketing, cut gaskets, spiral wound, textiles, tadpole tape, drop warp and more.

AI/FOCS Inc [Franklin]
Category: Interconnect Products
Advanced Interconnect, Inc. joined the Woodhead Industries group of companies in 1990, and FOCS, Inc. joined the group in 1993. In 1994, the two companies combined into a single organization, AI/FOCS, Inc. This merging significantly improved the ability to fill the needs of customers quickly with premium-quality products. AI develops, manufactures, and sells fiber optic and copper based interconnect solutions and value added modules for OEMs in the computer, high data rate networking, data storage, telecommunications, internet hardware, and medical sectors of the electronics industry. In July of 2001, the company name was changed to Advanced Interconnect, Inc.

Speed and quality remain AI's competitive advantages. AI is capable ofproducing custom copper cable assembly prototypes and limited firstproduction runs in two days, and can make same-day shipments of manystyles of custom fiber optic cable assemblies. AI uses the latest inpolishing equipment and tests 100% of cable assemblies before shipment.Customers often take advantage of Advanced Interconnect's consultationin the early stages of product development, thus producing a bettercable assembly while reducing costs.

Apex Wire Products Co Inc [Franklin Park]
Category: Wire & Metal Fabrication
Since 1940, America's trusted name in quality wire and metal fabrication. Our skilled team of craftsmen provide complete production and assembly from blueprint to on-time delivery. With special attention to detail Apex, takes every step to assure products that meet you most exacting standards.

>From the finest materials to professional workmanship, we do it all with one goal in mind, your complete satisfaction. It is what you deserve...and what we always deliver at Apex.

Archer Screw Products [Franklin Park]
Category: Fasteners
Whatever the requirements, routine or hot order, standard or special fastener, our engineering and tooling staff have the expertise to meet the challenge.

All of our products are produced by knowledgeable people who care. That concern makes the difference in the end result.

Ajax Tool Works Inc [Franklin Park]
Category: Hand & Power Tool
Ajax Tool Works is a leading manufacturer of forgedspecialty tools and accessories, equipping America's industrial toolusers since 1946. Because we know that great tools have to last, allAjax products are manufactured with customer satisfaction in mind to bethe highest quality industrial tools on the market.

Alkco [Franklin Park]
Category: Luminaires
Alkco is defined by the uniqueness of our products and theconsistent thread of quality that has run through our products andculture since our founding in 1946. We design, manufacture and assembleluminaires in a 100,000 square foot facility in Franklin Park, Illinois.

A M Castle & Co [Franklin Park]
Category: Engineered Materials
Founded in 1890, A M Castle & Co provides highly engineered materials and value-added processing to a wide range of industrial companies within the producer durable equipment sector.

Our customer base includes numerous Fortune 500 companies as well as thousands of medium and smaller-sized firms spread across a wide spectrum of industries. Within our core specialty metals business, we specialize in the distribution of carbon, alloy and stainless steels; nickel alloys; aluminum; titanium; brass and copper. Through our subsidiary, Total Plastics, Inc., we also distribute a broad range of value-added industrial plastics. Together, Castle Metals and its affiliated companies operate over 40 locations throughout North America.

5K Industries Inc [Fraser]
Category: Precision 3-D CNC Machining
5-K INDUSTRIES INC. began in 1986 as a machine shop andhas been growing ever since. We specialize in precision 3-D CNCMachining, Gundrilling and Boring Mill Work. We also have our own CadCam department that does the most complex programming.

Some of our services, such as fabricating, heat-treat, blanchardgrinding, and large turning are done by specialized service vendors.These vendors maintain the high quality workmanship and precision whichis a requisite with 5-K INDUSTRIES.

We also manufacture the patented 5-K Index table and GundrillingAttachment for VMCs.

We would like to extend an invitation for you to visit our facilitiesat your convenience. 5-K stands ready to assist you in your nextproject.

Anderson-Cook Inc [Fraser]
Category: Cold Forming Technologies
Anderson-Cook has become the world leader in spline rolling machines and tools. We provide unsurpassed quality products and services to domestic and international automotive and powertrain manufacturers. Our customers range from large Fortune 500 manufacturers to small independent machine shops. Regardless of the size of your company, Anderson-Cook is ready to provide state-of-the-art expertise and products to help meet your Spline-rolling requirements. We don't just sell machines and tools, we provide solutions.

Aeroflex / Weinschel Inc [Frederick]
Category: Attenuators, Coaxial Components & Subsystems
Over the past fifty years the name Weinschel has becomesynonymous with leadership in RF and microwave technologies and superior quality components and subsystems for wireless, defense, test and measurement, and broadband markets throughout the world. Among its many technological achievements, Weinschel was the first to design andmanufacture commercially available coaxial attenuators. Today, builtupon a strong heritage, Aeroflex / Weinschel continues to provide a vast array of standard products together with custom-engineered solutions to satisfy demanding market needs for precision and high reliability coaxial components.

Aeroflex / Weinschel’s product offering includes fixed attenuators fortest, metrology and space applications; continuously variable, manualstep, solid-state digital step and programmable step attenuators; highpower terminations; resistive splitters and dividers; manual phaseshifters; Planar Blind-Mate , Planar Crown connectors. In addition to coaxial components covering DC-40 GHz, Weinschel offers a complete range of standard and custom-designed SmartStep multi-path switching,combining, and attenuation subsystems for cable infrastructure andmobile wireless test applications, including RF simulation, multi-pathand fading, high-power hot-switching attenuation, RF signalconditioning, RF and IF signal routing, and production testing.

Airpax [Frederick]
Category: Magnetic Circuit Breakers
Airpax Corporation is a privately-held company withheadquarters in Frederick, Maryland and a facility near the ChesapeakeBay in Cambridge, Maryland. There are also facilities in Brownsville,Texas, Matamoros, Mexico and Shanghai, China.

Airpax Corporation consists of two subsidiaries: Power ProtectionProducts (PPP), based in Cambridge, Maryland, which designs,manufactures, markets and sells magnetic circuit breakers and relatedproducts for telecommunications, industrial, power conditioning, HVAC,marine, military, medical and information processing applications; andThermal Sensing Products (TSP), based in Frederick, Maryland, whichdesigns, manufactures, markets and sells thermal sensing products fortelecommunications, information processing and office equipment,electronic power supply, power generation, heavy vehicular, and climatecontrol applications.

Applied Harmonics Corporation [Fremont]
Category: Laser Products
The Applied Harmonics Corporation (AHC) manufactures reliable, robust, turn-key, high-power, pulsed and continuous-wave (CW) solid-state lasers. The development of innovative techniques has enabled the generation of high power IR/visible/UV light efficiently and elegantly. Patent applications for our proprietary apparatus and methods, "High Power Frequency Conversion Apparatus Using the Multi-Pass Conjugate Sub-Cavity Design", and "Intra-Cavity Sub-Resonator Frequency Conversion Device for Generating High Order harmonic Laser Light" have been filed with the US Patent Office. Our products provide the UV laser user community with the most reliable, user friendly, and cost effective means available in today's marketplace.

ABIT Computer (USA) Corporation [Fremont]
Category: Computer Products
For nearly 15 years, ABIT has been the brand of choice forhardware enthusiasts worldwide. ABIT Engineers work year end and yearout to deliver products that are powerful, flexible, and stable –fulfilling the needs of users that demand nothing less than the verybest. In the past, PC enthusiasts have chosen ABIT products because ofthe level of flexibility they offer. A good example of this is ourSoftMenu™ technology which allows an unrivaled selection of BIOSoptions, including operating frequencies and voltages. With SoftMenu,users finally had a way to optimize their systems the way they saw fit,empowering them to squeeze every drop of performance available.

Over the last 24 months, we’ve made significant changes to the way ABITproducts are developed, designed, and manufactured. The result on thesechanges is something we like to call BulletProof Technology.BulletProof Technology ensures a superior product by focusing on four

APT [Fremont]
Category: Automated Wet chemical Processing Systems
Manufacturer of automated wet chemical processing systems used in compound semiconductor, photomask and thin film head production markets. Systems include Coat/Bake, Develop, Etch, Strip and Clean models and combinations of more than one process. Also offer Film Thickness measuring tool, the Inspector, to determine, or monitor up to four films on various substrates.

Acma Computers [Fremont]
Category: Computer Products
Acma Computers, Inc. is an ISO 9002 registered Value-Added-Manufacturer. We focus on the specific needs of small to mediumsize companies, Fortune 1000 organizations, education entities as wellas local, state and federal government agencies.

ASAT Inc [Fremont]
Category: Semiconductor Assembly
ASAT Holdings Limited is a global provider of semiconductor assembly, test and package design services. With 15 years of experience, the Company offers a definitive selection of semiconductor packages and world-class manufacturing lines. ASAT's advanced package portfolio includes standard and high thermal performance ball grid arrays, leadless plastic chip carriers, thin array plastic packages, system-in- package and flip chip. The Company has operations in the United States, Asia and Europe. ASAT Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of ASAT Holdings Limited and the exclusive representative of services in North America.

Asyst Technologies Inc [Fremont]
Category: Automation Solutions
Asyst Technologies Inc founded in 1984, provides automation solutions optimized for the needs of our global customers in the semiconductor, flat panel display, and related industries. As the most experienced fab automation company, we are dedicated to helping our customers gain competitive advantage through the intelligent application of our wide range of productivity- and yield-boosting technologies.

Advan International Corp [Fremont]
Category: Panel Displays & Controller Boards
ADVAN Int'l Corp is a leader in the development andmarketing of high-end TFT/LCD Flat Panel displays and controller boardsfor medical imaging and health care monitoring devices. Also providingmedical solutions with it's new Smart Station. The Smart Station, amedical grade thin client used through out hospitals for clientterminals.

ADVAN Int'l Corp was established in 1982 as a distributor of integratedcircuits (IC) for VME boards and communication equipment, servicing theJapanese and US market. In 1997, ADVAN Int'l Corp expanded it's productline providing LCD displays into the vertical channel, concentrating inthe medical imaging and health care industries. In 1999, ADVAN Int'lCorp secures it's first OEM contract with Agilent Technologies, openingthe doors to secure other OEM customers across the globe.

2002, ADVAN Int'l Corp celebrates 20 years and reaches anothermilestone with the opening of it's liaison office in Seoul, Korea., aswell as three major service depots located in the Country: USA, Korea,and Germany to serve our medical equipment customers.

Today ADVAN Int'l Corp provides high-end TFT/LCD Flat Panel display,distinct service, semiconductor, packaging and other quality products.Our dedicated team strives to provide individual personalized serviceto meet our customers' unique requirements.

Advanced Material Solutions [Fremont]
Category: Contract Manufacturing
We have worked to develop a diverse and stable supply base of component distributors, manufacturing contractors and serviceproviders, as well as a deep expertise in operations and manufacturingmanagement.

We take pride in providing fast, flexible and focused service based oncore values of honesty and integrity.

Advansor Corporation [Fremont]
Category: Industrial Computers
Advansor is a leading supplier of specialty servers andplatform solutions for the Internet and communication industries. As aspin-off from Advantech, the world leader of WINTEL based industrialcomputers, Advansor inherits more than a decade of expertise andexperience in design and development of leading edge specialty computers and servers. Incorporated in 1999 with a goal to provide total platform solutions to the Internet and telecom service industries, Advansor provides server solutions ranging from thin servers, appliance servers to multi-slot high performance communication servers. Asvansor serves a wide rage of customer base ranging from IT professionals to VAR, SI and OEMs. With repeat customers continue to take Advansor as their Specialty Server Depot, we continue to enrich our offerings and solutions for applications requiring servers built with specialty and expertise.

Aehr Test Systems [Fremont]
Category: Test & Burn-In Equipment
Manufacturers of test and burn-in equipments.

Advanced Innovative Marketing Inc/Relisys [Fremont]
Category: Display Systems
Relisys is part of the TECO Group, one of Taiwan's largestconglomerates. Founded in Manchester in 1997, the company is one ofEurope's leading suppliers of display solutions, which are marketedunder the Relisys brand.

AIO Corporation [Fremont]
Category: Semiconductor Processing Equipments
AIO was founded in 1996 as sales & service provider ofSemiconductor equipment in China. AIO is one of leading suppliers oftrack systems for the semiconductor at initial stages and has beenproviding custom designed brand-new and remanufactured AIO TRACK 81,86,88 Series track equipment used in the photolithography etc for 8years. AIO TRACKs include Coat, Developer and scrubber system. Till nowAIO provided over 1700 tracks to worldwide. Recently we specialize inremanufacturing Horizontal Diffusion Furnace/LPCVD, WJ APCVD, TegalEtcher, TOK(Semix)SOG , etc. We now represent the best refurbishingcompanies in the world to be able to handle the turn-key fab equipmentprojects in China.

AITech International [Fremont]
Category: PC to TV Scan Conversion
Founded in 1987, AITech International Corporation is theindustry leader in the development and delivery of PC to TV scanconversion technology. The company develops and markets PC to TV videoscan conversion technology in integrated circuits, external systemperipherals, and internal board-level products, for use in portable ordesktop video, multimedia, imaging and other applications. Its patentedVSPro™ technology converts the computer's VGA signal to NTSC and PAL TVstandards. AITech's high performance chips, boards and peripherals,including the best selling Pocket Scan Converter, AIGotcha!™2 videocapture device and the AIT1168 single chip scan conversion integratedcircuit, are marketed worldwide. AITech's latest engineeringaccomplishment, the AIT2138, raises the performance standard as afeature rich, high resolution PC/TV single chip solution sure todominate the global OEM TV display markets.

Alkon Corporation [Fremont]
Category: Valves & Fittings
Alkon Corporation has been manufacturing fluid powerproducts from its beginnings in the mid 1950's. It started with a single line to today's extensive product line, that covers a wide variety of valves, fittings and flow controls.

Alkon has gone from a small start in Hawthorne NJ to larger facilities,also in NJ, to our Corporate Headquarters recently relocated to Fremont, Ohio.

The Ohio plant, which is our main manufacturing facility has grown froma 7000 sq. ft. building to close to 50,000 sq feet today thatincorporate offices, warehouse, and production. Our Mexico plantproduces our forgings as well as doing primary machining on many parts.

Allteq Industries Inc [Fremont]
Category: Semiconductor Assembly Equipment
Manufacturers of semiconductor assembly equipments.

American Media Systems Inc [Fremont]
Category: Electronic Emclosures
American Media Systems Inc is a leading manufacturer of electronic enclosures for computer systems and peripheral devices. We are known as a one-stop enclosure source... offering a total solution for your enclosure needs. Our broad range of product line covers the areas of PC, data storage, RAID, server and rackmount. We offer a full range of services such as design, engineering, tooling, and assembly with metal and plastic materials. With our factories located in Taiwan and China, we are able to fulfill the highest demand for a quick-to- market enclosure solution at competitive prices.

Antec Inc [Fremont]
Category: High Performance Computer Components
Welcome to, global home of the leading brand of high performance computer components for the PC upgrade and do-it- yourself (DIY) markets.

Aries Electronics Inc [Frenchtown]
Category: Interconnect Products
Aries Electronics Inc was incorporated in 1972. The company was started when the founders purchased the back panel line from Thomas and Betts Corporation. This line included IC sockets, headers and printed circuit cards. Under Aries the line has expanded to encompass a wide variety of packaging products, including sockets, headers and covers, programmable devices and a variety of jumper and cable assemblies. Aries has become established in the industry as a major source for unique connector products that solve a wide variety of packaging problems.

Aries is the recognized industry leader in Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) test sockets for DIP, PGA, PLCC and SOIC devices, and continues to be a significant source for a wide variety of specialty electronic connectors. In recent years the company has made major inroads in the market for high temperature sockets and flexible cable products. The addition of the Correct-A-Chip(tm) product line established the company as a major source for "intelligent connectors" (incorporating other components, both passive and active), adapters (connectors that allow the use of one termination style on a board designed for a different termination style). Most recently, the company has developed and patented several concepts for BGA (ball grid array) and LGA (land grid array) sockets, and has acquired a high frequency test and burn in socket line, furthering growth in the test socket market.

ARI Flow Control Accessories [Fresno]
Category: Air Release & Check Valves
Founded in 1970, A.R.I Flow Control Accessories is today one of the foremost manufacturers of air release and check valves.

The company has developed a wide range of products for various applications in water supply (municipal and domestic), sewage, industry, agriculture and landscaping.

A.R.I Flow Control Accessories is constantly responding to the demands of an ever changing market through on-going development of new products and their improvement. The company has established its reputation for advanced, high quality and durable products, as well as for dedicated technical support services.All valve models manufactured by A.R.I Flow Control Accessories are available either standard or custom-engineered to meet particular requirements.

Altair Industries Inc [Ft Collins]
Category: Automation Equipments
Making commitments to performance and deadline and meeting or exceeding those commitments makes Altair Industries clients turn to us for additional systems. The majority of our business is based on partnering with our customers for integrated solutions to the manufacturing process.

We specialize in cost effective solutions for many types of automation requirements, geared around table top workstations and stand alone automation / processing equipment, designed either as hard tooled or robotic systems.

Atlas Energy Systems Inc [Ft Lauderdale]
Category: Electrical Frequency & Power Conversion

American Battery [Ft Lauderdale]
Category: Batteries
With over thirty years in business and over twenty of those years at our current location, American Battery, a subsidiary of East Penn MFG, Co Inc, has gained local, national and international recognition in the battery industry for a totally committed program of superior product, quality and unmatched excellence in obtainting the highest of standards in both our sales and service.

American Battery is a progressive company committed to the future. Our integrity and commitment to excellence is instilled by our belief that we should always give the customer the satisfaction of getting the best service and products at the best price possible. We ship throughout Southeast Florida, the Carribean basin and South America.

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