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Agparts Manufacturing [Idaho Falls]
Category: Farm Machinery
Max Ririe, founder and president of Agparts ManufacturingInc., is a farmer at heart. Born in Ririe, Idaho, he cut his teeth on apair of pliers and spent his boyhood on the farm tearing things apartand putting them back together again. He is one of those rare people who has known all along what he wanted to do with his life . . . design farm machinery. He has been doing just that since his graduation from the University of Idaho in 1949. Max has worked on a number of projects over the years, everything from automated chicken feeders to grain combines and the whole spectrum of potato equipment. At the same time, he has been a keen observer of farm conditions over the entire country.

Applied Instruments [Indianapolis]
Category: Telecommunication Instrumentation
Applied Instruments Inc is a privately-owned company that designs, manufactures, and sells test equipment to the telecommunications industry. We began operations in 1986 to meet the requirements of cable television operators who needed specific equipment to ensure the integrity of their new or existing systems.

>From that beginning, our product line has evolved and expanded due to the direct input from our customers. The emphasis on quality engineering has allowed a responsiveness to those requests that has built a reputation for dependability and cost effectiveness.

Accu-Tech Automation [Indianapolis]
Category: Vibratory Parts Feeding Systems
Designed to endure is more than a motto. Our reputation isbuilt on the idea that the design begins the process that ends with aproduct built to your specifications. You'll have a product that willlast through millions of your part cycles with hours of run time--notdown time.

Locally owned and operated, ATA's highly experienced craftsmen havebeen building automation equipment for over 20 years. We know thatdesign is only one of the elements considered when you choose a vendor.So we combine delivery on time with a price that usually beats thecompetition, and a quality unsurpassed in the industry to keep yourproduction line running.

ATC Inc [Indianapolis]
Category: Test & Measurement Products
ATC Inc has offered our customers high quality, innovative and affordable Test & Measurement products for more than 15 years.

Advanced Control Technologies [Indianapolis]
Category: Control Products
Advanced Control Technologies, Inc is a leading designer

Aearo Company [Indianapolis]
Category: Safety Products
Manufacturers of safety products.

3Y Power Technology [Irvine]
Category: Power Supplies
3Y Power Technology designs and manufactures powersupplies for commercial and industrial use. Our main product line iscomprised of a variety of DC power supplies and redundant power systemsfor the PC, server, and mass-storage markets. We also provide a widerange of power products for various industries such astelecommunications, industrial controls, video, and avionics.

Apollo Instruments Inc [Irvine]
Category: Optical & Laser Products
Founded in 1996, Apollo Instruments is an entrepreneurial company devoted to the development of high performance instruments and devices by applying optical and laser technologies. Currently, Apollo Instruments provides fiber-coupled laser diodes and the corresponding turn-key systems, fiber lasers, as well as other laser systems. The company also designs high-speed, high resolution imaging systems and 3-D imaging systems. Other main activities include contract research and custom optical design services. The research area and expertise of Apollo Instruments include optics, optical design, opto-mechanical design, optical metrology, laser devices and applications, optical instrument design and testing, and imaging acquisition and processing. Our research team is highly experienced and has a great track record.

Apollo Instruments welcomes opportunities of contract research in the interested area, as well as opportunities of collaboration.

Abatronics [Irvine]
Category: Chip Inductors
A leading global manufacturer of quality chip inductors,SMD power inductors, beads, ferrites, etc.

Accton Technology Corp [Irvine]
Category: Electronic Components
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Advanced Custom Sensors Inc [Irvine]
Category: Sensors & Transducers
3S completed its merger of Advanced Custom Sensors, Inc.(ACSI) in May, 2004. ACSI was founded by an engineering managementteam with over 50 years of MEMS transducer experience. Our firstpriority has always been to provide high quality sensors andtransducers at an economical price by employing innovative designs andcreative manufacturing methods.

3S is a major supplier of thin-film and micromachined force andpressure sensors to the medical, chemical, oil, and gas industries.Additionally, we offer several services, such as strain gaugeinstallation, MEMS packaging, and sensor module design andmanufacturing. Please browse through our website and see all theproducts and services we have to offer and do not hesitate to contactus if you have any questions. Our excellent technical and supportstaffs will provide solutions for all of your sensing needs.

Astron Corporation [Irvine]
Category: Power Products
Manufacturers of power products viz., switching power supplies, custom base station switching power supplies, etc.

Adex Electronics Inc [Irvine]
Category: Bus Extenders, Risers
Manufacturer of Quality Bus Extenders, Risersfor functional test and 1U/2U rackmount systems.

Adlink Technology America Inc [Irvine]
Category: Automation & Motion Control Computer Cards
Manufacturer of data acquisition, automation & motioncotrol computer cards, remote data acquisition & comtrol modules, longlife cycle industrial single board computers & rack mount chassis.

Admor Memory Ltd [Irvine]
Category: Business Application Software
Admor Solutions is one of the fastest growing privatelyheld business application software providers in New England.

Admor Solutions is focused on providing comprehensive turnkey solutionsto our small to mid-sized corporate customers. This includes integratedsolutions that automate your operation from the sales through the backoffice accounting and every step of your business process in between.

Our certified Business Solution team works with the customer to build astrong foundation and grow upon it. We identify customer needs andallocate valuable resources in strategic areas that will result in arapid return on investment. We will perform a needs assessment andcreate a blueprint for building a successful implementation.

Advanced Power Designs [Irvine]
Category: Power Conversion Products
Advanced Power Designs, Incorporated was founded in 1992and is located in Irvine California. The Company's main business areasfocus around state-of-the-art power conversion products (both softwareand hardware) aimed at the Automatic Test Equipment industry.

APD's flagship product is our VXI600 programmable DC power supply(pictured on the left). This instrument is a standard C-size VXIbuscompliant card designed to provide the test engineer with an alternative to using older IEEE-488 rack-and-stack power supplies for next generation ATE applications. These instruments are available with up to three outputs packaged in a single VXIbus module covering up to600W/30A/450V.

Astro Power Systems Inc [Irving]
Category: Electrical Power Appratus
Manufacturers of electrical power products.

Ast Waterjet Inc [Irving]
Category: Precision WaterJet & Abrasive Waterject Products
AST Waterjet Inc offers precision waterjet and abrasive waterjet cutting services. Founded in 1993, we are dedicated to producing quality parts in a timely manner.

Act One Communications [Irwindale]
Category: Advanced LED Products
We translate advanced LED technologies into values forour customers through our professional solutions and services. Act Onetargets to be the total LED solution provider.

The entire staff at Act One and our associated companies are dedicatedto providing state-of-the-art products with exceptional services. Ourproducts are rated to qualify for the ISO-9001 standards.

We understand that we can enjoy a successful business only if ourcustomers are satisfied and happy. After purchase, customers willcontinue to receive reliable and dedicated services. Initially, oursupport includes the instructional training on system installation,setup, operations, and maintenance at the user's site. We are aware ofthe importance of continued support, and we are unrivaled in thecontinuing care and services that we will provide.

American Capacitor Corporation [Irwindale]
Category: Capacitors
American Capacitor Corporation serves the film capacitor market with both high volume catalog styles and special designs. Film capacitors can be supplied in all dielectric systems, including SuperMetallized Polypropylene, Metallized Polypropylene, Metallized Polycarbonate, Metallized Polyester, Metallized Mylar, SuperMetallized PolyPulse, Metallized Polysulfone, Metallized Teflon, Metallized Paper, Polypropylene & Foil, Polycarbonate & Foil, Polyester & Foil, Mylar & Foil, PolyPulse & Foil, Polysulfone & Foil, Polystyrene & Foil, Teflon & Foil, Mica & Foil, Paper & Foil and other dielectrics and dielectric systems. Capacitor designs include combination Metallized and Film & Foil types as well as multi series constructions. Case styles, include Wrap & Fill (Oval & Round), Epoxy Case (Rectangular & Round), Metal Hermetically Sealed (Rectangular & Round), all Case styles are available in both Axial and Radial Leaded as well as special terminals. The manufacturing facility located in Irwindale California, utilizes the most modern equipment in a controlled atmosphere. Class 100 flow hoods are utilized in the winding process enabling the manufacturing of extremely high quality capacitors. Specially made and low cost custom capacitors are our specialty. American Capacitor is an approved Mil-I- 45208 manufacturer, FSCM 59366.

Applied Precision Inc [Issaquah]
Category: Imaging, Measurement & Analysis Systems
Applied Precision, LLc is a leading provider of imaging, measurement and analysis systems for the semiconductor industry and life science research. Applied Precision, LLc currently employs approximately 130 engineers, technicians, managers and sales and marketing professionals at its Seattle-area headquarters and its sales and service centers in Europe and Asia. The company has received several awards, both for innovative new products (Semiconductor International Editors' Choice Best Product), and for financial growth (four-time winner of the Deloitte & Touche Washington State Technology Fast 50 award).

ACT/Technico [Ivyland]
Category: Embedded Computing Solutions
ACT/Technico is a customer oriented, market drivenbusiness specializing in computer products and software. ACT/Technicodistributes, integrates and manufactures bus oriented computerplatforms and VMEbus products. Our primary business is supplyinghardware and software solutions for Real-Time computer applications.

ACT/Technico is the combination of Technico, a sales division, whichrepresents and distributes products from leading industrymanufacturers, and Advanced Control Technology, Inc. a design services,integration and manufacturing division, which is the originalcorporation.

ACT was started 20 years ago as a design services firm. Technico wasacquired by the company to provide sales focus for the business. Overthe years, the two divisions were brought together as depicted by ourlogo. Today, as always, we are one corporation Advanced ControlTechnology Inc., also trading under the sales organization nameTechnico.

In house manufacturing capability rounds out our ability to integratethe products and designs into a finished solution. We have on staff atrained group of Technicians and Assemblers.

Our Quality department maintains our corporate commitment to shipproducts that are soundly built, with quality workmanship.At ACT/Technico we are capable of quickly turning entire projects frominitial system architecture through specification, design,manufacturing and test. ACT/Technico can be, and remains to many of ourcustomers, a strong business asset and partner.

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