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Amtec Automations Inc [N Billerica]
Category: Productivity Manufacturing Equipment & Automation Systems
At Amtec, we pride ourselves in developing solutions that work. This is most apparent when we are working on projects involving assembly, engraving, printing, welding or a combination of operations we are eager to work with you on developing a process that makes your company more competitive.

ARC Radar & Communication [Nashua]
Category: Technology Solutions
ARC is a supplier of Technology Solutions to Government, Defense, and Commercial customers. Our expertise in Test System Design, Test Software Design, RF, Digital and Mixed Signal Technologies is what sets us apart. ARC has a proven track record in inserting 21st century technology into aging systems and extending system life cycles.

Advanced Circuit Technology Inc [Nashua]
Category: Flexible Printed Circuits
Advanced Circuit Technology, Inc., an ISO 9001 company,manufactures a family of proprietary and conventional flexible printedcircuits. ACT offers its customers a complete flexible printed circuitinterconnection solution, from initial design through circuitfabrication, high-level assembly, and functional testing. ACT'sproducts replace wire, tape cable, and connectors. These products aremanufactured to MIL-P-50884C types 1,2,5, act-FC-250, or customerspecifications. Assemblies meet act-A-610 and the ANSI "J" standard.ACT's products are both UL recognized and CSA certified. ACT is an ISO9001 registered facility.

Advanced Micro Systems Inc [Nashua]
Category: Motion Control Drives
AMS' designs are internationally recognized for theirflexible, high performance and cost effective solutions to motioncontrol. Product configurations range from single chip controllers(IC's) for OEM's, to complete stand-alone stepper motor sub-systems.

Our award-winning "SMC" series micro-controllers are the basis for allAMS product designs. Standard features include joystick interface forjog functions, serial I/O for RS-232 commands, limit switch and homeinputs, plus multiple user definable I/O ports. "Party Line" networkingallows 32 or more axes to be daisy chained from a single com port. AMSalso offers a complete selection of stepping motors to complete yourmotion control design.

Advanced Thermoelectric Products [Nashua]
Category: Thermo Electric Modules
ADVANCED THERMOELECTRIC is located in Nashua, New Hampshire (USA) about 40 miles North of both Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts. We are delighted to have the opportunity to serve top companies and research organizations that are involved with thermoelectric technology. We celebrated our sixth anniversary in April 2004.

Our mission is simple: Provide the OEM and US government (our CAGE codeis 3ECH5) with high performance, high reliability, state-of-the-art,thermoelectric modules, assemblies or complete “TE” products at areasonable price. We strive to provide outstanding service.

While we do not sell the general public, a fundamentals page will helpstudents and the well-informed non-specialist or engineer understand the technology and assist in evaluating realistic thermoelectricapplications.

Alacron Inc [Nashua]
Category: Imaging & Machine Vision Equipment
The imaging and machine vision community is continuallyseeking improved framegrabbers and high performance acceleratedframegrabber subsystems to meet their demanding real-world applications. They require processing power as well as a balanced architecture of flexible I/O and computational and memory bandwidth. Alacron, Inc. understands these requirements and has developed leading edge products that enable customers to work more efficiently and cost effectively.

A K Peters [Natick]
Category: Publishers of Science & Technology
A K Peters, Ltd. is a scientific technical publisher with a concentration in Mathematics, Computer Science, History of Science and Robotics, working in partnership with the scientific community. Theprogram includes Textbooks, Professional Reference Works, ResearchMonographs, and Journals as well as Electronic Kits to build autonomous, programmable robots.

American Metal Filter Company [National City]
Category: Washable Metal Air & Grease Filters
Since 1986, we have been manufacturing washable metal air and grease filters. Our products are used in rangehoods, heating and ventilating systems, computers and a multitude of custom applications. We use aluminum, galvanized steel and stainless steel to manufacture our products.

We sell our products to qualified distributors and manufacturers throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

The main purpose of our website is two fold. First, it serves to inform consumers, retail customers, contractors and dealers about our products and related technical information. Then it leads them to a qualified distributor in or near their area. Second, it gives distributors, manufacturers and engineers immediate access to the most current product and technical information available. And it provides them with an important link to their potential customers.

Airflow Technical Products Inc [Netcong]
Category: Air Flow Measurement Equipment
Airflow is a world leader in the design and manufacture ofinstruments for air flow measurement, centrifugal fans and blowers forair movement and cooling, extract fans for residential and commercialventilation.

Automata Inc [Nevada City]
Category: Telemetry, Software & Sensors
Automata manufactures complete system solutions including telemetry, software and sensors used in a wide variety of industrial and agricultural applications. We offer satellite, hard wire, infra Red, narrow band radio, spread spectrum radio, telephone and fiber optic communications to suit a wide range of environments. These award-winning products are proven management tools in canal automation, agriculture, bioremediation, flood warning, irrigation, pump and well water supply systems. This is our company's Thirtieth year of business in research, development and manufacturing.

More recent products have become more network oriented. In the last few years of the twentieth century several significant network oriented products have been developed.

A fully automated canal control system has been developed as a result of a cooperative development effort including USDA-ARS and Automata. The system is currently under test at a water district in Arizona. With a minimal initialization after installation this system is designed to fully automate a canal.

Acushnet Rubber Company Inc [New Bedford]
Category: Sports Goods
Titleist's mission is to serve the needs of the seriousand recreational golfer with value added products and services thathave a competitive advantage worldwide. Titleist shall be aProduct/Market Driven Company, local market responsive, but organizedaround centralized product development and supply systems. Be globalbut think local.

Titleist is committed to satisfy golfers with golf products of superiorperformance and quality. The Titleist culture will be one ofchallenging up and supporting down. Recognizing that the ultimatecompetitive advantage is an environment that utilizes and develops thecreative energies of all associates, our objective will be to developgoal directed work teams empowered to anticipate and respond tochanging consumer/market conditions.

Aerovox [New Bedford]
Category: AC Film Capacitors
With new World-class facilities in New BedfordMassachusetts USA, Aerovox continues as a leading manufacturer of ACfilm capacitors. Starting business in 1922, Aerovox still focuses onproducing capacitors for AC voltage applications or custom requirements. Aerovox now produces over a million capacitors each month.In 2002 Aerovox was reorganized and combined film capacitor operationswith Parallax Power Components (previously part of Magnetek). Aerovox-PPC centralized facilities include R&D, dielectric development, productdesign, test labs, automated mfg., computer controlled final testing ofeach completed product, warehousing and customer service. Aerovox-PPC is a privately held business, now organized to respond quickly to ourcustomer's needs anywhere in the World. Aerovox developed automatedequipment that provides high quantities of reliable capacitors,competitive with plants Worldwide.

AFC Cable Systems [New Bedford]
Category: Electrical Distribution Products
FC Cable Systems, Inc., a division of Tyco Flow Control, is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of electrical distribution products. These include pre-wired armored and metal clad cables, flexible wiring systems, flexible metal, non-metalic, and flexible metallic liquidtight conduits and fittings used in the construction and modernization of commercial office buildings, institutional facilities, shopping centers and multifamily dwellings.

The company, which traces its origins to 1926, supplies a broad range of innovative, cost-effective products to electrical contractors throughout the United States and internationally.

Alberox [New Bedford]
Category: Ceramic to Metal Assemblies
Alberox is a world leader in the manufacture of ceramic tometal assemblies and metal injection molding (MIM). We specialize insolving difficult application problems, usually involving extremes oftemperature, pressure, operating environment or complicated geometries.

Our products find application in the medical, telecommunications,aerospace, electrical and power, semiconductor and laser markets. Theseproducts usually serve functions vital to the survival of the customers' final assembly where, the cost of component failure is usually very high.

A & A Manufacturing [New Berlin]
Category: Custom Engineered Flexible Protective Covers
Welcome to the Gortite Division of A&A Manufacturing Co.,Inc. We are the nation's largest manufacturer of custom engineeredflexible protective covers.Our bellows covers are manufactured from a variety of elastomer andelastomer-coated fabrics for any type of application or environmentalcondition. Methods of construction include stitched, molded, vulcanizedand heat sealed.We also offer a mix of metal and fabric roll-up covers, as well asmetal telescopic covers for machine tool applications.

Airtrol Components Inc [New Berlin]
Category: Precision Miniature Pneumatic Components
Airtrol Components' line of miniature pneumatic componentsare designed for use in light to medium duty applications where smallsize, light weight and precision are a must. Typical applicationsinclude medical and dental equipment, laboratory/analytical instruments, HVAC applications, test equipment, and process control/automation.

The standard products listed in this catalog may be modified to meetyour specific needs. Contact an Airtrol Application Engineer with yourrequirements.

American Vision Technology Inc [New Burnswick]
Category: Machine Vision Applications
We are an American company in sales of machine vision technology and products. We are working world wide with partners and bring existing, already best working machine vision standard to our American customers. It makes no sense to develop the wheel again.

Applied Engineering Products [New Haven]
Category: Coaxial Connectors
Manufacturer RF coaxial connectors and cable assemblies.

AbelConn LLc [New Hope]
Category: Interconnect Products
AbelConn, LLC is a major supplier of Backplanes and Custominterconnects to the Avionics and Military markets. Products are soldunder the AbelConn and Fabri-Tek trademarks.

Your specific Backplane and Interconnect needs will be designed andmanufactured with the same attention to quality, performance, andfunctional integrity as the most demanding Avionics products. Unlikesome of our competitors, we do not reduce our efforts or disciplinesbecause the market is different.

As we are all painfully aware, with some connector companies, what youget is what they have. Your satisfaction is the uppermost in our minds,and our compliance to your performance is mandatory.

Adam Equipment Inc [New Milford]
Category: Scales & Balances
Adam Equipment is a global supplier with more than thirtyyears experience in the production and sale of electronic weighingequipment. Our scales and balances are supplied and serviced from oneof our 3 international locations in the UK, Country: USA and SouthAfrica and distributed through our worldwide dealer network. AdamEquipment's products are predominantly designed for the laboratory,medical, educational and light industrial markets.

It is the policy of Adam Equipment to offer as wide a choice aspossible, enabling the user to select the most suitable balance interms of specifications and price. In most cases we are able to offertwo or even three alternatives in order to meet a customer'sprice/performance expectations.

Aromat Automation Controls Division [New Providence]
Category: Electrical Construction Materials
Aromat Corporation is the U.S. subsidiary of Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd ("MEW"), an $11 billion company and major developer, manufacturer and provider of electrical construction materials, home appliances, residential building materials, automation control products, wiring devices and electronic materials, that is supported by an infrastructure consisting of 47,000 employees, 63 manufacturing sites, 14 R&D locations and a sales/service network consisting of 200 locations throughout the world.

>From humble beginnings as a passive reseller of electronic components with one location in Mountainside, NJ, Aromat has grown into a "mini MEW" in keeping with the principles and aspirations of Konosuke Matsushita, the world-renowned entrepreneur who is recognized as the founder of both MEW and Matsushita Electric Industries, Inc., the company known for making Panasonic an international household name.

American Felt & Filter Company [New Windsor]
Category: Felt & Filter Products
It is the goal of American Felt & Filter Company to be a world class supplier of felt products to all our customers. We will achieve this goal by utilizing the principle of continuous improvement throughout our organization. This will be accomplished by open and honest communication which addresses new issues related to quality. technology, delivery, cost and management. We will never lose our focus that customer satisfaction is our "Number One" Goal.

Our company has steeped in the history of America"s rapid technological and industrial growth. We have also been responsive to change, anticipating the needs of our customers by refining our engineering expertise and introducing new capabilities and technology. As a result we"ve grown with twentieth century America, from the dawn of the automobile to space age technology, helping engineers to solve problems. Our research and development staff, supported by modern laboratory facilities, is an effective way of keeping pace with change, enabling us to speak your language and to turn your concept into reality. We continue to investigate and experiment, seeking the new roles that felt will play in the products you are planning for tomorrow. We would like the opportunity to put this experience, technology and creativity to work for you.

Apple Rubber Products Inc [New York]
Category: Sealing Devices
Apple Rubber Products Inc is a leading designer and manufacturer of seals, O-rings, rubber seals, and other sealing devices. Whether you need the simplest rubber o rings, or a complex Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) seal prototype, Apple Rubber has the sealing capabilities you need. Apple Rubber orings and seals are produced in ISO-9001 certified manufacturing facilities featuring transfer, compression and liquid injection molding. Our seal experience includes virtually every industry, from our MicrOring o-rings for microminiature applications to custom oversized oring seals, all available direct from the manufacturer.

Asahi Kasei America Inc [New York]
Category: Material Science Products
Asahi Kasei Corporation, with consolidated sales of US$10 billion, provides innovative solutions based in chemistry and materials science to a diverse range of markets including fibers, chemicals, consumer products, housing, construction, electronics, and health care. On October 1, 2003, all core operations were transferred to seven wholly owned constituent corporations as autonomous operating business units. Asahi Kasei Corporation, as the parent company, functions as a holding company for group operations. An Independent Businesses Group not included in the constituent corporations provides group services.

AFC Bearings Inc [New York]
Category: Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
AFC Bearings is a brand-new type of virtual sales unitconcentrating on marketing high quality SMT brand Stainless Steel BallBearings.

Our mission is to contribute to the growth of North America Industries,where corrosion resistant bearings are key to further development.

We supply high quality SMT Stainless Steel Ball Bearings at reasonableprices and prompt delivery.

In North America, we are the only one stocking warehouse always havinginventory for full range of stainless steel ball bearings with onesingle brand name of SMT in order to meet our customers' urgent needsand to provide them with consistent high-quality performance. We do notrequire either any minimum order quantity or amount.

Allied Products [New York]
Category: Alternative Health Products, Medical Products, etc
Since 1979, Allied Products has provided outstanding alternative health products, medical products, alternative health & medical services, including mind machines, biofeedback/neurofeedback, facial exerciser, gauss meters/super low radiation computer monitors, pain control, peak performance, Lucid Dreaming, Float Tanks, Statues, Air&Water Purification, desiccants, family heathcare software, vibroacoustic mats, recliners.

Atco Products Inc [Newark]
Category: Hardware for Boxes,Cases
Atco Products was established in 1938 as a manufacturer of hardware for boxes, cases, binders, and luggage. Today, Atco is one of few surviving domestic manufacturers serving these industries. Our longevity is the result of quality products, on-time delivery, fair prices, and dedication to customer service.

Atco's capabilities are extensive and include Stamping, Tool & Die Design and Construction, Assembly, and Wire EDM Services.

Atco's customers span the globe and range from major international conglomerates to small mom and pop shops.

Airsled Inc [Newark]
Category: Low-Pressure Air Film Products
Airsled is the worldwide leader in design, production andsales of portable, low-pressure air film products also known as aircasters, air bearings, air pallets, air lifts, glides, dollies, pads orcushions.

Incorporating innovative air film technology, our heavy load lifting and moving equipment products easily float loads on a micro-thin cushion of air.

Airsled's standard and custom products are designed for lifting, movingand positioning a wide range of heavy or difficult loads includingindustrial machinery, appliances, refrigerators, furniture, vendingmachines, and office, computer, hospital and medical equipment.

Ametek Process Instruments [Newark]
Category: Process Analyzers
Ametek Process Instruments is a worldwide force in process analyzers with over 30 years of industry experience. Ametek Process Instruments is extremely proud of its world-class manufacturing operations and its specialized manufacturing capabilities that enable it to design analyzers to the industry's highest quality standards.

At our Newark, Delaware and Calgary, Alberta, Canada facilities we routinely design and build sample systems, cabinets, and shelters for our analyzers. These enclosures and systems meet the hazardous and environmental requirements of the analyzer's installation location.

Analtech [Newark]
Category: Thin Layer Chromatography
Analtec developed the first commercially prepared TLC plates in 1961. Since that time, we have dedicated our resources to the improvement of TLC technology.

We offer the widest selection of adsorbent layers, plate sizes, and precoated TLC plate sizes, and precoated TLC plate styles available anywhere. We also offer a complete line of TLC apparatus and accessories.

Apex Technologies USA [Newbury Park]
Category: Fiber Optic Test Equipment
Apex Technologies began to develop instruments back in 1998 in collaboration with a group of France Telecom scientists. APEX Technologies uniqueness lays in their different approach, means and accuracy of testing high speed optical components and systems not matched by any of its competitors within the same price- performance ratio.

Accutek Microcircuit Corporation [Newburyport]
Category: Electronic Products
Accutek Microcircuit Corporation was founded in 1986 byone of the originators of the SIM and SIP Dram Modules. Accutekspecializes in designing and manufacturing space saving microelectronicmodules for electronic PC boards, enabling our customers to fit morefunctionality into small packages. Our engineers excel at microcircuitry design challenged by the demand to condense circuitry to fitever smaller PC boards.

Our manufacturing facility is based in Newburyport, MA and allmanufacturing is done in house. We use top quality name brandcomponents which meet all industry standards and purchase supplies fromUS vendors, whenever possible. Our flexible production operation allowsus to meet your volume requirements, or to manufacture smallrequirements at short notice. We at Accutek take great pride in ourquality assurance program and stand by our work with a lifetimewarranty policy.

Our Customers range from Fortune 500 to fast growing nichemanufactures. In Accutek, they've found a reliable supplier offeringunsurpassed service, rapid turnaround, top-notch quality and reasonableprices. In fact, Accutek charges significantly less than most of ourcompetitors, simply because we believe in fair pricing.

Adder Corporation [Newburyport]
Category: Connectivity Products
Adder Technology designs and manufactures a comprehensiverange of innovative market-leading connectivity products and is theleading European developer of KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) switches forcontrolling multiple computers from one keyboard, monitor and mouse.

Established in 1984 by Adrian Dickens, an Engineering graduate fromnearby Churchill College at Cambridge University, the company has animpressive track record for bringing successful and profitable productsto market and has a reputation for engineering design excellence. Adderproducts are renowned for their technical excellence and performance aswell as their robust manufacture and reliability.

Today Adder Technology is Europe's leading developer of KVM switchingand extending technology. KVM - Keyboard,Video,Mouse - switches aredesigned to allow users to access and control multiple computers fromone or more keyboard, monitor and mouse. KVM extenders allow thekeyboard, monitor and mouse (or often touchscreens) to be locatedremotely from the computer and connected with a single CAT5 cable.Adder's range has a huge user base ranging from the home or smallbusiness user wanting to control a laptop and desktop PC from onekeyboard, monitor and mouse up to the network manager wanting tocontrol hundreds of servers in a server farm. The use of a KVM switchor cascade of switches saves thoCountry: USAnds of dollars being spenton unnecessary hardware and energy costs, not to mention time andspace.

Adaptive Networks [Newton]
Category: Silicon Embedded Networking Systems
Adaptive Networks is engaged in the research, developmentand sales of silicon embedded networking technology for use in anywiring environment that exhibits adverse or electrically hostileconditions. Our technology is applicable to communications over anymedia where noise or signal integrity is an issue, in particular,powerline, existing twisted copper pair, cable, and wireless. Workingat the physical (PHY) and media access control (MAC) layers, thedeveloped technologies optimally take into account the requirementsthat noisy and distorted media impose on these layers.

Our technology alleviates the expensive, complex and time consumingproblem of running wire by allowing data networks to operate in thesame reliable fashion, at the same or higher bandwidths, over existingwiring infrastructure such as national electric grids, on-premisespowerlines and other copper media, at maximum distances. This makes itfeasible for users to leverage existing wiring to establish primary,supplementary, complimentary and redundant network communications.

ADE Technologies Inc [Newton]
Category: Non-Contact Gaging
ADE Technologies, a subsidiary of ADE Corporation, is aglobal leader in non-contact gaging. Our non-contact measurement gagingsystems use a patented capacitance gaging technique to provide ultra-precise, sub-nanometer resolution in applications (such as spindleanalysis, motor runout, thickness and displacement measurement) for thedata storage, automotive, and other industries demanding precisionengineering.

A&L Plastics Co Inc [Newton]
Category: Custom Extrusions
A&L Plastics Co Inc is a custom extrusion company specializing in precision profiles.

Arklay S Richards Company [Newton Highlands]
Category: Thermocouples
The Arklay S Richards Co Inc has been manufacturing thermocouples and related temperature sensor products since 1938. We have always taken pride in the quality of our temperature sensor products.

Advent Optronics [Newtown]
Category: Micro-Mirror Optical MEMS Test Systems
Manufacturers of Micro-Mirror Optical MEMS Test Systems.

ALP Lighting Components Inc [Niles]
Category: Lighting Components
The ALP name and logo symbolizes our continuing dedication to lighting solutions for the industry. Our commitment to the future is based on technological advancements, the finest craftsmanship and unparalleled customer service.

As manufacturers of the industry's most sophisticated louvers and decorative ceiling panels, we are constantly striving to improve and expand our product line. We now have the widest selection of lighting and decorative ceiling panels designed for a tee bar ceiling system. These products give you the creative freedom to design areas with character and ambience while still satisfying stringent budget constraints. All of this is supported by our strong customer service program.

ASJ Components Inc [Nogales]
Category: Electronic Components
ASJ Group manufactures and distributes quality resistors and other essential electronic components to support local and international customers from diverse market segments. Founded in January 14, 1980 and based in Singapore, ASJ has an extensive international network with presence in Asia, Europe, USA and Mexico.

ASJ was listed on the Stock Exchange of Singapore Dealing and Automated Quotation System ("SESDAQ") in January 1997, making us the first resistor manufacturer to be listed on the Singapore bourse. In 2002, ASJ was listed on Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange.

Advanced Charger Technology Inc [Norcross]
Category: Battery Chargers
Founded in May 1996, Advanced Charger Technology, Inc.(ACT), is a Florida-based company that develops charging solutions thatimprove the performance of any battery-powered device. ACT was co-founded by Yury Podrazhansky, a Russian immigrant who came to the 1978, who developed this technology after becoming frustrated withbuying batteries for his son's toys. Initially he thought that thebatteries were the problem, but soon realized that it was actually thebattery chargers that caused them to fail prematurely. Armed with aunique knowledge of electrochemistry and a desire to solve a problem,Yury developed a breakthrough in battery charging technology. From hisinitial work and first patent filing in 1988, Yury has expanded andperfected this battery charging technology to effectively work withNickel Cadmium (NiCD), Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH), Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) and Lead Acid chemistries. ACT currently holds five U.S. andnumerous worldwide patents to protect the proprietary enrev chargingtechnology.

Prior to ACT, Yury’s technology was utilized by EPTI, a leader in theelectric vehicle charging market. In 1994, EPTI set the world recordfor the longest distance traveled by an electric vehicle with theworld’s fastest charge – and the record still stands today! Two yearslater, Yury teamed up with Karen Robinson to found ACT Corporation theworld leader in the development of battery operating systems andchargers for battery-operated devices.

American Megatrends Inc [Norcross]
Category: Hardware & Software
AMI -- the leader in storage and computing innovations worldwide -- creates and manufactures the key hardware and software solutions for the global computer marketplace. AMI provides the highest quality and compatibility necessary to build today's advanced computing systems. Established by S Shankar, AMI's mission is to design state-of- the-art computer solutions and develop advanced technology for the best computing solutions in the world.

AMI's extensive product line includes BIOS, diagnostic software, remote access, motherboards, backplanes, driver/firmware development, service processors, storage systems, chassis design and integrated systems. With these product groups, AMI is uniquely positioned to provide all of the fundamental components necessary to offer complete system performance, manageability and availability for today's enterprise computing requirements. AMI is the only company in the industry today offering all of these core technologies.

ACC Electronix Inc [Normal]
Category: Electronic Equipment
ACC Electronix, Inc., an EMS (Electronic ManufacturingServices) provider has been manufacturing professional electronicequipment (for the broadcast industry) for over twenty-five years.

Over the last nine years, ACC Electronix, Inc. has expanded itsmanufacturing and has increased its value-added services to focusspecifically on electronic contract manufacturing.

Atlee of Delaware Inc [North Andover]
Category: Power Distribution Products
Atlee offers a complete line of standard and custom power distribution busing backed by skilled engineering and customer assistance. Product mix ranges from standard single layer and multi- layer printed circuit board level buses to large high current custom designs.

Amerilon Products by Surf Networks Inc [North Beach]
Category: Home & Building Automation
Manufacturers of components & systems for control of power, lighting, HVAC & energy management.

Adaptive Broadband Corporation / MRC [North Billerica]
Category: Microwave Products
Manufacturers of analog & digital microwave transmitters,recievers & antennas.

Affiliated Manufacturers Inc [North Branch]
Category: Precision Screen & Stencil Printing Equipment
Founded in 1957 by Benson M. Austin, AffiliatedManufacturers, Incorporated (AMI) is firmly established as a leadingsupplier of precision screen and stencil printing equipment for theelectronics industry.

With over 15,000 printers and related equipment modules installed world-wide in the last 40 years, AMI is most proud of our ability to design, adapt, and construct our equipment for the most demanding requirements and to ensure our customers years of reliable, trouble-free service.

Today, we are still a privately held firm, producing a line of printers, dryers, vision alignment, and automatic handling equipment with a reputation for accuracy,productivity, and durability. We remain the largest supplier of printing systems to the Hybrid Microelectronics and Thick-Film industries, while expanding into new application areas for these proven systems.

Alcad Inc [North Haven]
Category: Batteries, Switching & Transmission Equipments
Worldwide, demand is growing for reliable standby power.Alcad can offer an extensive range of cell types to meet this demand.

Alcad's real strength lies in its people. Their experience andcommitment will produce high quality, reliable batteries for your back-up system.

Alcad's production sites in Europe bring together over a century ofexperience in nickel-cadmium battery production to the modern,international battery market.

ASI Advanced Semiconductor Inc [North Hollywood]
Category: RF Power Transistors & Microwave Diodes
Advanced Semiconductor Inc (ASI) manufactures RF power transistors and microwave diodes. We are an ISO 9001 registered company and specialize in manufacturing obsolete and hard-to-find components for both replacement purposes and new designs. Our line of RF power transistors primarily replaces those from Motorola, Philips, and SGS Thomson. Our line of microwave diodes primarily replaces those from HP, M/A-COM, Alpha, and Loral/Frequency sources.

Advanced Semiconductor Inc was founded in 1979, and has offices in the United Kingdom, France, India, and Egypt. Our customers run the gamut from governments and major corporations to medium and small businesses located throughout the world. Advanced Semiconductor has a fundamental commitment to customer service and will always do our best to ensure that your needs are met.

Arkansas Industrial Machinery [North Little Rock]
Category: Air, Gas & Liquid Handling & Treatment Equipment
The original company in the AIM Family was ArkansasIndustrial Machinery, Inc., founded in 1971. The company was located atits present site in North Little Rock, Arkansas. AIM Power and FluidsDivision was established in Memphis, Tennessee in 1975 to cover thegrowing market in West Tennessee and North Mississippi. AIM of Louisiana in the Shreveport/Bossier City, Louisiana market was established in 1981. In 1989 the company expanded into the active Northwest Arkansas area with AIM Compressor and Pump in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The newest member of the AIM Family, established in 1994, is AIM Power and Fluids Division, Nashville, Tennessee branch. These 5 strategic locations are here to meet your requirements for quality products and service.

Argene Biosoft [North Massapequa]
Category: Biomolecular Tools
As a key partner of public and private medical biological analysis laboratories, the in vitro diagnostics industry provides the reagents and materials required for the analysis of blood, urine, cerebrospinal fluid or any other biological sample.

Argene specialises in this domain and offers products and reagents for the detection of infectious agents in laboratories. These tests may be carried out for diagnostic or preventive purposes, but also as part of the follow-up of certain treatments.

Advanced Electronic Support Products [North Miami]
Category: Network Connectivity Products
AESP, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets networkconnectivity products as well as customized solutions for originalequipment manufacturers worldwide. The Company offers a complete line of active networking and premise cabling products for copper and fiberoptic based networks.

APW Ltd [North Salt Lake]
Category: Aluminium Cases
Since the 1930s, Zero Halliburton has specialized in stylish aluminum cases with a classic design using compound curves, horizontal lines and simple arcs. These design elements, combined with the use of premium materials, make up the Zero Halliburton "Brand DNA"- the essence that inspires the brand's unique look and appeal.

This "Brand DNA" can be easily recognized in the company's new leather and ballistic twill series. Exquisite styling combined with the use of premium leather and a proprietary weave of ballistic twill create unique products that are sophisticated, functional and, above all, very Zero Halliburton.

Amerinex Applied Imaging Inc [Northampton]
Category: Integrated Aesthetics
As the first and only fully integrated aesthetics resource center in the world, Advanced Aesthetics Institute brings together the finest medical and non-medical aesthetic practitioners to create and deliver optimized client appearance. Within AAI's elegant, nurturing surroundings, our clients experience unmatched attention to detail and individualized service; and, with the guidance of a personal Aesthetics Concierge, are able to design a program that will reveal and maintain their true beauty.

Arcor Electronics [Northbrook]
Category: Wire & Cable
With our large selection of wire, which includes copper wire, aluminum wire, brass wire, magnet and thermocouple wire, Arcor is the perfect place to purchase off the shelf industry standard wire. If you are in need of cable, our selection of electrical cable, welding cable and electronic cable is hard to beat.

We provide competitive prices, brand selection and service for all of your wire and cable needs.

AmpliVox Sound Systems Inc [Northbrook]
Category: Wireless Portable Sound Systems
AmpliVox Portable Sound Systems, manufacturer of high quality, easy-to-use portable public address systems, has seen sales grow 21 percent over the past two years. Owner and CEO Don Roth attributes the growth to the company's new commitment to multimedia, bringing to the exploding computer multimedia presentation market the products' high quality, innovative design and ease of use.

Applied Technology Resources Inc [Northridge]
Category: Hardware & Software Design
AppliTech was founded in 1987 to provide its clients technical capabilities of unique depth and diversity. The owners of AppliTech are design engineers with over 40 years of combined industry experience. We specializing in hardware and software design for small computer and consumer product. AppliTech provides full engineering support, including specification writing, analysis, application software, embedded firmware, analog and digital circuit design; as well as complete computer aided schematic capture, layout, fabrication, and testing. We have the latest development tools for programmable-logic- array like Xilinx, Actel, Atmel, Lattice, and QuickLogic. We specialize in SCSI and PCI buss designs.

Applitech develops applications and device drivers for MS-DOS, Windows (95, and NT), and UNIX, as well as VxWorks, and Nucleus for embedded custom systems. We design and program for all major microprocessors, including the Intel i486, Pentium, and micro controllers; Motorola 680xx, and PowerPC; MIPS and Sparc RISC processors; and Texas Instruments Digital Signal Processors. Our major programming languages include 'C', 'C++', Java, Pascal, Delphi, Visual Basic, and Assembly language. We have extensive network and Internet experience, including ISDN, ATM, TCP/IP, and NFS. We specialize in SCSI and PCI designs. We can design your Internet home page using htmL, JavaScript, Forms, Perl, CGI, and ActiveX.

ABB USA [Norwalk]
Category: Automation Products
ABB is a technology-based provider of power and automationproducts, systems, solutions, and services. Building on our corestrengths of technology leadership, pioneering spirit and a sustainableapproach to business, ABB helps our customers to become more profitablewhile lowering environmental impact.

In the United States, ABB employs nearly 8,500 in 32 states. Our U.S.headquarters is based in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Worldwide, the ABB Group reported revenues in the order of 18,795 MUSDfor 2003. ABB Group is headquartered in Zurich, and employs about103,000 people in approximately 100 countries.

Airpot Corporation [Norwalk]
Category: Pneumatic Piston
Airpot Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer ofultra low friction, super-responsive pneumatic piston and cylindermotion dampers and actuators. Our unique seal-less construction andcombination of materials allow high cycle rates without lubricants,smooth operation at extreme temperatures, and instrument qualityperformance for low to medium force and energy levels. Commonapplications.

Arde Barinc Inc [Norwood]
Category: Shear Mixers
We're specialists in finding solutions to mixing problems - and we can bring a wide range of mixing technologies to bear. Our standard product line includes specialized equipment to mix hard-to-wet dry solids into fluids and for creating fine grain emulsions (droplet sizes of 1-2 microns).

We want to help you accomplish your mixing according to your requirements. In order to do this, we need to know the requirements of your process. Our Mixer Form asks all the right questions so that you can be certain that we can help you specify not only the right machinery, but the most efficient processing method.

ADMET [Norwood]
Category: Testing Machines
Our mission is to set the standard for the materialstesting market by providing high-quality, cost-efficient testingsystems supported by the most responsive, creative and flexibleengineering team.

ADMET offers materials testing equipment and analytical instruments fortension and compression testing to ASTM requirements; testing machineupgrades and retrofits; and customized solutions for our clients.

Atlantic Poly Inc [Norwood]
Category: Polyethylene Products
AtlanticPoly Inc is a New England based polyethylene manufacturer and national wholesale distributor of plastic products

Advanced Instruments Inc [Norwood]
Category: Diagnostic Testing Systems
Advanced Instruments, Inc. is a privately-held businessheadquartered in Norwood, Massachusetts, supporting worldwide operations and a comprehensive distribution network of independent dealers. Founded in 1955, the company is the world's foremost authority for the application of freezing-point depression (FPD) technology. Additional technologies have been developed or acquired, making Advanced Instruments a leading supplier of diagnostic testing systems used by medical and industrial laboratories.

In addition to branding products with the Advanced Instruments name, the company designs, develops and markets diagnostic products for FiskeAssociates (trademark) and Spiral Biotech, Inc. (a wholly ownedsubsidiary).

Since the company's inception nearly 50 years ago, laboratoryprofessionals have always looked to Advanced instruments for exceptional customer support and leading-edge tools for the diagnostic laboratory. Innovative solutions for common laboratory problems remain the mission of Advanced Instruments.

Analog Devices Inc [Norwood]
Category: Semiconductor
Analog Devices Inc (NYSE: ADI) is a world-leading semiconductor company specializing in high performance analog, mixed- signal, and digital signal processing (DSP) integrated circuits (ICs). Since ADI was founded in 1965, its focus has been to solve the engineering challenges associated with signal processing in electronic equipment. ADI's products play a fundamental role in converting real- world phenomena such as temperature, motion, pressure, light, and sound into electrical signals to be used in a wide array of applications ranging from industrial process control, factory automation, radar systems, and CAT scanners to cellular base stations and telephones, broadband networking, computers, cars, and digital cameras.

ADI's unique value to its customers is its ability to overcome the seemingly insurmountable barriers of speed, accuracy, and cost, to solve intricate engineering challenges and to create ICs - whether they are general-purpose or customized components - that enable portability, connectivity, and multimedia. ADI designs, manufactures, and markets the high-performance, high-precision signal processing ICs that make pictures vibrant, voices clear, connections continuous, and products portable.

Arrgh Manufacturing Co Inc [Novato]
Category: Battery Products
Manufacturers of battery products and accessories.

Automatic Valve [Novi]
Category: Industrial Automation
Located in Novi, Michigan, USA. Established 1945. AV is represented through a global sales and distribution network. Pneumatic applications include Industrial Automation, Automotive, Process Control, Aluminum Smelter, and Power Generation.

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