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Aero-Motive Company [Kalamazoo]
Category: Network & Electrical Infrastructure Products
Woodhead Industries develops, manufactures and marketsNetwork and Electrical Infrastructure products engineered forperformance in harsh, demanding, and hazardous industrial environments.We are known in the global industrial market by our recognized brandsthat include Brad Harrison®, SST™, Daniel Woodhead®, mPm®, applicom®,Aero-Motive® and RJ-Lnxx®. Our expertise ranges from mechanical,electrical, and electronics to communication software products andtechnologies.

American Energy Exchange Inc [Kalamazoo]
Category: Humidity Control & Recovery Equipment
American Energy Exchange Inc (AEX) manufactures air-to-air plate heat exchangers and is an experienced manufacturer of HVAC equipment, energy recovery ventilators, dehumidification and energy recovery ventilation equipment for schools, commercial buildings, industrial facilities and institutions. From common to custom, AEX has everything you need to improve your indoor air quality.

APS Tech [Kansas City]
Category: Storage Products
LaCie's products are specially designed to bring your ideas to life with innovative and practical solutions. Our Storage, Optical, Backup, Color and Add-on devices can be found in homes, classrooms, businesses, and multimedia design firms - seamlessly integrated across a diverse array of operating systems. When you require power, speed and freedom in hard drive capacity, data archiving, and graphics aids, LaCie can equip your system to be the optimum vehicle for your imagination.

LaCie consistently combines state-of-the-art design aesthetics and cutting-edge technology to create solutions that are the perfect synthesis of form and function. Featuring the unique styles of award- winning designers such as Philippe Starck, Neil Poulton and Porsche Design GmbH, LaCie's products not only look stunning, they perform with unprecedented strength and versatility.

With a worldwide network of distributors, authorized resellers, production facilities, and in-house sales and technical support staff, LaCie is a global leader in manufacturing top-of-the-line digital tools that exceed expectations and re-establish industry standards.

Arcom Control Systems Inc [Kansas City]
Category: Embedded Computer & Communication Processor
Arcom's embedded software development and support capabilities are second-to-none in the industry. Our engineering and support teams in Kansas City (US) and Cambridge (UK) have an enormous depth of experience and knowledge in the field of embedded operating systems, communications protocols, and system design. We pride ourselves on being able to provide comprehensive development tools and excellent support to our OEM customers as they bring their products to the market.

Airparts Inc [Kansas City]
Category: Aviation Construction Supplies
Airparts, Inc. is your best source for aircrafthomebuilding aluminum, chromolly, and other aircraft constructionsupplies. For over 37 years we have had the pleasure of working withthousands of general aviation customers. We are very proud to have beenable to supply the industry with the very finest products featuring oneof the largest supplies of rolled aluminum. Airparts, Inc. specializesin Aluminum Tubing, Sheet Aluminum, Rolled Aluminum and 4130 SteelTubing. As the name implies, continuous rolled aluminum is cut to theexact length you want, no waste. We pride ourselves on giving personalservice.

Accura Technics LLC [Keene]
Category: Super Precision Grinding Machines
Accura Technics, LLC is a manufacturer of ultra precisionmachining systems and products that can be utilized in a wide varietyof grinding and machining applications. These systems include:

Accura 1210 Series - A CNC super precision universal multi-taskingvertical grinding machine platform capable of grinding part geometriesin the sub - 10 micro-inch range.

Custom Machine Systems - Accura designs and builds custom machinesystems for customer applications requiring ultra precision machinecapabilities that are not well served with existing machines.

Oil Hydrostatic Spindle Systems - Spindle systems that possess ultraprecision error motion control while providing superb damping, loadcapacity, dynamic rigidity, and life.

The Accura Technics team has expertise in ultra-precision grinding andmachining, hydrostatic (air or oil) motion system design, controlsystems technology, precision machine design, precision manufacturing,and metrology.

Actuated Valve Specialists [Kennesaw]
Category: Automation Products
Actuated Valve Specialists, a division of ValtorcInternational, has a long and distinguished history of providing topquality engineered products at a fair price. We have been servicing theOil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Paint & Specialty Coatings,Fiberglass and Food Industries with top quality valves, actuators,pumps & instrumentation for the past 25 years.

We are single source for all manual and automated valve projects, aswell as ultra pure and severe service valve requirements. We have thein house capability of automating up to 24" butterfly valves and 12"high pressure ball valves. Our expert staff can install and calibratemodulating positioners in both electric and pneumatic actuatorapplications. We can also retrofit actuators to existing ball valves orbutterfly valves in the field. We have accomplished this task hundredsof time successfully. We also pride ourselves in using only highquality and durable stainless steel bracketry between the valves andactuators for strength and long life.

Our personnel are ready to provide you with prompt and courteousservice from the quotation stage, through delivery.

We have over 70 years combined experience and await your mostchallenging application problems.

Atlanta Rail & Conveyor Inc [Kennesaw]
Category: Garment Racks
Atlanta Rail & Conveyor offers a full-line of rolling garment-racks, including Z-racks, H-racks and several specialty garment racks. These industrial-strength racks are designed to withstand many years of commercial use.

Ametek Rotron [Kent]
Category: Regenerative Blowers & Brushes
Ametek Technical and Industrial Products offers Brushless DC Motor, Pump, Brushless and Regenerative Blower, and Controller-based solutions. Ametek Technical and Industrial Products operates within the Ametek Electromechanical Group (EMG) which is one of the largest producers of high-speed electric motor products for original equipment manufacturers (OEM's). In business since 1915, EMG uses its core competencies in motion and air movement products as engineered solutions for application-specific needs.

The standard product lines of Ametek Technical and Industrial Products cover a wide range of application demands. If there is a need for a product with a unique performance, mounting, environment or agency requirements, we can supply the solution. We work closely with every customer to assure that we custom match each product to its specific application. Our Field Sales and Factory Application Engineers are available to provide you with expert assistance. Whether a customer needs a standard or special design, Ametek has the solution for your application.

Ametek offers economies of scale that can only be accomplished by a company that produces more than 23 million motor products per year. With multi-plant capability and flexibility, AMETEK Technical and Industrial Products is positioned to support our customer's global programs.

Amiga Corporation [Kent]
Category: Computer Products
Computing today should not be hardware specific, but content specific. A computer should work the way you think, not the other way around. It should be easy to use and scalable, meeting everyone's needs. There should be easy access to what is important to the user without the user having to worry about the constraints or compatibilities of the operating system.

The current strategy of offering different operating systems for different devices is a flawed strategy and cannot succeed. There must be a cohesive, scalable operating system that provides brilliant multimedia performance on all supported products, from cell phones to multi- processor servers.

Amiga, Inc with our partner The Tao Group Inc is developing a new breed of operating system that is so radical and revolutionary that it

Ametek Specialty Motors [Kent]
Category: Electric Motors & Electronic Instruments
Technology and experience worked hand in hand at GS Electric for more than 50 years. Now as part of Ametek Specialty Motors, we design and build millions of fractional horsepower motors every year. Each one is designed to meet the critical, but distinct performance and power requirements of every customer.

As a unit of Ametek a billion-dollar manufacturer of electric motors and electronic instruments, Ametek enjoys access to technological innovations that improve component quality, manufacturing cost efficiencies and motor performance characteristics. Ametek Specialty Motors has an ISO-9001 conforming quality program, which assures you of consistent product excellence.

ASM's full line of UL-recognized and CSA-certified vacuum, universal and permanent magnet motors is the power that turns you on!

Autocam Corporation [Kentwood]
Category: Precision Machine Products
In 1988, John C Kennedy, our current CEO, established Autocam to provide precision-machined solutions for customers in the automotive market. We have grown rapidly through a combination of long- term customer relationships, aggressive marketing and strategic acquisitions, which include well-established companies in North America, Europe and South America. Autocam is one of only a few companies capable of handling major automotive projects from concept through delivery.

Automated Production Equipment Crop [Key Largo]
Category: Packaging Technologies
Automated Production Equipment (A.P.E.) was founded in 1968, introducing rework and repair equipment to a growing worldwide electronics community. Now some 30 years later, the industry has changed beyond recognition, with denser packaging technologies that require convection rework techniques as precise and with a similar degree of control as the original production method.

A.P.E. has continued to lead the way in designing innovative rework and repair systems to meet these demands and was the first company to recognize the necessity of cost effective Low Temperature Hot Air solutions for the new BGA/CSP/SMT Packages.

Active Control Instrumentation [Key Largo]
Category: Electronic Instruments
Designers and Manufacturers of Electronic Instrumentsfor Industrial and Military Applications

Abernathy-Thomas Engineering Company [Kingsport]
Category: Industrial Process Specialities
Welcome to Abernathy-Thomas Engineering Co. We are amulti-faceted organization with a long history of customersatisfaction. We are a manufacturer's representative of engineeredindustrial process specialties with an emphasis toward the Chemical,Pulp & Paper, Electric Power Generation and Pharmaceutical industries.We are a stocking distributor for many of the companies that werepresent. We are also a manufacturer of high quality pneumaticdiaphragm valve actuators through our Unaka Controls division and havecomplete valve actuation capablities in-house.

We have an experienced inside and outside sales and applicationengineering staff that services our primary area of the southeasternstates of TN, NC, SC, KY and VA. We firmly believe in working closelywith engineering firms, contractors, resellers and end users to helpprovide the most efficient and cost effective solution for theirrequirements.

APak Batteries [Kirkland]
Category: Custom Battery Packs
APak Batteries offers a complete source of high quality value-added custom battery systems, from design to prototyping to manufacturing. Our specialty is custom-designed battery packs that meet stringent quality and performance standards.

We go beyond designing and manufacturing the custom battery packs our clients rely on for perfecting their products and applications. We strive to provide legendary service - a commitment that requires us to listen closely to and meet our clients' specific needs. We take pride in delivering products with a short lead time, on schedule, and on budget. Most importantly, our products are guaranteed to perform.

Archimedes Software Inc [Kirkland]
Category: Embedded Systems
Fully-integrated embedded software tools for 8, 16, and 32 bit microcontrollers.

Archimedes IDE for Windows is the first embedded development tool product line to integrate a powerful Windows-based development and debugging environment with an optimizing ANSI C Cross-Compiler and Assembler.

Archimedes Windows-based IDE allows point and click access and control of all aspects of the software development cycle. The ANSI standard, optimizing C compilers are based on a modern architecture and generate ROM-able code for Intel and Motorola 8, 16, and 32 bit microcontrollers.

ATE PC Product Services Inc [Kittery]
Category: Test Programs
ATE PC Product Services Inc ("APPS") was founded in October 1990 by Edward L. Woods. As a company we offer complete third party support for all Teradyne Z-series ATE systems. We have been providing benchmark quality documentation, applications support, test programs and test fixtures for companies throughout North America since 1983.

A program written by APPS goes beyond the standard in-circuit test coverage out of the program generator. We have developed a pre-processor to the Z18xx program generator that compensates for program generator deficiencies and improves long term in-circuit test stability. Also, advanced applications techniques, mixed-mode, long-hand, block functional and cluster tests will be used whenever practical to obtain higher accuracies and increased test coverage.

Applied Computing Technology Inc [Knoxville]
Category: Instrumentation Services
Applied Computing Technology is a rapidly growing high technology company located in Knoxviller, Tennessee. The company has carved a name for itself by providing state-of-the-art instrumentation services and customized design solutions in its core competency of leading edge electronics expertise. ACT's diversified engineering staff are able to supply a complete line of design services and products to industry, rather than the individual capabilities supplied by many engineering companies enabling its customers to obtain the total expertise they need to meet specific requirements, on schedule and on budget. The company supplements the needs within a customers own design team, or provides the expertise and efficiency needed for developing state-of-the-art test, measurement and diagonostic systems. ACT is a company at the forefront of the technology needed to develop electronic instruments and systems to meet the needs of today's fast-paced business environment.

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