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American Aerostar Corporation [Valencia]
Category: Quick Die Change & Mold Change Equipments
American Aerostar Corporation is a leading manufacturer ofequipment for Quick Die Change and Quick Mold Change.

Aptek Laboratories Inc [Valencia]
Category: Custom Formulations
Established in 1986, Aptek Laboratories provides custom formulated adhesives, coatings, encapsulants, and specialty fabricated films/substrates to highly sophisticated end users such as Boeing Satellite Systems, Raytheon Company, Northrop Grumman/Litton, Lockheed Martin, Delco, TRW and many others. To support the requirements and technical demands of these customers, Aptek devotes a major portion of its resources for research and development, technical service, quality assurance and state-of-the-art production equipment. Although Aptek has targeted high-tech applications as a major market thrust, this same philosophy and expertise is applied to the high-end commercial markets as well.

Customer demand for faster curing products led to the development of advanced snap-cure technology as well as state-of-the-art UV-cured systems. These production-friendly products exceeded both the handling and physical property requirements of the end users. UVIKOTE(tm) 7503LM-PMF (pre-mixed frozen), a UV-cured PCB coating system, not only cures in seconds and is qualified to MIL-I-46058-C, but also meets the NASA outgassing requirements per ASTM-E-595. UVIKOTE 7503LM-PMF is comparable in performance to APTEK(r) 2503-A/B, a superior conventionally cured polyurethane MIL-Spec conformal coating which is the material of choice for many military and space programs. Snap-cure low modulus adhesives are best represented by DIS-A-PASTE(r) 2310-PMF (electrically insulative) and DIS-A-PASTE 2313-PMF (electrically conductive). The extraordinary escalation of surface mount technology, with ever-increasing power demands in smaller packages, has made thermal and stress management a "hot" topic. Aptek accepted the challenge and developed a full line of thermally conductive, low modulus films and adhesives designated as DAT-A-THERM(tm) and DIS-A-PASTE. The DAT-A-THERM C- staged film or pad is utilized as a spacer between an SMT device and the circuit board substrate and, when bonded with a DIS-A-PASTE adhesive, the combination provides superior adhesion and thermal dissipation to difficult-to-bond surfaces such as gold and ceramics without the use of a primer.

Aquafine Corporation [Valencia]
Category: UV Water Treatment Equipment
Trusted for over 5 decades in successful ultraviolet treatment by various industries worldwide, Aquafine continues to build on that trust with a total commitment to customer satisfaction.

>From the earliest electronic liquid sterilizer, to today's most advanced ultraviolet water treatment systems, Aquafine has forged a history of innovation that spans half a century, and a host of industries. Aquafine was founded in 1949 by Louis Veloz, a Westinghouse scientist and pioneer in the development of commercial UV lamps for use in air and water purification. Introducing the use of UV Technology in the semiconductor industry in the early 1960's Aquafine continues to be the leader, expanding the product offering to meet the changing requirements of commercial water treatment.

Aremco Products [Valley Cottage]
Category: High Temperature Industrial Materials & Equipment
Aremco was formed in 1965 and since then has devoted its efforts to formulating high temperature materials used throughout industry in design, process and maintenance applications to 3200°F.

Actionpac Scales & Automation [Ventura]
Category: Automated Filling & Counting
Actionpac began in the hi-precision scale industry in1977. We have since evolved into the packaging industry. Ourcompetitors began in the packaging industry and added scales. Thus, theorigins of Actionpac have made it possible to transfer weighingtechnology and accuracy far more successfully than typical packagingcompanies. This careful attention to precision was the driving force indeveloping controls, programming, and techniques that offer anunusually fast and accurate scale system.

As a complement to our extensive line of standard systems successfulcustom engineered projects range from high precision pharmaceuticalscales to heavy capacity bulk filling operations, as well as a fullrange of counting equipment.

All equipment from Actionpac is 100% designed and manufactured in theU.S.A. by our company, including computer controls and circuit boards.All programming is done in-house.

Astro-Geo-Marine Inc [Ventura]
Category: Electronic & Automatic Test Equipment
Astro-Geo-Marine, Inc. (A.G.M.) is a reliable supplier ofquality electronic and automatic test equipment for over 35 years.A.G.M. has extensive experience in designing & manufacturing (custom) as well as contract manufacturing. Our primary products are power supplies & systems, inverters, load banks, tone generators, controllers & regulators, and other specialized electronic equipment. We serveaerospace (military and commercial) and industrial sectors. Electronicpower conversion solutions for air, land and sea!

Anacapa Micro Products Inc [Ventura]
Category: Network Storage Solutions
Anacapa(r) is the one-stop solution for all your Linux, Unix, and NT computing needs. At Anacapa we offer comprehensive, integrated networking and storage solutions, as well as a complete range of off- the-shelf computer products at the most competitive prices you'll find anywhere. Our customer support team has earned their reputation for delivering expert advice and effective computer solutions that will fit your budget, while providing reliable and responsive personal service.

Absolute Process Instruments Inc [Vernon Hills]
Category: Signal Conditioners, Transmitters
Manufacturers of quality signal conditioners, signaltransmitters & isolators.

Amphenol T&M Antennas [Vernon Hills]
Category: Mobile & Portable Antennas
One of the world's largest producers of mobile and portable antennas with manufacturing locations throughout North and South America, Europe, and the Far East.

American Safety Razor [Verona]
Category: Quality Blades & Bladed Hand Tools
American Safety Razor offers an ever-growing line of blades with a wide spectrum of professional and industrial use. Recognized and respected for long-lasting precision blades, American Safety Razor assures uncompromising excellence.

A tradition of fine craftsmanship for over 120 years underwrites our role as the world's largest producer of quality blade products. Precision production and stringent quality controls set the industry standard or performance and customer satisfaction.

Accro-Seal [Vicksburg]
Category: Seals
Accroseal® is committed to manufacturing high qualityseals at competitive prices. We blend Teflon® into many of ourproprietary Accrolon® compounds, compression mold and precision machineusing CNC turning centers. With (47) standard Accrolon® compounds andthe ability to custom blend materials, Accroseal® can accommodate yournonmetallic seal requirement. Our expertise in the plastics industryalong with information regarding your application will providesolutions to your technical needs.

Adtech-Analog Digital Technology [Victor]
Category: I/O Instrumentation & Measurement Solutions
Adtech is a Rochester, New York based manufacturer of highquality, reasonably priced signal conditioning modules. These includetemperature transmitters (both RTD and T/C), millivolt, AC (volts oramps), isolators, analog computing modules, integrators, indicators,alarms and loop power supplies. The transmitter line comes in two,three or four-wire models.

This extensive product line covers a multitude of applicationrequirements. If you don't see exactly what you need, please contactus. The application experts at Adtech will help you choose a model orprovide minor modifications to standard products to adapt to yourparticular needs.

Mounting capabilities include surface, snap track and DIN raildepending on the particular model involved. There are also varioushousing configurations to cover general purpose, NEMA 4 and NEMA 7. Inaddition, the two-wire RTD, T/C and the 100 series potentiometertransmitters are approved by CSA for intrinsically safe installation.

Ace Glass Inc [Vineland]
Category: Custom Apparatus
ACE innovations include the first American-made sphericaljoints and sintered glass fritted disks.

ACE designed and patented internally-threaded scientific glassware,ACE0Threads and precision bore Trubore glassware, Insttherm Oil Bathsand many others. In addtion, ACE is a supplier of rotary evaporators,chillers, hydrogenation/gas apparatus, temperature controllers, vacuumpumps, stirrers, and much more.

Andrews Glass Company [Vineland]
Category: Precision Glass Products
At Andrews, we take you from concept, through fabrication, to prototype and finished product. Starting with your design specifications, our engineering and manufacturing personnel work closely with you to select the right processes and materials to ensure that your precision fabricated component meets your requirements. Drawing on our engineering know-how and problem solving experience, we avoid problems in the design and development stages. Adhering to strict control procedures at every step of the manufacturing process, we can assure that tight tolerances will be maintained in the initial run and will be repeated run-to run-to run.

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