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Hotel directory denmark

Hotels directory Copenhagen


Aasiaat Hotel Apartments
Address: P O Box 66, Aasiaat
Zip Code: 3950
City: Green Land
Country: Denmark
Tel: +45 299 892 195
Fax: +45 299 892 987

Aasiaat Hotel Apartments offer several kinds of accommodation
for our guests. Choose between hotel room or a luxury flat
with kitchen, shower and toilet, colour TV and fax.

We also arrange all-inclusive conferences - please ask for

Aasiaat Youth Hostel

Open all year.
Two-bed rooms.
Kitchen, shower & toilet, washing machine, TV, luggage storage.
Freeze-dried food for sale.

Cabin for 3 persons, located in the wilderness.
The cabin is well insulated.

>From Aasiaat the cabin can be reached by boat in summer and
autumn, and by dogsledge or snowmobile in the winter and

Snowmobile service
Taxi and cargo

Owned and operated by Lars Vinther, the Aasiaat Hotel
Apartments are daily handling the needs of snowmobile
transportation for locals, tourists and cargo in the Aasiaat
region in Greenland.

The region of Aasiaat is a tourist snowmobiler's paradise.
The community takes care of the making of excellent trails.
The trails provide lots of scenery as well as lots of
>From sledding past huge icebergs on the sea ice, to meeting
the traditional hunter at work with his dogsledge.

The trails provide a great opportunity for cargo
transportation between the towns in the Diskobay area.


DiscoBay Hotel
Address: P O Box 140, Qasigiannguit
Zip Code: 3951
City: Greenland
Country: Denmark
Tel: +45 299 911 081
Fax: +45 299 911 524

The town is peacefully and attractively located between almost
500-metre high mountains in the southeastern part of Disko Bay.
The climate is settled, with many hours of sunshine.

Qasigiannguit has approximately 1500 inhabitants, and in 1984,
the town celebrated its 250th anniversary. The colourful
houses and dogs on the slopes give the town its hunter
culture character, while the town's fishery is an example
of the influence of modern society.

In the 1950s rich prawn fields were discovered in the sea
beyond the town, signalling the start of modern development
with the building of a huge prawn farm. A few years ago,
prawns were replaced by Greenland halibut, and a large
modern fishery was established in Spækholmen, west of
the town.

DiscoBay Hotel is beautifully located, with views over Disko
Bay and the huge icebergs in the ice fjord. From the hotel
terrace you can spot whales between July and October.

The hotel has 15 modern double rooms, a restaurant and cafe.

15 double rooms with bath and toilet
Conference facilities
Terrace with sea views.

Cabins in beautiful natural surroundings are available for
short or long-term hire. Prices depend on size and standard.

DiscoBay Hotel and Discobay Tourism arrange fishing trips by
boat, seal hunts, shark fishing, botanical expeditions,
historical trips, hikes and kayaking displays, and hire out
canoes and snowmobiles with drivers. Long-term charter of
passenger boats can be arranged.

The hotel is owned by the Ice Cap Hotels group, who run
hotels in Qasigiannguit, Ilulissat and Uummannaq.

Places to see around:

The museum comprises six buildings and an exhibition of
objects and other items from the unique excavations on the
island of Qeqertasussuk which returned to Greenland during
the course of summer 2002, an event marked by the opening
of a permanent exhibitionat Qasigiannguit Museum. Thousands
of archaeological objects carefully packed into large,
lined wooden crates began the long sea journey from
Copenhagen to Qasigiannguit Museum in 1999.

The objects originate from the excavations of the settlement
at Qeqertasussuk in the southeastern part of Disko Bay
undertaken from 1984-1987. With the help of specially
manufactured microwave scanners, a large group of
archaeologists, botanists, zoologists and geologists dug
carefully down through a 1000-year-old, deep-frozen cultural
layer, and were then able to give a detailed picture of life
in Greenland's earliest stone age Saqqaq culture from 2400
BC, using as a basis the many, fantastically well-preserved
items they unearthed. There were a huge number of incredibly
well-preserved tools, carved from wood, bone and antler,
which had lain frozen in the cool shadow from the adjacent
mountain. There were knives, scrapers and spearheads, which
have otherwise only been found as stone blades, but which
here were discovered with handles attached.

Along with well-preserved wooden bowls and spoons, and
harpoon heads of antler and tooth, the culture appeared to
have tools and everyday goods which were, in many ways,
vastly different from those we already know from historical
times. Hundreds and thousands of bones from meals eaten by
the Saqqaq people were found in the midden. The inhabitants
of Qeqertasussuk, like most later tribes in this area of Disko
Bay, had lived primarily on Greenlandic seal and ringed seal.
Among the unusual midden finds there was also the northernmost discovery so
far of the now extinct Great Auk. This bird,
which could not fly, bred in Iceland and Newfoundland until
the nineteenth century, and the discovery of its bones at Qeqertasussuk, as
well as pollen analyses and surveys insect
remains in the earth layer, point to the fact that the climate
in the Saqqaq period was warmer than today.

Poul Egede's house
At the foot of a fertile slope lies Greenland's oldest wooden
house. Poul Egede, a missionary in the period 1736-1740, helped
to bring the house to the town on one of Jacob Severin's ships
in July 1734.

This is what he wrote:

"After the skipper and merchant had found a suitable place to
establish a colony - and the rough-hewn buildings we had with
us on board, we sailed into harbour at Viire Bay with two
other ships.

The following day, we immediately began to unload the timber
for building. Eight days later, a Sunday, I gave my first
sermon in this building, which was called Christianshåb."The
building has crossed corners, a design typical of the kind
of Norwegian log houses known as "laftehuse".

The building was moved to its current location in 1806, when it
was re-erected next to the colonial government building for use
as a shop and provisions store, a function it maintained until
1990 when KNI opened a new department store in the town. It has
now undergone restoration and forms part of the town museum.

Paavia Church
The church is named after Poul Egede. It was erected in 1969
and was designed by the architect Ole Nielsen. The nave
symbolises an umiak, or "women's boat", while the altarpiece
is a glass mosaic, produced by Sven Havsteen-Mikkelsen. It is
decorated with a huge cross laid over a golden sun disc,
surrounded by 'inhabitants' of Greenland - a polar bear,
whales and fish, as well as a kayak and an umiak. Finally,
pagan spirits retreat from the light of Christianity.

Colonial Government Building
The colonial government building is a Danish manufactured
timber-framed building, roughly-hewn and test-assembled in
Copenhagen before being sent to Christianshåb. A famous wood
cut depicting an eighteenth century soldier sits above the
entrance. According to tradition, it was made by Poul Egede
and represents his brother, Niels Egede, who was colonial
governor from 1740-43.

Southeast Bay
Southeast Bay is a rich treasure trove of pre-historic traces.
Meat caches, hunting shelters, sites of buildings and kitchen
middens of earlier hunting cultures can be seen along the coast.
Throughout the millennia, Sydøst (Southeast) Bay has always been
a rich hunting area for seals and whales. Many settlements have
been excavated, and you can hear the echoes of history at the
museum, as well as out in the countryside.

Tina's House
Hunter family house from the 1950s and part of the museum.

Peat huts
The "Illunnguaq" peat hut is located on the plain near Flyver
Lake, north east of the town It offers an insight into the
everyday life of a Greenlandic family in the 1940s. Special
events are organised regularly here.

Qasigiannguit is an excellent hiking area with gentle hills,
tundra plains, green passes, blue fjords, mountain tops with
views over Isfjorden (Ice Fjord) and Disko Island all make the
area ideal for hiking. Hike descriptions and detailed information
can be found on the Internet at or in the new
hiking guide Hiking South of the Ilulissat Icefjord Whales, seals,
sea birds Sea birds, seals and whales can all be found in the waters
around Qasigiannguit. Seals, which are by nature curious, often
make an appearance. From the middle of July right through to October,
whales come right up to the town, playing in front of the hotel

Flora and fauna
The vegetation is lush and there are many beautiful flowers.
Foxes, hares, reindeer and musk oxen can be found in the hinterland
to the south.

Dog sleds
>From early winter right through to spring in May, Qasigiannguit,
with its gentle hills and extensive hinterland, offers a fantastic
terrain for sleds. You can either go hunting accompanied by an
experienced hunter, or simply enjoy the striking natural surroundings.

Pleasure fishing
Summer and winter bring exciting fishing opportunities to
Qasigiannguit. You can catch fantastic trout both outside the town
and in the trout streams at the entrances to the fjords.


Hotel Arctic Ilulissat
Address: Box 1501, Ilulissat
Zip Code: 3952
City: Greenland
Country: Denmark
Tel: +45 29 994 4153
Fax: +45 29 994 4049

Hotel Arctic welcomes you.

"It is our job to make sure that your stay in Ilulissat is an
experience which you will remember with great pleasure for many

We have a close partnership with the travel agencies Greenland
Travel, Profil Rejser, Arctic Adventure, Wagonlit Travel and DSB

When planning your conference Hotel Arctic can offer you a hotel
and travel package incl. air transp.

It is our aim to make your stay with us as enjoyable as possible.
Contact us to obtain all the information you need concerning
conference planning, business visits or tourist visits - or
combinations of these.

Welcome to Hotel Arctic!

The hotel rooms

Hotel Arctic has a capacity of 65 rooms plus - from May through
September - five modern igloos.

Superior rooms: The new kayak wing features 22 superior double
rooms, all with a view of the sea and the icebergs. All superior
rooms are equipped with exclusive Bang&Olufsen tv, radio and cd
player, free video movies of your choice, phone, pc modem plug,
trouser press, hairdryer, mini bar and coffee&tea. The rooms are
decorated with paintings by the Greenlandic painter Miki Jakobsen.
Beds can be arranged as two single beds or one king size double bed.
One floor with 11 rooms is none-smoking.

Standard rooms: Most - but not all - of the 43 standard double
rooms have a view of the sea and the icebergs. All standard rooms
are equipped with tv and radio, free video movies of your choice,
phone and hairdryer. Some rooms are none-smoking. Doublerooms are
with two single beds.

Suites: Both junior and embassador suites have a view of the
sea and the icebergs. They are equipped as our superior rooms.

We have rooms equipped for disabled guests. The Kayak Wing is
equipped with a lift.

Hotel Services

Transfer & shuttle: Hotel Arctic picks you up in the airport or
in the harbour when you arrive, and we bring you there upon

We operate a complimentary bus shuttle service for our guests
between the hotel and the town centre daily from 06 to 18. The
ride takes a few minutes only.

Check-in shortcut: Air Greenland has a satelite check-in desk
for our guests.

When checking out from your room you can check-in to your flight -
then we'll bring you to the airport in an appropriate time for
boarding and take-off.

Service desk: The reception desk is at your service around the
clock and offers use of internet, fax and xerox. We arrange film
processing, laundry, car rental and - in coorporation with Ilulissat Tourist
Service - dogsledge tours, helicopter tours, boat tours,
hikes, seightseeing of the town and visits to the museum.

Furs & arts: High-quality seal skin furs from Great Greenland
and Greenlandic arts and crafts are at display and for sale
in the reception area. Cites certificates are issued.

Hotel facilities: Sauna, jacuzzi, solarium and work-out facilities.

At your service: We do our outmost to meet the demands of our
guests. Should you need anything during your stay, please don't
hesitate to contact the reception desk!

Brasserie and Bar

The Greenlandic name of the hotel's brasserie, "Takanna" means
"Here you are", and refers to the brasserie's modern selection,
which elegantly combines the different qualities of the café,
the bar and the à la carte restaurant.

Cocktails and cool drinks can be enjoyed every day of the week,
and cosy tea- and coffee hours are made perfect by tasting home
-made cake, while chatting about the day's experiences. At
mealtimes, the brasserie offers light, hot quality dishes, which
are served quickly and at reasonable prices.

With its irresistible view out across the town of Ilulissat
and the landscape, "Takanna" is a quality experience stretching
as far as the senses can reach.

The Igloo Experience

Hotel Arctic offers our guests the very special experience of
living in an Igloo.

In the middle of the Arctic nature, with the most spectacular
view of the icebergs right outside. And yet just a short walk
from the hotel building.

Inspired by the traditional Eskimo igloo in shape and design,
our aluminium-clad igloos are created to comfort the modern traveller.
Please have a look inside!.

The five igloos are available for our guests May through September.
The rate for staying here is almost equal to that of a hotel room.

Look forward to a unique experience. Nobody will be closer than you
to the grand scenery of the gigantic icebergs.

Inside the Igloos

The five igloos were created to comfort the modern traveller: They
are electrically heated and have bathroom with shower, kitchen
facilities, tv, radio and telephone. Each igloo can be configured
either with a double bed or with two single beds.

The distance between the igloos and the hotel reception & restaurant
is only a hundred meters. Just a few steps - and you're surrounded by
the Arctic silence, at first floor to the gigantic scenery of the
largest icebergs on the Northern hemisphere.

Look forward to a truly unique experience!

The Ilulissat Adventure

All year round Ilulissat offers breathtaking Arctic experiences.

The landscape itself is, of course, the greatest challenge.

Depending of the season of the year, you can travel on foot, by boat,
by sleigh drawn by huskies, by vehicle, on skis, or even by helicopter.

There are opportunities for fascinating tours of the icecap and
the world's largest glacier, which produces 20 million tons of ice
a day, for sailing and fishing in the fiord and Disko Bay, or in
winter, for fishing through holes in the ice.

To assist the planning of your visit, check our table of activities
during the year.

Experience the Inuit culture

Ilulissat has much to offer of cultural interest, such as folk
dancing, museum visits, Greenlandic handicrafts, sealskin products,
polar bear skins, narwhal teeth. . . .the list goes on.

The possibilities are numerous, but as soon as you step outside
your hotel, the day's activities will be dictated by the weather.

So the final arrangements for your excursions, and the best time
for you to encounter the real Greenland, will be made at the Hotel
Arctic once you have made your decisions.

A conference center beyond the conventional
High-end facilities for your meetings and conferences

When matters of importance are up for discussion, why not hold
your meeting somewhere out of this world?

A conference in Greenland will not only put everything in perspective,
it will also give you a glimpse of another world. A modern, international
society quite unlike any other.

Hotel Arctic is the undisputed No. 1 conference center in Greenland -
the choice when political leaders and dynamic companies want to reap
more than professional rewards. (please see our list of references).

Our facilities have been arranged to meet the demands of a busy day
of meetings. Furniture, lighting, acoustics and atmosphere create
optimum conditions for a productive stay.


Video-conference/meeting equipment
- in co-operation with Tele Greenland A/S
Lectern with microphone
(also portable microphones/chip)

Sound system
(radio, CD and cassette recorder in both conference halls) with
facility for recording speeches/interventions on tape.

LCD high-intensity projector
for PC-data, video or TV on big screen (up to 2x2 metres)

Facility for simultaneous application of 2 screens of 2x2m in
conference room A. These screens will provide a projection
area of 2m x 1,9m.

Overhead projector
with up to 500 Watt intensity in all rooms.

Slide projector:
1 Kodak with carousel

Whiteboards, flipovers and projection screens
- in all rooms

2 Canon copiers
with 20 sorting slots and automatic stapler

16 PCs in local network
(enquire for further details if this room is requested)

Telephone and fax may be installed on request

Simultaneous interpreting installation for 20 persons

Use of copier, telephone, fax, PC-network, Xerox and internet connection is
not included in our rates. Payment is made by consumption, photocopies are
DKK 2.00/page.

Restaurant Ulo

It is a quite exceptional experience to dine in our restaurant.
Choose your breakfast, lunch or dinner from the exciting and varied
menu as you enjoy the beautiful view across the bay where the fishing
craft sail among the thousand-ton icebergs.

The three chefs are true artists in their field. Look forward to
an international cuisine with a large selection of the most delicious
Greenlandic specialities.

Every Monday evening in June, July and August we offer Greenlandic
Cuisine, price DKK 245. During the summer 2004 we invite to Greenlandic
Barbeque every Saturday evening, first time June 12 and last time
August 21. Price DKK 295.

The bar - also blessed with a view of the grand outside scenery -
offers an exclusive selection of beers, wines and liquers.


Hotel Hvide Falk
Address: P O Box 20, Ilulissat
Zip Code: 3952
City: Greenland
Country: Denmark
Tel: +45 29 994 3343
Fax: +45 29 994 3508

Welcome to our modern hotel in Ilulissat - situated at the waterfront
with an impressive view of the Disko Bay.

40 rooms of an international standard, including non-smokers
rooms Hotel Annex with 4 rooms, Gourmet and Thai restaurants and
English pub Solarium & Luxus Bus, Rent A Car.

Hotel Hvide Falk has 40 rooms of international standard, including
six rooms in the hotel annex with shared bathroom, kitchen and TV.

The restaurant of Hotel Hvide Falk offers a beautiful view of the
entrance from the Disko Bay to the harbour of Ilulissat. You'll see
the small fishing boats return from the sea and icebergs pass by
while you enjoy your meal.

Our kitchen offers exciting menu's of high international standard.
The chef combines fresh raw materials from all the world - delivered
by plane several times a week - with the local Greenlandic food from
the mountains and the sea outside the windows.

Our wine card features a selection of quality wines from all around
the world.

Also the maritime bar next to the restaurant has an impressive view.
This is the place for an aperitif or a drink, and during the day we
serve you free coffee and tea here. Situated downtown the bar also
serves as a meeting point for people in Ilulissat - you'll meet them

Visiting Ilulissat is so unique that you'll never forget. Nowhere
else on our planet will you find a beautiful town situated next to
an enormous glacier that virtually wraps the town in a constantly
hanging pattern of gigantic icebergs.

The glacier moves 20-30 meters per day. And every few weeks a new
cluster of icebergs break loose. With sizes up to 100 meters above
surface - and 9 times as much below surface.

The huge icebergs can't just drift away. Right outside Ilulissat the
sea depth is "only" 300 meters, and here they run aground - forming
the most impressive "sculpture park".

The town of Ilulissat, located 300 kilometers north of the Polar
Circle, is the main town in the Disko Bay area - and also regarded
the most beautiful. When staying in Hotel Hvide Falk the daily life
of this classic Inuit town is right outside the doorstep - the
fishermen, the hunters, small shops, the colored wooden houses and
some 7,000 sledge-dogs.

Ilulissat is the town of dog-sledging. As a visitor you can
experience dog-sledge tours from just a few hours to several weeks.
Surf the pages of Ilulissat Tourist Service and Greenland Tours Elke
Meissner to learn about the possibilities. Or ask the staff at Hotel
Hvide Falk - we'll help you to choose the dog-sledge tour that fits
your wishes. Look forward to the experience of a lifetime!

If you want to experience even more of Greenland we suggest that
you also visit Nuuk, our capital. We can arrange a tour that takes
you both to Ilulissat and to Nuuk where you'll stay in our assiciate
Hotel, the Hotel Hans Egede.


Kangerlussuaq Tourism A/S
Address: P O Boks 49, Kangerlussuaq/Sdr. Strømfjord
Zip Code: 3910
City: Greenland
Country: Denmark
Tel: +45 29 984 1098
Fax: +45 29 984 1498

Kangerlussuaq Tourism A/S welcome you to Kangerlussuaq, the gateway
to Greenland.

Kangerlussuaq, also known as Sonder Stroemfiord, was an American
airbase until September 1992. We hope you will enjoy your stay here
in our village with its beautiful surroundings.

Kangerlussuaq is much more than just an international airport.

Just outside the airport fascinating wildlife with chances of
seeing musk ox, reindeers, arctic foxes, falcons, eagles, ravens
and some of the most power full northern lights during the winter.

Kangerlussuaq has the easiest access to the inland ice of Greenland.
You can easily get to the inland ice by car, bike, Icelandic horse
or by foot. The distance from Kangerlussuaq to the inland ice is only
25 km.

Kangerlussuaq Tourism A/S will be pleased to help you with tourist
information and organize tours and accommodations.

Kangerlussuaq Tourism A/S gives you the opportunity to make your
reservations directly on our homepages. Have a nice time and see you
in Kangerlussuaq.

Kangerlussuaq Tourism

Kangerlussuaq Tourism A/S is a private owned company offering a a
large number of outdoor and wildlife tours and accommadation in the
area of Kangerlussuaq.

Kangerlussuaq Tourism A/S is every year investing in the development
of tourism in the area. This year we are looking forward to welcome
you at our new hostel "Old Camp".

Another new product offered this summer is hole day fishing tours
by boat on the fiord.

Kangerlussuaq Tourism A/S is now able to take care of you from
your arrival, during your stay and until departure with tours,
accommadation, full board, car rental, bike rental, equipment
rental and souvenir sale.

Kangerlussuaq Tourism A/S reserves the right to cancel or make
changes to tours and other arrangements in cases where an
insufficient number of persons is to take part in them, where
there are technical difficulties and where weather, snow and ice
conditions make this unavoidable.

In these cases we will do our utmost to make changes in such a
way as to suit visitors as much as possible.

Our 12 fulltime staff will make sure that safety, quality and
service have the highest priority during your stay.

Kangerlussuaq Tourism A/S owns the hostel "Old Camp" and runs it
all year around.

The hostle "Old Camp" is located 2 km from the airport in
Kangerlussuaq, between Mount Hassel and Sonder Stroem Fjord,
with a beautiful view of Lake Ferguson and the mountains along
the fiord to Sisimiut.

The 4 houses in the hostel area are made of wood. The 82 beds are
divided on 3 houses as showed:

12 dorm rooms with bunk beds
13 double rooms, 2 single rooms and 1 kids playroom
10 double rooms

In the fourth house the reception, kiosk, office, staff residence.

Dobbelrooms are established with a box bed, table, chair, closet
and a clock radio.

Dorm rooms are established with bunk beds, table, chair, closet
and a clock radio.

You will find modern shower and toilet facilities in the hallway
and each house has eating facilities, living rooms, TV, video and

Breakfast and all other meals are served in the living rooms.

Information meetings are held every day at 4 pm.

Rental of equipment, cars, bikes ect. through the reception.


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