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UK Manufacturers - automotive products
With more than 25 years experience, Advanced Vehicle Builders are
one of the finest manufacturers of after-market minibuses in the

We base our minibuses on a wide range of major motor manufacturers'
base vehicles.

The construction and use of minibuses is an ever changing market
within the UK and a growing number of businesses are beginning to
realise that they no longer have to tolerate a lack of safety to
achieve a specification of passenger carrying vehicle which most
suits their needs.

This is the industry in which Advanced Vehicle Builders specialise.
Since 1976, we have established an excellent reputation for quality,
commitment and value for money within the Fleet Rental, Contract
Hire, Social, Welfare and Domestic markets. Long experience and
proven expertise enables us to fulfill the most demanding requirements
of our customers.

Advanced Vehicle Builders recognised from an early age the importance
of in-house manufacture, a policy it has followed with increasing
vigour to the present day. Substantial investment over the years in
design and tooling ensures the speed and quality with which vehicles
are manufactured.

Not only that, we also ensure competitive prices and are very often
less expensive than other products perceived to be the best. And yet,
our loyal customers now suggest that our products are the best!

High volume fleet operators can also rest assured that we have many
years experience processing substantial orders speedily and accurately.

Our existing high volume customers boast names such as United Kenning
Rental Group, Smith Self Drive, Alamo Car Rental, Newtown Vehicle
Rentals, Thrifty Car Hire, London Metropolitan Police and many more.

A host of optional extra features are available on most minibuses.
Special Vehicle Options include hydraulic tail-lifts, electric steps,
power doors, etc.

"Buying a vehicle can be hard work. Advanced make the process easy,
within a budget".

*Advanced Vehicle Builders
Upper Mantle Close
Clay Cross
Derbyshire S45 9NU
Tel: +44 1246 250 022
Fax: +44 1246 250 016


The original Clarks Conversion was designed for the rail industry,
but in recent years the concept of mobile facilities has moved into
a range of aligned industries including construction and civil
engineering. Utility companies and local authorities have also
tapped into the benefits of this flexible resource.

Things have moved on considerably from the days when the standard
fit for mobile facilities in the rail industry was a plywood-finish
and gas powered hob. This design obviously presented rail providers
and the HSE with a considerable safety issue and Clarks were approached
to come up with an alternative. The improved base conversion and 12
volt solution we developed in 1999 has since become the standard
industry wide. The addition of a toilet unit has improved the mobile
facility still further, enabling a completely self-contained crew and
increasing on-site productivity for rail and construction workers

With a bodyshop of 30,000 sq feet at our disposal we have the facility
to manage major fleets but also the flexibility to deliver bespoke
conversions. Quality coachwork is matched by quality fit and finish.
Our aim is to offer practical solutions through innovative design,
and whether we’re dealing with a fleet of ten or two hundred the
attention to detail remains consistently high.

Fast talking reps and commission-based sales are certainly not part
of the Clarks equation. We’re a family business and the team all come
from a practical shop-floor background. There’s a genuine commitment
to delivering a product that really works for our customers and we’re
confident that the quality and durability of a Clarks Conversion will
add real value to your business. We’re not looking for a single deal,
we’re looking to become your preferred Vehicle Conversion Supplier.
Everyone works to the same level of service with a view to establishing
long lasting partnerships with our customers.

Clarks' Service Essentials
Mass production combined with the flexibility of one-off, custom
Maintained standards of van conversion
Competitive costs
Consistent delivery
Rapid after sales response
Optimal safety standards

On-site projects require flexible manpower and from one year to
the next you may want to expand or reduce the capacity of your fleet
resource. Managing your cashflow and working capital is also an on-
going challenge. In those instances where you need vehicles for a
limited period or where you'd prefer not to purchase outright, leasing
may well prove to be the best option.

We work with commercial vehicle hire and leasing agents to offer
you all the benefits of a Clarks Conversion but with the added bonus
of flexible rental and payment options.

Ongoing maintenance is a fact of life in fleet management. Clarks
van conversions are designed to stand up to heavy-duty usage but
under severe conditions damage does happen. Beyond our own after
sales operation Clarks can tap into a national network of support
facilities within a matter of minutes to ensure on-site work
continues uninterrupted.

Safety Assured

When you’re managing a workforce safety is paramount. Mobile units
are designed to be flexible to all your transport and welfare needs
and you need to feel confident that whether they’re on the road or
on site they represent a safe environment for your team.

Having developed the first 12 volt base conversion for the rail
service industry Clarks set a new industry standard in safety. It
you’d like to see and hear more about our focus on safety and
security then join us for a shopfloor visit.

Clarks Conversions are designed to meet your exact specifications
and we offer a wide range of product options for all your transport,
welfare and storage needs.

We offer seating options to accomodate two to twelve people
without compromise on safety, storage or welfare. A Clarks van
conversion is designed to carry site staff to and from the workplace
along with tools and personal property. It comes with all the
facilities of a mobile home but is designed to withstand the rigours
of commercial use in potentially remote locations.

The challenges of managing a fleet of vehicles in today’s business
environment are many and varied. Alongside the core responsibility
of keeping your vehicles on the road, the decision-making extends
to franchising issues, specifications, livery and legal requirements.

HSE scrutiny has also heightened awareness of the need to provide
appropriate welfare facilities to all staff whatever the time and

At Clarks our aim is to develop an informed, partnership approach
with fleet managers such that we’re reducing the pressure not adding
to the burden.

Clarks has a wealth of experience in the design of customised,
commercial vans providing on-site facilities to crews across the
rail industry and into construction, the utilitities industry and
local authority projects. With over 30,000 square feet of shop floor
space at our disposal we have the facility to manage major fleets but
the flexibility to design bespoke conversions.

In a growing marketplace finding a supplier that can match your
own expectations and your customers’ requirements has become a
complex task. So why choose Clarks?

Clarks is centrally based in the UK with excellent access from
all regions. We offer a ‘one stop shop' solution where the days
of travelling to different companies for different vehicle conversion
products are long gone. With over 30,000 square feet of shop floor
space at our disposal we have the facility to manage major fleets
but the flexibility to design bespoke conversions. Bring your van
conversion business to Clarks and you buy into our commitment to
quality, service and delivery performance. You also open up an account
management relationship which will guarantee you the best value. Our
commitment to you means that you can feel confident in developing your
own customer service package.

*Clarks Vehicle Conversions
Doncaster Industry Park
Watch House Lane
Doncaster DN5 9LR
Tel: +44 130 278 4490
Fax: +44 130 278 8148


GSM Primographic offers you a single source for all your screen
printed labels, roll labels, die cut adhesive gaskets, pressings
and assembled fascia components.

GSM Primographic is a leading supplier of labels, nameplates,
fascias, trims, die cut adhesive parts and sub-assemblies into
the automotive, domestic appliance, consumer electronics and industrial
markets. Our reputation for product quality and reliability is second
to none.

Primographic can trace its history back to 1936 originally operating
from a base in Wembley, North London. The current factory located in
Brecon South Wales is 26,000 square feet.

The experience gained in operating in technology led consumer
industries enables GSM Primographic to offer innovative solutions
to meet the demands of most applications.

GSM Primographic work hard to achieve business excellence and operate
'Best Practice'. We continuously improve our products, processes and
the skills of our people.

In 1999 we were awarded QS9000.

In 2001 the business was awarded the ISO14001 Environmental Standard.

In October 2003 we gained the Investors In People award.

GSM Primographic is part of the GSM Group of companies, the largest
label and nameplate company in Europe.

GSM An unusual company:

We work hard to achieve real customer satisfaction and give you
the confidence to build a long term relationship.

Communication is paramount with customers, suppliers and team members.

Our Commercial team are trained to work with specific industries
and will have knowledge of your products. Our specialist sectors
are automotive, domestic appliance, consumer electronics and
general industrial.

A barcode tracking system is utilised throughout our plants from
enquiry to the despatch of finished product. Your order is constantly
monitored within our process.

Our regular Customer Satisfaction Measurement surveys help us to
understand how we have performed. Continuous improvement is a way
of life at GSM.

Internally our technical teams support our manufacturing and commercial
teams on new product introduction, problem solving and waste reduction

GSM products can be seen in most households. We supply into the white
goods, brown goods, cooker and catering equipment industries.

Our own Primoprint process ensures that text and graphics will pass
the most stringent rub and abrasion tests such as BEAB.

A range of laser cutting and high speed press facilities will
accommodate stainless steel, aluminium, pre-painted steel or other
materials such as zintec.

GSM Primographic specialises in assembly work. We have the ability
to act as a 'one stop shop' by offering complete assemblies including
control panels, door assemblies, control knobs, control discs, labels,
metal nameplates and die cut adhesives.

Our components include clad glass door front panels for cookers,
cooker fascias or microwave ovens. Complete door assemblies and
escutcheon front panels are also produced.

Consumer Electronic companies - have taken away from printing directly
onto injection moulding front panels for the satellite decoder market.
This allows GSM Primographic to develop a press tooled plastic screen-
printed fascia identifying all the controls for the system to work.

The benefit to the customer was that the printed inlay produced in
several languages can if required be interchanged at the end of a given
product being manufactured.

Automotive VIS / VIN label Security GSM has developed a special label
designed to pass the stringent Thatchem test (European theft and
recovery body). The flexible materials are not able to be removed and
re-applied to an alternative vehicle.

Microwave Oven Manufacturers – our customers using stainless steel for
their top of the range ovens were encountering problems with durable
graphics. We have now developed screen-printed graphics that pass the
BEAB industry 'rub' tests.

Durable screen printing onto pvc, polycarbonate, polyester, aluminium,
brass and stainless steel. We specialise in high durability
applications using our own ‘PRIMOPRINT’ process which embeds the print
within the metal or plastic surface.

On roll printing is produced using hot foil and flexographic printing
techniques. Our presses can use both water based and UV ink technology.

Flat bed die cutting A range of platens are used to manufacture kiss
cut or back split graphic and adhesive products in sheet form.

Rotary die cutting We slit master rolls of adhesive and plastic
materials down to size. Any combination of flexible materials can
then be laminated together, die cut and presented in roll form.
This highly accurate process is ideal for automated assembly.

Power presses 3-150 tonne blanking and forming press capability is
available. Investment in the latest technology enables very fast tool
changes and makes low volume pressings economically viable.

Component Assemblies - To compliment the operations of acid etching,
pressing laser cutting and die cutting we offer a range of small part
component assembly.

*GSM Primographic
Ffrwdgrech Ind Estate
Powys LD3 8LA
Tel: +44 1874 624433
Fax: +44 1874 624575


Welcome to the J F Charlton & Co. web site! We are a family run
business with over 30 years experience in manufacturing equipment
and bodies for the road haulage industry. Over the years, we have
built up an excellent reputation nationally based on quality proven
potato bulkers and trailers. We supply to both the smaller business
and individual, as well as the larger multi-national carriers and

We pride ourselves on producing a top quality bulker using only the
best and most suitable materials available and as a result of years
of continuous updating and experimenting, we can now offer many
variations on the original potato bulker.

Bulkers available include conventional boarded, self emptying and
insulated self emptying, for either flatbed or skeletal trailers.
We also build a dedicated bulker / trailer with a shared tipper which
converts to a flat inside fifteen minutes. The size and specification
of each bulker is tailored to meet the customers needs and as such can
be used not only for potatoes but also for onions, carrots, green
beans, beet, grain or even coffee beans.

The bulkers can be lined with phenol coated plywood, GRP coated
plywood, aluminium or polymeric sheeting. Demonstration models from
the hire fleet are available on request.

*J F Charlton & Co
Tarn House
North Yorkshire YO7 4JT
Tel: +44 184 556 7423
Fax: +44 184 556 7423


Established over 25 years, Lawrence David, founded by current chairman,
and managed by Managing Director Laurence Marshall and a highly
qualified and professional team, has vast experience in the transport

Its radically different approach to bodybuilding and curtain siders
is built upon quality engineering and sophisticated manufacturing

Every component is designed and manufactured in-house – from curtains,
buckles, webbing restraints, doors, tensioners and pressings to welded
structural beams – giving the company total control of quality and

Our comprehensive computer database, combined with a sophisticated
design program, enables us to advise on the best tractor/trailer
combination to suit your needs.

Innovations through the years include our Armour Sheet side curtain,
now also available totally buckle-free in the form of Fast Strap, both
capable of restraining 28 tonnes; the Roller Sider electrically-
operated side curtain; our pillarless body range; and today our market-
leading all-bolted, flexible mounted body system, maintenance-free and
requiring no paint.

In 1989, the company was approved B.S. 5750 Pt 2, now ISO 9002 – the
first bodybuilding company to gain the standard.

All-bolted. In 1989, Lawrence David undertook a complete reappraisal
of its curtain sided bodywork, employing Cranfield Impact Centre to
analyse all our historical data on the stresses imposed on different
body designs under varying conditions. Our research highlighted that
stress imposed on the corner connections of rigidly bolted or welded
bodies could be significantly reduced by introducing flexibility into
this area.

Constructing our own vibration and impact rigs, we carried out
exhaustive tests on MIRA’s rough terrain track where our all-bolted
trailer body test units comfortably survived an intensive simulated
half a million miles, running under a variety of loads from maximum
to empty, with no signs of stress or distortion.

Our all-bolted system today offers more payback benefits than any other
trailer. The use of stress-absorbing Neoprene rubber in our flexible
joints gives our all-bolted systems a longer service life (lasting the
average 15 year life of the vehicle body), less downtime, easier parts
replacement, greater load safety and all-round superior performance.
They are stronger, lighter and less prone to corrosion and distortion
than traditional welded joints systems – a unique system

A finished curtain sider in Weetabix yellow livery with all
signwriting complete and awaiting delivery to customer.

Solid Works 3D model of Door Assembly created by our Design engineers.

This facilitates first time accurate assembly, with all our customer
specific requirements designed in, and implemented accurately and

Cutting edge technology and highly experienced craftsman, are used
to ensure the very highest quality product is produced to our
customers requirements.

All the very latest in Cad/Cam and production control techniques
are used in the design and manufacture of our trailers and doors.

Curtains. To ensure Lawrence David Armour Sheet curtains are the
strongest trailer curtains on the market, we engineer them as
carefully as the rest of the trailer body. As well as providing
the ultimate in tear and dirt resistance and a smooth clean surface
to enhance livery design, the PVC coated and lacquered heavyweight
polyester cloth offers unrivalled load-restraining power and ease of

Sign-writing. Undertaken on site, Lawrence David uses the latest
computer-aided techniques to produce layouts and stencils, ensuring
accuracy of the finished product. Special inks have been developed
to give a gloss finish without loss of adhesion or life expectancy.
Our department is also fully approved by all the major decal
manufacturers for the fitment of decals to side curtains.

Plastic Division. We manufacture a full range of door products,
bulkheads for rigid vehicles, and insulated floor and roof panels
for temperature controlled bodies. We use the most up-to-date materials
throughout to ensure corrosion-free products and improved
strength/weight ratios, particularly on panels.

The entire webbing assembly (curtains rollers, hanger, webbing, double-
locking buckles, rave hooks and attachments points) are all tested to
withstand a direct tensile pull of 1350kg and are made of pre-shrunk
webbing to minimise stretch and provide a full load stability.

We use the very latest Solid Works software for parts and assembly
design finite analysis and manufacturing. Our strong tradition of
innovative engineering and superior design allows us to offer the
widest possible choice of flexible, all-bolted bodies.

Technical Department. To achieve consistently high standards in
product development and maintain technical integrity throughout
the product range, a highly skilled technical department is essential.

The processing of standard bodies and trailers, specialist
applications, body types and styles and product development are all
dealt with by our technical team, and all orders are processed and
assessed from an engineering and cost perspective.

Trailer. All trailers carrying the Lawrence David badge are
manufactured to our design control and specification by our three
approved manufacturers, giving us a target trailer capacity of 50 +
units per week. All have brackets and cut outs to take our bolt-on
bodies. Neck depth, floor spec, cross member and side raves are varied
to suit requirements, giving a ULW tri-axle air trailer and body from a
standard 7300kg down to 6000kg body and trailer. Meritor HVS or BPW
axles and suspension and full wings with Clearpass spray suppression
are standard, with other options available.

Industry first BS 5750 registration obtained in 1986, international BS
EN ISO 9002 standard achieved in 1994. 80 Micron galvanising to ISO
1461. 25 Micron Anodising to BS 3987.

Main Assembly Area from roof level showing trailer units in various
stages of fit out and build.

Product Range: Our strong tradition of innovative engineering and
superior design allows us to offer the widest possible choice of
flexible, all-bolted bodies. Whatever your tractor units, our unique
computer system will not only 3D model your total body requirements,
but also determine optimum trailer/body chassis configuration and the
best tractor unit combination for the most efficient and cost-effective
trailer and body specification for your operation and fleet.

*Lawrence David Limited
Morley Works
Maxwell Road
Woodston Industrial Estate
Cambs PE2 7JR
Tel: +44 173 339 7622
Fax: +44 173 339 7635


Libra Wheel Washers are a Sheffield based Company manufacturing
various Wheelwashing systems to meet the arduous demands of
today's environments. From a simple hire for cleaning 8 wheelers
leaving a building site to a fully automatic Turnkey Installation
in a Power Station or Quarry. Where high quality cleaning of
heavy traffic volumes is essential.

Libra Wheelwashers will design and build a system to suit your exact
requirements. Libra's new 'Combi' Wheelwash - Weighbridge is
available which washes and weighs vehicles automatically on one
single unit, saving costs and valuable space. The Combi - Weigh
Wash Unit is available in all sizes worldwide, and Trade Approved.

All Libra Wheelwashers are available with high efficiency Water
Re-cycling systems to ensure fresh water use is minimised.

*Libra Wheelwashers
Libra House
5 Springwell Drive
Sheffield S20 1XA
Tel: +44 114 247 7767
Fax: +44 114 251 4343


Racetech Developments Ltd specializes in the manufacture of
electronic control units for all automotive applications and
is fortunate to employ a dedicated team of engineers that can
monitor clients bespoke projects from initial conception through
to final production.

We can undertake to design, develop and manufacture a complete
controller, using our in house surface mount assembly facility
from small prototype batches up to pre-production batches of several
hundred units with total client confidentiality.

Our aim is to continue to expand using our expertise in the design
and manufacture of prototype and pre-production electronic control
units for all of the above markets.

We are a small and efficient company able to undertake projects
with faster start-up times than larger companies can provide.
The entire hardware and software design is completed in house.

We are situated in central England at the heart of the automotive
and motor sports industry within easy reach of the M1, M6 and M40

*Racetech Developments Ltd
Unit 6-8
York Farm Business Center
Watling St East
Northants NN12 8EU
Tel: +44 327 831 100
Fax: +44 132 830 033



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