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japan travel guide

Back to Travel links

  • Townpage Route Search- Japan rail fare calculator and travel navigator (between any station or airport in Japan).
  • Japan for Visitors - Travel to Japan: tips, sightseeing, entertainment, dining, transportation, maps, culture, events, schooling, accommodation, history, and weather. Includes bi-weekly feature about Japan.
  • Allexperts Japan Travel Q&A - Veteran travelers answer your questions about tourism and travel in Japan.
  • Asia Travel Marketing Association - Japan - Japan highlights, news, events, tourism contacts and links.
  • Attitude Travel Japan - Free independent travel information, with an open source travel guide for backpackers.
  • BootsnAll - A guide for travellers in Japan as well as monthly updates.
  • - A guide to travel and study in Japan. Includes travel guide, information about visas, transport, accommodation and a searchable database of Japanese language schools.
  • Embassy World Japan - Listing of Japanese embassies and consulates in the world, as well as other nation's embassies and consulates in Japan.
  • A Guide To Japanese Money - Brief but very useful photos and descriptions of Japanese bills and coins, plus what machines accept them.
  • Japan English-Language Golf Course Guide - A comprehensive, English-language guide to Japanese golf courses which always welcome non-Japanese players.
  • Japan Guide for the Indian Traveller - Japan travel and tourism guide with tips, cuisine, sports and events.
  • Japan National Tourist Organization - Japanese government site providing information for online budget hotel reservations, regional guides, convention locations, museums, and important starting information.
  • Japan Rail Pass - Information on the Japan Rail Pass and where to buy it before coming to Japan.
  • Japan Travel Guide - Guide to tourism, hotels, accommodation, destinations, and tour information.
  • Japanese National Holidays for 2003 - Listings of holidays when banks and offices are closed.
  • JR-East Rail Pass - Prices, validity period, and how to obtain.
  • JR-West Rail Pass - Kansai area pass or Sanyo area pass. How to purchase from outside of Japan.
  • Mumu Travel Tips in Japan - Basic travel tips on money, eating, culture and business for first-timers to Japan.
  • Price Check Tokyo - Listing of prices for common everyday items in Japan.
  • Public Aquariums in Japan - Listings of major aquariums across the country.
  • Quirky Japan Homepage - A look at interesting and unusual places and events in Japan, designed for people who want to get off the beaten track.
  • Tara Group - Based in Kobe offering personalized travel services and homestays.
  • Today's Japan - Information on downtown access from airport, culture, holidays, climate, dining, transportation, accommodations, food, and tours.


  • Hiroshima International Airport - Includes flight schedules, maps, and airlines, plus details on parking and ground transportation.
  • Hiroshima Nishi Airport - Hiroshima's western airport with ground transportation information, terminal map and aircraft services.
  • Kansai International Airport - Contains flight and access information, departure and arrival procedures, general information, and a comprehensive photo gallery.
  • Kochi Airport - With terminal map, telephone directory, flight information, city access, history of airport and links.
  • Komatsu Airport - Ishikawa Prefecture airport page with flight schedule, access, history, facilities, terminal map, related statistics, air cargo data, and links.
  • Kumamoto Airport - Includes guide to airport and its facilities, international and cargo terminal information, map, access and guidebook to Kumamoto sightseeing.
  • Matsumoto Airport - Located in Matsumono City, Nagano Prefecture; with history, facilities and access information.
  • Misawa Airport - Features profile and its facilities, ground transportation, flight information, gift shops, local attractions and nearby hotels. Located in Aomori.
  • Nagasaki Airport - With information on flights, airport access, restaurants and shops.
  • Nagoya Airport Terminal Building - Official Nagoya international airport page with flight schedules, access, check-in procedures, shopping, facilities and links.
  • New Chitose Airport - Hokkaido airport just outside Sapporo with terminal building information, telephone guide, FAQ, maps, bus stops and taxi stands.
  • Sendai Airport - With listings of flights and related data, terminal map, airport access, profile and air cargo terminal information.
  • Sendai International Airport - Includes location and access map, flight information, airport guide, ground transportation, visitor information on Miyagi Prefecture and Sendai and links.
  • Shizuoka Airport - Information on its development, location, key statistics, flights to east and southeast Asia, and access.
  • Tokachi-Obihiro Airport - Located in Hokkaido; providing flight schedules, airport access information, links, and routes to Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.
  • Tokyo Narita International Airport - Airport guide featuring terminal, hotel, car rental and car parking information.
  • Tokyo Narita International Airport - Offers flight arrival and departure information, services, and facilities.


Hot springs


  • Bookings in Japan - Hotels search engine with prices and online hotel reservations.
  • Cheaper Japanese Accommodations - Nationwide, Tokyo, and Kansai area lodging for budget travellers.
  • Cozy House - Information about an inexpensive guesthouse, with social activities, map, and rates.
  • Dai-Ichi Hotels - Has several moderately priced hotels across Japan.
  • - Listing of over 200 cheaper hotels throughout Japan.
  • E-Ryokan - Reservation site of Japanese inns and hotels, including useful tips to enjoy a stay in Japan.
  • Family Inn Fifty's - Budget motel in Tokyo and Osaka with free breakfast in a 1950's American style theme.
  • Japan Hotel Association - Hotel Guide, Search, and online Room Reservations.
  • Japan Youth Hostels - Directory of Japanese hostels affiliated with Hostelling International (HI); reservation information.
  • Japanese Guest Houses - Choose from a wide variety of traditional Japanese inns (ryokan) all over Japan.
  • Japanese Inn Group - List of Japanese inexpensive inns and hotels across the nation.
  • J-Hoppers Kyoto - A backpacker's hostel near Kyoto Station, with internet access and bicycle rentals.
  • Kyoto Craftsman House Japan - Kyoto Craftman House, providing information on "Nishijin", Traditional Kimono, and the guesthouse in Kyoto.
  • Lodging Guide in Japan - Guide to ryokan (Japanese) hotels, pension (family inns) country inns, regional maps and information, and travel resources.
  • Newbies Dormitory - Low budget students accommodation in Tokyo with dormitories avaiable in Setagaya-daita, Akihabara, and Ogikubo.
  • The Otarunai Backpackers' Hostel Morinoki - Hostel with dorm rooms in an old Japanese house. Located in Otaru, Hokkaido.
  • Pension Link Japan - List of 20 Japanese guest houses in the Kanto and Chubu areas.
  • Web Guest House - Two guest homes near Hakone, Kanagawa. Includes access information and guide to nearby scenic spots.
  • Welcome Inns: Reasonable Hotels - Find and book small reasonable hotels and traditional inns throughout Japan with free reservations.
  • Yado-Inn Guide in Japan - Database of accommodations in Japan such as hotels, Japanese inns, pensions, and family inns.
  • Yadokari Hotel and Inn Guide - Listing of cheaper accommodations in Japan according to region.


  • The Chubu Region - Japan - Site providing information on Chubu Mountains, South Alps and Ise Shima National Parks.
  • Daisetsuzan National Park in Japan - Site providing very detailed information on Daisetsuzan National Park, Japan.
  • Lake Biwa - Brief details of Lake Biwa, a Quasi-National Park in Shiga Prefecture.
  • Yokogawa near Mount Fuji - A tourist guide to 4 gorgeous National Parks in Japan: Fuji-Hakone-lzu, the Southern Alps, Chichibu, and the Yatsugatake National Park. Just a few hours from Tokyo.


  • ChefMoz Dining Guide: Japan - Detailed restaurant listings with reviews submitted by the public, and links to outside reviews. Search by name, cuisine, rating or location.
  • Club Connection Japan - Listings of nightclubs, bars, lounges, and pubs in Japan.
  • Doug's Local Japanese Restaurant Listing - Lists restaurants in the Fussa-shi and Tachikawa City areas. Provides maps, menus, and some descriptions of the food.
  • - Buy Sake Online - Info on small family-run Japanese sake (nihonshu) breweries and online store selling nearly 40 sake. Broad coverage of sake topics, free newsletters, and guide to 50+ Tokyo sake pubs.
  • Good Honest Grub - Popular Tokyo cafe in Minami-Ebisu. Contains menu and current art exhibition.
  • Gourmet Navigator - Restaurant search by price, purpose and dishes.
  • Gourmet Navigator - Provides information about restaurants in the Kanto, Kansai, and Chubu areas; including food, atmosphere, size, and price ranges.
  • Hotei Wines - Importer of premium wines offers top name new world wines for sale by mailorder, including free delivery anywhere in Japan.
  • Japanese Microbrewery Beers - A review of some of Japan's best craft beers and a report from the second annual Tokyo Microbrew Beer Festival.
  • Lighthouse German Beer Restaurant - Numazushi, Shizuoka restaurant with German beer, schnaps, wines, spirits, and authentic european foods.
  • Sake World - Site devoted to Japanese sake including glossary, links, a newsletter, sake restaurants, and FAQ.
  • - Specializing in ramen noodles with articles and database of noteworthy ramen shops.


  • Aki Meguri - Daily log and diary of author's three month, 2000km pilgrimage along the old Tokaido Highway and Shikoku's 88-temple circuit.
  • Amazing Amakusa in Kumamoto Prefecture - An American who worked as an English teacher on some beautiful islands in southwestern Kyushu reflects on his experiences there.
  • An American Visit to Japan, 1923 - This is the diary kept by the maintainer's grandfather on his visit to Japan from August 6 to September 10, 1923. An idyllic travelogue culminating in the cataclysmic Tokyo Earthquake and Fire.
  • Bilder Book Japan - Mostly pictorial travelogue of a trip to Tokyo and Kyoto. Site is bilingual in English/German.
  • Birdwatching Trip Report - Report from a birdwatching trip to Japan in early 2002.
  • Black Ant's Tanka Journey to Japan - English language tanka and haiku sequence from a poetry journey to Japan.
  • Blue Skies, No Sushi - Eric has enlightening experiences in Japan while expounding on the benefits of Open Source and Linux.
  • Booska Dreams - A group of five friends celebrate their lack of employment by visiting Kyoto.
  • Bytes of Life in Japan - Life has turned upside down since the author started teaching in Japan. Read about all the insanity and mayhem in Japanese public schools.
  • Chris & Lina's Postcard from Japan - Read about the author's self-guided three week tour of Japan. Topics include Japanese food, staying in a traditional inn and many tourist destinations.
  • Ciprian Takes on Tokyo - A Romanian goes to Tokyo for a World Bank conference and has a short but eventful stay.
  • Dan's Adventure in Japan - Perspectives from a Hospital Administration student from Iowa during a summer internship at Kameda Medical Center in Kamogawa City, Japan.
  • Daryl and Joel's trip to Japan - Author visited Kyoto, Hiroshima, Tokyo, and Nikko. Many pictures.
  • The Dave Brown Journal - A former reporter's view of teaching in Japan. Also has a book list and a "Silly English" lexicon.
  • Dave's Japan Trip - There and back again, a Canadian’s adventure in Nippon (1996). The itinerary included Tokyo, Yokohama, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Gifu, Awara Onsen, Kanazawa and Togi.
  • Denney-net - Illustrated travelogue of a trip to Japan in 2001. Includes history and a keyword index.
  • Discover Japan - Site includes a photo gallery, various essays regarding Japanese culture and close-up looks at Tokyo, Kyoto and Mt. Fuji. Site is bilingual in French and English.
  • Donna Morrissey's Trip to Japan - A Missouri elementary school teacher spends three weeks in Japan on the Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program.
  • Ed's Trip to Japan - Ed tours around the Tokyo area while teaching developers about Mac OS 8.
  • Elf Junction, Ink. - Details one person's six months as an English teacher in Japan. Includes pictures from, among others, Tokyo, Kyoto, Kamakura, Hiroshima and Miyajima.
  • Favorite Getaways in Rural Japan - Randy Johnson's detailed guide to rural Japanese travel getaways, with comprehensive facts on using Japanese inns, transportation, and baths, plus insights on Japanese culture, customs, and religion.
  • fi's Japan Trip - A mostly photographic record of a two week trip to Japan in 2000.
  • Gateway to Japan - A collection of photographs, thoughts and experiences gathered over several trips to Japan since May 2000.
  • Go Fish - An early morning visit to the tuna auction at Tokyo Central Wholesale Market in Tsukiji.
  • Greggman: Japan - Stories about living and traveling in Japan. Site covers a variety of topics and includes many photos.
  • Gregory Melle's Year 2000 Travelogue - Japan - Travelogue for Japan portion of Greg's "BIG 2000 TRIP."
  • Hiking Trip in Japan 2000 - Diary of a participant in a trip to the Japan Alpa sponsored by the Appalachian Mountain Club. The author spent a total of 18 days in Japan, went on two hikes, one overnight and the other for a total of 6 days. He also visited the cities of Komagane, Matsumoto, Nikko/Lake Chuzenji, and Kamakura, and Tokyo.
  • Hong Kong and Japan Photographs - A couples photographs from their travels, with a brief commentary.
  • Hong's Cave - Japan Trip, March 2001 - Impressions from a first visit to Japan.
  • Japan - Travel Adventures & Photographs - Contains many stories and pictures - each of which can be enlarged and sent as a postcard for free. Links to travel sites.
  • Japan, a travelogue by Evelyn C. Leeper - A personal journal covering a 1996 trip to Japan. The well-traveled author took the usual tourist track from Tokyo, to Kyoto/Nara to Hiroshima. Text-only.
  • Japan by Motorcycle - Daily journal of a 7000km, 24-day motorcycle trip across Japan in 1999. Includes text and photos covering most regions including Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku.
  • Japan Diary - A Danish guy spends a frustrating week in Tokyo.
  • Japan Gourmet Expedition - Travelogue with detailed descriptions and photos of the food (e.g. sushi, okonomiyaki, sukiyaki, natto, shiokara, shirako, ramen, soba, tendon). Places visited: Tokyo, Nikko, Yonezawa, Kyoto.
  • Japan Journal - Dr. Bates-Jensen and Carrie Sussman, authors of a book on wound care, travel to Kanazawa, Kyoto and Tokyo.
  • Japan Journal - After reading about and studying Japanese language and management at university, the author visits Japan for the first time in January 1998 for 10 days.
  • Japan on $1000 per Day - The Tognazzini's spend two weeks in Japan where they would eat poisonous fish, sleep at mountain inns, and travel the length of Japan's main island, leaving a trail of hundred dollar bills like Hansel and Gretel's trail of bread crumbs.
  • Japan Tour - Daily travel report from Japan with photos and interesting details about the culture
  • Japan Travel - Details of various trips within Japan including Okinawa, Izu-hanto, Matsushima and Fukuoka.
  • Japan Trip - Personal travel narrative. Includes some travel tips and photos.
  • Japan Trip 1998 - Daily journal and photos from teen's trip to Japan.
  • Japan Trip 1998 - Details of a 1998 trip to the Tokyo area to visit friends and in-laws.
  • Japan Trip 1999 - Photos from a trip to Japan. Destinations included Kyoto, Nara, Hiroshima, Miyajima, Iwakuni, and Tottori.
  • Japan Trip 1993 - The Daicon Report - An Australian visits Japan in 1993 to attend a science fiction convention.
  • Japan Trip Report - Short travel report concentrating on cultural and other notable topics from the author's perspective.
  • Japan Trip: Tokyo, Koya-san - Tale of a trip to Tokyo, Takayama and Koya in June of 1994.
  • Japanese Cats Like Squid - A personal account of a three week trip to Japan with travel hints. Includes visits to Tokyo, Matsushima, Hakodate, Sapporo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Beppu, and Shikoku.
  • Jeremy's Japan Trip - Includes flight schedule, travel log and many photographs of Jeremy's trip through Tokyo, Kamakura and Kyoto.
  • JG's Japan Trip Report - John Greene visits Japan to see seven Phish concerts in 2000.
  • Joel and Robin Abrams' Trip to Japan - Text and photos detailing a 2001 trip to Tokyo, Hakone, Takayama, Kyoto, Nara, and Hiroshima.
  • John and Val Visit Japan - A UK couple spends a month in Japan with their Japanese-speaking son and attends his wedding. Travelogue covers the sights, food, history, culture and everyday life. They spend time in Hiroshima, Miyajima, Matsuyama, Kyoto, Nara, Kagoshima, and Mt. Fuji area.
  • Joseph's Tales from Japan - In October 2000, Joseph Tame decided to take a break from life in the Swiss Alps and travels through Hokkaido, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nagoya and Tokyo.
  • Journey to Japan - Ric Getter's personal memoir of a two-week trip to Japan, his wife's homeland.
  • Journey to Japan - A Teacher's Trek to the Orient - A teacher from Missouri takes part in the 2000 Toyota International Teacher Program and visits Tokyo, Nagoya, Toyota City, Kyoto and Otsu. Site contains over 500 photos from the trip.
  • Karen's Adventures in Japan - An on-line travel diary about a solo trip to Japan.
  • Kirk's Trip to Shingu, Japan - Stories and pictures from Kirk's two week trip to Shingu, Wakayama Prefecture.
  • Larry's Japan Journal - Larry spends about three weeks in Japan on the Fullbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program. Most of his time was spent in Tokyo and Kurashiki, Okayama.
  • Laura's Japan Trip - Laura shares journal entries and photos from her 1998 trip to Japan. Also included is her travel budget.
  • Leo's Trip to Japan - Leo covers Tokyo, Kamakura, Wadayama, Kinosaki, Himeji, Hattoji, Okayama and Ushimado on his 1998 trip.
  • Life in Japan Reviews - Information on trips to Nagasaki's Huis Ten Bosch in Kyushu, Kinugawa and Tobu World Square/Edo Village, and Mt. Fuji.
  • Lone Locust Tokyo Smash & Run Tour 2001 - Travelogue covering a short layover in the Tokyo area.
  • Mark Peters Travel Stories - Three trips through Japan made by an Australian.
  • Martin Iffert's Japan Page and Travel-Log - Documents a journey through Japan with a lot of photos, info, tips and links. Site is bilingual in English and German.
  • The Mediaman 2001 Japan Tour - Journal entries and photos from a 2001 trip to Japan.
  • Mike's Trip to Japan - Mike Massee travels to Japan and photographs Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima.
  • Molly and Marc in Japan 2001-2002 - Detailed travelogue of a trip to Japan during the New Year period.
  • My Japan - Outside 1996 - A fan follows David Bowie to Japan and manages to see a little bit of Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima in between concerts.
  • My Trip to Japan - Detailed diary and many pictures from Linda Granqvist's May 2000 trip to Japan.
  • My Trip to Japan - Narrative and pictures from David Goldsmiths' trip to Japan in January 2000.
  • My Trip to Japan - Details of a sumo oriented trip to Japan in 1998. Includes pictures of several top athletes.
  • mykp's Travels in Japan. - Experiences in Japan -- the culture, the people, the food and the places. Also includes information on Japanese phrases, transportation and money.
  • The Naked Man Festival - Three "gaijin" take part in the annual Hadaka Matsuri ("Naked Man Festival") in Okayama, Japan.
  • Oniko Goes To Japan - Extensive Japan travel diary detailing travel to Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, Yamagata, and Saigoku (Kansai).
  • Operation Cherry Blossom - Dominik Rabiej's travelogue of his January 2002 two-week stay in Japan as part of the US Army's Operation Cherry Blossom, a prize given out at the May 2001 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). Includes over 500 photos and 25,000 words of text.
  • Our Discovery of Japan and its Culture - A visit to Japan in 2001 by the parents of a girl teaching English in Chiba.
  • Pavy in Japan - Diary of a five week long stay in Japan.
  • Piedmont Choirs - Osaka Japan 2001 - Piedmont Choirs represent California at the 2001 International Junior Chorus Festival.
  • Quyen Van Minh's Jazz Travelogue in Japan - Quyen Van Minh, the maestro of Vietnamese jazz, returned home to Hanoi after two-week visit to Japan in February, 2000.
  • Rash in Japan 1999 - Journey report for a 1999 trip to Tokyo and some nearby areas.
  • Rotary GSE Japan 2002 - Trip diary of the Rotary Group Study Exchange (GSE) Team that travelled to Miyagi Prefecture and Sendai in Japan from the Top of the South Island of New Zealand.
  • Sandra's Trip to Japan - A massage therapist studying shiatsu visits Hokkaido on a Rotary Club exchange program in 2000.
  • Schlaulau Travelogue - Japan - A web journal of recent travels to Japan and other places.
  • A Second Trip To Japan - A three week trip starting in the southern city of Kumamoto, visiting 11 different cities finishing in Tokyo. Highlights include the festivals in Kyoto, Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Miyajima, Matsumoto and hot springs in Kyushu.
  • Seven Days in Hokkaido - Intrepid traveler, Angus Tin, searches his soul in Hokkaido.
  • A Short Trip to Japan - Lynn Larrow describes her trip to Kyoto, Nara and Tokyo in detail.
  • Shuggie's Travelogue - Find out about Japan and Japanese; A Scotsman's Guide to Japan and the Japanese
  • Silk and Sushi -- Japan Journal - A detailed travelogue of Japan with many photos covering Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, and Hiroshima.
  • Solo Japan - Travel report from a Finn who visited Japan in November 2002 for 14 days. Thoughts, experiences, photographs, tips and links.
  • Tokyo Travelogue - Travel diary from a 1999 trip to Tokyo. Includes various travel tips.
  • Tom and Jana's Japan Journal - The journal and photos from Tom Goetz and Jana Neighbors' 2001 trip to Japan.
  • Trains, Temples, and Hordes--Gozaimasu! - A detailed trip narrative from a first-time traveler to Japan.
  • Travel Journal: Japan April 2002 - Details of a twelve day trip across much of Japan.
  • The Travel Log - One Swedish person's log of his activities during a year-long study of the Japanese language in Sapporo in northern Japan.
  • Travelogues in Japan - A collection of travelogues - learn from other travelers' trips to Japan.
  • A Trip to Japan - Three engineers take a two week trip to Japan to see the source of all things electronic (and visit a few friends along the way). Some of the high points include Tokyo, Nikko, Aizu-Wakamatsu, Kyoto, Nara and Toyohashi.
  • Vacation in Japan - Details of a 2001 trip to Japan. Includes sections on Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Nikko, Warabi, Kamakura, Yokohama, Kobe, and Himeji.
  • Vancouver 7573 Tokyo - Five people from Vancouver backpack in Japan, speeding through Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, and Kumamoto in merely eight days in 5/2002. Detailed text and many pictures.
  • Visit Japan - A school teacher visits Japan and touches on schools, tea ceremony, gardens, religion and language.
  • Wayward Random - Japan Trip - Details one person's first visit to Japan for two weeks in 1998. Includes a detailed journal and many photos.
  • What's with...Japan? - Travelogues from a one year stay in Japan with pictures and related links.
  • World Cup Diary - Japan 2002 - An Irish football fan travels to Japan for the 2002 World Cup.
  • Yakushima - Details of a one-man backpacking expedition on the island of Yakushima in Kyushu.

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