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China product sourcing

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China is a big and very complex country with thousands and thousands of suppliers of different products. We act as agents for our customers and help them find product of there choice. I am a Canadian living in Shanghai China and my wife is a natural born Chinese with great knowledge of factories and product. We have an advantage over other agents as we have a working knowledge of both English and Chinese. We have spent years developing and working with factories across China. We have sources for many different products and with our team we can find nearly anything that you might need. Our biggest single advantage is our ability to source product for our customers. We travel all over China looking for product and finding the very best factories to make our customers goods at the very best prices.

We have shipped goods as varied as:
TV's, Microwave's, Shoes, Bra's, Panties, Men's Underwear, Garments, House wares, Gift Items, Stationery, Small Furniture pieces, New Furniture, Antique Furniture, Furniture Newly made with Old Wood, Toy's, Pen's, Clocks, Watches, Fridge Magnets, Kitchen Utensils, Dollar Store Items, Glass Beads, Freshwater Pearls, Shell Beads Specialty Glass items that are all made by hand and are mostly hand blown glassware.

Presently we have customers in Europe, America, Canada and the Middle East. We have shipped goods around the world with good results and satisfied customers. It is our belief that we can work on your behalf and find goods that will meet your needs and price points. We offer excellent service and work hard to find whatever you might need to import. We have experience working all over China as in China each region specializes in a product. It is very different than other countries where manufacturers are located wherever. In China items are regionalized and so you need know where product is being made. That is what we do best, we find your items in the region where they are made and we contact factories directly and on your behalf. Our team of professionals are at your disposal and we hope to hear from you soon.

Both myself and my wife have been in this business for several years and we have made great factories in place to make your product. We believe we can be of great assistance to you in finding what you require. We hope to hear from you soon.

Barry and LiLin Revzen
BNR Imports/Exports, Inc.

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