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Progressive Emu Inc - USA - [cosmetics]
producers of emu oil and emu oil based products.We have been in business for over a decade producing pure emu oil for retail, wholesale and distributor pricing. We also produce high quality emu oil based products in the skin care industry, cosmetic industry and topical pain category.

Rejuvenation Labs - USA - [cosmetics]
Rejuvenation Labs is a young innovative and high end skin care and wellness company that specializes in using cutting edge formulas and targeted science to treat and rejuvenate environmentally damaged and aging skin with dermatologically proven and clinically tested skin care products. This premium skin care line is differentiated in quality and rejuvenating effect owing to powerful new ingredients our scientists have discovered to reverse the effects of aging and damaged skin: naturally occurring peptides.

Ma Labs - USA - [Computers]
Founded in 1983, MA LABS is one of the leading computer component distributors in the United States. The company specializes in memory modules and also distributes CPUs, storage products, motherboards, multimedia products, communication products, video graphic cards, notebooks and Microsoft products. We have over 5,000 hardware and software products in stock. Our more than three hundred sales, engineering and customer service employees are here to serve you from the company's 125,000 square-foot facility in the heart of Silicon Valley- San Jose, California.

TeaTech, Inc. - USA - [Food]
TeaTech®, Inc., a Nevada Corporation wholly owned by Xel Herbaceuticals®, Inc., specializes in the development and marketing of unique green tea products based on TeaTech's proprietary green tea extracts. The Company has a patented green tea extraction method and several issued/patent pending patents for green tea dosage forms and new applications. TeaTech's unique fresh green tea extract is the basis for its popular product line of instant green tea beverage mixes, and other functional and dietary supplement products. Their entire lines of instant green teas provide consumers novel brand identities.

Raven Industries Inc - USA - [Industry]
Over the past 50 years, Raven Industries has established a well- known reputation for manufacturing and supplying high-quality flexible films and sheeting to major markets throughout the United States and abroad. Our modern 300,000 square foot facility contains state-of-the-art equipment including blown film & sheeting, lamination and conversion capabilities in addition to a large test facility. You can draw on our years of experience gained from producing millions of pounds of polyethylene each year. Extensive engineering and R&D efforts are focused on developing customized solutions to meet your requirements. Our manufacturing ability is what set’s us apart from the competition by offering some of the most diversified capabilities in theindustry as well as our high standards for one-on-one customer service. We believe by thoroughly listening to our customers we can develop a solution that does precisely what they require. Our products are produced in a quality controlled environment under an ISO 9001-2000 certified management system to assure we achieve complete customer satisfaction and continuous improvement in all phases of our business.

NutraBest Promotion, LLC - USA - [health]
We here at NutraBest Promotion, LLC delivery high quality, all natural dietary supplements to meet our customers' needs. We also provide OEM private labeling manufacturing for your health supplements that guarantees the following promises
1. High Quality 2. Competitive Pricing 3. Speed and Reliability

We are ready to deliver quality products in the dietary supplement market. We are focused on providing all natural, 100% botanical products to a global market. Our OEM service is unparalleled in terms of quality, pricing, and efficiency. Let us try and save you time and money by making your formulas labeling your products, and delivering your goods.

MaxWell USA, LLC - USA - [health]
MaxWell USA, LLC works in oncology, cardiology and pharmaceuticals.We locate in Washington DC. Our production is in Ukraine. We are looking for API and medical equipment.

K.I.S. Systems - USA - [household]
We manufacture patented templates used to install knobs and pulls on kitchen cabinets. Our products are sold in the USA through retail hardware and DIY stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, Ace, etc. Although we dominate the American market, our products are not currently marketed in Europe. We are looking for an established agent or representative who can successfully get our products placed on the shelves of the “Home Depots of Europe”, such as OBI, B&Q, Castorama, Brico Depot, etc.

Mid-West Textile Co. - USA - [garment]
Mid-West Textile Company located in El Paso, Texas USA, is the largest grader and sorter of used/second hand clothing in North America. We can supply to the retail clothing, vintage clothing, wholesale clothing, and wiper markets. Our second hand and used clothing is purchased in over 100 countries. Clothing and shoes can be purchased in boxes of 50 lbs, bags of 50 - 55 lbs, small bales of between 100 - 180 lbs, and large bales of approx. 1,000 lbs. Since 1982, our buyers have come to appreciate our consistent quality and our ability to supply volume on a regular basis. We welcome buyers to visit our facility prior to purchase, and we look forward to your inquiries.

PCS WIRELESS - USA - [telecom]
pcs wireless is a leading distributor of mobile phones. we are located in the united states and have customers worldwide. we deal in gsm unlocked handsets and we also carry accessories. we are seeking distributors who can id us in expanding into new markets. please only serious vendors

John's Arts & Crafts
Unique, high quality, gifts; T-shirts, Lucky Key chain pieces, Computer station magnet holder, Travel/Educational Toys and famous painting such as: “Cosmos Laisseraller”, “Mozart Synapse” and photographic works such as "End of the Rainbow" and more…

Chocolography Business Opportunity.
Chocolography is the only technology in the world that can easily produce thousands of custom confectionary pieces with EDIBLE IMAGES per day. With small effort every piece regardless of its size and shape can be customized. The absolutely unique and new industry of personalized confectionary products represents an excellent opportunity for success. Currently, Chocolography has more than 130 licensees and has been successfully introduced in 32 countries while license might still be available for your area of interest. There is absolutely no need in any intermediary including transfer sheets, edible paper etc. You print directly onto any product and cost of ink per mage is as little as $.0005 per 1 cm². $1 worth of ink will cover 2000 cm² of any food product. All Chocolography products are FDA approved and Kosher certified. We invite you to discover the unique financial opportunity associated with owning a Chocolography™ Food Imaging System. Because we're NOT a franchise, we help you run your own exciting business "your way". Your business may be ran in a store front, office or as a home-based business. When you carefully read our site, you'll understand why Chocolography™ is one of the best, and certainly the most fun and unique financial opportunity in the world. If you are creative, energetic and ready to be your own boss, you'll love being part of the Chocolography™ family.

Hot Strands - USA - [Health]
Hot Strands Hair Extensions represents the Next Generation in Healthy Hair Extensions. Our system is truly cutting edge in the industry. We have developed a patented tape attachment system that will not damage the hair. Just PART, PEEL & STICK – IT’S THAT EASY! In addition, it can be applied and removed in less than an hour, and lasts in the hair for up to 2 months. Hot Strands can be applied for a fraction of the price of the “strand by strand” extensions and are actually healthy for your hair.

Winner International - USA - [Security]
We distribute security products in the USA, Canada and Australia. Our line consists of vehicle security products as well as padlocks and cable lock items. Our company is looking for stocking distributors to carry our product lines in other countries. The product lines are produced in Taiwan and China to our engineering specs. If interested please contact by email, fax or phone.

Mid-West Textile Co. - USA - [Garment]
Mid-West Textile Co. in El Paso, Texas, USA, is the largest North American graders and sorter of recycled used and credential clothing. Our 400 workers ensure that the quality and product you require are sorted to your satisfaction. We export our product in both large and small compressed bales of (450 kgs to 45 kgs), and also boxes of (22kgs to 10 kgs). We sellto both the wholesale and retail markets, and our staff is always available to serve you. Our customer base has slowly expanded over the last 24 years, and we are particularily interested in increasing our presence in Eastern Europe and the Middle Eastern markets. We look forward to hearing from you.

Wild Salmon Direct - USA - [Seafood]
Wild Salmon Direct is a small artisan fishing company that harvests wild Alaskan Salmon from the pristine waters off Kodiak Island in Alaska. All salmon are harvested using purse seine nets and held alive in floating net pens. All our salmon are humanely stunned and bled prior to processing. This results in a product of consistent, unparalleled quality. No Bruising, No Gaping, Negligible Scale Loss, and Strikingly Beautiful Flesh Colour.

Presencia Inc - USA - [Metals]
We custom manufacture any metal product like restroom stalls, cabinets, lockers, metallic doors, emergency doors, tables, chairs, furniture (indoor/outdoor), headboards, wrought iron items, dollies, candle holders, decorative items, kitchen accessories. We also manufacture stainless steel industrial kitchen supplies (food warmers, ice bins, shelving, sinks, etc.). We have facility for dust painting. We have been in business since 1987. We ship UPS/Fedex/DHL. Manufacturing facilities in Mexico. Working on ISO 9000 certification. CONTACT US. YOUR IMAGINATION IS OUR LIMIT!

Creative Children's Properties, Inc. - USA - [Entertainment]
Children's Entertainment Company specializing in licensing of various properties held by company. Jeb, The Giraffe and his world of Multi-Cultural friends will bring about a new generation of kids that value diversity, education and relationships.

MnM Exporting International - USA - [Trade]
We are general merchants trading internationally, we have the ability to supply your needs whatever it may be, our mission is to supply and assist any company to achieve their goals and meet scheduled deadlines.

Bircraft, Inc. - USA - [gifts]
Bircraft gifts have been a mainstay in American gift stores for 60 years. We offer many products that would be highly profitable for you and very much enjoyed by your customers. We have been selling throughout the United States, including Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, Chicago, Washington DC, and many other travel destinations for years. Our product line has had virtually no exposure outside of the US, and I believe it will be hugely successful in other countries when marketed by the right firm. If you would like to apply, please contact Michael Regan at or by phone.

Deuce, LLC - USA - [bicycle]
We design and manufacture branded/patented products targeted at the teen and young adult bike market. Although we recently launched our initial product, we sell B2C via our e-commerce platform, through bike dealers and distributors, primarily in the US. We also develop promotional content, sponsorships and business relationships in support of our product and branding strategy (see Our management team has deep competency in three areas – engineering/product development in the bike world, urban brand marketing and promotion and linking execution with strategy in start up or high volume environments. Our target industry is the $5.5 B bicycle market in the US and Europe to launch our products - patented , high end, high style spinner bike wheels.

Adorno Import Export - USA - [Toys]
We are an exporter of quality wooden toys made in the USA (baby rattles, gift sets, train sets) and fine furnishings, from Honduras. We are also an importer and distributor of wooden toys from Hungary and ceramic christmas decorations and crafts from Lithuania. Please visit our website to view our new product offerings.

Oseco, Inc. - USA - [Industry]
Our company manufactures the highest performance metal rupture disk (bursting disks) in the world - as certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. We excel in offering high levels of service (both to our customers and our Representatives) and support. Our deliveries are the fastest in the industry and we thrive on solving difficult customer problems.

Capital Trade Group Inc - USA - [Trade]
My name is Dennis Mrokowski, President of Capital Trade Group, a full-service International Import & Export Brokerage Agency. We are pleased to announce the expansion of our services into your area and are eager to do business with you. Capital Trade Group specializes in assisting your company to;Liquidate Excess Merchandise, Materials, Inventories and Properties. Create and maintain a Global Identity to sell and promote your Products or Services Worldwide.

Apparel Distribution, Inc. - USA - [Garment]
ADI Logistics has been providing Manufacturers and Importers, Warehousing, Distribution, Pick and Pack, Fulfillment, Replenishment Programs, Assembly, Marking & Tagging, Packaging, Reverse Logistics, services, with an integrated Trucking branch, since 1994. We are a privately held company, with the owners involved in the day-to-day operations of the company, ensuring a continued high level of quality service. We are extremely responsive to our customers needs and meet "impossible" deadlines on a daily basis. Our in-house IT department provides EDI and inventory control services, and we ship to all the major U.S. Retailers, as well as regional chains and small, local stores.

Kwictec Consulting LLC - USA - [Telecom]
we specialize in rendering full international wholesale telephony services and custom tailored solutions for direct dial toll free international services calling cards (itfs), callback, voip, and dialers to free agents, wholesale distributors, resellers, and business owners worldwide. We are looking for distributors, agents, business owners, companies that would like to buy our CALLING CARDS to use as travel cards for their own use, as promotional items, for the tourists/travel industry, or as a business venture of their own. Our global DIRECT DIAL toll free service cards can be sold as PINS only OR you can order the cards and have your own logos and design inserted on the face of the cards at no extra cost! We also offer CALLBACK services which are extremely competitive in price and quality, and we are also able to set up and service VOIP.

Cosmotrade Group, Inc. - USA - [Cosmetics]
We have been in business since 1981, specializing in buying and importing perfumes and cosmetics for our perfume club. Our experienced is allowing us to handle the goods in a professional matter that is required in our business.

PehnecGems - USA - [Jewelry]
Cubic Zirconia Loose Stones Diamond-like AAAAA to BC quality at most competitive prices. Large variety of finest loose Synthetic Gems. If you are looking for that special quality and price please visit us. Bulk order inquiries are welcome. Since 1961.

Commonwealth Wholesale Corp. - USA - [Trade]
Commonwealth Wholesale Corp. (CWC) is a U.S. Distributor of Multi-National Non-Perishible Consumer Goods. CWC purchases Merchandise from all over the globe from various wholesalers / distributors. We purchase MAJOR branded Health & Beauty and Grocery items like; Gillette, Colgate, Palmolive, Proctor & Gamble etc. We buy in bulk, FCL. We welcome all offers and look forward to working with you.

WTR America Inc - USA - [Trade]
Strength. Flexibility . Experience . Quality . Logistics.These are the qualities of a global business leader. And that is what WTR America delivers. With global presence, diverse assets and technical expertise, we combine the growth potential of our manufacturing - marketing - trading operations with the strength of our global e-businesses. Our unique use of real-time information gives us the flexibility to size the right business opportunities, while responsibly managing risk. So, for a powerful combination of knowledge and resources, turn to the business leader that makes it look all easy. WTR America Inc. Products - Agro Products : Apparel & Fashion Automobile | Chemicals | | Computer & Software |Dyes & Dyes Intermidiates | Electronics Electronics & Electrical Supplies | Food & Beverage |Gifts & Crafts |Health & Beauty | Home Supplies | Industrial Machinery | Mineral & Metals | Office Supplies | Packaging & Paper | Sports & Entertainment | Telecommunications | Textiles & Leather Products | Toys |

Massif Mountain Gear Company - USA - [Garment]
Massif specializes in the manufacture of high-technology fire-resistant clothing made especially for military, oil and gas, search and rescue, wildland fire, electrical, and crisis mangement applications.

Shawna International LTD - USA - [Health]
Shawna International Ltd is a health and beauty care product manufacturer and distributor. We specialize in hair care products and a wide variety of health care products. Our research and development is directed towards the area of cosmacuticals that will be products of the future. We pride ourselves on offering our customers the finest quality products at the best prices. Customer support is the hallmark of our company.

Century Business Credit Corp. - USA - [Finance]
Century is in the business of helping importers in the US complete their trade cycle by issuing letters of credit on pre sold merchandise. Our unique approach centers on financing the entire supply chain. First, we credit approve your orders, then we finance your purchases from overseas vendors. Following shipment, we purchase your accounts receivable. If you have a strong backlog, high quality customer base and low dilution of accounts receivable, you may qualify for aggressive trade finance facilities, without the requirement of the traditional formula based availability required to open letters of credit.

Stampler Auctions - USA - [Garment]
Stampler Auctions was founded in 1960 in New York City, New York. In 1985, the headquarters moved to Miami, Florida. Since 1985, Stampler Auctions has become the first choice to handle commercial auctions and appraisals within South Florida and beyond.

We have recently (Summer 2003) acquired a large quantity of garments that MUST be sold outside of the United States due to import quotas. These garments are all first quality and include: jeans, unisex long-sleeve shirts, t-shirts, golf-style shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, shorts, pillow shams, and bedspreads. Brand names include: GRENADE, GXTACY, LIMITED TOO, MONTANA BLUES, KHAKEASE.

MMG,Inc - USA - [Chemicals]
MMG,Inc. was founded in 2002 to support the business expansion efforts of a major Petrochemical Corporation. MMg, Inc. works in close coordination with the companies trading division to market polymers and chemicals produced by the Petrochemical Division. Aligned with the trading division MMG,Inc. also serves as a trading associate for the purchase of polymers and chemicals required by customers. The company also trades in foodstuffs and finished goods.

Fair Pacific Trading Company - USA - [Wood]
Fair Pacific imports and exports a variety of products to and from the US and other countries. We specialize in wood, lumber, timber, and related products. Additionally we export a number of lines of childwear and are the exclusive exporters for US-based SPORTea(r).

BIM Int'l Group Inc. - USA - [Telecom]
We wholesale and distribute mobile phones World wide. We sell Nokia, Samsung, Siemens, Motorola, Sony Ericsson For your cellular needs.

Photon Display Inc. - USA - [Electronics]
Photon Display Inc. is a global supplier & distributor of color picture tubes - CRTs and manufacturer of TV SKD kits. We are primarily focused on OEM manufacturing and supply of CRTs, TV SKD kits and Television sets. We have in-house integration/ ITC facilities and we currently supply our CRTs and TV SKD kits to a large number of TV and Monitor manufacturers.
Our CRT and TV sizes include 25", 29", 34" and 38". In addition, we also offer 17" CDT-color display tubes for SVGA monitors. We can supply these proudcts in large quantities on continuous basis. We source CRTs directly from leading manufacturers globally and ensure most competitive prices to our customers. Payments are accepted by letter of credit or wire transfer. Evaluation samples are available upon request. We look forward to successful relationship together.

York Importers and Trading Corp. - USA - [Food]
York Importers and Trading Corp. is the US arm of EFS Foreign Trade Corp., aleading exporter of Honey, Dried fruits and vegetables, spices, nuts and legumes, oils, textiles, granite and marble and organic products.

Innovative Group - USA - [Consulting]
WW Innovative Group, Inc. is the first full-service marketing and distribution consultancy agency offering integrated advertising and media services to international companies targeting the Persian Consumer Market. We provide our international client base with the knowledge and expertise in targeting this community by developing multi-tiered distribution channels and cost-efficient US and European-based satellite television broadcasting to Iran and surrounding Persian communities.

WW Innovative Group offers first-hand, comprehensive understanding of the Persian community, its unique characteristics and nuances of Persian lifestyles, consumer buying habits and marketing trends. As a distribution consultancy, we have established a matrix of distributors throughout Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The city of Dubai is a free-trade zone created by the government that offers strategic base locations for companies targeting emerging markets in Middle East.

In the last three years, technological improvements in the satellite television industry and the proliferation of satellite dishes have linked together Persian communities in Iran, Tajikistan, Kuwait, and Dubai, UAE. Persian Media targets an estimated 100 million potential satellite television viewers globally. The population of Iran is 72 million with a satellite viewership of 45 million. There are an estimated 26 million potential satellite viewers in neighboring countries.

Larry D Rumbaugh - USA - [Seafood]
I have for export (fairly large quantities of);
1 .Paddlefish Caviar
2. Hackleback Sturgeon Caviar
3. Bowfin Caviar
4. Paddlefish (frozen)
5. Soft Shell Turtles (Live or Dressed)
6. Snapper Turtles (Live or Dressed)
7. Green Coffee Beans (the #1&2 coffee beans in the world as rated by the SCAA).

Pharmaceutical Development Consultants, LLC - USA - [Pharmaceuticals]
Pharmaceutical Development Consultants (PDC) provides expert direction to sponsors of pharmaceutical development programs (US and global). PDC is headed by Dr. M. Gedde, MD, PhD, graduate of Stanford University and an experienced pharmaceutical development director. PDC is also a sponsor of select nutraceutical development projects.

Fi-Shock Inc - USA - [Agriculture]
Your one-source supplier for animal containment, ballast, buckets, fence accessories and livestock identification systems since 1968. Fi-Shock focuses on quality and engineering integrity while maintaining the most competitive prices in the industry. Fi-Shock manufactures the following products: Plant identification markers; Professional electric fence energizers; electric fence energizers; Pet and garden assorted products; Flock-Shock poultry energizers; Electric fence insulators; Porcelain insulators; Insulated cable; Portable electric fencing; electric fence accessories; Polytape, polywire, accessories ans insulators; Aluminized steel wire; Smooth galvanized steel wire; Aluminum wire; High-tensile tools and accessories; Energizer replacement parts; Flourescent ballasts; Electronic bird repelling products; Landscape protection systems; Plastic pails and buckets; Electric board fence; Ear tags and accessories. Wholesale price schedules, lowest electric fence and energizer prices in the industry, worldwide shipping.

Nantir Enterprises - USA - [Bags]
We work to import designer handbags from around the world. We work to provide the best service possible to our customers and stand by our record in every deal we make. It is our mission to find the very best for our customers money.

Imaging Diagnostic Systems, Inc. - USA - [Health]
Imaging Diagnostic Systems, Inc.'s primary expertise is the development of a unique technology known as Computed Tomography Laser Breast Imaging System (CTLM). The CTLM is a breast-imaging device that utilizes state of the art laser technology and patented proprietary computed algorithms to create contiguous cross sectional slice images of the breast. The images are of uniformly high quality, regardless of the size or density of the breast. The examination requires approximately 15-20 minutes to perform and is conducted without the potentially harmful ionizing-radiation of x-rays or the discomfort of breast compression.

Booming Global Corporation - USA - [Lighting]
manufacturer/imp/exp lighting fixtures, bulbs of HID, fluorescent, halogen etc. Agent of textile materials, resins, chemicals, machines, agro products, computer peripherals and CD etc.

Micro One Inc. - USA - [Computer]
Micro One Inc. has been in business for 8+ years. We carry new & used computer components, systems, laptops at a very competitive rate. Our main goal is customer satisfaction. Based on this philosophy, we strive to achieve a balance between customer satisfaction and product mix. We deliver our promise worldwide in a timely manner. Each of our customer service rep. Is catered to provide undivided attention to our customer. Situated at the heart of Silicon Valley by the San Francisco bay, we are well linked to a lot of manufacturers and the logistics here provide us to cater to the global community in an unique manner.

Computer Times, LLC. - USA - [Computer]
We are Computer Times, LLC., an American based company. We are Authorized Partners and Distributors directly for Intel and AMD. Our main products are all processors offered by both Intel and AMD. Our best sellers are the Intel Pentium 4 series processors. From time to time we offer our products at half their market value as either we have too many in stock, or as part of a promotional period to bring in new companies.  We welcome inquiries from any country in the world that is interested in doing business with us. We generally respond to all emails 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We are a professional company that strives for excellent customer service and expedition of your orders. We guarantee all our products to be genuine and to meet and exceed your expectations.

C-shore international inc - USA - [Food ]
c-shore international inc is a small processing plant engaged in milling all types of flour and meals. We handle, blackeye beans flour (olouolou) navy beans flour, small beans flour, soybean flour, yellow peas flour, garbanzo (chick peas) flour. corn meals & soybean meals. We packed them by the 50 lbs and by the carton drums.

Daimon International Trading Inc. - USA - [Trade]
Exporting/Importing: Medical equipment/supplies, Health Care Food. Supplements, Cosmetic items, investment, consulting services, Aircraft parts, and clothes.
Japan contacts; Department store chains (700 stores), Electric/electronic chain (300 stores). Automotive store chain (6,000 stores), Beauty Salon chain (100 shops), TV Shopping Network, Japan Defense Agency, Manufacturing and investment companies, U.S.A. contacts: Home Depot (1,500 stores), Costco (300 stores), Military PX (4,000 stores), WalMart (2,500,stores), Hot Topics (600 stores).

Nuevo Mundo Corporation - USA - []
We live in an apparently vicious business environment. Yet, history teaches us that our times are really not that much different that any other time when the economic life and survival of commercial entities were at risk. Today, the business environment merely appears to be more negatively acute because of the proliferation of information and because, frankly, we expect that in the thousands of years that man has been on Earth, we can do better to treat each other fairly. At NMC we strive, conscientiously, to treat our internal and external customers fairly.

The true testament of what we believe is not to be found on whether we become the biggest, or the largest, but in whether our work promotes the advancement and progress of businesses and individuals affected by our decisions. Therefore, we firmly believe that when we do a good job, and we are conscientious in what we do, the profits will be realized.
Nuevo Mundo Corporation specializes in international sales in four specific, and separately managed lines - Electronic and computer goods, such as Plasma and LCD television sets, portable and table top DVD players, Digital Cameras, flash drives, memory cards, etc. - Direct from the manufacturer. Telecommunication goods, such as mobile telephones, chargers, batteries, etc, All models and makes, new and refurbished. Office consumables, such as paper, ink cartridges, and toner - original and compatible products. Apparel (our newest line), such as original branded and faux branded clothing and shoes.

Global Business Dimensions - USA - [Computer]
Incorporated in 1994, Global Business Dimensions, has grown into a leader in Global Information Technology Market. Our mission is to build PCs and provide services to OEMs and VARs in the computer, communications and medical electronics sectors in North America, Europe and especially Asia coupled with fast, convenient distribution of high quality products backed by comprehensive value-added services and a commitment to superior customer support.

Wholesale Clothing Mart - USA - [Garment]
For the past 20 years we have been bringing the best fashion values to our many customers everyday. Our 60,000 square foot warehouse is filled with over 2 million garments and we offer the most comprehensive and diverse inventory in the country. Our huge inventory and large warehouse staff allow us to ship all orders no matter how big within 48 hours.This gives our customer the ability to order and receive product for their stores on demand. Our offices and warehouse are located in Los Angeles, CA. Since our buyers do all the legwork and running from place to place to get the lowest prices and latest fashions for you. You can count on us to offer the lowest prices available on the highest quality merchandise.

Four Seasons General Merchandise - USA - [Trade]
Four Seasons General Merchandise ( ) is the leader in the general merchandise industry, importer exporter of general merchnadise, dollar store and discount store items. We carry over 10,000 carefully selected items in over 50 different categories;

Clothing, Fashion Accesories, Baby items, Baby Apparel, Baby Health Care, Baby Toys, Bags, Luggage, Bathroom Sets, Bathroom Accessories, Bedding, Dining Domestic, Kitchenware, Bath Domestic, Window Dressing, Figurines, Flowers, Plants, Vases, Novelties, Garden, Tools & Hardware, Store Supplies, Cosmetics, Grooming, Perfume, Cologne, Deodorant, Personal Care, Cleaning Tools and Accessories, Cookware, Disposable Paper, Disposable Foil, Disposable Plastic, Food Containers, Furniture, Household Chemicals, Laundry, Tabletop, Dining Accessories, Magnets/Memo Holders, Brand Names, Licensed items, Framed Art, Framed Mirrors, Photo Albums, Photo Frames, Christmas, Halloween, Coloring Books, Greeting Cards, Giftwrap, Party Goods, School Supplies, Stationary, Battery Operated Toys, NonBattery Operated Toys. Our customers ranging from, dollar stores, 99 cent stores, discount stores, convenience stores, grocery stores, supermarkets, drug stores, pharmacies; to, distributors, wholesale dollar stores, dollar item suppliers, dollar item merchandisers and international importers.

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