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Stone Trends - Germany - [stones]
We love stones in all variations. We are a young, flexible and customer orientated Team, which is able to look of several very succesfull years. We made our passion for interior decoration in natural stones our profession and extended it to the outdoor area. Our job in detail is to explore advantages in trading worldwide and share it with our clients. We work hard to find out, what are the products of each country and region. Marketing, information, research customers feedbacks, new markets, new products, support the export and import processes is just a snapshot of our business. Our clients are in the center of all our activities

UB88 GmbH - Germany - [consulting]
Our consulting services are focused on
- Corporate development
- International expansion, globalization
- International distribution systems
- Business processes and IT tools / IT environment
- Market reconnaissance, business intelligence
- Corporate planning

Kueke Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH - Germany - [auto]
We are Kueke Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH from Germany. 40 years in the tire business, we buy / sell new truck and OTR tires worldwide

Koerner & Schneider GmbH - Germany - [Electronics]
Our 1993 founded Company develops design-lighteffect-products. Most of over 2000 items are K&S patented. The actual main program is; - Acrylic-3D-Lighteffects (Holographics 2003)
- Night-Lighteffects for outdoor use
- Misteffects including moisture adjusted mist-bowls
- Watereffects with light and air bubbles in sizes up to 175cm
- Special program of artificial underwaterplants to use for waterlamps
- Special program of LED (new 04/2003)
- Special program of LED flashlights (new 04/2003)
Over 45 patents are registered only in 2001/2002! Highest innovation rates and best customer support - that's what we stay for.

Naumann-Dill Consulting - Germany - [Consulting]
NAUMANN-DILL was founded in 2002 to serve small firms in Germany. The basic idea was to reduce their expenses (office rent, employees etc). The team looks back at many years of experience and has developed a high grade in several competences. As a professional administrative support business in Germany we offer a wide sphere of service activities as for example back office, accounting, real estate handling, webdesign and market analysis. Please contact us for further information. We would be glad to become your reliable European business address.

FingerSystem Europe GmbH - Germany - [Computers]
FingerSystem Europe GmbH was founded in 2003. The company is dedicated to sell the next generation input device "i-pen" and the further procucts such as bluetooth, R/F type and Memory type. Also, we will have in the near future high-technology products in the Bluetooth-World.

Body Care Concepts GmbH - Germany - [Cosmetics]
The company Body Care Concepts GmbH belongs to the ADA Group which has been active for more than twenty years in the international body care industry through its different subsidiaries. Our aim is to offer our customers a personal, dedicated service in line with market requirements. Cosmetic by ADA is a guaranty for creative designs and trend surveys, for innovative technology and constant research and ,as our top priority, quality, product safety and responsibility. We successfully supply the lines "Laura Hutton", "Swiss Kräuter Kur", "Hydro Basics", "The Nature Shop", "Finnhus" and "Aqua Vital" world-wide, some of them for more than ten years and we are continuously searching for distributors who intends to sell those cosmetic lines in their particular market.

Xintian Trading GmbH - Germany - [Raw materials]
We are a Chinses co. based sales office in Germany for the following products;

1. Serial products of crystallined silica powder, soluble silica powder, transformed silica powder etc. The percentage of silicon dioxide is 99.6% min. and the whiteness is 92% min.The fineness of graularity is from 300 mesh to 6500 mesh.

The micro silica (SiO2) powder has the property of very nice insulation, anti-causticity, anti-deposition, low conductivity etc. which are widely used for electronic industry (electronic elements, high voltage elements and the insulated moulding material of large integrate circuit etc.).It is also the idea material for the products of high quality coatings, anti-crrosion, bondant, daily useing chemicals, dental, ceramic, plastic and silica gel etc.

2. Zinc powder; For coatings, paints, rongalite, medicine, reducing agent and bleaching agent etc.
3. Light magnesium oxide 97% min. powder.
4. Red lead, yellow lead, Dibasic lead phosphite, Tribasic lead sulfate, lead stearate and Barium stearate etc.

BIT-Germany GmbH - Germany - [Energy]
Burnaby International Technology (BIT) is a major aftermarket supplier of battery and mobile notebook accessories in Asia. We are your one stop shop to fulfill your demand for all kinds of batteries and IT-related products.

Our Vision; To improve the level of expertise by exceeding the expectations of our customers and providing the highest level of customer care, high quality products and best prices. The success of BIT comes from our employee´s enthusiasm on servicing our customers and our best reward will be your great success.

Our Products; Our major products consist of Ni-MH, Li-on and Li-Polymer batteries that cater for various portable devices such as notebooks, cellular phones, digital cameras, digital camcorders, video cameras and more. The major brands that we support consist of IBM, Compaq, Sony, Toshiba and much more. The battery cells that we use are of high quality which originated from major cell factories in Japan and Korea; GS-Melcotec, Panasonic, NEC Moli, and Samsung etc. BIT offers the best quality performance and selection on the application of mobile devices.

Our Services; As a leading mobile power provider, BIT develops its own line of upscale products under the brand of Mr.Battery. We offer the most up-to-date information as well as services that are critical to our customers. We also provide alternative choices for dealers who are looking for the best price and reliable logistical support.

Geis SDV GmbH - Germany - [Freight]
Geis SDV GmbH, Germany is the german part of the worldwide network of SDV -International Freight Forwarding Company and a part of the Bolloré Group. With more than 500 offices around the world we can offer all possibilities of transport.

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