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Emco Ltd - Czech Republic - [food]
EMCO Ltd is one of the most important producers and distributors of high-quality food products in the Czech Republic such as müsli, oat meals, cereal flakes mixtures, müsli biscuits, etc - products that represent the healthy lifestyle trend. In this category Emco holds 45% share in the Czech and Slovak market.

Emco is strongly marketing oriented company bringing innovations that are based on the experience of being the biggest oat flakes processor in the Central Europe. The latest example is the launch of Organic assortment under the Bio brand.

Czech Republic - BPC - [Consulting]
I am a Consultant located in Czech Republic works like for many Czech importers and exporters. We are looking for new products and new solutions, which our clients would purchase, produce in cooperation etc.

Czech Republic - Prolift, a.s. - [Garment]
Fabrics production 100% wool, 45/55 wool/PES, awning farbrics, 100% wool shawls, technical fabrics.

Czech Republic - Meal s.r.o. - [Construction]
Recently created company. Activity in sphere of the international transportations across Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Also interested in commercial activity with different goods (Sanitary ware, building materials etc.)

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