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Please allow me to introduce our company, Pro Invest is a member of a Belgium Based Automotive Group we are a leading company on the B2B rental and leasing market and the private customer short time rental market, as also an import/export company for new and recent used cars and vans,buying and selling over 6500 cars a year. Since the start of our company, buying our cars and vans at the best price is always been the focus for our company’s, we are buying and selling all over Europe. At this moment we are searching new suppliers witch we can build a long-term relationship. We are also interested in overstock products on the markets so you may always contact us to make a proposition.

Climbing bvba - Belgium - [services]
CHINA BUSINESS CONSULTANCY - Feasability Study, Market Research, Set-up Office, Office Management, Distribution, Translation Services. MANUFACTURING DEPARTMENT - Total Project Management, European Designers, Moulding, SMT, OEM / ODM, Quality Control, Testing, Department, Certification, IPR, Legal Assistance.

Belgium - Arkaos - [Computer]
Arkaos is creating software for VJ's and artists, as well as hardware for International music tours. It's all about real time effect & sources mixer.

Belgium - Belgotex NV - [Garment]
Belgian exporter of quality second hand clothing, shoes, wipers and rags since 1926. More than 75 years of experience in all kinds of used clothing and used shoes.

Belgium - Tufftile Europe - [Construction]
We import and export high quality steel-based roof tiles produced in South-Africa, internationally exported & selled under the brand name TUFFTILE.

Belgium - Niche Trading nv - [Trade]
we handle following products: vegetable oils & fats (soya, sunflower,palm, coconut, palmkernel), cbr, cbe, butterfatreplacer, filling fats, bakery margarines, cocoa beans, cocoapowder, cocoabutter, milkpowder, wheypowder, caseinate, butter, butteroil, cheese, soya proteins, lecithin, tomato paste, apple juice concentrate, pineapple juice concentrate, apricot puree, refined sugar, glucose syrup, fructose powder, sorbitol, xylitol, dextrose, aspartame, sodium saccharine, sodium cyclamate, citric acid, ascorbic acid, sodium benzoate, native starch, modified starch, peas, lentils, white and red kidney beans, chickpeas, almonds, hazlenuts, cashew nuts, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, sesame seed, blue poppyseed, dry onions, dessicated coconut, canned pine-apple, canned peach, canned appricot, sweet corn, canned mushrooms, gherkins, olives, frozen chicken(parts), latex, rss-1, standard natural rubber, mono-propylen glycol usp, glycerine usp, stainless steel tubes, ss fittings, ss plates, ss bars etc

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