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Apres velo - Australia - [Garment]
APRES VELO (AV) rolled out in 2006, to fill the void within the cycling industries casual clothing and lifestyle offering. AV is focussed on developing ongoing stylish and edgy casual clothing for men and women, to meet the cultural requirments of the cycling community. AV reflects not just a sport, but a lifestyle filled with tradition, beauty and epic struggle. Our designs mirror the contradictory aspects of the cycling world, and include a blend of heritage designs and quircky graphics. Our designs cover a broad cross section of graphics and are geared towards On Road cycling, Mountain Biking and general commuting. Our current product ranges include summer and winter T's with attitude, caps, calendars, placemats,coasters and posters.

Conte Estate Wines - Australia - [Wine]
Conte Estate Wines is a boutique and exclusive label situated in the world renowned wine region of McLaren Vale, South Australia. Family owned and run since the 1950’s, we provide a fantastic selection of award winning wines. Our approach is both professional and focused in handcrafting a limited supply of boutique wines for sales to restaurants, café’s and bars.

Clear Bridge Group Pty Ltd - Australia - [Industry]
We established our company in January 2003 as an engineering contracting firm. Main area of expertise is in the field of water and wastewater treatment plants. We were involved in small, medium and large projects around Australia for companies like Thames Water Pty Ltd and Earth Tech Engineering Pty Ltd. Currently we assist United KG Pty Ltd with tender preparation and bid management as well as project engineering/management. Our scope of work included project management, design and procurement.

We are members of Australian Water Association and of Institution of
Engineers Australia. Over the years we built up an extensive list of contacts in water and wastewater industry. We are interested to become agents/ distributors for specialized equipment for the industry like: biological removal, filtration, sludge thickening, etc.

Laderma P/L - Australia - [Cosmetics]
We are a leading Australian based manufacturer and exporter of functional skin care products. Our current strength is in foot care, nail care and dry skin care, and our products are leaders in their category and are available in approx 30 countries worldwide, including USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand. We are looking for proactive distributors around the world, and particularly in Europe to represent us exclusively in numerous countries. We require companies with broad distribution and the ability to promote(with our assistance) our products to consumers and medical professionals. We are able to customise packaging to take into account local language and distributor address requirements. We are also developing a range of natural OTC products and are looking to import unique and functional products for distribution in Australia and New Zealand.

Grapeseed Oil Australia Pty Ltd - Australia - [food]
Grapeseed Oil Australia now has available Cold-Pressed Australian Grapeseed Oil, 100% Australian grapes, 100% Australian produced and 100% Australian owned. "DO YOUR HEART A FAVOUR" is the most important message and trademark of Grapeseed Oil Australia. We only use a cold-pressed (not solvent extracted) method to extract the oil from the seed; it is the healthiest and most preferred method to achieve the highest standard of Grapeseed Oil.The cold-pressed method requires temperatures to be kept low which helps preserve the oil's original state, flavour and vital nutrients found in Grapeseed oil. Grapeseed oil is highly recognized for its health benefits, it's high in antioxidants, vitamin E and is low in saturated fat (8%).

Astone Holdings Pty Ltd - Australia - [household]
Astone is a new Australian brand that focuses on developing and manufacturing innovative and exciting lifestyle products for the mass market. Astone has a new range of products that are of excellent quality without the price tag, and with over seventy product lines Astone provides its customers with products in categories such as Digital Entertainment, Computer Peripherals, Audio-Visual, Lifestyle & Home Appliances, Electronic Toys and Communication. Astone is already established in the Asean and Oceania countries where our range of products is performing strongly.

Fardoulis Chocolates - Australia - [Confectionery]

25 year old company. Manufacturers of quality chocolates. Moulded shapes, foiled hearts and cellophane bunched wrapped seashells in 15 fillings. Flavours include Australian macadamia praline with wild flower fresh honey, hazelnut pralines and liqueur cocktails. Packed in many sizes of stylish gift boxes for the gift retail market. Looking to export and build long term business relationship.

Wattle Springs Australia - Australia - [Beverages]
Wattle Springs is an Australian Spring Water company that exports its product to the UK and USA. Teamed with YouthAIDS in the US where we donate 10c from every bottle sold to protect and educate kids from HIV AIDS. Available in 12oz, 20oz and 60oz bottles

Seafood Traders P/L - Australia - [Seafood]
Live abalone export is the core business of Seafood Traders P/L. Based in Tasmania, Australia the company air freights over 100 tonnes of live abalone annually. Seafood Traders P/L also produces IQF abalone meat, par boiled in shell, whole frozen and dried abalone. We ship world wide but mainly to Taiwan, Japan and USA. The company has been in the live abalone business for 15 years. All the abalone shipped is wild caught from Tasmanian waters. The water temperature is cool and high quality. The major species processed is Haliotis rubra (black lip abalone). The size ranges from 450 grams to 1kg with an average size of 550 grams. Packaged in 12kg polystyrene boxes the abalone will arrive in good condition up to 36 hours after shipment. The gross weight of each box is 15kg which is made up of 12kg live abalone, 1.2kg gell pack plus 3.5% over pack.

Minimum purchase quantity of live abalone is 200kg but up to 1000kg can be shipped in any single consignment. Single package size for whole frozen abalone is 15kg while IQF abalone meat is shipped in 10kg boxes. Seafood Traders is interested in developing market contacts for abalone products in China, Japan, mainland USA, Canada and Korea. For more details please visit our web site at

Snazzy Baby Pty Ltd - Australia - [Baby]
Snazzy Baby is a baby products company based in Sydney. We have developed baby crawling knee pads which are receiving world wide acclaim. They are uniquely designed to protect the knees of babies and toddlers while learning to crawl and walk. Made of the softest neoprene with traction beads directly embossed on to the neoprene, they are suitable for use on carpets, tiles, hardwood floors, outside paving and concrete.

Fully adjustable with velcro straps one size fits all and also caters for special needs children. Snazzy Baby is taking their baby crawling knee pads to the world and is looking for international distributors in the USA, Europe and Japan. Snazzy Baby is also interested in finding unique baby products for release into Australia and New Zealand.

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